Welcome To Raytech!


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Scene Title Welcome to Raytech!
Synopsis One tour of the Raytech facilities runs into another, both fresh faces getting just a taste of how lively it can be around the New York office.
Date February 3, 2019

Raytech NYCSZ Branch Office

Barney has been playing tourguide to a number of new employees. A number being a handful of them. He's handed them off bit by bit to their individual departments after showing them around to the general areas. They've just exited the realm of the Science Fairies. In fact Barney is paused writing down a spot on a wall nearby that needs to be cleaned of a Sharpie message that says just that. "I am sorry. Inter department jokes and all." He has his ever faithful clipboard with him, the metal one that's also a thin case for papers as well.

He marks something down on a page and then resumes his walk, guiding Seren, the last of the charges into the elevator, riding it up to the floor on which the Architectural department is house. "And here will be where you will be working." He gestures down the hallway and starts walking that way. "I'm not sure specifically where you will be working, it looks like there's not been a workstation assignment yet in that regard. I'm sure your immediate supervisor will know though if you'll follow me. Do you have any questions so far?" He asks of Seren who is hopefully walking along with him. Barney is dressed today in a very very blue suit. Not quite as blue as his magic blue suit but very blue. Even the shirt and the tie are blue, and all the same shade of blue too.

Seren has been following along behind Barney at a slower pace, hands in the pockets of their dark gray slacks. There's been a half-smile permanently plastered on their face throughout the tour, not exactly in awe of the surroundings, but eager to find themselves in them. The heather-blue cardigan sweater they wear is paired with a black tie and white workshirt. "Yeah, Valerie — Ms. Ray — I think she should have something set up for me soon."

All things told, Seren's been in New York a few weeks now, in the process of getting settled in before actually getting started working at Raytech. They've been around the quiet-seeming building several rounds on their own, exploring the campus … but today is different. Today's full of life, and noise, and definitely more people than they've seen the last few weeks.

And Barney. Barney's been lovely to meet, too!

"No big questions so far," they reply reassuringly. "Nothing I'd want to bog you down with, anyway." The grin grows a bit more broad at that. "Just happy to be getting started."

Completely unspoken of or acknowledged to this point is the smallish creature that's been clinging to Seren's back, talons clutching the sweater in a way that should surely be tearing holes. Today, the gryphon-like creature is a white that almost glows blue under the overhead lights, its head turning this way and that as it peers at everything behind its friend. It's a quiet thing currently, visible from the front only in short bursts — flickers of a long, featherdusting tail that twitches with interest at something seen in the offices.

Barney's eyes widen slightly in surprise, but a big smile breaks out over the big ginger's face. "You're going to be working under miss Ray? She's an excellent person. She's over seeing my hydroponics project. Trying to feed the safe zone." Barney gestures around them. "The department is smaller as of yet. But I'm sure as we expand the campus there will be more demand. Oh! And in case no one has said it yet? Welcome to Raytech. Always happy to see new faces around. Oh, maybe you could help with some of the building designs at the hydroponics facility. I'm sure some could afford to look a little less ummm utilitarian. Right now they're all purpose and no form." Barney's big grin remains plastered on his face.

"No question is a small question. Happy to answer any questions that I can." Barney has gotten pretty good at ignoring the strange and the weird that goes on at Raytech. So he doesn't mention the thing on Seren's back. He most certainly peers at it a couple of times, but he doesn't ask. That could be rude. He's not sure. "But yes if you do have any questions I'm more than happy to answer them." Barney is showing Seren the workspace for the architects having just left the science levels. It's a multipurpose floor with offices of a few different departments on the floor.

Seren's slate blue eyes light up at the suggestion to change up the design of the facilities, the small, white gryphon-like creature clinging to the back of their sweater suddenly flaring to life with color. Like a blacklight's been shone on it, symbols of neon blue trace down its form and pulse, a gradient of bright colors slowly bleeding into the patterns. "I'd not want to invite myself to all that without permission," they're quick to preface their excitement with, "but that would be amazing. Being able to jump right in and create something…"

Certainly the young person doesn't mean to trail off, but they're so entranced by the idea that they do, shoulders lifting up for just a moment as they process the warming burst of emotion that runs through them from their imagination starting to run. "What other projects are being worked on at the moment? Maybe there's something I could volunteer to help with that's not already so… in-flight?"

