What Do You Do With A Drunken Alex


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Scene Title What Do You Do With A Drunken Alex
Synopsis Helena arranges for a bodyguard for Abby, Teo is creative, and Alex is drunk.
Date October 26, 2008

New York Public Library

Once upon a time, the New York Public Library was one of the most important libraries in America. The system, of which this branch was the center, was among the foremost lending libraries and research libraries in the world.

The bomb changed that, as it changed so much else.

By virtue of distance, the library building was not demolished entirely, like so many others north of it; however, the walls on its northern side have been badly damaged, and their stability is suspect. The interior is a shambles, tattered books strewn about the chambers and halls, many shelves pulled over. Some have even been pulled apart; piles of char in some corners suggest some of their pieces, as well as some of the books, have been used to fuel fires for people who sought shelter here in the past.

In the two years since the bomb, the library — despite being one of the icons of New York City — has been left to decay. The wind whistles through shattered windows, broken by either the blast-front or subsequent vandals, carrying dust and debris in with it. Rats, cats, and stray dogs often seek shelter within its walls, especially on cold nights. Between the fear of radiation and the lack of funds, recovery of the library is on indefinite hiatus; this place, too, has been forgotten.

A soldering iron sizzles faintly in Teo's grip as he stoops over the single rickety wooden table that constitutes his 'workshop,' his shorn head angled so as not to block the light of his lamp from reaching the diminutive pieces of electronics sitting in front of him. The detonator is taking form. A gradual process, fraught with interruptions, most of them self-created; he does normally concentrate better in a library, but there's always a stuttering light to try to fix, a blustering window to board up, or the perpetual black void of his stomach to throw food into. The weather's getting colder, and his metabolism dislikes it as much as the rest of him.

He glances up for no particular reason. He can't hear it, but somewhere in the distance a church is clanging the eleventh hour. Night has fallen over Manhattan, covering rats and millionaire entrepreuners alike in a democratic blackness. The city isn't as lively as it had been once, and there are benefits. The quiet. And these days, you can even pick out a few stars in the sky.

Helena has finally managed to retire for the evening. Peter's apartment has been compromised, so the luxury of living in a more civilized environment has since escaped her. Once she's in, a few queries as to Teo's whereabouts lead her to the level and room that Teo's got his workshop set up in. She leans in the doorway, raps her knuckles against the frame of it.

Al….is weirdly cheerful, considering. He's idly doing something like a soft-shoe shuffle as he comes in, though it's soundless on the dust and rotting carpet. There's no attempt to be silent - he belongs here. There's an odd glitter in his gaze - is he drunk? Or high?

Abby's following, frankly, for lack of anything better to do. A tray of hot coffee in cups in her hands, PB&J sandwhichs whipped up and cut into fours. She's quiet, just her footsteps, and curious about who it is that Helena is planning on sending her with.

He'd been reaching for cigarettes or about to, not that the ashtray over on the far corner of his table wasn't already carrying enough stubs and dunes and eddies of cold white residue. The knock stops Teo mid-motion. He glances up, sets his soldering iron down safely, pulls a smile over his face before he sees who it is.

His expression doesn't change when his eyes light on the blonde girl, but sincere warmth filters in faintly. "So-la," he greets. Its a fictional word, which he admits to by breaking the word up over two cadent, drawled syllables; he made it up for her. "How can I help you?" There's a touch of bemusement when he asks; he knows better than to expect a purely social call. The flicker of movement from over her shoulder elicits a fractional tilt of his head.

"Got a job for you, Teodoro." Helena has a way of saying his full name as if it were an affectionate nickname. Conversely, ''Teo'' is more formal for her. She meanders in, stepping up to the table to see what he's working with. "For the day of miracles. If you don't already have any plans, that is. What are you making?"

Alexander is definitely drunk. After Helena's sparking his thirst with wine, apparently Al went out and continued on with something harder and much less refined. He's flushed, but still steady enough - there's just a betraying loose-jointedness to his gait, as he comes up on Teo and Helena. He's blinking a little owlishly, as he peers between them.

"Coffee?" Offered to Alexander. Abby's quiet, unobtrusive, deciding to just listen first, though there's a raised brow (slightly) to Alexander's state. Balancing the tray on one arm, the southern blonde reaches over to put a hand on his arm and smile.

