What She Got Me Into


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Scene Title What She Got Me Into
Synopsis Nash investigates the murder of Tanya Gibson.
Date February 10, 2010

The shooting of Tanya Gibson has become Chris Nash's top priority and after talking with the medical examiner. He knows that the shooter shot from a distance, the results of a blood splatter test. He also viewed some video footage with was very inconclusive in identifying the suspect, though he has a very vague description. He has a list of witnesses that he needs to contact and so he heads out today to the first one. A Miss Candy Allaard, currently going by the name of Noriko, according to reports that Nash has received. He finds her last known address and takes his time driving in that direction.

Arriving to her residence, he grabs his pad and steps into the building, finding her number and ringing the doorbell. As is typical for Nash, he's dressed more professionally than most detectives in the NYPD, looking rather shiny today in his black suit and tie, with shaded sunglasses over his eyes as he waits for the door to be answered.

Noriko opens up the door, the woman in just a simple t-shirt and a pair of jeans. If Nash peeks behind her and the door, he'll see an empty apartment with a nest of blankets in one corner. Nope, still not furnished. Her eyes go to Nash, as she looks him up and down for a couple of moments before finally asking, "Can I help you?"

Behind those sunglasses, a single eyebrow raises and then the glasses get pulled from Nash's face and tucked away, as he pulls out his badge and flashes it. "Candy Allard? Christopher Nash. NYPD. I'm investigating the shooting out at Old Lucy's and your name was given to me as a witness. I'd like to ask you a few questions." His eyes do slip past her into the room and that draws more curiosity as he meets her gaze. He waits long enough for her to verify that his badge is real before tucking it back into his pocket. "If you're not comfortable with me coming into your residence, I can escort you down to the station to be questioned. Whatever is more convenient for you."

Noriko raises an eyebrow as he seems to make the offer to go to the station so conviently. "I don't see anything wrong with having this chat in the hallway, Sir," Noriko replies while she stands there. Her eyes watching him for a couple moments before she goes on, "So, if you'll go ahead and ask you're questions, we can get this over with. I was in the bar when I heard the shots. I came out to see the lady on the ground, and I worked with the owner of the store to try and keep her alive til the paramedics go there."

Nash was mostly just being polite, considering the state of the inside of her apartment, but he nods and shrugs. Most don't like having police officers standing at their door for the neighbors to see. As she explains what she saw, he glances at his notebook and nods. "Abigail Beauchamp." He scrawls something in the pad. "Do you know Ms. Beauchamp?" The files at NYPD have plenty of Abby, though nothing criminal, mostly with her as a victim of sorts, though there hasn't been much in recent weeks up until this shooting.

Noriko shrugs her shoulders before replying, "I didn't catch her name, but if she owns the store than yes it was here. And I don't know her. I don't really know anyone in the city. Product of keeping my head low." Her eyes glance around, before they go back to Nash. If Nash bothered to look at her criminal record before he got here, he'd probably notice that there isn't a single blemish on it. Thanks to the friendly US Government and a flurry of pardons.

Nash looked, of course, as all three of his interviewees for today and did notice that lack of anything really contradictory. Which is not all that unusual, if he were honest. Most citizens don't have criminal records. "You didn't know Ms. Gibson personally? The victim, I mean?" Really, so far she looks like alot of people he's seen in this city. Perhaps someone just moving here and having nothing and trying to make something of themselves. Her comment of trying to keep her head low, however, doesn't really jive with her lack of criminal history and that would be noted in his notepad.

Noriko shakes her head and says, "No, I didn't. Was just trying to help someone." She shrugs her shoulders and says, "Sad to see the young lady die, we tried to do the best we could." She frowns and looks down, eyes zeroing in on the floor at her feet.

watching her, Nash asks one last question. "Did you see anyone fleeing the scene that night?" She's already raising a million flags with the cop, who is certain there's something more to this young lady than meets the eye. She's definitely hiding something.

Noriko shakes her head before she replies, "No, I didn't see a single person fleeing the scene." She looks back up from where she is standing and then just says, "Did as much as I could."

He smiles, nodding to her. "I'm sure you did. No one is saying otherwise. Most would have just let her die and minded their own business. Don't think what you did was not important. You tried." He tucks his notepad back into his pocket and pulls out one of his cards, offering it over. "Take this. If you think of anything else, please give me a call. I appreciate you taking the time to talk." His smile is genuine as he holds out the card for her to accept.

Noriko nods her head as she takes the card and replies, "Alright, I'll be sure to give you a ring if I manage to think of anything else." She offers a smile before saying, "Well, take care then and have a good day." She turns to head back into her apartment, closing the door behind her.

Watching Noriko slip back into her apartment, Nash is left standing in the hallway. He pulls out his notepad once again and jots some additional notes before he steps out into the street and back into his car. He puts his sunglasses back on and heads out into the street.