It's been over a month since Richard Ray - or most of his siblings, aside from Valerie - have been seen in the facilities, after a 'terrorist attack' on an operation they were holding in New Mexico. Something something possible bioweapon usage something quarantine. There were quite a few casualties, although exact numbers and identities have been withheld until the families of the valiant security personnel have been informed.

So it may be a surprise when they run into the CEO making his way down the hallway, dressed in that black suit of his with a red tie slicing down from the neck, gesturing a bit with one hand as he indicates, "…and this is mostly Valerie's floor, where they do all the architectural design and such for buildings, they've been working a lot with Yamagato and the city for designs to optimize local infrastructure. And that's about all I know about that, you'd have to ask Val, I don't know how any of that works to be honest." He's giving a tour as well, it seems, to someone who might be recognized from a memorial blog post and the picture on Richard's desk.

It's late in the day so Devi's presence is just as equally likely to mean that she pulled an 'all-nighter' on a project, or that she is just coming into the office. Don't tell her it's Sunday. Days of the week are for… a different sort of people. The woman's dark hair is tousled atop her head, speared through with a thick, silver hair needle. She wears black, torn and frayed jeans, and a loose black button up with just two too many buttons undone to be quite appropriate. Her sleeves are rolled up in a masculine fashion to the midst of her tattooed forearms.

As she walks with her head bowed over a half-rolled schematic, a pencil bit but pearly, straight white teeth and another that has been chewed into a gnarled shape tucked behind her ear. She looks up at the sound of footfalls and voices ahead of her, but it takes repeated blinks before her pupils seem to dilate in a way that suggests she is actually focused upon the persons and then… She looks around her, brows furrowing. "How the…" She groans and lowers the schematic. "I'm lost again, aren't I… Fuuuu-" Oh look, it's the boss-man! She winks, if she could possibly be seen from where she stands behind the towering ginger and the other party with a curious, piggy-backing entity. Now that looks fun!

Although her chuckle at the company's CEO is amused, there is a watchfulness to Elisabeth's blue eyes as she walks with Richard and listens to his descriptions. She's very aware of the people around them and what they're doing, though she gives no apparent attention to the double-takes going on as they pass people. Perhaps it's her clothing. She's not dressed in anything approaching business wear, which makes her rather stand out — blue jeans topped by a fuzzy soft green sweater.

"I think it's going to take me a little time to wrap my head around the fact that this is all yours," she comments to him as she looks around. It's just a touch overwhelming, really — all the changes in the city, which she hasn't ventured into yet just seen from a window, and all the changes in the lives of the people she knew. "So you have a research division that Warren sort of heads, mostly building stuff… architects… construction? Plus security and a full legal department. I can't believe how big it —" Her steps falter at the … what the hell is that on that person's shoulder? "Are… does sh… he… does that person have something on their shoulder or am I seeing things?" She looks a little pale, like the idea that she might be seeing things is not exactly out of the realm of possibility.

Barney can't help but stare a moment at the neon lights display from the creature on Seren's back. He pauses a moment, lips parting to ask a question, but then his mouth closes and he gives his head a shake, one hand lifting to stroke down his beard, settling it back in place too. "Well I can't speak for your time of course. That's up to your superior, or Miss Ray if that's her, but I can say that I would welcome a new look for the design of some of the buildings, and would not say no to that being someone's first project here at Raytech." There's a wink from Barney, and then a soft laugh. "Well initiative is always good. As to other projects I'm afraid I'm not at liberty to say. Until I know what level of access you'll have of course." He offers her a wide smile.

