What Happens Now?


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Scene Title What Happens Now?
Synopsis A new arrival comes to The Garden
Date December 10, 2010

The Garden

A frenetic energy has gripped Sable, sending her out on near constant forays into the woods surrounding the Garden, accompanied by the (safely leashed) Misty whose own near boundless reserves of puppy power keep her well warm. The yellow eyed human, too, has eschewed her big winter jacket in favor of the heat generated by her ceaseless hiking and hauling, captured within her increasingly grubby BU hoodie, a garment now speckled with bits of bark and splinters of wood as Sable drags fallen tree after fallen tree from the uneven, snow speckled landscape beneath the forest canopy. When she is not searching for resources, she's processing them, axe swinging in arc after determined arc, snapping off tree limbs and shearing the thinner parts of the trunks into more easily burnable bits and pieces.

This won't suffice for her larger acquisitions, and, lacking other means but in no way lacking resources, Sable has constructed a stone-ringed firepit outside of the Garden structure itself, where a crackling blaze burns logs in halves, doing with heat and time what Sable herself can't efficiently manage with blade and effort. Woodsmoke suffuses the air, sending a pale spiral into the cloudy sky and soaking the dark haired musician in the rich and persistent smell of burning. It's early, waaay early, as in just barely light out, and but Sable is sweating hard, pausing occasionally to catch her breath and take a sip or two from the tin cup of coffee she's brewed, shitty instant made more palatable by the sweet condensed milk she's added to it. She hasn't eaten anything yet; her stomach is a clenched fist, somatically manifesting an anxiety she's doing her darndest to keep out of conscious acknowledgement.

Misty is currently recharging her batteries inside with a bowl of dry dog food, while Jupiter paces about the perimeter of the clearing, sniffing diligently for new smells. They seem to be doing a-okay. Sable, for all that she is pushing herself to extremity, for all that her muscles will transform into a choir of aches and pains when the endorphins of her exertion have worn out, seems to be doing okay as well. This fact is greatly helped by the earphones that hang about her neck, volume dialed up to high, making audible to her the sounds of the Grateful Dead singing about how a lot of poor men got the government blues.

"Hey there," a voice rings out, one that would be familiar to Sable… if she could hear it over the sounds of the music being pumped more or less straight into her brain. Koshka and Quinn had just arrived moments ago at the Garden, with Brian in tow - though he had already made his way back off. Getting there despite curfew had been a bit of a challange, mostly because of the distance they had to cover, but between Brian greater knowledge of what to do and Quinn's ability to turn people so briefly invisible they had made it there in relatively one piece, if cold, tired and a little worse for wear - klutz as Quinn is, little will prevent her from finding a way to plant her face on the concrete.

The scrape on her chin is testament to that, but other than that she looked to be fine, bundled up in her black sweatshirt and matching sweatpants - Brian had done well to choose warm clothes for them. Hands, ungloved, rest in the pockets as she watches Sable from the tree she leans against, Koshka next to her as they wait for some sort of response from the diminutive woman. The lack of one, however, brings a bit of a frown. It had taken them a few bit to find Sable out in the clear as it was, it hadn't been the first place in the area they had looked. The cottage had been deserted, though, except for the dogs and that left few other options.

"Sable!" she repeats louder, this time grinning. At this point, she actually hoping that she doesn't here her at this point. Gives her the opportunity to be a pleasant surprise

Likewise bundled in sweats, Koshka stands beside and just slightly behind Quinn. Blue eyes peek out from beneath a cap, looking on curiously over the grounds. The escape from the hospital, and even the flight through the city had been exciting in the girl's mind. But now, after the fact, she appeared tired but in otherwise good health. Nothing amiss here.

Koshka's eyes turn up to Quinn as she calls at Sable again, brows lifting in question. She follows the woman's gaze to that figure, the one working so hard at …hauling trees?… and watches the activity. "She a friend too," the girl asks, hands digging more deeply into her own pockets.

