What Goes Down...


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Scene Title What Goes Down…
Synopsis …must come up?
Date February 23, 2011

Dorchester Towers — Tahir's Apartment

It's the early afternoon here in Tahir Dunham's apartment and after some.. well 'fun'. Tahir had to step out, which left Lucille to her own devices in his apartment. Though whether or not that's a good idea is up to the gods. Well, if Tahir were to return unexpectedly he would find a bra and panty clad Lucille Ryans sliding along the kitchen floor.

Having just finished another cup of coffee, the former model stretches her limbs out as she puts the mug in the sink and begins to pad over back to his room, where she plans to dress and head out.

Hands coming up to rack her hair and try to make it look less messy, she stops to peer in a nearby mirror. Light grey eyes wide as she tries to pinch away the dark circles or something from her eyes. She didn't sleep much last night, yawning. The woman peeks at the hickies on her neck and arm.. and thigh. Eyebrows raising, she chuckles as she shakes her head.

Oh boy.

Sam had pried herself away from Bay House for awhile. A few hours. After they'd driven Doyle there, she needed to run an errand. Groceries. But for some reason she kept going after she'd found the grocery store. She just kept walking. And walking. And walking. The numb feeling had faded, producing tear-streaks down her face.

Unusually, she'd found her way here for some semblance of something. She's not even entirely sure why she's here other than she's desperate to clear the air. In case she dies. Yeah, that's where her thoughts are, even though she's nowhere near H5N10 like the kids on the island.

Her shoulders fall heavily as she lifts a fist to knock at her brother's door, but the action fails. She just sighs while that heavy feeling permeates her being, she's not about to stop now. In fact, she just walks through the door. Casually. "Tahir?" she sniffles as she peeks about the room. "Tahir!"

When the sound of another female voice is heard, Lucille's head snaps up and she peeks her head around the corner to spot Samara. The dark haired woman's eyes widen and her mouth opens in shock. He couldn't wait until at least an hour when she was sure to be gone? Really?!?!

The oldest Ryans daughter's eyes narrow into slits as she comes around the corner and stands with her arms limp at her side. "He's not around.. I didn't know he was gonna have someone else come around for a nooner." She says in a surprised tone, hurt also. Tahir and Lucille aren't in any way an item.. but she thought he'd have more respect for her then that.

Luc takes the moment to look down at herself and then she's blinking, oh yeah.. in underwear. To blush would be bad right now, so instead she just stares up defiantly towards Samara and that's when she discovers the tears. "Oh fuck.. did he break your heart too?" Lucille runs over in her perfectly almost naked body and grabs tissue from a box near the touch. Why is there tissues.. near the couch.. to clean noses.. right.

Handing them over, she gives Samara a curious look. "First time?" Because Lucille can totally sympathize with Tahir taking your virginity and then ditching out. Been there, done that.

Wordlessly, Samara's lips part and then press together. Part. Together. Part. Together.

The Dunham girl mops her cheeks as her face contorts into a semi-disgusted scowl. In fact, the scowl is so disgusted that Sam feels like she's going to be physically sick, particularly at the notion of loosing her virginity to Tahir. Her brother. Ew. The green hue in her cheeks spreads as she treads quickly tot he sink. With the sound of heaving, she runs the sink. After she's done, she actually turns her head under the sink, getting her hair wet in the process, to drink from the tap itself. Yeah, this isn't the brother/sister/sister bonding she'd had in mind.

She fingercombs her hair into a ponytail using the elastic around her wrist as she watches Lucy with her bloodshot puffy hazel eyes.

She shudders again as she sees her brother's squeeze with all of her hickies. There's a distinctly horrible sinking feeling. "Thanks.. " she mutters as she glances at the sink and reaches for the tissue to help dry her eyes. She doesn't think to correct Lucille as far as Tahir is concerned, opting just to frown deeply and ask, "Who are you?"

