What You Do


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Scene Title What You Do
Synopsis Nash queries Liz about IA's interest in her.
Date October 26, 2009

An interview with a woman who called in a jumper — who turned out to be a kid smoking pot on the roof across the street from the elderly observer — has sent Harrison and Nash out onto the streets this day. Liz still won't let him drive. Rank has its privileges. As she skirts the edges of Midtown, she glances at her partner. "So are you having fun yet?" she quips mildly. It's been a busy yet boring first few days. Their calls have, for the most part, either been entirely fruitless or they've been the kinds of calls that have resolved quickly. No really cool Evos blowing stuff up or anything like that. No leads on Humanis First cases or anything like that, either.

Honestly, it's like being driven around. He kinda likes it. He gets to kick back and take in the sights. It's pretty much what he's been doing since he got here. The actual cop stuff has been pretty lame so far. The nightlife, on the other hand, has been an entirely different matter altogether. Though he has already received his share of face slaps, at least one of those face slaps led to something a little more. Wendy.. or Wanda.. or windy.. or something like that. Not that it really matters, though she did have this interesting Evo trick she did with her tongue. But that's another story for another time.

Liz' voice snaps him out of his reverie as he turns to look at her. She's not bad looking for a cop. "Eh. You know how it is. I spend the majority of my day with you, unless you disappear on me for unsaid hours at a time then reappear. That's your power, isn't it? Some sort of disappearing act." He eyes her. She still hasn't told him what her ability is. Nash could probably look it up, but what fun is that. "Either that, or you have some boyfriends stashed around." Of course, it's either she can disappear or she has multiple lovers. It totally makes sense to him.

There is a roll of her eyes. "For Christ's sake, Nash…. I haven't disappeared on you. I take my lunch break with people other than you. Is that a crime?" His insistance and interest in her whereabouts is starting to really grate on her. "And hell yes, I have boyfriends stashed around. Shit, man… if I didn't, I'd be fucking insane." She keeps her eyes on the road as she drives.

He holds up his hands. "Hey, I wasn't judging. And it's not like I'm mad. I was just making a comment. It's not like I have anything to say about it. Really, good for you. Just saying, if there's something going on you think I need to know, don't let me get blindsided. There are rumors about some sort of IA investigation." Nash glances over at her for just a moment before turning his attention back to the road. He's still trying to get a handle on where everything is.

She's quiet as she drives and says quietly, "I've heard the rumors. I've heard the rumors for months, Nash." Elisabeth glances at him. "Back when the Verrazano Narrows bridge went down… I had intel in my hands. I gave it to my Captain, and he didn't think it was enough to move on. So… I went over his head with some of it. If I hadn't, the OTHER bridges might have come down too. There were dozens of bombs out there. Now they want to know where the intel came from. And I'm not willing to burn the sources." She shrugs a little. "Make of it what you will."

"Nothing wrong with that." Nash knows a thing or two about protecting sources. "Sounds like it was the Captain who was a dickhead. How come they aren't busting his balls? Why you? You piss someone off?" Nash just got here, and he on one hand, doesn't want to be guilty via association with someone who could be branded as a troublemaker. He's a cop on the rise and doesn't want to be stalled out on account of someone else's issues. But then again, he admires the fact that she believes in what she believes and stands up for it. But Nash isn't here to make friends, he's here to do a job and look good while doing it.

"He's dead," Elisabeth replies succinctly. "And I doubt they would have busted his balls anyway — he was right on some levels. The intel I had, from sources I wouldn't identify, was about a terrorist attack. That the sources were RIGHT about, but… there was a lot of information. And ultimately I took it over his head to the commissioner." She shrugs a little. "It was never publicized, thank God… so I can't say for sure if she's pissed or just… concerned about the sources. The idea that I and a couple of other people seemed to have a lot more information than we should have is… causing problems. It wasn't the only time it's happened." She hesitates and says mildly, "You can still request a new partner if you're worried about the investigation. I don't think anything's going to roll down on you; they're looking into things that have happened in the past." The fact that they might happen again? Well… she'll do her best to keep him out of it. Crackling across the radio is a dispatch call to another possible jumper. And Elisabeth slants a glance at Nash and asks, "Is it a fucking full moon, or what??"

Further discussion of Liz' extracurricular activities seem to come to a halt as the call comes through. "I guess that means us. Let's get on over there. I hope that super jumping or turning into a trampoline is your ability." Nash smirks at her as he sits up straighter in his seat.

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