Welcome to the City



Scene Title Welcome to the City
Synopsis Thalia enters New York and goes right looking for information on someone she's been looking for.
Date July 26, 2009

Nice little street in the city

The roar of a car engine tears through the streets of the city, swerving this way and that way. A man’s screams can be heard in the car as the vehicle hits a turn hard and the man is thrown against the window.

“I asked you nicely..” says a cool female voice. Belonging to a woman of striking features, her very light blue eyes, almost grey in the light of the streetlights regard the whimpering man coldly.

“Look! I don’t know anything! I told you that already, I swear. To top that all off, you haven’t even offered me any money!” The man says as he cradles his head in his hands. Why did he have to fall for a hot babe acting as if her car was broken down on the road. Damnit.

“Sources say that you know her, so spit..” the car goes faster.. “it.. out.” On the last word she stops the car very suddenly and that sends the man flying into the dashboard, and why wouldn’t he had put his seatbelt on? Idiot.

Owwwww!” You crazy bitch! Why the fuck would you do that!” he says with a yell and he holds the cut on his forehead open. “I’m gonna call the cops and they are going to get your ass!” he screams only to be shut up by the woman grabbing his throat.

She tilts her head and looks at the man with a raised eyebrow. “You think they wouldn’t take your sorry ass away first?” She laughs and then looks the man with a hard stare.

“You know where I can find her.” It’s said simply and she doesn’t phrase it as a question. “Now tell me where she is.. and I’ll.. think about letting you go without anymore injury.”

That last bit is said sweetly with a wide grin and she makes kissy noises at the scared man. “Come on.. come on.. you know you wanna tell mee..” she says and drags a finger down his cheek.

Then he fills something else on his chick.. a cold piece of metal. A knife to be exact. “One more chance.” She says with her mouth pressed against his throat. “You change your mind yet?” he almost shakes his head, then he really takes notice of the knife. “

The name of a workplace, a job is uttered to Thalia and she smiles as the information is given to her. She nods her head and pats Brent Farrel on the head. “Good boy.” And then she notices how the skin looks disfigured on the wrist.

“Aww what happened? Baby burn?” She teases and then draws back and punches him in the face, there goes more yelling from Brent. Tonight just isn’t his night. That bitch did this to me. She’s fucking insane, you don’t want to meet her.” He doesn’t say that he think she’s a crazy bitch too. He looks worried and scared for Thalia’s well being. Yeah right.

“Why do you even want to meet her?!” He asks with wide eyes, at that the woman looks away. “Because.. I need her help. She’s all-.” Thalia stops and reaches over for him.

“Don’t you worry your pretty little head over that.” She says and yanks his hair as she speaks. Thalia looks at the man and then she unlocks the door.

“Out.” She doesn’t have to repeat herself, he jumps at the chance to get out of the car. He leans in to try and say something else, but before he can Thalia puts the car in drive and speeds off. The door slamming shut and knocking him down to the ground.

“Thank you so much.. Brent. Welcome to the city.” She whispers to herself as she leaves the area and a crying Brent on the ground.

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