Zachery Miller

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Name Zachery Miller Aliases
Status Registered Evolved (Class A Mental) Ability
Gender Male
Birthdate 20th of October 1975 Age 40
Height 6" Build
Eyes Blue Hair Brown
Employment The Department of Evolved Affairs
Parents Lawrence Miller (father)
Madeline Clarke (mother)
Siblings Damian Miller (identical twin brother)
Marital Status Not interested. Children Extremely not interested.
First Scene Freedom Last Scene Open Wallets and Open Bars
Profile Previously an 'Innovator' and valued asset at the Institute of Basic Research, Dr. Zachery Miller installed a mean cranial implant and would happily tell you before, during and after the procedure about the absolute limits to which the human body can be pushed. He did much more besides, but what happens behind closed laboratory doors… well, you know the rest.
Zachery Miller
portrayed by
Gideon Emery
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