Well, Of All Things


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Scene Title Well, Of All Things
Synopsis A group of drunken teenagers, may not be drunk as Toby, Elaine, Yana and Devon find out.
Date march 30, 2011

Financial District


They're everywhere - at least until curfew.

Today is no exception as everyone is out on the streets going about their business, getting some shopping done, going out for dinner, passing through on their way to work. Cloudy skies do little to discourage this, the weather having risen to above freezing, a promise of spring in the air and on the way in.

Taxi drivers come and go, one pulling up and dropping off a customer before zooming off, the woman standing there and looking around as if trying to figure out where she needs to go. A set up of ladders and scaffolding outside a another building are some workers, with can of white paint, redoing the outside of the building and refreshing the facade.

Two blocks down from a bodega, standing near an alley that borders on a small litel public green space, a group of five teenagers are hanging out, being loud. four guys, one girl, dressed for the cool weather and bumping brown bag concealed beverages.

Across the street, a woman is half hanging out her window, yelling at a guy on the street who's pleading and begging - likely to be let back in.

Ahh, wednesday, late afternoon, they name is eventful.

Adding to the list of wanderers, a man in a flamboyant red silk Hawaiian shirt and khaki slacks is strolling down the street with a Corgi skittering at his heels to keep up. The Corgi, it should be noted, is wearing a matching red hawaiian doggy-shirt. He must be one of those people. On his feet are nice Italian leather shoes. But as extravagant as his threads may be, he seems to be… skipping, almost. Mad-man, right here, if he's half-skipping in New York City. He might also be singing to himself.
ORDER: It is now your pose.

Elaine's on her way home. Well, this is her usual. Especially because she might be a tiiiiny bit more secluded thanks to getting shot in broad daylight. So the redhead is out, a shopping bag in hand as she is making her way back towards her place. She's not rushing, at least, but the skipping man with the corgi sidekick gets a wide smile. Hey, wasn't he at Gun Hill?

With teenagers being everywhere, it wouldn't be out of place for yet another to be walking along. Though this particular youth isn't shopping or hanging out, but instead seems to be headed either to or from work. For that matter, he could be on a work-related errand, given the time. Such is the life of an intern. Devon, in fact, is dressed business casual today, in a shirt, slacks and jacket of neutral gray over white. No tie for him today.

This afternoon, Yana is meeting her mother for lunch. Correction, she is meeting her mother somewhere to pick her up and take her for lunch. Not even as simple as just going to her parent's home to get her. No, the woman had to be driven to a spot in the city to be driven again to lunch. Such is the way of privileged families. Traffic however is being especially painful for a successful and prompt execution, and if there is one other thing Yana has no patience for, it is causing stress to her mother. To save time, Yana decided to get out of the car and make her way to the restaurant while Christopher continued to go pick up her mother. This leaves Yana amidst the mass of teenagers, which probably cannot be a good thing.

The teenagers are not far from Elaine and Toby, their raucous noises hard to miss, as they look - to be frank - utterly and completely inebriated. Which might say something about the contents of the little brown bags in their hands. The guys are pushing one another, laughing obnoxiously loud and garners some looks from others who pass on the street. The female in the group though, is wrinkling her nose in the midst of the group. "I'm going to puke, I don't want any more" Loud enough to be heard by everyone and loud enough to in turn, be razzed by her compatriots who laugh and give a nudge to her brown bag. 'Come on, more. Geeze, such a lightweight"

Though Toby doesn't notice Elaine right off, Rugby perks and runs her way, weaving through the people wandering the streets to wind up at her feet, balancing on two legs and sniffing her way excitedly. Pet me! You're a friend! I remember you! Ohboyohboy!

And Rugby's movements of course catch the man's attention. "'Cause darlin', only the good die yoooung! Bah-bah-bahbah-bah, only the gooooo…oh! He-llo, Elaine!" Toby claims cheerfully, lifting a hand to wave. It's then that he notices the teenagers, and he frowns, watchfully. Hrm.

"Long time no see, Toby," Elaine offers, leaning down to pet Rugby. Gosh darn how cute corgis are. She glances back to Toby, a smile in his direction. "How are you? I don't think I've seen you since…" Well, better not to talk about Gun Hill. Her gaze momentarily drifts to the kids, frowning. She doesn't wanna see anyone get puked on. Especially not her.

Most disturbances are easily overlooked. The man begging to be allowed back home, while not a common occurrence, doesn't raise any questions in Devon's mind. Nor, truthfully, does the gaggle of teenagers passing contraband liquor around until the sounds of hazing pick carry enough to pique his interest. The intern settles a look on the group parked at the mouth of the alley, brows drawing together slightly.

Wretched, disrespectful, wreckless youth.. Parents these days let their children get away with anything. If they were Yana's children, they would act with the utmost poise and decency. Public intoxication and debauchery.. indeed! Yana pulls her black coat with the high collar even tighter around her body and quickens her step to get past the teenagers a little faster. As if she were in danger of catching the flu from just being in their presence. Hah!

