Well. That's Interesting


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Scene Title Well. That's Interesting
Synopsis Niki comes for breakfast, and lets drop a little secret.
Date January 23, 2009

Siann Hall - Abby, Alexander and Teo's Apartment

//It's not overly spacious, It's a New York area apartment. But it suits it's residents purposes. An open kitchen, crammed with all the accoutrements needed to cook, a dining table shoved against the far wall with chairs tucked in. A livingroom with a fairly new red suede couch shoved up agaisnt a window and TV set opposite on a stand makes up the rest of the communal living area. It looks fairly newly occupied and the personal touches not put to it yet. Five doors down a hall lead to three seperate bedrooms, a bathroom and linen closet. What's behind the doors remains a mystery unless one of the residents leaves a door open, though if someone knows the residents, the simple gold cross above one door indicates where the woman in this place lives. //

The knocking on the door stirs abby from her morning routine. The breakfast being made, preparing for bed. Should be in bed right about now but she's too awake yet to do it. There's shuffling sounds from within the apartment, muffled byt he walls before the door is opened, the night chain keeping it down to just a few inches when she see's who's on the other side. "jessica… or Niki?"

The blonde looks back inside. "If I was Jessica, would I really be knocking?" she says, voice quiet.

There's a pause and then, utter sheepishness on the blonde's face. 'You…have a point" The door is closed, long enough to unhook the night latch and then opened again for Niki. "You got out"

Niki moves to give Abby a hug, if she allows it. "I did. Missed you."

Personal space personal space! Touching! Danger Will Robinson. Niki gets away with it, this once. Because.. well it's the same reason some few other get away with it. Abby even wraps her arms around the woman, a comforting hug, flannel nice and soft. "I assume everything's.. going to be okay? no.. crushing police officers? Because really, as much as I love healing people, that car ride home with the SCOUT officer, wasn't that great" She's trying to make light of everything, and once she's let go, closes the door behind Niki.

Niki hugs Abby, then releases. "I think everything is going to be okay. We've had some conversations, and we're getting past all the secrets thing."

"That's good. Umm, I'm having a late dinner, which is really, breakfast. French toast. Do you.. and Jessica.. want to have a piece, or two?" The blonde waits, the makings all laid out, as if Niki interrupted just that. From somewhere out of nowhere, a black cat, still in it's feline childhood comes pell mell for the new person, sniffing and marking her territory with a cheek rub.

Niki looks amused. "I'd like that, yes." She smiles at the cat. "How have you been?"

"Tired" But then she's always tired. "No more attempts at least. Seems maybe the message got through. I'm getting ready to move, away from here. I'd tell you but.. I don't want your lesser half blathering it to who she works for since I'm not leasing under my real name" Abby gestures for Niki to follow her the few feet to the kitchen, a plate out already on the small formica table affair. The cat is scooped up into the blondes arm, a nuzzle of her nose to the felines head, who obviously delights in the affection. "Scarlet, meet Niki, Niki, meet Scarlet. My Christmas present. Teo was teaching her to play nice with the bird while I was with you and a bunch of other.. stuff."

The tall blonde looks back, but it's Jessica, not Niki, who answers. "I don't have any ill will for you, Abby. Besides, if I wanted to find you, I could. But I'm trying to be nice." That's a little uncanny. Faster, smoother transition than normal.

'Then I don't need to tell you do I? You'll find me. can I have Niki back please?" That is uncanny and unnerving. She usually had warning. The cat is deposited on the floor, a scratch to the ears before she washes her hands off in the sink prior to starting to wet bread in egg and put on a pan that's been heating. No cat hair in food here thank you very much.

Just as smoothly, it's Niki again. "We're both here." Niki answers. "She's behaving, and letting me see what goes on when she's out." She sounds just a little perturbed at the "letting" part.