Then there's a Richard! Barney blinks twice at the sight. "Mister Ray! Welcome back!" His booming voice draws a few heads up from desks to peer over and see what is going on. "Sorry, sorry." Barney calls out to the disturbed workers. "Apologies." But when he turns back to Richard his voice really hasn't gone down in volume. Much. "And… Miss… Harrison?" Barney asks, his eyes sloooowly closing, and opening, then doing it again. Two very confused blinks from the poor befuddled Barney. "Ummm who… why… when.." In the end there's just a flat look of utter confusion from Barney as he looks from Richard to Liz then back to Richard again. The clear question of HOW?! written across his features. "Seren this is Richard Ray, CEO and Miss Elisabeth Harrison. Somehow." Yup, still poleaxed and perplexed. "Miss Ezell." Barney offers Devi with a tilt of his head. He knows everyone in the building. Or at least he tries, even if they might not know him, though he's a common sight around the building. Making sure everyone is happy and productive. When he's not out at the hydroponics site that is.

The creature, rather than the person it's attached to, notices Devi first. Its gold-beaked face leans forward in the woman's direction, intelligent blue eyes squinting before it claws its way up Seren's shoulder, and it nudges the side of their neck with a purr to get their attention right as Devi thinks out loud to herself. When Seren and creature both turn, its face has inexplicably changed — a snout instead of a beak, its nose golden. They offer a smile back, intending to address her, when Barney booms instead about the two they're on a near-collision course with.

Their grin is no less earnest at Elisabeth for her confusion, one hand coming up to stroke the side of the creature's feathery head. No, it's real, the action is meant to assure. "Well, you are seeing things," they chide with a chuckle, "But you're not alone, so there's that."

Seren is quick to strike their hand out to Richard, a bit more serious than before. "Seren Evans. Pleasure to meet you, sir. Really, really happy for the opportunity here at Raytech."

"Hey, Barney. Uh…" Richard's brows lift over the brim of the sunglasses that he's wearing inside (for some reason) as he focuses on the luminous imaginary friend that's riding around on, apparently, one of their employees. "Apparently so," he comments to Elisabeth, and then steps forward to reach out and clasp the offered hand firmly, "Ms. Evans. Welcome to Raytech, glad to have you aboard, ah…"

A pause, "So what is that?"

"Hey there, Double-G," is given in reply to Barney's acknowledgment her way. "Told ya, call me Devi-" she starts to correct, but the thing's face has changed and it's looking at her. Devi's eyes glimmer with sparkle of curiosity and her hand comes up, but with a finger-wiggly gesture it backpedals backwards in the arm and moves instead to scratch at the side of her tattooed neck when the creature scurries up the mounted party's back and settles in at the shoulder.

A quick flicker of dark eyes is give unto Elizabeth, black fingers idly laying upon Devi's throat still, as the woman flaters and has a minor heart attack related to the curious creature. "Never seen a thing-a-ma-jig in real life," she teases, but violet-painted lips twisting up on one side only. "I kid. I gotta go with T-…" She tips her head. "Boss man, on this one. What is it?" she asks, nearly awed.

Letting her breath out in a soft rush, Elisabeth's relief is palpable. Right… so if she's not seeing things, it's okay. She offers Seren a quick smile and she meets Barney's gaze with a sympathetic grin. "Yeah… it's complicated. I'm sorry to surprise you like that. I think Richard was planning some kind of press release or something." She rolls her eyes. Because publicity of any kind is something she wants…. not!

Now, though, at least she can allow her own curiosity free rein as she waits for the answers.

Barney's brow furrows as his attention flickers to the thing on Seren's shoulder, then to Richard, then to Elisabeth and finally back around to Devi before he just kind of stares into the middle distance for a moment or five. "This place is very strange at times." He speaks it aloud though it's clearly more something that he's saying for himself. To reassure himself. When Richard leaves him standing there still utterly confused by Liz's presence there might be a side eye at him. Is he dodging Barney's question? Barney thinks so if the suspicion written on his face is anything to go by. He does not have a poker face. At all.

"Double G?" He asks, turning his head back to Devi, with yet more confusion still in place. "Did I hear you say you were lost?" Normally Barney would have been all about helping her right away. But he was a little stunned by the sudden return of the dead to life. "I have no idea. There are many questions I've stopped asking during my employ here. What is that is one of them." His head dips a couple of times in quick shallow nods. Yup. "Well ummm it is good to have you back Miss Harrison. However that may have happened." Yeah, Barney isn't quite so sure she buys the company line about New Mexico anymore. He's not dumb. "Have you had a chance to see your father yet? I got the chance to work with him quite a bit when we started the hydroponics facility project."