Not so fast Yana. One good push sends one of the youth's directly into her path, forcing the scientist to stop, or risk running right into him. "Come on guys" The girl stumbles a bit, a slurred whine to her voice, pushing away the container in her brown bag towards one of the others, attempting to walk away or at least get a few steps away from the group. Devon can see this clearly, the other tipping back their own concealed beverages and keeping into their tight little group.

"Hey lady!" This to Yana, from one of the rear hanging teenagers. "Hey, tell her she's not finished yet"

The man pleading to be let back in, is heading for the door to the apartment above, moving past Elaine and Toby, forgiven - at least for now - and the main hubub seems to be the teenagers across the way, interrupting Yana.

Rugby hops a little then falls forward onto all fours again. Tongue lolling, the corgi is very pleased with this petting. Yay! Petting! Toby, meanwhile, bobs his head. "Yeah, since we lived next door," he supplies cheerfully. "How have things been?" Even though he really is focused on the conversation, really, he is, he's also glancing across the way towards the kids.

Well, things across the street seem like they're okay. Well, enough, at least. No real danger. "I'm alright, things have been kinda busy," Elaine offers, Rugby getting a continual petting as she talks. "I'm guessing things are good for you too?"

As the situation appears to intensify, Devon takes several quick steps to intervene somewhat. A hand reaches out to grab Yana and keep her from making that final step that would send her tumbling. He gives her a sidelong glance, barely sparing any real attention for her before his focus is once again on the drinking teens. "Doctor Blite," he says quietly, as much for a greeting as acknowledgement. Then, to the other teenagers, likely of an age with himself, "I think you're done here. Let her go."

Nasty or nice, vinegar or honey. How will Yana respond to this sudden twist of events. There are two ways she can handle it with obvious varying results. This could be a dramatic moment of the week, because for one thing, she is better than them. And every fiber of her being calls for her to let them know this. It is the duty of a privileged woman such as Yana to correct the behavior of lesser individuals than herself. However, Yana isn't foolish, she is pretty rational and logical and takes into the account that these teenagers don't really respect much, given their act of intoxication, and their lack of manners in not excusing themselves from almost knocking her over. If she were to chastise them, it could rouse them into a negative response, and then drama would happen. She would rather avoid drama.

However, she is quite certain that she could not stomach playing demure and dithery for the sake of escaping a few drunken delinquents. She has far too much pride to just let it go.. That is likely the problem with her mind. Pride. Oh, this is certainly a conundrum for her. To be, or not to be.. Yana.

She 'doed' it.

As she is disturbed, Yana's face becomes a frown, and her mouth opens in preparation to deliver her pompous and verbal bashing. But she doesn't have to, as Devon reaches to interject, keeping her from colliding with the teens, and breathing verbal fire upon them. She blinks and looks behind her at Devon, recognizing him and finding his appearance to be the thing that allows her to take more on the demure side of things. "Oh, Devon. What a pleasant surprise. I did not see you around here. I was just on my way to meet my mother for a meal when these…" she almost vomits out something harsh, "Youths stumbled over. Thank you for keeping us from colliding, and I hope from causing and altercation." she lifts a brow, looking to the teens, a look that is arrogantly expectant and a pinch of hopeful.

"Aww man, she's just having fun. We're all just having some fun here. Haven't you ever had fun?" Asked to Devon from one of the others, the small group conglomerating around Yana and Devon. The girl looks miserably, like she doesn't want to be there, and when one of the boys nudges her again, she gives a bit of a whine and tips back her drink, attempting to chug the rest of it back, much to the whoops of the teenagers around her. They even nudge Devon and Yana to do the same. cheer on the girl.

Across the street, another woman dressed in jeans, sweater and jacket, carrying an honest to god tiny dog in her tote, is pausing near Toby and elaine - other people with dogs are clearly not terrorists to leap out and try to kill you - and points across the street, interrupting their conversation . "What's happening over there?"

As another dog enters Toby's emotional dog radar, and is making a beeline for him, he swivels his head to look at the dog, and then the woman. "It looks like they're picking on that poor girl," he sighs. "I just hope it doesn't escalate… Should we go over there?" He seems indecisive. He'd really like to help… he's just not the hero type. "Perhaps we should call the cops?"

"It looks like a college frat party minus the party and the college," Elaine comments, Rugby getting another scratch under the chin. "If they start pushing her around or something yeah. I think they're underage so calling the cops would be a good idea. I don't want anyone to get alcohol poisoning."

"Yeah, looks like she's having a blast," Devon returns in complete deadpan. When the girl makes to chug the rest of her drink, he moves to slap it away from her, hopefully force enough for it to fall from her grasp and shatter on the ground. Hopefully without harming her. The nudging and cheers are ignored, however the first to actually touch the intern receives a cold look. "You're done here," he repeats, "let her go."