Welp, that's not the kind of reaction you expect from competition. "I.." Lucille's light grey eyes widen at the heaving and then the wet hair and the puffy eyes. This is all too Days of Our Lives for her. Scratching the back of her head, she runs through her options.

1) Bitch. She can totally just bitch at this bitch and then look like a bitch but also a wuss.

2) Beatdown. Grab neck, strangle while yelling, "YOU DON'T KNOW MY LIFE!"

3) Ladylike. This woman isn't being overly rude to Lucille why should she start something unless Samara tries to bitch slap her.. right? (Delia would be so proud of Lu right now.)

Option 3 it is, because Lucille's posture and facial expression becomes less defensive/bitchy and more.. nonchalant. "Well.. I'm Lucille.." she doesn't know whether last names are necessary. "I mean.. we aren't together. Moreso because I guess we both can't be tamed but.. wait. Who are you, honey?" there goes that momentary glare but then it relaxes again to a curious stare.

She knows where the knives are, just in case things get hot in here. And not the XXX type.

Sam frowns a little. "Lucille," she repeats darkly. "Where is Tahir?" her nose crinkles as her face turns green again. "I really need— " and she's dry heaving again. Quickly Sami scuttles over to the sink and tosses her cookies once more, an irony because there really isn't anything in her stomach. She reaches for the tap and turns it on to let the water run, thereby letting the disgustiness flush down.

She cups some water into her hand and drinks again before backing up to the refrigerator to slide down it into a sitting position on the floor. "Ugh.." her hand rests on her stomach lightly as her eyes clamp shut. "I hate morning sickness," she mutters.

Hold up.. Hold up.. HOLD THE FUCK UP!

Lucille's eyes widen again and she balks. "Morning sickness? What the fuck?!" Lu looks like she wants to punch something. "This.. he got.. a baby.. ?!" She can't form sentences right now, clearly. A hand goes to her hip and she stares at Samara. "He's obviously not here.. I'm sure he would come running at the sound of his name being called and fucking puke." Okay.. not really maybe seeing as this is Tahir. He'd probably run the opposite direction.

"So.. like I asked." Lucille stands with both feet planted on the ground. If this woman is preggers she wants to know because Tahir would probably lie.. most likely. Lucille stares at Samara. "You are totally preggo with an eggo in the bun.. of the fucking oven." The older woman (of only two years for the record!) sighs and leans against the counter. "You know.. he just used me and then left me back in LA at my first modeling gig? I never told anyone, not even Deli because I was so ashamed and good thing I didn't. Because now I'm gonna kick his ass and not feel so ashamed this time since nobody will know that I came back like a fucking.. dumbass.. fucking idiot." Lucille grabs her hair and pulls at it in a moment of frustration, now talking more to herself than to Samara.

"Why? Why?" she asks up towards the ceiling. "I'll go back to church, I promise."

Sami's chin raises as Lucille has her little meltdown. The rant is met with widened hazel eyes and a raised hand. But Lucille is allowed to finish while Sam's head begins shaking frantically, she is not carrying Tahir's baby (ew. incest). And she is not wanting to think about what that would entail. "Tahir has a baby?" she asks as her face contorts. "//You're pregnant?!"

And then her eyes widen as she clues in wordlessly again. Her mouth gapes and her eyes widen. No. No. This isn't Tahir's baby.

"Please— please please please please never ever ever ever ever imply that I slept with my brother again. Ever. I may never stop puking if that happens." Even more surprised, with further widened eyes, she shakes her head, "And don't tell him I'm pregnant! He doesn't know and he already hates my fiancee because he's all sad that he's losing me or whatever and if he finds out I'm pregnant and am not downright virginal we're both dead and he may never speak to me again so please don't say anything— "

Her cheeks flush a bright red now as her head slumps down.

Blinkblink. Err..?

