Well, Let Me Tell You


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Scene Title Well, Let Me Tell You
Synopsis While being treated for his wounds, Godfrey chats with Asi about the evening's events.
Date April 1, 2019

Yamagato Medical Center

It's nearing late-morning in Japan, which means Asi's nearly missed her window for sending out quippy text messages. She pulls her phone closer to her at her desk, fingertips resting on the back of it. She doesn't look away from the email on her screen, but the message keys and sends on her cell all the same.

9:17 PM
Happy spring. Having a good time tonight?

It is most definitely not night where she is, but it is somewhere. Specifically, New York. For a moment, she gets lost in thought imagining what the event must be like, and exhales a short, silent snort from her nose the next. Nevermind, the thought of her in a dress, at a gala was laughable. And probably the last thing she'd need at the moment was to end up in yet another fashion column in any publication.

Her fingers pause briefly over the keyboard. Damn. Maybe she should have found a way to go, after all.

When her phone buzzes a few minutes later, she snatches it up to physically look at it, all the better to distract herself from how hindsight is a bitch.

9:29 PM
Well let me tell you…

"Please do," she insists quietly to her phone, in English, continuing to remain hunched over it. After waiting a mere thirty seconds, she pushes back from her desk lightly with her toes, leaving the phone abandoned facedown. The empty arms of her leather jacket swing on her chair as she spins out of it, coffee mug snatched up in her swoop about. Maybe she'll have a reply by the time she gets a refill.

She's not wrong.

The mug is set down a little more noisily than she means for it to as she furrows her brow at the screen, pulling the cell closer to her face like it'll somehow help her make sense of the photograph he's replied with, along with a cheery:

9:32 PM
Having a grand time, with you were here.

Eyes darting between the message and the photo in rapid succession, she entirely misreads it with the typo's assistance. "What the…"

Meanwhile in New York…

“Thank you, love,” is quipped cheerfully, as Godfrey studies the picture of his back after sending. It looks rather gruesome. “Though, you really should learn how to focus.” The nurse behind him rolls her eyes with annoyance, hating that she’s been assigned to taking care of the quills across his back and shoulders.

He whines a bit…

A bit.

With a flat look, she grabs the next quill and without any care, gives it a hard yank. “Son of a—-!” The man about comes off the table with the pain. “How about you try not to pull off all my skin while you're at it?” snaps Godfrey, turning to look over his shoulder at her. “Seriously, Nurse Ratchet, doesn’t Yamagato supply any good drugs?”

She only gives him that flat look and makes a show off dropping another bloody quill with the others in the sterile tray next to Godfrey. He wrinkles his nose at it, but luckily he is distracted by the digital sounding tone he assigned to Asi in his phone.

There is a tipping up of his mouth in amusement, until another quill is yanked.

9:35 PM
what the fuck?
Is this you crying out for attention because you miss me that much?

They both know it's not, but she's trying to lighten the mood.

9:36 PM
Because if so, really, I'm touched.

After he can breathe again…

9:40 PM
Not going to lie, I might be crying. Nurse Ratchet over here has the touch of a 5 ton water buffalo. I wouldn't mind a little attention, tonight has been a complete disappointment in that department.
And I might miss |

Godfrey pauses typing in that sentence, eyes narrow a bit at it and the blinking cursor. “Do you think, telling someone you miss them would be weird? I mean, I miss my drinking buddy. Not that she’s the only one.” He looks back at the nurse and still receives that flat unamused look. “Of course, you’re right. Too much.“ His back it up and hits send. “Wouldn’t want her to think I’m needy or anything.”

There is another roll of the nurses eyes and she gives another quill a yank.

9:41 PM
It sounds like you're getting plenty of attention, I don't know what you're talking about…

The text lingo might go over his head, but maybe he can hear the endearing laughter anyway.

9:42 PM
but, for what it's worth, I miss you too
Do I get an actual story about what happened, or are you going to let me wonder?

There is a grunt of pain through clenched teeth and Godfrey barely manages to hold back another comment for the nurse. At least, she finally declares, “Done,” sharply with a slap to his shoulder, luckily not where he’s hurt.

“Thank goodness,” he grumbles, looking at his phone again.


Brows furrow at the message, but then he remembers. “Technopath.” He look back at his nurse holding up the phone. “She’s a technopath, should have known.” When the nurse ignores him, Godfrey sighs and eyes hood a bit in his annoyance. “Anyone ever tell you, that you talk to muuuUUUu—!!”

“Oops… Missed one.”

Godfrey grits his teeth and starts typing rather forcefully on the phone. There is an audible tap tap tap. Letting his irritation out on the phone.

9:48 PM
I should just make you wait till you visit again, but since that might be awhile. 8(
Someone decided to party crash the gala and ruin it for everyone.
I got turned into a porcupine. (See last picture.) Ruined a rather expensive suit I might add.

Speaking of his suit, he gets a pat on his shoulder. “Shirt off,” the nurse orders, before moving passed him to gather the supplies she needed to bandage him.

“What?” It doesn’t register what she’s asking of him yet.

“The jacket and the shirt. Off. So I can clean the puncture wounds,” the nurse repeats not bothering to hide her opinion of him.

“Oh!” Godfrey gets it now. He looks down at his phone, brows arch upwards, and then sets it down next to him. “No peeking,” he says loudly as he starts to unbutton the vest and shirt under it. When the nurse looks back at him like he was crazy, he sighs. “Not you.” He points at the phone on the table. “Her. I just got done saying she was a technopath, didn’t I?”

Meanwhile in Japan

A technopath currently texting under the table and definitely not spying through his device. Though if she knew he thought that of her, she'd be deeply amused, and likely capitalize on his suspicions.


She's unable to entirely keep her poker face as she reads his summary, expression twinging in sympathy for the pain of being stuck like that. And at herself, because she's sure she's going to be hearing about the catastrophe the rest of the morning. Asi's eyes flutter as she looks back up, thinking ahead and feeling even less into this status meeting than she was before.

9:51 pm
oh no :(((

She lets her phone bounce against her palm as she considers the implication of the gala going someone was attacked levels of poorly.

"悪い、" Asi interjects into the meeting, her expression stoic. The interruption deserves more than that, but she's never been one for formality. She'd have waited until later to bring this up, if she was. "メッセージもらえた。" She ignores the look she gets as she gestures with her cell to indicate the vehicle the message came by, instead letting her brow arch as she points out, "またヤマパークで事故があったんです。"

There's a pause after she says it where the significance is weighed, and then judged. A sigh comes from the leader of the meeting, along with a tight nod for the information, and the fact that they now all have it. It wouldn't impact them, probably, but… just in case. He gives it a moment before picking up where he was interrupted, eyes firmly on the other Mugai-Ryu to make sure he holds their attention still.

Asi settles, trying to let his gaze not hook into her, and surreptitiously glances down at her phone again to check for a reply.

9:55 PM
Oh yes.
There were voices in people’s heads. Donations ruined and stolen.
From what I heard anyhow.
Can you believe that someone stomped in the face of this cute adorable little robot that Raytech donated? Tragedy that. I even bid on it. Be cute serving me drinks.

9:58 pm
I've seen one of those! It served popcorn at a meeting. I had half a mind to take it with me.
wow, though… someone really didn't want anyone to have a good time

The meeting's dispersing, but she can feel eyes on her. She glances up, seeing the lift of a hand beckoning her over. Asi disguises a sigh as an evenly exhaled breath, leaning away from her chair as another message sends.

9:59 pm
would you believe me if I told you that somehow still sounds better than my day?

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