Westview Apartments
Westview Apartments
Hours of Operation 24/7
Current Status Open for Business
People Come Here For… Housing

Situated within the cramped confines of the neighborhood of Summer Meadows, the building for Westview Apartments is a tall and old looking brick structure. Shaped like a horse shoe, the building's apartments often times face one another across the small divide of a narrow courtyard that leads to the front lobby. Fire escapes zig-zag up the back and outer sides of the building and a faded sign near the parkling lot reads, "Westview Apartments" in embossed lettering.

On the inside, the tenement building has a warm if not somewhat unfinished feeling. Caramel and chocolate colored floor tiles darken the interior, yellowed lighting fixtures give the walls a buttermilk coloration and the narrow staircases leading upstairs are clearly decades old. No elevator for ease of access for the handicapped is present either, making the fourth-floor residents have to trek all the way to the top to get to their homes.

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