Lucille shakes her head viciously, hair flying, "NO! I'm not pregnant, I don't know if Tahir has a baby. I wouldn't be surprised and.. oh my god." Lu covers her mouth with a horrified expression. "Fuck.. I'm so sorry. I had no idea that you were.." okay obviously. "Fuck me.. fuck my life.." Lucille hangs her head before she's striding over to Samara and enveloping her in a embrace.

Yes, her face is in Lu's boobs. Those things are nice and real thank you. Momma didn't raise no surgery junkie.

"There, there. I'm sorry.. I didn't mean to freak you out. But I didn't know his sister had a key to just walk in.. you know?" Lucille does look sorry, all bitchy fight having left her. "If I had known my big brother when I lost my virginity, I'd be afraid to tell him too. But you.. you hon look like you're old enough to do what you will with your life. Unless you're one of those girls that are sixteen and look twenty-five. That's a growing breed nowadays, right?" a light chuckle escapes her as she clasps Samara still to her bosom. Then a thought strikes her.

"Ah! You need some saltine crackers." She snaps her fingers and there she goes bra, panties and all. Into the kitchen and raiding the cabinets. "Liquor.. liquor.. candles?! Liquor.." she says as she rummages around the cabinets until she finds her prize. "Aha!" In a look of triumphant, Lucille waves a box of crackers at Samara and slides them towards her on the counter. "These will help. I read it once." Lucille hasn't found herself saying that as of recently, yes she's a closet bookworm.

Pressed against another woman's bosom isn't what Sam had in mind when she came here. Not after everything that's happened. The embrace has Samara Beth tensing considerably. "I.. don't have.." she begins, but decides to hold her cards closer than she normally would. "I.." she shudders faintly as she shifts along the floor to examine the saltines.

Of course, the saltines themselves aren't particularly off-kilter, but already being emotional, and living in the crises she is, the grace of dry crackers has her nearly sobbing. She gasps for breath as tears spill down her cheeks again. "I just wanted to see my brother," she squeaks loudly. "I.. just wanted.." her shoulders bob against the emotion she feels as she sniffles hard to stop the fluid from running down her face entirely. "I.. the kids.. I.. I can't.. first the burn.. and pregnant.. and scared.. baby .. what if.. and then the thing with… and I.. " she gasps loudly to avoid squeaking further through her tears.

"Wait a minute, honey slow down." Lucille leans over the counter, looking Samara closely in the eye. Or trying too. "You can't have a baby with a man that gave you the burning sensation and bloody piss. That's not okay, so if you need too.. you can shove the babydaddy out of the picture. You're brother will take care of you, I'm sure." Lucille sucks her teeth and shakes her head as she regards Samara with a sad look.

"I'm sure you'll be a great mother." Basing this off the five seconds they've known each other. "It can't be that hard. Smack that ass when they misbehave and give ice cream when they don't puke on you." That's not how she was raised.. but ya know.

The Ryans girl looks at Samara again and holds her hand up, "So stop. Take a deep breath and eat those saltines for your tummy, kay? Then we can try to talk." Because Lucille should totally be talking to Samara and not getting dressed to hightail it out of there. Still in her underwear, she barely notices. Thanks to being a model, she's use to be near if not naked in front of strangers. She's not ashamed of her nice body, would you be?

"I mean.. it's gonna be okay. It really will be, if you lived through the assload of the Bomb and Midtown Man." She gestures out the window. "Then you can live through anything." If only Lucille knew..

"No no nonononono. No. He's awesome. My fiancee. Too good for me," Sami squeaks back in a high pitched crying voice. "I.." she sniffles loudly and shakes her head. "He's wonderful. Better parent than I could ever be. I'm going to be the worst mother ever." Her head cants to face Lucille, "Someone already called me a bad mother and I still fit in my old jeans. Barely." She frowns as her gaze turns to her waistline. "I just.. I don't.. Tahir and I have been.. things were.. weird, I guess? He's all," her voice deepens with her best Tahir voice, "'Don't get married, Sami,' 'You're too young Sami,' 'You don't need me anymore Sami,'" she nods sagely with another sigh.