No such luck, Quinn. Part of Sable's anxiety is tied up with a hawkish observance, a on-guardness that makes the barest sound of a voice that isn't singing melody an instant trigger. Sable halts her axe in mid-swing, looking up with a startled, searching intensity that results from surprise mixing with expectation. When she spots the red haired woman leaning against a tree, a crooked smile works its way onto her lips, and she sets the haft of the axe on her shoulder, head tilting away from it as she narrows her eyes in good humored faux-suspicion.

"Now if this don't beat all," the yellow eyed woman says, "it's Quinngirl, my bosom friend 'n' sophisticate, come all the' way out here," as if Staten Island, however isolated this part of it, were the true wilds. Her gaze cuts over to Koshka, a face unfamiliar. "'N' she's got some little thing tailin' her. Where'd you pick that up, hon?" this to Quinn, regarding Koshka, "looks a bit green t' me. How old are you, eh, little lady?" this to Koshka, a toothy grin firmly in place, "yer momma know where it is y' are? Know 'bout th' company yer keepin'?"

Jupiter trots right over to the newcomers, giving them a investigative but friendly snuffle, tail wagging. Quinn's scent is familiar, and thus vouches for Koshka's, the latter of which finds herself circled by the curious canine.

"Betcha didn't think you'd see me again so soon, did you?" Quinn inquires tiredly, pushing off from against the tree. A look is given over to Koshka, a wide grin on her face. "One a' the best. At least a' mine, but she's good people." Hands slip out of her pockets as she bends down to pet Juniper - she's not surprised to see the dog, given that she's known from teh get go that Sable was out here with Colette, but the lack of the emotional photokinetic's presence is something that bugs Quinn, for whatever reason.

Or maybe Colette's just off being invisible somewhere. Either way.

"This is Koshka," Quinn replies as she stands back up, motioning to her companion. "Brian an' I just pulled her outta a hospital. She comin' int' the Ferry." Quinn's eyes are half lidded as she speaks, like something is weighing on them. "I think she's going t' be stayin' out here for a bit." A look is given to Koshka, as if she might know for some reason. The rest, she';; let the teenager explain, if she so chooses to. With that, Quinn starts her way towards Sable, several large stepps bringing her into hugging range. Uh oh, Sable, look out!

Wariness meets with question in Koshka as Sable turns to acknowledge the new arrivals. She offers just a small grin, unsure despite the obvious friendship between the two older women. "I'm—- what she said," the girl falters in reply, the break coming as Quinn speaks up for her. "I'm fifteen," she adds, eyes going to the dog as it circles around. "And no one knows where I am. 'Xcept you guys."

Koshka pulls a hand from her pocket and offers it to Jupiter, for sniffing and scritching if it's allowed. Her eyes lift again, going to Quinn and Sable. This time there seems to be just a small stubborn set about her. She's not green, she'd managed so far without getting tangled up in stuff.

"I try not t' expect nothin' 'bout nothin'," Sable says, lifting her chin to emphasize that this is a statement of principle, however recent and off-the-cuff its adoption. "But it sure is a pleasant surprise. Could use some company I c'n actually fuckin' talk to. Jus' me 'n' th' dogs, which, like, suits me fine. Like gets 'long with like, eh?" Which means, yes, Colette is not here.

Perceiving that a hug may be incoming, Sable swings the axe down from her shoulder and lets it fall on the decent sized pile of wood she's hacked into useful bits. "Aw, so she's on th' run," Sable says, which she should have guessed from the get-go, but the yellow eyed woman still has a sort of hazy fantasmatic understanding of the Ferry and her place within/with regard to it, "well, rest easy Koshka, this place looks to be as safe as you could ask for, if a bit far away from th' city lights."

Rather than wait any longer, Sable preempts Quinn's advance, moving forward to give the older woman a big and extremely smokey smelling hug, followed by a peck on the cheek. "I'm gonna go get some more wood t' burn. It's th' only thing that'll keep us from freezin' t' death, barrin' gettin' real cozy, 'n' while I don't have any particular objection t' that, it's nice t' have yer options, eh?" She sidles past Quinn, dipping her head to Koshka. "Fine meetin' you, Koshka. I'm Sable," she flashes a quick grin and glances back at Quinn, a touch of wickedness in her weird eyes, "senior member 'f th' Ferry at th' moment, so if y' got concerns 'r anythin' y'all just bring 'em t' me. This here's my turf, f'r the time bein'. Y'all behave yerself, while I'm out, don't be givin' Quinn no headaches." There is a joke somewhere in all of Sable's babble, but not one that's necessarily readily apparent.

