Welcome To New York



Scene Title Welcome To New York
Synopsis A cowboy arrives to the Empire State.
Date May 3, 2009

At the New York State Line

Pulling his jeep off over to the side of the highway, and stopping — letting the vehicle idle, a large man gets out of the drivers seat. The jeep itself is an older model, grey — or at one time was grey. Now it's a nice shade of 'dirt'. The first thing you'd see is his cowboy boots, a matching 'dirt' color as the jeep is that hit the ground with a light clowd of dust kicking up as the other comes to meet it on the ground. The jeep shifts balance as the figure exits the still running vehicle. There's a large green sign that reads: "Welcome To New York — The Empire State."

So this is it. A far cry from Texas, but I have a job to do and here I am to do it. Not too much longer and I'll be in the city. I really hope I'm ready for it. I hope it's ready for me.

We follow those boots around to the passenger side of the jeep where our giant of a man has to answer nature's call.

A new job. Well, it's a new position really. But quite the challenge I was looking for. Can't wait to get in there and dig my heels in and kick the ass of some major league som'bitches.

He finishes and steps back to the other side as we finally see a full body shot of the figure who is a large black man, dressed like a cowboy, complete with boots and the hat. He hasn't shaven in several days, if he shaves at all. He takes another deep breath, probably the last hint of fresh air he's going to get for a while.

First order of business. Find the egg-sucking bastard who killed one of my agents.

He pops the door open and slips back into the driver's seat, gravel spitting out as he pulls away from the shoulder, heading back down the highway.

I will find you. It'll be like hunting squirrel with an elephant gun, just you wait.

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