What Game?


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Scene Title What Game?
Synopsis Despite protests of her friends, Kaylee does register… though… she doesn't tell the whole truth to one Detective Nash.
Date February 03, 2010

NYPD Headquarters

The New York Police Department Head Quarters is an old stone building, rennovated many times over the years. The plaster walls are not as cracked and in need of repair as the various Precinct buildings around the city. The fluorescent lights give the room a rather sterile glow. Old posters, civic reminders, duty rosters and newspaper clippings are tacked up on the walls, rustling every time one of the doors opens. A high, wooden desk sits on the north wall, manned by two clerks, who records all visitors and arrests.

The way out to the street lies to the south, while doors to the offices of the Head Quarters lie to the northwest.

On a Wednesday morning at the NYPD, one would think that the middle of the week would be slow, but in fact there seems to be more hustle and bustle on this particular mid-week day than typical ones. Nash's phone seems to be ringing non-stop and as he dispatches each one, he's typing away at a report. Funny thing is, he's only been here an hour and it feels like he's put in a full days work already without even stepping out of the office. It probably doesn't help that he spent the evening in the bed of a young lass he met at Old Lucy's. Not that it's all that unusual for him. It was a long drive home and nearly 3 in the morning before his head finally hit his own pillow. He was up at 7, showered and dressed and rolling on the street hitting the precinct by eight. Deciding he's had enough calls for the morning, he grins and transfers all his calls to SGT Sanchez to deal with and finally puts the final period on his report. He leans back to take a breath before he has to roll out.

A little base makeup does wonders for concealing, especially when you've been clocked in the side of the head recently. It makes sure that Kaylee Thatcher doesn't look like the victim of domestic violence. Also it keeps the police from wondering why she's only coming in to register. Despite all the protests, Kaylee is still determined to see this registration through.

The young telepath can't help but be nervous walking into the Police Department, she hasn't been in one since she was a teenager. She made sure to at least dress nice in a warm soft, maroon turtle neck sweater and a pair of dark jeans. Her leather jacket is unzipped as she steps through the door. A quick check in to the desk and she's pointed in a certain direction. A nod of her head and Kaylee headed up to the detectives room.

"Excuse me.." Kaylee asks a passing person. "I was told to see a Detective… Nash?" The rather helpful person gives her a pitying look and points her in the right direction. "Thank you.. " She murmurs moving deeper into the the waters.. //You can do this.. //

Brows furrow a bit at the rather young man who seems to be her target. Kaylee glances over her shoulder looking for the person who pointed her to this desk, swearing they have to be wrong, but they are long gone. So instead she turns a bright… if nervous smile to Nash and steps forward. "Ah… Detective Nash? I… was told to come see you about setting up registration?"

A single finger lifted towards the voice before he even looks in her direction , noting he needs one more minute — of whatever it is he's doing. It doesn't seem like much since his eyes are closed. He's always dressed his best, a custom navy blue suit, with a crisp clean white t-shirt and a black tie. He knows a guy who knows a guy. His cufflinks and tie pin are shiny gold and his shoes are comfortable patent leather. He finally leans forward in his chair and turns his attention towards the female voice.

Well, hello there.

He is immediately on his feet, turning up the charm to eleven on a ten-scale and offers her his most charismatic smile. "Well, it seems you've come to the right place. Registration just happens to be my specialty." It's not. He motions to a chair and slips from his cubicle to the next one, getting some paperwork from Sanchez, "Did you transfer your phone to mine? You're awful quiet over there." "Not me, brother. I got a registration to deal with so I took my phone off the hook." He turns and smirks heading back into his own cubicle now, all the smoothness back in his mannerisms. "I just need you to start filling out some of these forms and we'll get you started."

The reaction gets a somewhat amused look from Kaylee, a little smirk playing on her lips as she settles into the indicated chair. There is no relaxing for her, not really. It's a police station… full of cops. He does gets a bit of a once over as he returns, studying him curiously. "Your specialty, huh?" Legs crossing she kind of leans close to the desk as she reaches for the paperwork. "Name is Kaylee, by the way." Glancing around for a pen, she gets to work on the forms, not wanting to waste too much time there.

Nash sometimes forgets to ask names, especially with his after hours 'don't ask for names' policy. He grins at her, plucking a shiny silver pen from his pocket and offering it to her. "I would have figured it out from your application. Nice to meet you, Kaylee." Her and her legs too. In addition to the pen, he takes out one of his cards and places it next to her application on the desk. "Nash. Chris Nash." He flashes her his most charming smile. He starts to sit, then pauses, "Can I get you anything to drink?"

"Ah… but it's much more polite to offer it." Kaylee quips reaching to pluck the pen from his hand with a sly smile. She watches him for a moment longer, before she starts to write, only stopping when the card is set down. Picking it up between two fingers, she gives it a look before tucking it in the pocket of her jacket. "No.. drink isn't necessary, but thank you."