She leaves it unstated, however, hood pulled up over her head as she treks out into the woods.

Sable is squeezed into the hug, Quinn returning the peck on the cheek with one on Sable's forehead. "Leavein' us already? You totally suck," Quinn remarks mirthfully, even as she turning back to face Koshka. She's half way there when she pauses and turns back, just in time for Sable to turn and start making her way off into the woods. "Hey! If you need anythin', come ask me! I'm goin' t' sleep soon, but have t' so speak in the mornin', or I'm kickin' your ass."

Before Sable can fire back some sort of insult, Quinn turns back to Koshka, a hand on the woman's should as she turns her back towards the cottage. "Come on, lets go get settled inside. I dunno how long you'll be here, but as long as Sable's here, you'll be in good hands." Another look is given back towards the woods, a grin on the Irishwoman's face. "She might be kinda… rough, but trust me, she means well, an' there's few people you're in better hands with." A whistle is given, indicating for Juniper to follow - the dog regards Quinn with curiosity, but doesn't seem to be making any effort to follow, at least not yet. Quinn yawns, patting down again on Koshka's shoulder. "I'm not exactly the best person t' ask, but if you ahve any questions, now's the time. I'm going t' pass out for a bit once we get inside."

It's a look of wary regard, broken only by the quirking of a self assured grin on the teen's face, while she watches Sable and Quinn. It seems not right to interject herself, or maybe that's just a shy streak with new people making her feel a bit stand-offish. Whatever the case, Koshka nods in reply to Sable, amenable enough to the idea of talking and behaving herself. She usually behaves herself, it's Trouble that tends to find her.

Koshka looks from Sable's departing back and up to Quinn as she's addressed again. "What happens now," she asks, in all honesty curious of where fate has taken her. "I —this lady asked me to help with stuff, putting out fliers…" And here she is, in the middle of almost nowhere, going bad on her deal.

And of course, Koshka asks probably the biggest question that Quinn can't answer. Oops. "I- well, I don't really know that one. You'll probably be here for a bit, help get the place goin' again. Sable shouldn't be here much longer, an' I dunno who's goin' t' replace her. I'm sure before too long someone'll be out t' talk to you about what want to and are able t' do in the netowrk - truth is, we need all the help we can do right now, an' if you can, you might get asked t'." She looks down ar KKoshka grinning. "Maybe. I don't know if they'll put the refugees t' work or not." "Refugees" sounds like such a rough word, but at the end of the day, that's what the people the Ferry has in hiding are. "They might move you after a bit. It's really hard t' say at the moment."

Quinn's hands slip back into her pockets, and she regards the teenager with curiosity for a moment. "Who was it that asked you t' help with stuff, an' what kinda fliers, if you don't mind me askin'?"

Koshka scuffs a foot against the ground at the answer, or lack of one. Well, take the good with the bad. Not that any of what she's been told has been bad, just uncertain. "I'll help," she says with a shrug. "You guys helped me and.. Yeah. I can cut wood." Or at least stack the cut wood. "And clean up. Sweep and you know. What ever."

Another shrug follows Quinn's question, Koshka looking back the way they'd come. "Just some lady. Ygraine I think. She helped me hide from some gang bangers and we started talking after. Said she could use help putting out fliers and posters about Liberty."

"Sorry," is a genuinely apologetic response from Quinn, looking over at Koshka with a frown. "Things are kinda hectic right now, so it's tough t' say exactly what's going t' happen. I'm not syain' you'll be put t', like… work work. Probably wouldn't be fair t' you. Just… expect t' be doin' some small things along the way t' help keep things on track." She rolls her shoulders in a bit of a shrug as her gaze looks back ahead, the pair approaching the entrance to the Cottage that makes The Garden proper.

