Wheeler Dealer


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Scene Title Wheeler Dealer
Synopsis Lola comes to Liz with an outrageous request - but it comes with some outrageous results.
Date December 01, 2010

Redbird Security

Elisabeth has been making a point of letting her new shadow know anytime that she needs to leave the environs of the Textile Factory that is serving as FRONTLINE's base. And in truth, the woman is on the move probably far more — and far more OFTEN — than a woman with a target on her back ought to be. But Liz is just doing what she does. Lola's text to poke her head outside is something of a surprise, but Elisabeth dresses carefully for the bitter cold, and with her features all muffled up the way they are in the fleece layers, she is at least not as recognizable. She looks curious as Lola meets up with her. "What's up? You've got something new?"

Lola likes to play dress up a little when they go out to Red Bird. At first it was to blend - now it's just fun. She's got a nice pinstripe suit on today. With glasses. Yup. "Yeah, sugar," Lola says, pushing off a nearby parked car and tossing a cigarette easily into the gutter. "Now, afore you freak out, remember that what Ah'm askin' fer is fer a good cause. A very good cause. A good cause that could be real beneficial ta, say, yer sweet ass in the near future. That bein' said…Ah need 24,000 dollars."

Both eyebrows shoot to her hairline. "You need what?" Elisabeth asks incredulously. "Okay… so this good cause is going to benefit me exactly how?" she demands. And yes, she's going to keep the sniper-cum-bodyguard outside because we're not having this conversation inside Redbird. No way in hell.

Lola scuffs her foot along the sidewalk. "Well, ya know. