What A Way To Start The Night


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Scene Title What A Way To Start The Night
Synopsis Many things happen, most of them awkward sor some, not for others.
Date January 12, 2009

The Surly Wench

A punk rock pub through and through, The Surly Wench is dim, cramped, and incredibly popular. It's a small, rectangular venue with a bar bordering one entire wall. Despite this, ordering a drink on a weekend can be an exercise in line-waiting and rib-elbowing. There are a few small tables ringed with high stools for seating, but these are prime real estate. The majority of the patrons are forced to stand shoulder-to-shoulder on any given night. Almost half of the cramped interior is devoted to a low stage for live music. There's no dance floor. If you feel the need, you'll have to thrash in place.

Having consumed an energy bar, Desree pushes herself inside the nearly wall to wall bodied establishment. Still feeling a bit out of sorts, she looks down at her bandaged hand and then shoves it into her pocket. The dark black off shouldered sweater shifts along her right upper arm. With a glance back over her shoulder, she smiles to her companion before attempting to brave her way to some sort of opening. "Goodness.' She says stopping so he can catch up. "This is really ..REALLY packed." She notes, blinking a few times as if warding off sleep.

The music blares and she tilts her head, tapping her foot a bit in time.

"Yeah, I know, you wanna go somewhere else?" Brian asks loudly as he slinks in behind Desree. A thick green jacket and his military cap, the man practically shoulders his way towards the bar, trying to make enough room for Desree to comfortably walk in. "This was just closest and.." He gives a little shrug.

There's a commotion at the door, and the 'packed' place moves to create a path for some people who are coming in. One of which is Nalani. Someone in the upper echelon of Pause is having a birthday and she got an invitation. Priding herself on having the pulse of the island of Manhattan, she's made her way down to schlep with the normals. Normals being those with far less money that she does and a completely different social class. With a toss of her hair over her shoulder, the older woman stalks into the place, a littel path made so that she doesn't actually have to touch anyone in the palce. "Remind me again Stephanie, why I deigned to accept the invitation" murmured to the blonde at her side. Both dressed fashionable, though Nalani looks like the cover of her magazine or some equally high fashion exotic animal. the rips in her skin tight jeans were no mere accident of fate. They were purposefully put there and she paid probably more than most made on a paycheck, for them. "Arianne is one of your newest editors and it shows you take an interest" "In the magazine. It's only sheer luck Akhy canceled on me. Get me a screwdriver, clean glass please" and with that, her assistant scurries off.

"No..no its fine." she manages to be heard over the music. As other part for Nalani, Desree is completely oblivious on her path following Brian. "Just get me some room to take a few breaths before I suffocate." She jests and feels herself getting a bit dizzy. Unconsciously her hand reaches out towards his green jacket and if she gets a hold of it, uses it to help stabilize herself. "There we go.." she says, finding her feet and nearly being brushed aside by Nalani's drink seeking assistant. "Excuse me.." Desree says in lieu of the other woman's haste. She gazes at Brian and then back over her shoulder at the sudden beauty. She pauses and releases his green'

Nicolas pushes open the door to the bar, looking around the place. He sighs as he sees how cramped and crowded it is. He ties to make it though the crowd, weaving through the people as he tries to navigate his way to the bar before he begins his quest to squeeze up to the bar and signal a bartender.

"Woah." Brian lets out as he turns quickly at the sudden commotion. She looks familiar. Tilting his head a bit, he soon is able to put his finger on it. "Oh God." He says softly, turning his back to the woman and her entourage so that he is not seen. But when Desree goes to take to his arm the young man takes a step back, bringing his hand to her arm to support her. "You okay?" He asks softly. "We can go somewhere else, this was a bad idea."

Looking back at him, there is a slow shake of her head. "No I am okay…lets get those drinks." She says. Her warm brown eyes turn back to regard the ultra fashion woman before she then pivots to keep ahold of her companions arm. "Sorry I am not really…at top shape right now." She smiles at Brian and then looks at him. "Who is that woman?" She finally asks a little more softly as she steps closer.

The little pocket of space around Nalani is open, Desree, with Brian crossing into it. Every few minutes or so a soft "move away" under the woman's breath keeping it just like that. That she's near the bar is nice too. The high profile woman, some muckity muck high in society. Brian's not so quick though, and he's got Nalani's attention. "Well. I don't know whether I should be surprised to see you here" her muddled accent that places her possibly from england, but it's been doused with time. "Where's your friend?" Nalani's assistant is still fetching the woman's drink. "You can't leave yet, the party is just starting" the latter aimed at Brian and with that special something wafting in on the words invisible to all, but aimed to wrap around the young mans mind and convince him that yeah, yeah, staying isn't that bad an idea.