"Oh!" Seren exclaims, realizing their companion's more excitement than they had anticipated. Their hand curls back to themself and they stand off to the side to better show the creature off as it climbs forward onto their hand. It's reinforced quickly, if it hasn't been already, this thing isn't of nature — it holds onto the side of Seren's hand with clawed back feet, its bottom half and the rest of its legs dangling down. The swishing, feathery tail of the creature glows while it sways, the neon blue shifting to something more calming. "This is Baird. He's been with me as long as I can remember. He can look pretty different from day to day, but he's still Baird when it comes down to it."

The creature in question is splendidly unaware of if it should be worried by any of the reactions, the now-brightly-colored feathers along the back of its head flipping out in a gesture of pride before snugly flushing back down to its body.

"My ability's documented as something called 'imagination projection'. Basically, if I think something, I can make it appear." Seren shrugs as they look at the creature, brushing the side of its face with their other hand. Their head tilts to the side with a wry smile as they say, "So just about anything you could think of…"

Though the lab-coated fairy that flies from behind Barney's blue shoulder is probably something he wouldn't think of. It's blue and green, save for that coat, which looks like it's made of white leaves. The fairy giggles and waves at him, bare feet kicking out with how emphatically the gesture is done, before it darts down the walkway, between Richard and Elisabeth, taking off at speed before it disappears behind a piece of office equipment and doesn't reappear.

Seren does look sheepish now as they look back up, their grin a bit more subdued. "I like to have fun with it, but I realize there's a time and place." A look is shot back at Barney, hoping he's not too out of sorts after that.

"Huh!" Richard watches the fairy flit around, then looks back to 'Baird' with a bemused expression, "You can literally make imaginary friends. That's kind of primal." He keeps up with the current slang. A hand comes up to scratch under his chin, "Well, guess I'll have to get used to that— and ah, we don't stand on too much formality, at least not when we don't have investors around. I mean, just look at Devi over there. Some days I'm surprised she's wearing clothes to work."

That's an exaggeration, but he says it with a grin flashed over to the intuitive.

"And yes, we… officially located Liz lost in the wasteland or something like that," he explains unhelpfully, giving the absolute worst cover story in the history of mankind.

"Yeah! Double-G!" Giant Ginger, but she doesn't elaborate. Instead, Devi reaches out and up to give Barney's arm a friendly, fake punch, knuckles brushing the air nearby the much larger man's bicep. The fist is frozen in the air as Devi considers the newly appeared fairy. "Oh, hell… I didn't take anything today I sw-…" she starts muttering, but trails off as Seren launches into a clarifying explanation of the ability on display. The biker babe-turned research tinkerer a palm over her clammy head, a chortle of relief at her violet lips. "Are these projections tangible?" She nudges her chin curiously towards Baird.

Richard's comment pulls that vibrant, energetic, chocolate gaze back 'round. "Ever wonder why you don't see me on Friday? Casual Friday has a whole-nother meaning for me." She nods closes her eyes, purses her lips, and nods with a little a-okay gesture of her forefinger-to-thumb given in her offhand.

Lost in the wasteland. Asshole. Slanting him a glance, she can't help but grin. Well… the best lies are mostly true. Elisabeth's expression is still a little guarded, but she smiles at Barney. "I have, yes — I've actually been home for a few days, just trying to get acclimated. Seeing my father was pretty much the first thing I did." After quarantine. "He told me about the project. I'm in awe of what you've accomplished so far." And then with a nod at Seren, she says mildly, "I think that's an intriguing ability."

Startled ginger giant! Barney blinks and a huff of surprise escapes him when the… science fairy appears and starts flitting around. "Oh my." There's wide eyes and a couple of side steps away from the flying thing. Richard's cover story has him do a double take in the boss man's direction. "Lost in the… mmmhmmm." There's a shake of his head and he looks over to Elisabeth. "You should probably help him with that." There's a wink and a hesitant smile from Barney.

