Yi-Min Yeh

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Name Yi-Min Yeh Aliases Sága
Status Registered Evolved (Class B/C Biological) Ability Toxin Synthesis
Gender Female
Birthdate December 29, 1980 Age 35
Height 5'2" Build Slight
Eyes Brown Hair Black
Residence The Outer District
Employment The Department of Evolved Affairs
Parents Kuan-Lin Yeh (father)
Pei-Shan Yeh (mother)
Siblings Yi-Shan Yeh (twin brother, deceased), numerous other siblings
Marital Status Married to Kara Prince Children None
First Scene Last Scene

A feared and hated claw of the Department of Evolved Affairs, Yi-Min Yeh has become a living biological weapon responsible firsthand (and secondhand, via administrative oversight) for numerous atrocities that the Evolved have suffered in recent years.

Never has she found greater clarity than in the chains of this calling.

Yi-Min Yeh
portrayed by

Du Juan

You ask for what reason I stay on the green mountain,
I smile, but do not answer; my heart is at leisure.
Peach blossoms are carried far off by flowing water.
Apart, I have heaven and earth in the human world.

― Li Bai, Question and Answer on the Mountain

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