West Village

The West Village is largely unofficial territory in Greenwich Village, squared off between the Hudson River and Seventh Avenue if one were to approximate. Its grid of streets sits askew to the rest of Manhattan, confusing both tourists and residents that have lived there for longer. The West Village is more or less residential, with apartment buildings and individual housing, including the distinctive sight of brownstone housing rows that line thin, 18th century angled and designed streets. Both the sidewalks and the streets themselves are thin for New York City, with an old world feel conveyed with wrought iron, brown brick and squat buildings.

Since the Bomb, decline is conveyed in a certain emptiness of this place as opposed to overt destruction, with many houses and business lots remaining in various states of buying, renting and selling. The once popular Meatpacking District in the northern side of the village is less the artistic, crowded area of nightclubs and youth culture, although is slowly on the mend as the city heals. In the nicer areas of the West Village, living is not as expensive as the fancier corners of Manhattan, but real estate has reached an all time high.

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