Well Devi's explanation is about as helpful as Richard's. Barney turns to look at her as she mimes punching him in the arm, but yes, the fairy. "Casual Friday?" Barney asks, looking between Richard and Devi a moment. Then he gets it. You know how everyone can see that he gets it? He goes beet red. His eyes go wide, he goes beet red and his eyes duck towards the clipboard that's still clutched in his hands. There's a soft throat clearing and he busies himself writing… something. "Mister Ray, when you get a chance there are a few of your brother's uhhh creations locked away in the vault that need your vetting and inspection." Barney's head tips to Liz a couple of times. "That is good. And actually I may be able to use your help with the hydroponics facility when you have the time and if you're interested in helping. Has to do with sonic frequencies and plant growth."

'Primal' isn't a term that Seren's caught up on, but one they latch onto with interest. "Yeah. Pretty primal, huh?" The specifics of what it means will surely be explained if they misuse it. Little do they know it's not even technically New York slang, it's otherworldly slang! Though they'd honestly find that to be even more primal if they knew.

Seren chuckles regardless, looking back up to Devi with interest. "Yyyyy….es," they decide, sounding highly certain. "Yeah, I think so." This time a bit more confidently. Gesturing with their offhand, they elaborate, "I mean, not entirely, but partly. Because, like…" That offhand is gestured out toward Devi, swirls of a pale blue color appearing near the woman's feet before surging away from her. What appears to be ice breathes itself up from the floor and encroaches on the nearest desk, molding around it if not existing through it. Nothing shifts physically, but a shimmer of air is visible right where cool can be felt.

If Devi were to press her hand against the sudden office iceberg, she would feel the cool, smooth ice… that she could push her fingertips right through, the seemingly real surface giving away its true nature.

The story about the wasteland ensnares the young person's attention most. They've heard about the wasteland out in the Western US after all. "Oh, wow." they breathe, looking to Elisabeth. "You've been living out in the Dead Zone? No wonder it took so long to find you out there — I've heard things have been really rough out there between the war, and the bomb." Their tone is sympathetic but glad, their overactive imagination certainly helping them fill in the blanks. Blanks that certainly weren't gaping because there was nothing there to fill them in the first place, or anything.

"You must have picked up all sorts of survival skills out there to get by! That's amazing. Being back in New York must feel great, even if things have changed here a lot." Their smile becomes a bit more warm. "I hope the adjustment's going okay. Must be a bit of a culture shock being back home."

The comment about Casual Friday gets a roguish grin from Richard, his head shaking in amusement; he looks more alive and animated than he has in months, today, although he hasn't walked around in sunglasses since he'd lost his power before the war even began. The demonstration of power is watched with interest, one hand coming up to scratch under his chin, "Not many illusion-casters can do tactile. That is an interesting ability…"

Then he's being asked to examine his brother's work. "Oh, hell no," he states, motioning to Devi, "Not until she's made sure everything's disarmed and safe to be around. I don't want another robot velociraptor incident on our hands."

Devi's pearly white, side-grin is strained with the effort to keep from laughing at the blush blooming across the giant's pale face as flesh begins to quickly chameleon-hide into his bushy beard. The mention of Warren's creations though cause a little twitch at the lofted side of that carefree expression, a little crack in the playful. The sunglasses have not gone unnoticed and are the target of Devi's gaze for the time. "Velociraptor? That's a big upgrade from spider, if you ask me," she comments in a way that's meant to be all playful but doesn't quite translate to such on her husky alto tones. There's an itch now - Warren gear - it needs to be scratched.

Devi clears her throat, winks once at Richard and then considers the office iceberg. "Damn. That's cool." She pauses, looking at the others expectantly. "Cool? Yeah?" She bobs her brows and grins, only to turn back 'round to Barney. "I'll take a look and can meet you down there whenever if you need. Just, you know… not Fridays." She begins to roll up her schematic and look around, getting her bearings in preparation to depart.

Pointedly ignoring the potential conversation about 'casual' Fridays, Elisabeth is simply pretending it's not there. Lalalala. Can't hear you. "Sure," she replies to Barney's suggestion. "I'm starting to settle in, so you can leave me a message on that anytime. I'll get you the number." Her blue eyes flicker to Seren again and Liz pauses, perhaps weighing the reactions and words. "It was certainly a challenge to survive," she agrees, her tone casual enough. "But we managed. The culture shock is quite extreme, though, I'll grant you." She is still admiring the illusion because it's a fantastic manipulation. "Is it light-manipulation that you do to make the illusions?" she asks thoughtfully. "Or something different?"