"And not everything is going to be okay! I used— I was sooooo incredi-convinced that the world would be," her hands splay out like spirit fingers, "sunshine~ lollipops~ and— it's scary as it turns out. Not that I'm scared for me… this baby.. what kind of world is it going to grow up in? Maybe.. " she frowns. "Maybe registration is the best way to protect her? Or him. I mean.. the flu…" The frown deepens. "..and running from the law?.. and anything.. normal.."

"Oh, your fiancée! Okay, we're getting somewhere now. I should see a picture of him! I'll tell you if your baby will be cuters." Lucille says with a squint of her eyes and she's frowning at Samara. "Oh, I thought the world was full of sunny drops of the sun and Milky Ways and roses that didn't smell like booboo. But I was woken up, it takes some time getting use too.. the way that this sick little world is.. you know like a kid that burns ants." She shudders, uggh creepy.

Ruffling the back of her hair, she glares behind Samara, because that's where whoever insulted Sami is. "You will be a great mother, just shoot the person that said you wouldn't be a good mother. You have the right to protect your honor and the honor of your future babe.. babe." That sounds about right to Lucille as she nods her head and climbs to her feet so that she can reach into the fridge. Pulling out a carton of milk for her, she goes to get a glass.

"You're running from the law too? No kidding, if you need help there are these really nice people called the Ferrymen? My dad is like one of their leaders or something. Not sure," Lucille shrugs her shoulder, no big deal. Her eyes scanning Samara's face as she stands in the middle of the kitchen with glass and milk in hand. "You can't not have a kid because of the world being crazy, now what kind of thinking is that? I'm sure people were all raving mad about having kids during the Depression. Though they were probably fucking like rabbits to get their minds off their poverty.. serves them right I guess."

Errands. What Errand could someone like Tahir Avery Dunham actually be doing on an afternoon like this? No, seriously. Call in and guess. Because no one is ever going to be able to figure out what it is that is in that paper bag that he's carrying all the way up the steps to the apartment building. There's some odd whistling that comes with his pressing of the elevator button and he leans on the heels of his epic shoes to await the…


Tahir is on and off the elevator so fast that it was hard to tell he went up a few floors. His stroll has him in front of his door faster than he knows and then he's using his key to get back inside (whether he needs to or not) and he's backing into the apartment. "I swear to Zod, they didn't have Strawberry. So I had to get…" Tahir spins around, holing up a very specific looking bottle. "… watermelon?" Apparently, Tahir has noticed that there are things afoot in his apartment. Where they are. In the kitchen. Doing that… whatever that is they are doing.

Oh. What's in Tahir's hand? The bottle?


Saltines go down.

Saltines come up.

Sam turns green as her brother walks in with Lube. Awesome. She really needs to turn back to knocking. She pushes off the floor with a single hand and runs back to the sink to vomit. She heaves, tossing those saltines into the sink. The tap is turned on and the water runs down the sink.

No more time or energy to talk about the ferrymen, registration, or any of her fears to random strange woman who Tahir is intending to sleep with now that her brother is back. Sam's hands cling to either side of the sink.



"Babe! Um.. this is.." Lucille looks down at the milk and glass she dropped in shock, there goes the milk, trailing down the floor and some glass.. watch your feet kids. "This is your sister, who is just sick because she was picturing us having sex and then me being preggo with your baby!" She laughs with a strained look over at Tahir, she rubs her neck.. running over the hickies that Tahir left hours ago. "She wanted to visit, I think she had some raw fish that went bad. You know you can't eat all raw fish.. I just stick to grilled.. mostly." The former model looks down at the milk carton and glass and she quickly picks the milk up and goes by Samara to grab a towel to scoop the glass.

