What's That Noise?


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Scene Title What's That Noise?
Synopsis Claire finally gets the time to tell her mom that she won't be home for Thanksgiving.
Date November 24, 2009

Over the phone and a world apart.

After a short rather sad goodbye to Magnes, Claire had fallen into the bed assigned her and slept hard for several hours. When she did finally wake up, she still didn't feel completely rested, but there was something pressing on her mind….. She really needed to call her mom. So she dressed quickly in a pair of black fatigue pants and military boots given to her for this trip and a white shirt, then went out in search for a way to call her mom.

Luck had it there were phones on the large carrier for soldiers to use and she was given permission to use one to call back to the states. Of course, she had to have help dialing out, but ones that was done… Claire turned to lean against the wall, phone to her ear listening to the scratchy rings over the receiver. Once she hears the click of the other line picking up, Claire cautiously asks…


Phone calls to Sandra were rare these days and even if she does get called she recognizes the phone number. Today, however, Sandra does not recognize the number and hesitates as she answers. She's shocked to hear what seems to be Claire's voice. "Claire…is…everything all right?" There's a pause. "What's that sound?"

"Ah… Hi mom." Claire sounds relieved she remembered the number right, but at the same time the ex-cheerleader develops a sudden case of butterflies. How is she going to explain this. "I can't explain exactly, but things are….. fairly okay." She speaks slowly as she tries to pick her words wisely. "I…. ah…. that noise? Um… would you believe common sounds found on a really really big aircraft carrier?" She bites her lip after saying that, her eyes closing a little into a squint as she waits for what's coming.

Sandra's response is slow in coming. Eventually words escape her lips with a "What?!" And then there's another short pause. "An aircraft carrier? What on earth would you be doing on such a thing? You're not in the military! Really dear, what's that sound?" Either she doesn't believe Claire or she doesn't want to believe her.

"I'm on a really big aircraft carrier in the middle of the ocean, Mom." Claire offers blandly, her voice crackling a bit over the line. "I'm not in the military, but the government made me a lot of others help them out." She glances over at the Navy SPs not far from her, one gives her a look saying to watch what she says. "I can't tell you exactly why mom… but Magnes is here too. Or… was.. before they sent him on a mission." She sounds sad about that.

A loud intake of breath is audible over the phone as Sandra considers this. "Claire…what are you doing on an aircraft carrier? You should be here, in New York, with your father, Lyle, Mr. Muggles, and myself. Not over some ocean doings something for the government! You should come home right now! If you're going to say that you can't, then pass the phone to someone who can make these decisions and let me talk to them!" And that's final! "You found Magnes?" There's some surprise in her voice. "Well, at lease you've found him." She replies to that.

Claire winces a bit, but can't help but smile a bit, already feeling a bit homesick. "They brought my boss, Richard too… He's with Magnes currently." She avoids mentioning Gabriel being there and definitely keeps away from the fact he's on her team. "So many of my friends and such got dragged into it." She glances at the SPs and adds, "And well… if you want me off this, you'll have to talk to my biological dad…" AKA: Mr President. "I was selected for this mission."

"Well, if talking to your other father will change this, then I'll have to try and reach him, won't I?" There's something about the way she says 'other father' that suggests that Sandra disapproves of that idea. "I can't see why you'd have to leave. You're too young! When I was your age I was having fun. There was none of this 'let's go on a giant plane and travel to other countries on missions' stuff." Well, not for her anyway.

Eyes roll to the ceiling and Claire smirks, "I know, but this is for the future of the whole world mom." She takes a deep breath as she prepares to give the next bit of bad news. "Anyway, I won't be around for Thanksgiving. I'm on this thing for a month. I'll be home in time for Christmas, though." Maybe… She hopes. "And I get a full pardon for anything that might be on my record." She imagines her adoptive father mentioned some of that. Word does get around. Hard to really keep anything from Noah Bennet.

Sandra shakes her head, despite the fact that Claire can't see her. "'Future of the whole world' my dog trophies! The world survived quite a number of atrocities, they can survive you not being on this mission!" She narrows her eyes. "Not home for Thanksgiving?! What will we have to be thankful for then? The world still being at war? You were my reason for being thankful this year, Claire!" She sighs. "Can't this family have one year, one full set of holidays that are spent together as normal people?"

"I'm sorry, mom. I don't know how you get you to understand, but I can't give the details." Claire glances at the men near her. "I've even got men here making sure I don't leak anything. Look. Mom? I love you. You and everyone. You know that right? I promise to be home as soon as I can."

One of the SPs step forward and Sandra can hear him over her phone saying softly, "Times up, Miss Bennet, have to get prepared for departure."

Claire gives him a small nod, as she says into the phone. "Sorry. Mom, I gotta go. I have to be fitted with body armor and stuff. Give everyone my best when you see them for Thanksgiving?"

"I understand perfectly Claire…I understand that this seems eerily familiar to what your father used to do." Sandra replies. "Oh Claire…I love you too, but I wish you were here instead of…wherever you are." There's a sigh. "You don't have to do this, Claire. You have a choice." But it's obvious she's not going to get her way on the matter. "I'll tell them. Know that we all love you so much."

"When I joined Richard's little rag tag group, mom.. I made the decision to do this." There is a smile in Claire's voice. She moves away from the wall and turns to face the phone. "I'm in it till the game ends, Mom." There is a clearing of a voice near her and she glances over. "Yeah.. okay.. Mom, love you! Bye. See you in a month or so." Reluctantly, she hooks the phone on the receiver again. "Okay, boys… take me where they need me."

Sandra sighs. "When you get back, I'm going to have to have a talk with you about that group you've joined!" And by 'talk with you' she means 'lock you in a room until you decide to leave the group'. "I…I love you very much Claire. Be safe. Don't…don't do anything Mr. Muggles wouldn't do." She says in an attempt to joke slightly. As the call is ended, she slumps down. "When will all this worry come to an end?" She murmurs to herself.

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