Starting to write, Kaylee says lightly. "Chris Nash, huh? Sounds like a cop name." Amusement coloring her tone. "Course…" She pauses to glance at him, "..didn't know cops could be so charming." Ah.. see.. two can play that game.

Game? What game? "It must have been destiny then that I actually became one." At her decline for drink, he takes a seat and leans back, watching her. He reaches for his coffee and takes a drink. It's cold now, but he maintains his composure, managing not to choke on it as he stands smoothly and walks over to add more fresh hot coffee to the mug and returns to his seat, glancing over her shoulder briefly before he does so. He pulls close his keyboard and logs onto his system, monitor facing away from her which provides him some piece of privacy. He types her name it into the database, to see if she has any outstanding warrants or the like. "What made you decide to register, Kaylee?" he finally asks.

"I want to go to college and I figure… " Kaylee glances up from the paper work and gives him a lop-sided smile. "I better not hide, since well… I do plan on being a…. lawyer." Her brows give a little lift and she grins, figuring it might be the last thing he wants to hear. There should be no warrants in the system for this girl, course she's hoping like hell Angela Petrelli was correct that no one is looking for her. The pen makes quick work of the paperwork.

"Hmmm.. Describe you ability." Kaylee murmurs, tapping the back of the pen on her lips as if trying to decide how to put it. Then with a little shrug, she's writing again.

Nash nods at that. "Well, perhaps one day I'll see you in the court room." Nash doesn't have any ill feelings towards lawyers in general, though he might make a wisecrack about one or two in particular. He watches her over the top of his monitor every once in a while after printing out the fact that she has nothing outstanding against her so he can put it in her packet.

Her query gives him pause as he arches his brow. "You're not sure what you can do?" The question is probably far more complicated than that, but he's not going to pry. That's not really his job, at least until she commits a crime.

"No… I know what I can do." Kaylee grimaces, not seeming to like what she can do. "It's… just putting it into words I guess." she murmurs, hunkering over the paper as she writes in the field. Glancing up with a sigh she says blandly. "Totally embarrassing at times." That's right Kaylee… sell it. "I sometimes…" She motions her head with a wiggle of fingers and a pained look. "Project my thoughts."

There is a wrinkle of her nose and she goes back to write about it on her paperwork. "Nothing like a guy you like, hearing exactly what your thinking." Kaylee glances back at Nash. "Horribly embarrassing."

Nash arches a brow. "Well, she's kinda hot, even if she doesn't seem all that bright," he thinks to himself. "You seem to be doing all right for yourself. I haven't heard a single thought of yours since you walked in. You must have more control over it than you think. You just need to have a little more confidence, I think." He goes back to pull up another report he needs to work on.

Of course, his next thoughts are nothing that would be appropriate for public consumption, as he imagines all sorts of things about Kaylee. And yes, Nash has quite the vivid imagination. "Just let me know when you've finished and I'll walk you over to the lab."

"That or your just being nice." Kaylee comments giving him a searching look, which then turns somewhat shy as she finishes off filling in the blanks. She looks over the forms again before she offers them over with a slightly flirtatious smile…. Lucky for her, she's had to endure many of those rather… interesting thoughts. Always served her well in the past. "Lab, huh? What do I have to do there?" A brow lifts with mild curiosity, as she just lets him hear a curious, I wonder if what is under that suit is as yummy as the rest of him.

Not that she's really all that interested, but watching his reaction should be fun.

Nash nearly chokes on his coffee as he gets a first hand view of her ability. He manages to be smooth though, setting is coffee down and straightening his tie. "Lab?" Someone seems to have lost his train of thought. "Oh, right, the lab. Oh, they'll draw some blood and see if they can narrow down your ability a little bit. See if there's anything more to what you can do than what you might know. It's not a bad thing, I've been told." He doesn't have an ability, unless you consider the ability to pick up chicks nearly without fail to be one — and there are some who would.

He takes the forms and applies a staple the small pile and stands. "Well, let's go this way. Grab your coat. This ends my portion of your registration process." He smiles charmingly at her, "If you need any further assistance," he starts, his minding adding a brief 'in or out of bed' before he continues, "you have my card. Feel free to give me a call anytime, Kaylee. I'm always eager to assist." He motions towards the exit of his cubicle, allowing her to go in front, though his mind is thinking he wants to get a good look at her backside.

"Really? Sounds interesting." Kaylee comments lightly, pushing to her feet and grabbing her coat. She offers his pen back to him with a smile that could almost be considered seductive. "Thank you, Detective Nash… You've been… rather.." Playable, interesting… amusing.. "Helpful." She then heads in the direction he points her, with a small little smirk. It's been awhile since she's played that little game.

If Kaylee plays her cards right, she'll walk out of there as nothing that will keep her from her goal. After all… according to her paperwork, she can only project thoughts.

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