"Just go with it.. he'll never know.. boys never know." She whispers fast to the younger woman and she's getting down to pick the glass up. Yes, still in her underwear. "Ah, you got the other kind. That's fine." She comments, lifting her head to stare up at Tahir, hair in her face. "You might need to put that in the room though.. your poor sister can't take anymore TMI." Back to picking up glass, careful not to hurt herself.

"Neither can I.." she mutters.

Tahir is not sure of what in the holy hells of nine days of the last time something like this happened… is going on. So! He's pretty much frozen in place for a little while, as he tries to figure out just what in the heck is going on. And why Lucille is still in her underwear.

Rephrase: Why Lucille is even wearing underwear.

Samara finally comes into Tahir's mind as things are explained and he just kinda' nods. "Right." This is not exactly the best time for him to try and figure out whatever either, it looks like. "Well. Whatever." The Lube is tossed back into the bag and it is hurled off in the direction of the sofa, while Tahir makes his way towards the kitchen, so that he may get a better visual of stuff that he doesn't understand.

"What's up, Sami? You need something?" He is automatically worried that something is amiss. Why else would she be here and not with her Loverboy. Ugh.

The water is scooped into Sami's mouth again, rinsing the terrible taste of bile saltines away. She frowns slightly as she collects herself underneath the noise and flow of the water.

She's grateful for Lucille's cover and she straightens as such turning off the sink and issuing Tahir a weak smile. "Hi Tay," her cheeks flush a bright pink as she sniffles loudly, holding back that sadness that had emerged from the numb just before she'd walked in. And now? She puts on the brave face again. Always the brave face. Her lips curl into a small smile. "Tay.. I.. " the smile melts slowly. Her eyes well with tears again, but only for a moment as she takes in a deep breath. "Get vaccinated.. that's.. why I'm here.. " she lies with a small nod. "And.. I." Her eyebrows knit together a little. "I just wanted to see you." Her eyes are still welling with tears that she blinks back as fiercely as she can manage.

"Are we.. are we okay?"

Lucille is in her underwear because she was afraid that the cleaning lady, Esmeralda was gonna walk in or something, DUH!

The dark haired woman finishes putting the glass in the trash and she's throwing the towel by the sink.

"Avery, maybe she should lie down right?" She looks over at Tahir with raised eyebrows, giving him the 'Say Yes' look. Though she was using that look for an entirely different purpose a while ago. Brushing a few strands of hair out of her eyes. Lulu takes the milk carton and slides it back in the fridge. "I mean, I don't want us getting sick with the flu.. but it's best that she lays down on the couch."

Then a slap to her forehead. "Away from the lube, ya know. I'll just take that.." she begins to move towards the living room. Stumbling over a pair of.. is that handcuffs. "Oh!"

Lucille bends to pick them up and turn back over to Tahir, "Did you clean up around here.. before you left..?" she asks with a confused look over at Tahir. She decides to peek over at the couch area and her eyes widen. "On second thought! Just take a load off on the counter, you know hoist yourself up.. no biggie.."

When it's fun time, the whole apartment is game. Sorry folks.

Tahir is just waving a hand randomly at whatever it is that Lucille is going on about. Because he's too busy looking at his sister like there's something bad going down. And because he can tell when she is getting all cry-y and stuff, he knows there's something bad going down. So he's already getting worrie. He stands up straighter, as if preparing for some epic bad news.

"No. I hate needles." Yeah, that's him not even giving her vaccination BS story a chance. That's just how he rolls. "I'm okay. I just had sex with this chick for an insane amount of hours, so I'm taking a breather." Tahir shrugs and focuses. "But you're not okay. So let's skip the next six lies you two are going to try and Thelma and Louise me with and go right to what's really going on."

Sami rubs at her eyes as she hoists herself up on the couch as per Lucille's directions. Her face is that still pale-green-ish hue as her eyebrows knit together some. "You don't understand… you… " she blinks harder still "…need to be vaccinated. Everyone that can should.. it's.. " she sniffles loudly before reaching for the box of kleenex again.