But that last bit as Quinn lighting up like a Christmas tree, a smile spreading across her face. "She did, did she?" is said with a distinctly mirthful tone. "She's Ferry too, you really lucked on that on. She's a good one too, you can pretty much always trust her if you need t'. An' if she ever does somethin' t' piss you off, let me know. I have the right t' kick her ass for bein' stupid."

"What, why?" Koshka's question comes with a look up at Quinn. She shrugs and pulls out that grin again. "No. It's… I'm sorry. I was just curious. This is still way better than what I was doing before." Playing thief and sticking your nose into places it probably shouldn't go are a very distant second to being spirited away and met with an unknown future.

The reaction and revelation of Ygraine surprises Koshka, yet she positively beams at Quinn. She even giggles a little. "Didn't know that. She didn't say, just that she had friends who could maybe help. And she wasn't stupid when I saw her. Just crazy with… whatever that gravity thing is she does." That was a fun experience.

Quinn laughs at that, shaking her head. "I'm guessing her idea of a rescue was takin' you up a wall, then? Makes you right dizzy that first time, doesn't it." She grins wide, nodding at the teenager as she pulls the door open. "I'm just syain', if she ever does- let me know. She's my girlfriend, I can make her unstupid." Another wide grin, one that makes it clear she's teasing the absent party in question. "But she was right, she does have friends who can help. An' that's exactly what we're going t' do, Koshka. Help! However you need it, as far as we can manage an' as long as it's reasonable."Her grin fades a bit, but remains a smile. "No need t' apologise. You have every right t' be curious. I said somethin' similar when I joined."

"Up a wall and through a window or two," Koshka confirms with an amused shake of her head. Dizzy wasn't the end of it, poor kid actually puked. "I'll let you know if she gets weird or anything, though." She follows on through the opened door, again looking around with that slight bit of Not Sure About This Place. The girl isn't jumpy, it really seems more of a shy, not quite comfortable yet. But it's been a long couple of days.

"Guess it's a pretty common thing," Koshka continues. "People always wondering what's next. I didn't say it earlier to 'Doctor Cox' or you, but thanks. For getting me out of there." She should figure out a way to tell Doctor Brennan thanks too, even though he was never there.

"Lord, that must a' been fun," Quinn replies sarcastically, rolling her eyes at Koshka's remark. "You get used t' it after the first time. You know, just in case you ever have t' work with her again." Her smile fades just a teeny bit more as she catches Koshka's uneasy look. "I know this place isn't much t' look at. THere's not really much here in the way of, ah, modern amenities. Such is the way of livin' off grid sometimes, though."

Again, Koshka's comment gets a reaction from Quinn, but this time it's more of a grimace, followed by a solemn nod. "Yeah… the Eighth kinda left a lotta people wonderin' what's next. Personally, I think things'll get better eventually, but I won't put through all that jazz." There's a pause, and the smirk returns. "Brian. That was Brian." Another pause, and Quinn tilts her head. "I don't remember if I properly introduced m'self either. Robyn Quinn. Pleasure t' meet you." With that, a hand is offered, as is Quinn's normal custom.

"Better than some places I've been," Koshka gives a small roll of her shoulders. "Lots better. It doesn't smell weird." A grin follows her words, and another shrug. "I could get comfortable here." She pauses to close the door behind her and take another look around.

"Brian," the teen repeats as she turns back to Quinn. She extends her hand to meet the one offered with a small shake. "And I'm Koshka. —You already knew that."

"That… sucks," Quinn replies somewhat insensitively. "I'm glad this is an improvement, though. Wouldn't be my first pick personally," she continues in a joking tone, shutting the door quietly behind them - she knows these day, where Sable goes Misty also goes, and the last thing Quinn wants to do is wake the dog, creating a situation where it'll be impossible for either of them to get any sleep. "I did, but it's nice t' hear anyway." Koshka's hand is given a small shake and released, Quinn's hands moving to her hips.

"Alright, why don't I show you around, an' then we get some feckin' sleep. I'm beat. T'night was way too excitin' for my tastes."

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