"I'd rather it be you who's out when I'm with you. If it's business, then I'll deal with her. I'm friends with you. She's just… She's a job. You like icing sugar on yours?" There's butter in the pan and the aroma of breakfast starts to make it's way around. The cat meanwhile is weaving it's way in and around Abigail's feet. "Isabelle hasn't replaced you, you still have your job. If you phone she'll put you back on the schedule"

Niki nods, as she looks over. "I'll…probably give her a call and check. I found out I'm a lot richer than I thought I was." A somewhat sheepish smile. She looks over to the kitchen. "Yes, please. Is there anything I can help with?"

"You can get the syrup, it's in the bottom left cupboard, and a plate for yourself should be to the left above" The toasts are flipped. "I knew that. Niki and I had planned a way to get you the money. She was going to pass me an envelope and I would once or twice a week slip some of it into your tip jar. None the wiser"

Niki moves to get the syrup and plate, and she looks back. "You mean Jessica." she says, bemusedly. "And yeah, it seems like lots of people knew lots about my life, except me." There's a face made at that.

'Jessica.." Abby screws up her face. "Sorry.. long night at work and I was healing some folks before that" She nods though to that. "Well, when dastardly things are threatened if the main person finds out abo.. never mind, it's old hash. So your not gonna work at the bar anymore? I'm gonna miss that if you choose not to"

Niki looks concerned at the healing comment, and then frowns at the bit about Abby being threatened. "I might. I wanted to make sure you were still okay with it. I don't know what happened that night, beyond the very vague…but I didn't want to freak you out."

'Jessica went after Elisabeth for information, Elisabeth popped her ear drums, Jessica came to me to heal them and I sang like a canary. That's what happened. Elisabeth.. I'm not in her good books right now and I'm not likely to get into them. Can we talk about something else Niki? I really think it would do you good to work at the bar, when Jessica doesn't need to do her job. Means you don't have to work so many hours" She offers a smile to the other blonde. "And you can now afford to deck out your apartment. Or even get a bigger one"

Niki nods. "That's true. How are things going with your roommate issues?" she asks with some concern on that front. Last she knew, not so well.

"It's.. going…" The two pieces of breakfast toast are put onto the plate, another two dosed up and put down to cook. "Al's having relations with Teo's aunt, Teo's … having relations with someone else, they're both tense as .. well tense, and … Al and I are moving. Teo's going to find another place. More of me not wanting people to use them to get to me, or me to get to them"

Niki nods. "I…had been debating asking you if you wanted to go in on an apartment together." she admits, a little sheepishly. She waits for all the toast to be done; it would be rude to start early.

"I.. " Ohh, that's so awkward. "I have Al, as a roommate. Not that I don't appreciate your whole.. super strength, but.. I don't think he'd take.. kindly to. He doens't like Jessica. And .. he's like a brother, and he didn't have a place to live before, he sorta squatted and … Niki.." The toasts are flipped again. 'you don't want me for a roommate. I got people kidnapping me left right and center all for what I do. I get phone calls at odd hours and I swear my diet consists of just red bull half the time. I crank the radio to the christian station and i'm a neat freak. I got .. crazy friends"

Niki looks back to her. "I just figured you could use someone looking out for you. And I could use a friend. But I'm not trying to squeeze you out from your current roommates, either. I just…" Shrug. "I figured I'd ask."

"I can ask him, if we want a third Niki" Abby flips them again, turning off the stove and bringing the last two pieces over and unloading them before sliding the pan into the sink. "It's up to Al. Three is a nice number, and a nice way to even out the rent. I found a three room place, Confucius plaza. It was within the budget we have, barely, but, it's there, with a spare room in case we had stragglers. The issue being only that.. Jessica's job"

Niki nods, as she looks over. "Well, I can certainly bring a good chunk to the budget. As far as Jessica…" She looks a little frustrated. "I understand if it's a deal-breaker. But we're sort of a package deal."

You say, "So's Al. I'll talk to him. If I live, past .. everything, and Sylar doesn't make a break for my faith.. be good to have some.. heavy hitters when I have to make my calls" She passes over the butter to Niki, setting about to prepping her french toast for the consuming."