Her gaze rest on him, remaining there for awhile as her eyebrows arch a little. "Just.. life.. I guess?" Her lips twitch to the side. Why is it easier to melt down to a stranger rather than her own flesh and blood? Finally, she can do little to hold it back. Unbidden tears spill down her cheeks as she slides off the counter. "Why does.. why is.. why is everything so confusing and complicated?" her frown deepens somewhat as she stares at him, almost like she expects some grand answer. She grabs another kleenex.

"People are dying… you.. need to be vaccinated.."

"What the hell, Avery. I have a name, don't you fucking dare refer to me as that chick." Lucille sighs as she points a finger at Tahir and then she's padding back over from the living room area and putting some stuff in the trash, stuff she doesn't allow for Samara to see. Not safe for the eyes of the children. It's not.

As the young woman enters the kitchen, she takes the moment to ya know, lean against the couch as well having cleaned up a bit, hair that falls down to her shoulder covering her face briefly.

Tahir is just batting a thousand today. Apparently, there are just too many women in this apartment for him to be capable of saying everything right. So he's just going to be quiet. Except when it comes to Tahir Avery Dunham… being quiet is next to impossible. There's a reason why he has a talk show. "Uhhhhh. Blame Canada?" Tahir's not even sure of what he's being vaccinated for. But he's also not the type to really be worried about anything. He hasn't ever had an STD and well, he's pretty immune to stuff. At least, in his own mind.

"Look. Uh. I ain't sure what's really going on. But people are always dying. There's always a big scare whenever we're off somewhere doing something we have no business doing. It's… how things work." Tahir, apparently, figures that whatever Samara is talking about is coming from a military plan of action or something.

"Lucille." There's all kinds of sarcastic annoyance attached with that name using. Since it just HAD to be pointed out. Ugh. Women. "Can you fix us some drinks. Apparently, we're all gonna' need to be drunk for this." Or mostly him.

"No… that's not.. one of the kids.. the kids… he…" Sam's gaze trails to the floor as she sniffles again, the implication of what she's saying left to hang. The mention of drinks though has her flushing brighter and her head shakes, "I.. no.. I can't.." but why? Her cheeks brighten further as her hand raises in the air, "Under twenty-one. Remember?" Yes, that's why. Believe it Tahir.

She sniffles again as she rubs at her eyes. "Just.. it's.. they can't.." Her frown deepens considerably.

"Clearly your sister shouldn't be drinking right now." Lucille growls out and then she's muttering as she stalks into the kitchen and grabs two beers from the fridge, nudging the door shut with a hip, she eyes Tahir and tilts her head before she's throwing that can of beer at Tahir. Not tossing.. throwing. "Would you like a glass of ice and a cherry with that?" she asks with a peachy smile before setting against the couch next to Samara.

"Honey.. okay I still don't know your name and if you don't tell me. I'm gonna start calling you Chicky or something. But anyway," she pops open the beer and takes a sip. "You can drink by the way.. because.. you aren't really big on following the rules of the world." Or at least the moral ones.. like getting married before having a baby right? "I mean, being on the run?! That's horrible! I'm the run too, so I guess we're both breaking the rules."

Nice save, Lucille. "But! No drinking in your condition which is sick of that pesky raw fish or whatever you ate. You have to learn, if you're not from here. Every vendor that says he's selling hot dogs.. sometimes they aren't." Word to the wise.

"The fuck… hot dogs?" Tahir doesn't even want the damn beer. Especially since it hits him in the shoulder and he's wincing like there's no tomorrow. He can't believe this is happening to him right now. All he wanted to do was go shopping and he has returned to a crazy house. "Okay, yeah. I'm pretty much done with this shit." Tahir rolls his eyes and is looking back towards the door he just decided to come back through for no reason whatsoever. "Look. Obviously, I interrupted some Girl Time shit. So I'ma' do us all, my shoulder included, a favor and go find something to do tonight. You two finish whatever it is that you two were dealing with cuz I know for a fact it ain't got shit to do with hot dogs and fish." Yeah, it's time to get the hell out of here.