Wires, scraps, a tiny green LED. Teodoro answers her question first: "Long period delay detonator. Wanted to see if I could make one. I was going to practice using a keg of flour." His tone betrays a characteristic mixture of casual neutrality and little-boy excitement. Because taking out a wall with baking materials would be hilarious, but really only just another thing to do to pass the time while he's practicing for something greater and better. "I think we could use some miracles.

"I'm goo…d for… it," he finishes with significant lag as he watches Alexander lope in with an unfamiliar but infinitely recognizable loop to his gait. He stares for a protracted moment. His mouth flattens, as if repressing the juvenile urge to taunt, remark, or otherwise play. He rubs a bleary hand over the top of his head and returns his attention to Helena, though the mention of coffee makes a desperate bid for his attention also.

"Abby," Helena tilts her head toward the other blonde though she's directing her words to Teo, "Is going to do some pretty high end healing on said day. One person, but she's going to make it major, and when she's done, she's going to be having a case of the vapors. So she needs a partner for her part. Someone to drive, watch her back while she's working, and get her out when she's done. Do you think you could be my go-to guy for this?" She watches Alex's entrance with faint bemusement. Are we sure we want the toasty fella near the things that go boom?

"Don't mind if I do," Al is….well, he's chirping, frankly.. It comes out totally weird. He chuckles to himself, and drapes a companionable arm over Helena's shoulder, even as he takes the cup of coffee in his free hand. "Thanks, darlin'," he says, winking at Abby rakishly. To Teo he notes, "'mind me sometime to teach you how we usedta use ziploc baggies fulla wata to direct controlled breaching charges. Lot easier to do over here, since we ain't inna middle of a desert."

Abby just shakes her head at the wink, removing hand and still balancing tray, passes over a cup to her would be protector. "I'll be out like a light not long after I do my Horse and pony show, and not use to anyone and .. I'll need help just to leave the hospital room. Could you do that? Cat's working on finding me someone to get healthy in a very… public way"

Abby. That would be… the coffee bringer and Alexander's gentle balancing agent. Teo identifies her by craning his head over, offering her a ghostly quirk of his mouth by way of greeting. "Piacere. Good to make friends. Sure," he says. Just before he accepts his cup of beverage, he discreetly unplugs the soldering iron and sticks it into a sponge, for prevention of accidents. He then make for the coffee with both hands, his obvious greed made tolerable with an equal amount of gratitude; he flashes her a grin that's at odds with his cold hands. "Yeah.

"Sounds like somewhere I want to be." Distractions from his brother are welcome, in all their glowing altruism. "I was just in the hospital for awhile a few weeks ago, I know the place pretty well. In case I don't see Cat, let me know what room and who?" Healing people. Beautiful. Wonderful. Perhaps unsurprisingly, he transfers his attention to the topic of blowing shit up with equal interest. "Yes," he states emphatically. "I will. What the Hell did you drink?"

"I think he had too much wine." says Helena, regarding the man with his arm around her shoulders with a gentle smile. Helps that she's talking about him. "When Cat finds the target, you guys can make whatever plans are necessary to get in, have Abby do her thing, and get out. I trust you to be able to work together on it." She patpats Alex on the side gently. "You're going to need a bed, aren't you. Or possibly a toilet. Lightweight." She laughs gently.

"And whiskey!" Al crows, grinning at all of them in turn. "I'll help." It's like shake and bake, right? "I had a lotta whiskey after Ah left you," he explains, kissing Helena on the forehead.

"He won't need a toilet. I can fix him" Abby answers but there's a nod to Teo then Helena. 'Will I need two? I won't object, if mr Alcohol here wants to help as well" A cup is offered to Helena, the dark brew within giving off steam, cream and sugar on the tray for those that want it. "Sandwhiches too"

Teo makes a thoughtful noise, halfway between a murmur and a hum. "Let him be for an hour. Until he starts to feel it," he suggests, wryly, watching Alexander plaster himself about bodily as well as metaphorically. Teo's amusement is edged with a trace of good-natured envy. "/He/ looks like he's having a good time." Himself, he has coffee to guzzle. Which he does promptly, a quarter of the cup gone in a single swallow, indifferent to the presence or the absence of stirred sugar. "Al's probably a better driver than me, and he can shift more weight. Not that we're going to need that," he adds, shading Abby a courteous wink of his right eye. He answers Hel with a nod. Glances back at Al, unable to help a momentary curiosity. "I still have your shit hostage. How's your singing voice when you're wasted?"

