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Name Lance Gerken Aliases DJ Lancelot, Voice of the Tower
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Selective Acoustic Field Generation
Gender Male
Birthdate 10 / 17 / 99 Age 21
Height 5'9" Build Lean
Eyes Blue Hair Brown
Residence The Tower
Employment The Tower
Parents Gerard and Ashleigh Gerken (Deceased)
Gerard and Ashleigh Gerken (Gerard Deceased; Ashleigh adopted Lance)
Siblings Hailey Gerken (Deceased)
Hailey Gerken (Adopted)
Marital Status Single Children None (But proud uncle to Darlene Gerken)
First Scene Last Scene

A teenaged soldier in a war that he grew up in, Lance Gerken worked with the Resistance with some of his childhood friends and others as an infiltration and extraction specialist.

He never had a chance to be a kid.

Getting entangled with the Travellers as they leapt between worlds, he carried his sister's baby girl with him in the hopes of finding a better place for her… and, although the road was rocky getting there, improbably found it.

These days, he's DJ Lancelot, the Voice of the Tower, broadcasting news, weather reports, and music to the Pelago and beyond. This-timeline version of his mother and sister have accepted him as part of their family, and they all live at the Tower, keeping it well-maintained and serving as an occasional stop-off spot for ships passing through. It also lets them keep an eye on the part of the sea where the Ark lays drowned… just in case something rouses from the deeps one day, or tries to dig up its secrets.

Lance Gerken
portrayed by

Quinn Lord
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