"I'm pregnant," Sam blurts. Two words quickly yielded and almost immediately regretted. "And.. a kid died. And I'm thinking about registering because…" her eyes trail up towards the ceiling. She shakes her head. "I should… go." Right. She should go. She slides towards the door. "You.. you have… have your fun.. I can tell.. It's okay.. I.. I should go.." Her steps quicken towards the door.

"I.." Lucille looks apologetic towards Tahir because of so much he doesn't know. "I didn't mean to be.." But Lucille is cut off as her phone vibrates and beeps on a nearby table. She blinks as Samara blurts out about her preggers status of cool and then she's walking over to check the message she's gotten which happens to be from a certain Irishwoman friend.

Lucille's eyes widen as she looks at her phone and then at Tahir and then she's shaking before dropping the phone on the table and rushing into Tahir's bedroom. Moments later she's hopping back into the living room jeans pulled on and shirt pulled on as her jacket is thrown over her shoulder and she's tugging one boot on and then the other. Hopping and ending towards Tahir. She looks at Samara nervous and holds out a hand, "Hey, hold on. Nameless Preggo." There, a name.

"You guys should talk, it's what big bros are for." She says and then she's standing on tiptoes to peck Tahir on the lips. "Sorry Avery, I have to run. Duty calls.. I'll.." she gives him another peck on the lips with a sly grin. Hopping over to her phone, in which she takes and puts into her jacket pocket and then she's chugging her beer like a champ and slamming the can on the counter. "I'll call you later, promise." She says with that dazzling smile that has graced covers of magazines and billboards around the nation.



Tahir Avery Dunham is in no position to try and understand what int he hell of hells just came out of Samara's mouth. He normally would be trying to stop Lucille from going of to do whatever it is that she's off to do, but he's just been hit in the face with a nuclear warhead from the lips of his sister. "Okay. This makes a little more sense. Just a little." Tahir is reaching up to rub at his forehead. "I need you to do me a favor and sit down, please. I can't fix this if you just hit me in the head with that piano and leave."

Dramatic Pause.

“You know I'm going to kill him, right?"

The words have Sam freezing. Definitely not the time to drop a bomb on her poor brother. She has a history of saying things at the most inopportune times, but she also has a history of sticking around when people need her. She turns on her heel, shuffling back towards the couch to sit down.

"No! You..You can't kill him," she counters, "he's good to me and.. I kind of need him for this.. whole.. thing?" she frowns slightly. "I'm excited. I am.. I'm.. " her frown deepens as she sits down, lowering herself carefully. "And he's good. He's being.. awesome. Too good to me.. just.. it's a lot. You know?" She shrugs a little.

"Call me, later babe." Lucille calls with a look over her shoulder at Samara's back and then she's making with the pushy hand motions for Tahir to get on with it and hug his sister. She needs it. Smiling softly, Lucille opens the door and quietly exits before the door is closed, it can heard that she's on the phone. "Are you serious? We're.. no way. Fuck yeah!" As the door shuts and Lucille is now gone.

Maybe she should try to hold Delia's hand soon.. since.. Samara and Tahir are getting with the family times. It's important.. family.

And lube.. Lube.

Tahir is crossing his arms over his chest at his point because all he can hear from Samara is words that he doesn't want to listen to. "Don't care. I mean, I do. But I don't. See, you don't get it. I can't just let him get away with this. If I don't kick his ass now, he's going to just keep knockin' you up and then there will be a whole army of his offspring and the world will come crashing to an end out of sheer stupidity." At least he has a fabricated justification. Beyond just…

"Sami. I'm your brother. You can't like… you can't hide this stuff from me." Tahir is losing it. He doesn't know what in the heck is going on in his own family. His Father wouldn't be lost like this. Sigh. He'll never be his father though. Not good enough. "I feel like I need to buy you an apartment somewhere. How about Iceland?"

