What A Day


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Scene Title What A Day
Synopsis Keagan runs into Koshka. Literally. And an exchange between teenagers follows.
Date January 9, 2011


Keagan would love to invite Anna to church with him. He really would, and he's working on a strategy for it. But he hasn't yet, mainly because it also involves her being in close proximity to his aunt, Yana. So though it be a weekend, he is only now making his way to Chinatown, since church is over.

He's dressed reasonably well, a pair of khakis with a button down light blue shirt. Over that is a navy sweater. Apparently he didn't change before rushing out the door after lunch, on his way to Chinatown to find her. His curly dark hair is still a bit of a floppy mess, but there's evidence that it was combed at one point today.

As soon as the doors to the bus open, he bounds off the bus, landing on both feet dramatically before making his way toward the apartment complex he knows Anna lives in with Brian.

Freed from the restrictions, for the moment, of where she's been staying, Koshka has taken every opportunity to explore the city once again. How much it's changed in the month since she'd fallen off the radar, and yet how woefully the same it is. Too many people crammed in one small area of the world, each bustling and pushing in haste to get to their next destination. But that's how it is in the world today. Everyone jumping, afraid of their own shadow.

Everyone, that is, but Koshka.

The brown haired, blue eyed teenager is making a leisurely pass at the street, idly walking along the sidewalk against the grain of passersby. Hands are thrust deeply into the pockets of her jacket, the coat itself zipped up the underside of her chin. It's the only new-appearing thing she wears, blue jeans and shoes having seen much better days. Don't let that deceive you, however, Koshka's clean and well groomed.

As the youth moves through the crowd, she lets them part for her rather than move aside to let them pass. Those who don't dodge are met with a slightly yeilding shoulder. It raises some eyebrows, others offer a dirty word or an idle threat. They'll never follow up, Koshka's learned that in the past. She's free to keep moving as she pleases.

Keagan does a short wall run for the purpose of…well, it doesn't seem that there is a purpose, but probably draws some minor attention. He twists in the air as he lands, but that might draw greater attention for Koshka, because it sets him off balance. The half-hispanic boy trips slightly, and backward he stumbles. Each foot rushes by beyond the next, and instead of slowing down, he's only speeding up as he tries to keep from crashing to the ground. He's also heading straight for the girl. That'll teach him to show off. What makes it worse is that because he's stumbling backward, he doesn't even know that she's there.

It might have been cause for notice, if Koshka had been looking in Keagan's direction. Her attention had been taken by a woman who seemed intent on making good her threat. The girl had kept her hands wisely in her pockets during the encounter, turning to watch the irate lady with a cocky grin on her face, confident she did nothing wrong.

But as they say, what goes around comes around.

Unable to see Keagan's haphazard approach, it leaves Koshka wide open to be run into and sent sprawling. One hand is barely pulled free of the confining pockets in time, making the landing on the pavement less worse than it could have been. A few scrapes and bruises, but she's saved face. Literally.

Sprawled on the ground, some half dozen feet from where the collision happened, Koshka pushes herself up onto her knees. "The hell was that all about," she grumbles, head turning to allow for a look over her shoulder. "What the hell man."

Anna appears just in time to see Keagan and Koshka collapse into one another. She can't help but snicker as she heads over to try to help the two up. "Good Morning, Keagan." She greets her boy, "And I'm afraid I don't know your name, but you can have a good morning as well, assuming you'd like one." Someone is in a good mood today, apparently. "I noticed you two had a minor collision, are you two alright?"

Keagan sprawls likewise, spilling across the ground. He ends up flat on his back on the dirty sidewalks, and he lets out a raspberry sigh, looking straight up. "Sorry!" he answers after his dramatic sigh is finished, pulling himself up to sit, resting on his hands. "I didn't see you there." Obviously. "I kinda tripped." Tripped because he was being stupid, but tripped nonetheless.

When Keagan hears Anna's voice, he looks back over to her, and a silly grin crosses his face. "Hey babe," he greets her from the ground. He takes Anna's hand and hops back to his feet, no worse for wear, and turns to offer a complimentary hand with Anna's to Koshka.