Nicolas glances back towards the commotion for a moment before he shakes his head slightly, looking back to the bar. He finally manages to squeeze up to the front of the bar and signals for the bartender, waiting for them to take his drink order, glancing back towards the direction he glanced in previously.

"Listen you don't look well. We should get you out of here. You need to rest, this wasn't a good idea." Brian explains, starting to elbow back towards the door. He moves close to Desree to murmur softly for her ears only. "Some rich bitch. Treats people like shit. I changed a tire for her, she didn't even say thank—" And then he's spotted by Nalani. He eyes her for a moment before looking back to Desree. "Maybe we should stay. Like you said.." He murmurs softly. "My friend? I don't know. I don't keep a GPS tracker on him or something." Other people do, but not Brian. He takes a step back away from Nalani, his arm gladly gifted to Desree for support reasons of course. "If you'll excuse us. We should get our drinks." He says over the roar to Nalani.

Looking between the two and how Brian's reaction suddenly changes, Desree narrows her gaze. "What? Wait..you wanted to leave a moment ago." Suspicion ranges through Desree's gaze and those warm brown orbs narrow upon Nalani. "Excuse me, Miss. I think we will go." She grips Brian's arm hard. "Brian, I want to go now." She states firmly, meeting his gaze levelly.

"Do you often run around with friends carrying automatic weapons?" Stephanie bumps into Nicolas at the bar, a swiftly murmured apology to the guy before she turns to pass off a drink to Nalani which the exotic woman takes with a quiet thank you to her sla.. assistant. "Stephanie, buy them a round. This was the young man who changed the tire when Edward couldn't do it fast enough. You'll stay for a round won't you? Both of you? My treat. I really do what to thank him. Good deeds deserve rewards" another spike of her power drifting towards the two people. "I'm very curious about your man there" Stephanie just gives a huff and turns around, squeezing in beside Nicolas. "Sorry" when the crowd jostles the pretty blonde into the technopath.

Nicolas looks back to the woman who bumps into him and smiles slightly. "It's cool." He says before he looks back, finally managing to get a bartender. "Irish Car Bomb and a Rum and Coke." he says as he looks back to Stephanie as she squeezes back at the bar. "Welcome back."

"I.. I think it would be a good idea if we stayed." Brian says in defense as she meets his gaze. His opposite hand goes to her own hand as if to try to keep her to say. But then his eyes go wide at Nalani's next statement. That'll do it. "I don't know what you're talking about." He rattles off rather quickly. Looking to Desree once again. He's getting rather uncomfortable now, but something drives him to stay for a round. He looks to his companion almost helplessly before looking back to Nalani. "We really should go." It's almost like asking for permission.

Staring blankly at Nalani for a moment, she hesitates. "Yes, a drink.." But she blinks then, looking between Brian and Nalani once more. "What is she talking about..rewards? What guns?." Des states plainly. Her brows furrow and lips press together. "But yes…a gin and juice would be nice.." The woman states, shifting the off shoulder black sweater a moment before turning to head to the bar again, convinced, though she is quite unsure why.

The blonde blushes. "Irish car bomb huh? A man after my own heart" Though she looks over her shoulder to see if the boss is still buying a round before looking to the bartender. "I'll take one too, and I need to start a tab for Ms. Hollingwood" The company credit card is slid across. "Put his on it too" Cause who would flirt while using the bosses money.

"See, your friend wants to have a drink. So, Stephanie, see that they get thier drink, i'm going to go to the bathroom" Nalani purrs to the assistant who places Desrees order. "After that, they can stay or go, doesn't matter" No something something tacked onto her words, just normal as the amazonesque woman starts to weave her way to the bathroom having nooo trouble at all, getting through the crowd.

Nicolas looks back to the blonde and smirks. "The only way to start a night." He says as he looks to the bartender. "Put her car bomb on my bill." he says as he leans against the bar, waiting for his drinks to arrive.

"Kay." Brian says kind of dumbly to Desree. Shaking his head as they go to the bar. "She's.. full of it." He waves his hand dismissively. Guns. Pashaaw. He wasn't holding a meeting with his armsdealer or anything, honestly! Placing his elbow on the bar, he shakes his head looking to Desree. Then back to the blonde or whoever he's supposed to be giving his order to. "Just a coke, please."