And then she stops, turns her head to look at Richard, and asks, "A…. what incident?" Then her hand comes up, palm out. "No. No, never mind. I'm pretty sure I don't even want to know. It's Warren. But just so you know…. robots scare Aurora."

Richard's comment about the 'illusion' puts a slight strain on Seren's smile, but they work through it. "Yeah, when it was tested, there was this word they used to describe it…" they start, and then shrug it off, not seeming to find it something that matters. When their hand starts to sweep to brush the subject away, so does the iceberg vanish from sight, like a half-filled paintbrush flicking the space over and replacing it with reality with each pass. They don't have a good answer by the time Elisabeth comes back around, in the process of letting the gryphon-like creature on their hand crawl back onto their shoulder.

"Well, it might be in a totally different way, but I'm right there with you, Elisabeth." Seren supplies encouragingly, surely meaning general culture shock and not anything like 'not having to fight for your life' constantly. "Maybe we can get used to New New York together. Will you be working here at Raytech?"

"Or…" they start to backtrack, gaze flicking to Richard inquisitively, "Do you? What do you do?"

"Do they? I suppose that makes sense…" Richard's nose wrinkles a bit in a grimace, "After everything she'd gone through. If I'd lived through all that as a kid I'd be scared of them too— ah, we'll have to teach her that they're not all dangerous. We can start with the butterflies, maybe move up to a Spot once she's a little more comfortable…"

As if on cue, one of the red-painted robots - barely knee high - trots along past the gathered people, manipulator arm unfolded and holding a pot of coffee, held securely due to gyroscopic balancing.

"As for working— well, let's give her some time to settle back in before deciding on a line of work," he chuckles, giving Liz a rueful look, "A lot's changed."

Devi raises a pencil-accented brow as she takes in the volleying conversations around her. At Richard's comment about robots Devi's lip part… but just as easily seal in a violet cupid's bow shape. She nods to Elisabeth, then Seren and Barney. "Quite the growing team here at Raytech." She gives a sweep of her right arm, bent sharply at the elbow - you know, the good ol' fashion yippee-style gesture. She chuckles and tucks her schematic up under her arm. "Been a pleasure, but seems I have a vault o' work ahead of me. See you lot around. Don't do anything I wouldn't do…" She turns on a heel, hopefully having gotten the right bearings, and presumably heads back to the proper branch of the building that suits her special mechanical talents.

"Probably a good plan," Elisabeth replies to the idea of the robotic butterflies and Spot. Her blue eyes flicker up to his, though they're hidden behind the dark lenses, and her smile is soft. "She'll be good. She's hellaciously brave." Looking back toward Devi, Liz says after her, "I'm sorry — I didn't catch your name, but it's a pleasure to meet you. I hope I see you around."

Turning back to the others, she clears her throat. "So… Seren, right? You're starting here at RayTech?" There's a pause before she adds, "I don't honestly know if I'll work here or do something else. Being presumed dead for a few years means that I have a few bureaucratic things to deal with before I can take a job." She shrugs, seemingly not terribly concerned about it. It's just a fact.

Barney is quiet for a time after his embarrassment, collecting his thoughts and his composure. He coughs a couple of times and dips his head in another nod to Elisabeth, his hand idly straightening his beard, which doesn't need straightening but it's a habitual motion. He'd let Devi know that he'll take her to the vault to disarm Warren's creations at the first opportunity before addressing Liz. "Mister Warren included some sonic output with the hydroponics design that he created at his sibling's request." As he's not sure who made the request of Warren Valerie or Richard. "But it was ummm shall we say weaponized? We returned it but we definitely do not have the ear or knack for sonic frequency that you yourself do."

