Diana Hahn

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Name Diana Hahn Aliases
Status Registered Non-Evolved (Class N Non)
Gender Female
Birthdate April 22, 1982 Age 30s
Height 5' 8" Build Muscular
Eyes Brown Hair Dark Brown
Residence Transient
Employment Resistance Fighter
Parents Jeremiah Hahn (father; deceased)
Irene Hahn (mother; deceased)
Siblings Unknown
Marital Status Single Children None
First Scene Worth Fighting For Last Scene
Profile Diana Hahn is a soldier in the resistance. As a Non-Evolved, she is able to move freely between the Wasteland at the Outer District. Diana sells her services to the DoEA as a tracker and bounty hunter while serving the resistance as judge, jury, and executioner of resistance fighters who are found attempting to defect or betray the resistance. Diana executes these traitors and then hauls their bodies back to the Outer District in exchange for compensation in "maintaining law and order."
Diana Hahn
portrayed by
Katy O'Brien
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