Jessica pours some syrup on her toast. "I wouldn't let anyone hurt you. And neither will Jessica." she states it in a "she damn well better not" kind of tone.

'Really, seriously niki, I can't be guarded 24 hours a day. Everyone says that, they won't let anyone touch me, but .. come on. Jessica yanked me from a hospital, while Elisbeth was beside me. Wu long decorporalized me and teleported me to the top of Old Lucy's so that a teleporter could take me to heal Eileen. Someone was waiting outside old Lucy's with a bomb of some kind. What I do.. what I do while it's divine and I use it unquestioningly on other people no matter what, still bring jerks out who don't think to ask, just take, and with force. And half the time, that's been with protectors"

Jessica points out "If we're living together, and working at the same place, that's pretty darn near 24 hour coverage. It's not perfect, but it beats the alternative."

"Which is dead somewhere and my pa… dammit. Jessica, are you coming out again?" Abby stops mid sawing of her french toast, looking across the table.

Niki looks puzzled. "No? It's just me." she says, looking back to Abby. "Is it that hard to tell?"

"You used to just… pause, there'd be like.. seven seconds of just nothing, and then, Jessica would come out. You'd not even know any time had passed. Sorry. Just.." Abby shakes her head. "I'll ask Al. no promises. Still going to go with Confucius, moment Teo finds someone for this place"

Niki nods. "No promises. And actually, it turns out there's a way to tell. If you need it. Might not be that practical, but there's one difference between us that isn't mental."

'I don't think she'll like you telling me that Niki" Though the corner of her mouth turns up at the thought of a tell.

Niki seems amused. "Yeah, well. She's done lots of things I didn't like, either. So, if this whole new age of cooperation is gonna happen, she's gonna have to play along." She looks over towards the nearest reflective surface as she says hat.

The glass in the oven window. There's not alot of mirrors besides what might be found in the bedrooms of either men, or the bathroom. Abby glances over then back to Niki, curious.

Niki answers. "My right shoulder blade. For no reason that I can tell, Jessica's got some kind of mark there. I don't." How that happens if this is all in her head? Good question.

'Works if your wearing a tank top" But she'll take it. filing it away. "Can I see?"

There's another brief look at the oven glass, and then a nod. Niki takes a moment and tugs off her sweater, leaving herself in her bra, and turns so Abby can see her (currently bare) right shoulder. "Well, you can also ASK to see it. If you need proof I'm me." she points out.

Dear god. people undressing. She had thought that she might have a tank top underneath. Abigail usually does. "Yeah, but that's… a little crass and rude. She averts her eyes until Niki's turned around, unblemished skin. "And Jessica's mark?"

There's a moment, as Jessica takes over, and then it shows up, fading into view on her shoulder; the symbol, in black.

There it is, a tattoo. But it's not on Niki, it's on Jessica. "Can I see Niki again?" Under her breath, she's whispering a prayer, something small, quick, reaching over to place her hand on the blonde's shoulder, testing something.

Jessica nods, and she changes, shifting back to Niki. The mark slowly fades off her skin.

Huh. Odd. Abby's hand remains on the blonde, pushing a little, through the transfer of Jessica back to Niki. The change in pigmentation right there before her eyes. The blonde's brows are pulled down in puzzled thought.

Niki moves to get her sweater and pull it back on. "So, if you need to tell, just ask me to pull down my shoulder and show you."

Abby's hand is pulled back when Niki slips her sweater back on, still frowning. "your both fine. Nothing wrong that I needed to fix… " The tattoo thing is bothering her though. "Thank you, for trusting me with that. I'm very.. honored"

Niki smiles back to Abby. "I've got some things I need to see to…but talk to me soon about the roommate thing, okay?"

"I will. I'll try and pin Al down. No promises" Abby takes the interruption in her dinner a little longer to stand up, and offer a hug to the other woman, albeit quick and gentle.

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