Barney beams at her for a moment, smile very wide before he tips his head again a couple times. "Raptor incident. A robotic raptor specifically. It was… difficult. Which is why I put all of his creations in the vault this time for inspection and evaluation. I'm quite sure one of them said it was going to try and clone me." He looks perplexed and more than a little worried about that. "Only it's not much bigger than a wristwatch so… I'm not sure how." He looks thoughtful, then slightly panicked. "I should probably check on said item. Soon. And make sure it's not somehow cloning people."

Seren shifts their weight as Baird takes interest in something behind them, the gryphon-like creature crawling down the back of their cardigan with its claws before leaping to a nearby desk. It even sounds like it lands with a thump, a shimmer of neon light running up the symbols on it like a ripple from where it landed. "Yeah, I'm from Canada and I'm just getting started here. Looking forward to doing architectural work with Raytech."

They're usually all-smiles, but there's too much incident in the apparent raptor incident to just smile this one off. Their head is slowly going back and forth between Barney and Richard, wondering just what in the world the scientific division here gets into. There must not be much horror about it, only curiosity, as they lean down to gently pat the robot as it goes past. All good dogs need told they're doing a great job, after all.

"It's not as bad as it sounds," Richard quickly notes, regarding the raptor incident, "It was just supposed to be a robotic receptionist, but apparently it had weapon systems installed in it. We caught it before anyone was injured, but— " He brings a hand up, fingers rubbing between his eyes, "My brother's prototypes often need some— refining before we can sell them, or their patents." By refining, he clearly means disarming. "There's no actual danger, nothing to worry about. And— Warren's shit at biotech but just in case make sure Devi's on that, Barn. Pretty sure cloning people is illegal."

"Arf," says the Spot as it's patted, not a bark but the word 'arf' is spoken from its speaker, its rear end wriggling a moment before it trots onward.

Richard leans over slightly to Liz, commenting quietly, "Devi Ezell, Red King's Rook Two."

Blue eyes widen and look back at Richard. oh! Elisabeth slants an additional, thoughtful glance after Devi. And then returns to the conversation in front of her. She'd offer an excuse for Warren…. but there really just isn't one. She just shakes her head. "He just signs all the contracts — they prop him up and dust him off every third Thursday for the board meetings," Liz quips lightly to Seren. "Apparently they like to let him think he runs things." She's clearly teasing Richard.

"Maybe it didn't mean actual cloning? Maybe some sort of digital cloning? Scanning someone's neurons and replicating them could be considered cloning if you think about it and no no. I don't want to think about it. Yes I should go make sure that's not doing anything down there." Barney tucks his clipboard under his arm. "Mister Ray would you mind finishing up Seren's tour and answering any questions she may have? Because it occurs to me the watch could have also been talking about cloning itself and building another one of itself. Though why on earth it would do that I do not know. I don't even know that it was a watch." He offers the boss a wide grin. "I love working here." He offers a slight bow in Seren and Liz's direction. "If you'll both excuse me."

And with that the tall ginger turns and scurries back towards the elevators. "Miss Ezell! Miss Ezell! If you have a moment we could go down there now! I need to make sure something isn't ummm doing things it shouldn't!" Barney goes chasing after Devi to round her up and head downstairs back to the Science Fairy areas.

It's not immediately clear if Elisabeth is teasing Richard or passing additional commentary on Warren, a fact Seren doesn't have long to linger on as Barney the Blue Science Fairy makes his exit stage elevator. A hand is brought to mouth to try and stifle any laughter about the situation — because it does sound serious — though a smile is clearly still visible in their eyes as they turn back toward the other two. "Um," they say into their palm before letting it fall, hand resting on their chest. "Sorry for the trouble, Mr. Ray."

It doesn't sound the least bit apologetic. Out of all the things that could have happened to him, being dumped with another tour attendee sounds like the least-impactful one.

"I mean, you're not wrong," Richard admits in amused tones as he looks to Elisabeth, "I mostly handle paperwork and inter-corporate and governmental diplomacy these days. I'm riding a desk job, it's terrible." Amusement, rather than true lament, in his tone. Then he's waving off Barney, "Sure, go, go, make sure whatever it is doesn't… do whatever it's trying to do."

Then he flashes Seren a grin, "No need to apologize. Welcome to Raytech, where if there's one thing I can promise you, it's that things are rarely boring."

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