Sam's eyes narrow considerably at Tahir's explanation, but her lips curl into a light smile. "He's good to me. And I need him around to, you know, help raise this spawn." Ooo. Spawn. That might be what she takes to calling it. "Just.. don't.. do anything. I wasn't suppose to say anything yet. It's still early," she thinks. The heel of her hand presses heavier into her forehead as she leans forward. "I love him. He takes care of me. Would it be so bad if I got knocked up more than once?"

To the second bit she's plain as day, "I'm not moving to Iceland. There's no way. None. And I wasn't hiding it from you we're just trying to figure out how it'll all work. Us. With a baby. Our baby." Her teeth graze her bottom lip as she shakes her head, "And I came here because… I had.. is.." she can't finish a sentence for the life of her. "Mom and Dad.. they would've done anything for us, right?"


Tahir has shifted into Big Brother is Bratty mode with the plugging of his ears and the not listening when Samara starts talking about getting knocked up multiple times. And that kind of means he may or may not have heard the rest of her nonsense. Right now, though Tahir is finally pulling his fingers out of his ears in an attempt to try and meet this sister of his halfway.

"You come and tell me these things, right? And I know what I'm supposed to do with the information, right? But then I can't ever because you love this jerk." Tahir shrugs his shoulders and ends up slumping down on whatever it is that he's nearby. Sofa. Recliner. Who knows. It doesn't even matter at this point. "Look. I'll do whatever you need. But you do not get vaccinated. And you do not register." Tahir's eyes are just slightly wide when he talks about both of those. "Please?"

"I.. I'll think on it," Registration. Vaccinations. "I don't want to lose this life.. I.. I want to be a good parent, you know?" She frowns a little as she slides off the couch to approach Tahir. "I just wanted to know your take. What mom and dad would do— that kind of thing. It's hard, you know? Like.. I know my life is precious too, but there's this little jelly bean living and growing inside me. Getting stronger everyday. And I get to take care of it for awhile when no one can even see it. I know most people probably are more… scientific in their thinking or whatever, but it's like a secret that only I can really protect." Because no one else can see or feel it.

"Aren't you registered anyways? What's so bad about it?"

Tahir doesn't really understand what his sister is going through. He honestly doesn't. He's the master of using protection, really. So he's just going to stop thinking and speak from the heart. "I made a mistake. I can't fix mine." Tahir explains, looking off to the side. That is the best place to look when being completely honest about some things. "And I swear to God, I'm not letting you make the same ones I did. Not while I can actually do something about it." Tahir rubs at the side of his face. "We can figure out something else. There's enough brains between you and the sperm donor to come up with something, right?" Tahir is not including himself in the smart department.

"I'll talk to Brian about it— haven't even done that yet.. I guess it never occurred to me until today," Sami agrees softly with a tiny smile. "I should go. I didn't tell anyone I was coming here," mostly because she didn't know. She takes small steps towards the door where she stops to turn and look at her brother. "You're a good brother, you know that?" he earns a half smile, lopsided, fatigued, but still there. "I couldn't ask for a better one. Thanks for… listening. Advising. Just.. supporting."

Tahir sighs and just kinda' gives a wave. He's not sure he's a good brother. He's not sure of much of anything when it comes to his sisters. Either of them. They always have something going on and he's awfully… not good with the being there for them. Or is he? Who knows. "You're welcome. Just…" And this is why Tahir will always be Tahir. "… can I hit him? Just one good uppercut? Just one?!"

"I won't even follow through all the way. He won't even feel it!"

Oh Brother.

The request is met with a sly smile and a shake of Sam's head. "Don't hurt him," she returns. Which isn't quite the same as Don't hit him, even if that's what Sami had intended. "Just remember he's got to be around to support his baby mama and.. his kid." She shrugs slightly as she issues him a quick wave. There's one final thought before she walks through the door. "And get vaccinated!"

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