Brown eyes slowly lift from Brian as she looks back to watch Nalani leave. "She is…intimidating.." Desree finally says, her brows furrowing. "And why did we stay again?" She asks, rubbing at her temple as she stares around the throbbing bar. Her head begins to feel the same way and though her drink is placed before her, she unconsciously drinks it, taking her first sip without realizing. She blinks a few times and teeters on her feet.

Well, Stephanie is glad to let Nicolas buy her a drink. Brian and Desree's tallied up, as well as those from work who are busy getting.. busy and doing their thing. "Stephanie. Ms Hollingwood's assistant. Whats your name?" Though her attentions distracted for a moment to the other two. "Sometimes, she's just a little.. demanding. But" Stephanie shrugs, not going to make excuses for the very normal behavior of her boss before her attention goes back to Nicolas and makes eyes and flirts with him.

Nalani's in the bathroom now, easing through the door as she pulls a lipstick from her purse to freshen up, making sure every strand of hair is in place.

Now why on earth would a owner of a bar come to another bar? Simple. To see a friend of course. Which is exactly what Izzy was just doing. She is wearing her normal get up of short miniskirt and this time a rather fitting corset top that does oh so much to show her 'Chesty' chest. Ankle high boots and her hair is in a ponytail. "See ya later Johnny boy, don't be a stranger." She says to the fellow bartender as she leans away from the bar smiling sweetly.

Nicolas nods his head and looks to Stephanie. "I'm Nicolas, but Nick is fine." He says, extending a hand to her. "Who's Ms. Hollingwood?" He asks her after a moment, looking back to where she was looking. "If she's so… 'demanding', why work for her?"

"She's just an affluent princess bitch.. ice queen.. thing." Brian rattles off some negative words that come to his mind quickly. When his coke in his hand he absently takes a long pull from it. "I don't know. Let's get out of here." The young man says, moving his arm up again to seize Desree's elbow and support her. His eyes happen to catch Isabelle along the bar though and in spite of himself, his eyes remain there for just a moment before he snaps back to Desree. "Yeah. Let's get out of here." Another long pull from his coke.

Not really in a state to argue, she reaches out to attempt to put her drink back down. "Thank you.." She distractedly says to Stephanie and glances beyond her to Nicholas. People she doesn't know. "Ugh…this place is just overwhelming." She mutters and watches some of the people begin moving to the music as she winces and rubs at her temple. "I have a major migraine kicking in…" She lets Brian guide her out as she attempts not to bump anyone. No sight of Miss Amazon of the Influential Tone. Gazing back around, her eyes alight on the bar as they near the door.

The affluent princess bitch is coming out of the bathroom, weaving her way back, but derailed by some of her employee's. "because a short time with her on my resume, I can get a job nearly anywhere. That and it pays well" The drinks are slid before the two of them and she bids the two, Brian and Desree a farewell before she looks to nick. Waiting for him to work his drink, her shot glass held over top it, waiting. Even as Nalani starts to get back to the bar, in sight of Isabelle.

The bartender notices Brian's wandering eye and chuckles softly before spotting Nicolas and walking up behind him to whisper in his ear, "Hey there." A grin is on her face as she laughs and steps back. Nalani is given a brief nod.

Once he finishes his coke, in a rather hurried manner, Brian is hastily guiding slash dragging Desree to the door. Avoiding English meanie faces or big breasted bartenders, Brian swiftly finds his way at the door. "I'm sorry. We shouldn't have come here. Bad idea! My fault." He says hastily to his companion.

Nicolas glances to Isabelle as he hears a voice whispered in his ear. "Hey. How's it going?" He asks her as his drinks arrive and takes up the car bomb.

"I just need some air..okay..don't blame yourself." Desree mutters and attempts a smile, but her skull is splitting. She watches Nalani with a great deal of hesitation before she follows Brian out. Fingers rub continuously at her temple, hissing as the pain mounts like some sort of wave trying to break free.

Damnit, someones honing in on her territory. The blonde assistant just sighs, drops the shot glass into the guiness and guzzles. "thanks for the drink, I'll leave you to her. Nice to meet you" Which is just as well because Nalani's making her way over to the assistant. "I'm going. Stay, come with me, doesn't matter" she sees Desree and Brian making off with a roll of her eyes.

Nicolas's phone vibrates and he sighs, picking it up. "Hello?" He listens for a bit before he hangs up and downs his drinks. "Gotta go." He says to Isabelle. "Business call. I'll see you around." He says before he heads out of the bar.

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