Sasha Kozlow

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Name Sasha Kozlow Aliases
Status Registered Evolved (Class ) Ability Healing
Gender Male
Birthdate Unknown Age 39
Height 6' Build Athletic
Eyes Blue Hair Brown
Residence The Outer District
Employment The Department of Evolved Affairs
Parents Iosif Kozlow †
Yustina Kozlow
Siblings Tania Kozlow
Marital Status Children None
First Scene Last Scene
Profile Sasha Kozlow is nothing if not predictable; where John Logan goes, his loyal dog follows, and this timeline is no exception. As Logan's right hand, he utilizes both his ability and his physical strength on behalf of the Department of Evolved Affairs where he works as an enforcer and active counter measure against resistance fighters attempting to infiltrate the Evolved district.
Sasha Kozlow
portrayed by

Michael Fassbender
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