Veronica Sawyer

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Name Veronica Sawyer Aliases
Status Registered Evolved (Class ) Ability Power Reflection
Gender Female
Birthdate November 30, 1982 Age 35
Height 5'5" Build Lean
Eyes Brown Hair Brown
Residence Wasteland
Employment Resistance Fighter
Parents Deceased Siblings None
Marital Status Single Children None
First Scene Last Scene
Profile A former Company and Institute agent, Veronica Sawyer slipped away from the Institute in the chaos of the riots of 2010 and joined the ranks of those who would fight against the government. Having lost everything she was fighting for on the personal level, she's thrown herself into the fight for the sake of others. She's a lone wolf, allying herself with others but keeping her distance emotionally.
Veronica Sawyer
portrayed by
Eliza Dushku
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