"I think you'll do just fine, and we may be needing Alex for other things. Woo," Helena adds, making a wafting motion with her hand. "Alex, your breath is flammable." She gives him another gentle pat and lets her hang on her though. Better that then have him fall over. "And no, Abby — don't you fix him, and rob him of the payback for his night of fascinatingly inebriated fun and games. Unless we need him. Besides, isn't alcohol technically blood poisoning? Or just liver? Not that I should talk, I do drink."

"Never said I could fix the alcohol in hid blood, Just, can take care of the other stuff that comes with a hangover and a night of excessive imbibing of spirits" The trays put down wherever there's a clear place and a cup of coffee fixed for herself. 'I trust that whoever comes with me, can get me out. Once cat figures out who. Preferably someone who will be unconscious and won't be disturbed too often. Candystriper uniform, I'll need that too, since they often sit and read to people"

"'s dehy…hy..dehydration!" Alex volunteers, oh so helpfully. "'s why dying of thirst feels like the one that finally fucking kills you," He's hanging off Helena. "And I sing be….I sing great!" HE takes a big gulp of his coffee, which is also completely black.

Warmed now, Teo dares to take a hand from his coffee mug, gesturing vaguely at their weather witch. "Teo on the other hand, not needed for other things." He straightens on his seat, glances over his shoulder at the assortment of pieces and tools on the table for a protracted moment, considering them and the time he's spent shut up in here or walking through errands today. A lot of time. Grunting some incogent monosyllable, he stands up. "You're getting dander on my stuff and my mom would beat my head in if she knew I didn't have seats to offer," he says, brushing dust off the back of his pant leg. "Either sit on the floor, or let's get out of here."

Helena pats Alexander on the tummy. "C'mon now, Alex. Let's go to one of the common rooms." And she gently tries to guide him out of the workshop, away from the stuff that goes boom. She gives Abby a fairly martyred look, followed by a grin.
"I Think Teo, we're either being left alone to talk to each other, or being told to follow, which one do you think it is?" Abboy grins, a nod to the matyr and the drunken Alexander.

Alexander nods at Helena, and lets her lead him away. He's singing softly — something off-tempo and sinister. Tom Waits, sounds like.

Teo's long hand stalls before switching off the lamp on the desk, considering Abby's question with a crooked grin. "My floor isn't comfortable. I think I'd rather get out of here, but I don't mind a little conversation. Or a lot," be that as it may. He's had a little too much silence, today. Teo turns off the light with a thumb-press and a mechanical -chunk-, and blackness blots out the room even as he steps forward, unafraid he might stumble or knock into the Southerner silhouetted in the doorway. "Here's an icebreaker. What are you doing for Halloween?"

"Don't be silly, I meant finding a place for everyone." says Helena over her shoulder and Alexander's arm. Even though Teo didn't necessarily direct the question at her, she says wryly, "Cat offered to pay my way into the Petrelli masquerade, but I turned her down."

"'m gonna be a CHIA PET," Alex brags, as if this were something to be proud of.

"It sounds like it will be a big party. Why won't Cat go. it seems the sort of thing she'd be used to" She grabs the tray with both hands, though offers her elbow to Teo. "Night in the Diner for me. Then, maybe i'll get kids in my building, if they dare going into it"

Teodoro is momentarily unsure what to do with the proffered elbow. After a moment, he cracks a smile and takes her arm as a lady would a gentleman. Half playful, and half practical, helping to guide her across the floor and into the hallway, matching gaits so as not to run over Helena and Alexander linked and sloshing along ahead. "Why'd you turn her down?" he asks. "Sounds like it could be fun." For a girl her age, he means but doesn't say. He knows about girls. Used to. Thought he did. He glances down his shoulder at Abby quizzically. "Handing out corn candy, or opening the door with your shotgun casually slung over your shoulder?" A beat. "What's a 'chia pet?'"

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