He heads towards Old Lucy's and parks in front. He has to meet with Abby Beauchamp who tried to save Gibson's life. He remembers her from when Harrison brought him to the bar and then got very defensive when he even insinuated that he might flirt with her. That brings a smile to his face. It's around lunchtime now and he steps into the place and is directed up the stairs towards her apartment above the bar. He climbs the stairs and knocks on her door.

Prep for dinner, so that Francois or Leonard can just pop it in the oven and feed themselves without restoring to fast food or hitting up the kitchen downstairs, is being done. The written instructions for the lasagna being scribbled on a notepad on the fridge. So when there's the knock on her door, Abby's wiping her hands on a rag and heading for the front door. A peek through the peephole brings about a surprised look and then the door opening. "Hello there. Let me guess, Liz sent you?" Gone is the peek hair, and only waves of brown instead though there's a faint hint of pink at the very roots. As if pink hair were growing back in like one might have brown beneath blonde. "Would you come in?" Opening the door all the way for the older man and officer.

It's an automatic reaction when around most females. He flashes his most charming smile and nods. "Well, in a sense she did. She asked if I would handle a case, and that seems to lead me to you. Seems you were on the scene. Seems that you tried to help. Just wanted to tell you I appreciate that you tried to give assistance, and I wanted to express my condolences. Harrison said she was a nice person."

"Unfortunately, I am investigating Tanya's death and I need to ask you a few questions." Nash steps in as requested, letting the door close behind him. He removes his sunglasses and tucks them into his pocket before pulling out his notepad. "If you've a few moments to spare. I know it's never a good time and I promise to make it brief."

"Ahh and here I just thought she told you where to go when desperate for baked goods" There's a gesture for Nash to take up a seat in the living room. "I was there, there were a few customers who came out to help and I had my equipment from class" Abigail gestures to a blue duffel bag near the door with EMT Gear written in spray painted white along the side. "I'm going through school to be an EMT. But, I'll try to answer what I can. I already passed over copies of the surveillance for that night but I can have more copies made and sent to the precinct for you"

Nash takes the offered seat, setting the pad on his knee as he writes. "Tanya was employeed by you? Is that right? And how long was she a part of your employee pool? I just want to make sure I have more of an understanding of who she is."

"Tanya was newly employed, uhh.. she was hired while I was away on vacation by another employee in the bar when they needed another hand while I was gone. Only a few months she's been working really. I'd just met her when I got back and was happy with the choice" Abigail takes a seat opposite Nash, hands clasping one another and regarding the detective across from her.

His attention is focused, though as she talks, he finds himself looking over her head behind her, then nodding and scribbling some stuff down. He nods. "Perhaps there's someone else who might know a little bit more about her? If she had a boyfriend or if anyone was bothering her in the bar? It wouldn't be the first time a customer became infactuated with a new waitress or barkeeper." Nash drops his gaze back to Abby's as he finishes the question.

"uhmm.. not that I know of. I mean, yeah folks get touchy feely, but brenda or Huruma or the other bartenders set em straight. No one seemed to be harassing her, and usually I know if someone is bugging them. She was fairly new really, i'm Sorry Detective Nash, there's not much really that I knew about her other than she was near my age, and she was a really good worker. What I saw of her, she liked working here"

Nash shakes his head. This is not going as he expected. He expected a little more dirt, perhaps even a few leads but so far there's been nothing. He stands up, tucking his pad back into his pocket and pulling out one of his cards. "Well, I'm sorry again for your loss. I know she was new, but she was still an employee. " He extends his hand with the card, offering it over. "If anyone comes in here looking for her, or asking about her, could you give me a call? Or if anything else comes to mind, I'd appreciate hearing from you."

Abigail rises from her seat, the card taken and probably to join Liz's and others in her wallet. "Leave a message with Agent Parkman of Homeland. He can probably tell you some things, you can share information. There's something else happening around here that he's involved in" Can't miss the cops parked outside on watch duty. "Maybe, between the two of you, you might be able to figure something out. Despite that I know that Homeland and NYPD tend to step on eachothers toes and elbow each other and would rather not work with each other… maybe, you'll find something he and his haven't or he'll know something you haven't and I don't know"

Nash jots down that name after retrieving his pad once again before tucking it back in and nodding. "Well, it was nice seeing you again, even if under dismal circumstances. I hope you'll let me know if there's anything you need from the NYPD. I'll be happy to be of assistance." He starts walking towards the door, reaching for his sunglasses again.

"I will. I've never hesitated, even though faces keep changing. If there anything else, please, call. I'll have someone run over a copy of the discs for you as well" Abigail walks him towards the door, hand settling on the doorknob with a small smile. "I hope, that you find whomever did this. I'd like eople to feel remotely safe about working here, despite the neighbourhood"

Nash opens the door and steps to the other side. "I'll do what I can, unfortunately, I don't have much to go on, so if anything else comes up, it'll have to help." He turns and heads down the stairs, and through the bar, out and into his car. He opens up the door and sits inside for a moment, asking himself just what exactly has Liz got him wrapped up in here. He turns the key and pulls out of the parking lot, headed for his final interview.

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