This just will not stand. The only reason that Yana gets riled and is looking out for the girl being peer pressured into drinking is because they offended her. Otherwise, it would be none of her business as to how they are bullying her. Her eyes narrow, and Yana even stumbles a little as she is nudged. More than she might need to, but still. She tosses the teen that did it a scowl. Not to mention, Devon stepping forward to play valiant hero. Curious.. Yana would find this behavior a little annoying, but Devon is directing it at the current cause of her ire, and his direct and bold execution seems well placed for some reason. She watches him for a moment, taking a small step back, wanting to see where this goes. "I think that she doesn't wish to partake of your activities. She seems reluctant to me. Perhaps you should all do as Devon says and let her go."

'yeah…" The blonde withe dog in her purse agree's, standing watch with the two of them, looking on concerned but not reaching for her own phone. heeeeeeeeeey Poor Toby inundated with high pitched annoying dog thought. Heeeeeeey attention directed down to ruby. Heeeeeeeeey A perky little pocket dog, this clearly is and she too is dressed in a little pink doggie sweater and bows on the top of her head. Someone of the same mind as Toby. Accessories for your accessory.

"Hey dude! You're harshing the buzz, she's having fun!" One of the teens more than a little harshly yells back, when Devon's hand causes the loss of the aluminum beer can to the ground. The girls looks grateful for Devon's interference, and to Yana, shrinking in place almost. "SO, yeah, she does, she's fine, why don't you just keep walking"
You paged Devon with 'If you are going to take a physicalk action, please pose it as an attempt.'

Rugby squirms under the scratching then perks his ears, looking towards the pocket-dog, canting his head to the side and sniffing curiously. Sneeze. Toby, meanwhile, wiggles a finger in his ear briefly, as he extends attention psychically to the dog. Relax, puppy. I'm paying attention to you. Just not a lot, because he's distracted by the whole…altercation. He's pulling out his phone, too, but he's not dialing yet. Not quite! But soon.

Elaine's eyes stay on the altercation, making no move to go across the street to get involved personally. "I've got a feeling there might be a fight breaking out soon…" She suggests, looking back to Toby. She stands up fully, which of course leaves Rugby out of a scratching.
You paged Devon with 'enah that was okay, I meant if with your next pose'

"Why don't you go home," is Devon's answer as he to face the last of the other teens to speak. He takes a step toward the other boy but makes no move to hit him or any of his buddies. That isn't to say the tension for such acts isn't there in flexed fingers, however he maintains a calm exterior. "She's had enough."

As much as she would enjoy seeing Devon get physical, she could be here all day, and she has an appointment to keep. She will have to intervene a little harder, "I believe my associate is right. She has had enough. And I so have the rest of you.. Some of you seem suspiciously young to be consuming alcohol, and acts of hazing are also illegal. My husband is a officer of the law, and I find it to be my civic duty to inform him of this crime." Yana is already starting to fiddle through her purse.

No one has seen this coming. Over the last few days that they have been filming, that these teenagers - who are hired fledgeling actors in thier own right - haven't really been drinking out of concealed beer cans but in fact just carbonated apple juice.

That the woman with the dog, standing adjacent to Toby and Elaine is an actress and the dog a hired one. That all around this street from nearly 40 different angles, there are camera's planted all in the name of television.

What Would You Do?

That's what will be flashed across the screen and asked of the viewers who will eventually on ABC be watching this go down.

Before Devon can think to do more, before Yana can reach in and get her phone, Toby can dial or Elaine think more than there be a possibility of a fight, there's a rush of movement coming out of the building that Yana and Devon are standing near. Camera crews, a man bearing a microphone hanging down off a metal rod to hear words and not obscure the scene. Men with clipboards and headsets on.

In the midst of this, a heavyset man of mixed origins, tall in nature with a full head of dark hair and a genial smile on his face as he strides forward, offering his hand out to Devon and to Yana.

"Hi, my name is John Quinones, I'm with the television show What Would you do"

Toby gets as far as 9 before there are suddenly camera people rushing towards the encounter across the street. "Wha— ?" he blinks. Now he's just stymied, period! After a moment, as the man's words are heard, and he puts his phone away to nudge Elaine and the woman. "Man, did you ever see that coming?" he laughs.

"What…?" Elaine blinks for a long moment, then she laughs. "Oh my god, a setup?" She peers towards Toby. "Well, I suppose that's a lot better than watching someone puke on the sidewalk, you know?"

The movement from the camera crews are what trap Devon's attention first. Baffled, he watches the set up unfold then looks at the host as he comes out. Almost a complete turn around, a half grin pulls up one side of his mouth. "Dude, you almost got your actors into some serious trouble," he says, a laugh coming into his tone.

It was bad when they were just peer pressuring the girl, but still okay. It is when Yana discovers that she has been duped into being caught on film that makes it worse. Yes, she plays the part of the woman that is surprised and embarrassed to be on television, laughing it off, but she is secretly ready to stab every member of this show right now for springing such a ruse. I mean.. sure, she always acts with grace and poise, so there was no danger of her looking foolish from her actions. But they managed to make her feel foolish somehow and she can't explain it. She feels like an utter dummy for not noticing. Grrrr.. But still, she chuckles and blushes and does her best to make sure no one is none the wiser. "Well of all things…"

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