The cocky grin removed from her own face after the tumble, Koshka eyes Keagan and Anna each in turn. "Tripped," she repeats, flat of tone and looking fairly disbelieving. Sure didn't feel like someone who'd just tripped. Giving a shake of her head, she stands again and makes a half hearted attempt at brushing herself off.

"I'm fine," Koshka continues, now feigning a dismissive deameanor. Brows pull together, one slightly higher than the other as she looks at the other two youths. It's a guarded expression, one that holds a touch of askance. "Hi," is what she offers.

"Well, okay. If you're fine, then that's fine!" Anna responds to Koshka, still in a cheerful mood. She pokes her boyfriend in the ribs though, "Don't call me babe, I don't like to be called that." She sounds serious, but it's a gentle reminder. Excluding the poke to the ribs. "So, miss unknown, I don't think I've seen you around here before. You recently moved or just wandering around the city?"

"I'm sorry," Keagan says to Anna, "You'll never hear it form my mouth again," he tells her. He probably heard it from a movie and thought it sounded cool. He looks back over to Koshka, holding his hand out to shake. "I'm Keagan!" he introduces himself. "This is Anna," his arm wraps around her waist. "I really am sorry, I wasn't bein' very careful. I didn't mean to run you over like that."

With as many people who live in the city, Anna's question sets Koshka just a little more toward the wary side of the coin. Not that her expression changes any, she maintains the same semi-quizzical look as she studies the other girl. "Naw, I'm from around here," she explains, a hand waving vaguely in some direction. As in here is over there and that's about as much as she'll say on the matter.

Blue eyes drop to the proffered hand, both brows raising as her gaze lifts to the boy. "Yeah, I'm Koshka." The youth doesn't accept the offer to shake hands, though, her own retreating to her pockets again. It's too cold to keep them out long.

"No you're not." Anna responds, "I stalk these streets a lot, and whities like us stick out here. I'd have noticed you before. Or are you saying you're from New York but not Chinatown?" She asks with a grin before wrapping her arm around Keagan's waist herself. "Nice to meet ya, Koshka." She says though before looking back to her boy, "So, why are you in Chinatown, were you looking for me, boyo?"

Keagan pulls his hand back when it's not taken, chewing on his lip. "I got done with lunch, thought I'd get over here so I could spend the rest of the day with you," Keagan answers with a smile. "Was hoping to run into you, but I ran into her instead." He squeezes a little against Anna, and shifts his gaze back to Anna. "That's why I don't stick out at all," he says. After all, he's half-hispanic, even if he doesn't have that dark of skin. But…this is Chinatown, so yeah, he sticks out plenty.

Koshka rolls her eyes to Anna's response. "Yeah, whatever," she states sardonically. "Never said here meant Chinatown." For that matter, she hadn't pointed at the apartment complex that sits just up the street, just some vague direction where she assumes there to be other apartments. "And just because you 'stalk these streets a lot' doesn't mean you've seen everyone."

Lips pulling into something akin to a smirk, Koshka shakes her head at the pair of teenagers. "Big city, luck you ran into me instead of that other woman. She'd've probably ripped your ear off or something.. whatever it was she was swearing at me." She casts a look down the way she'd been walking before. The woman in question has long since moved on, sticking around to make good her promises evidently not worth her time.

Anna shrugs, "Yeah, I just came back from church myself." She responds to Keagan, though it was obviously a different church. "Anyway, Kosh. Do have a nice day, but I think I'm wanting some private time with my boy." She wraps her other arm around Keagan, and leans in for a kiss.

Keagan grins goofily, happily receiving a kiss, Koshka given a slight glance before he turns his attention to Anna. "I don't know if it's all that polite," he offers back to Koshka, though he hardly has a defense against his girlfriend wanting a kiss. "Old ladies get like that. Don't worry, just give them a sheepish smile and say your sorry. They either go about their business or they make some mean remark about how youth are today."

Koshka's brows raise to her hairline, eyes flitting between Keagan and Anna. "Wow," she replies, pulling her hands out to hold them up defensively. "Yeah, you two go get your freak on. Don't let me stop you." Sheesh, what a day. Run into, called a liar, then sent packing. Welcome back to New York!

Thrusting her hands back into her pockets, Koshka turns away to resume her meandering walk down the street. Without a backward glance, she weaves her way back into the crowd, taking a little more care this time to move against the flow without disrupting it.

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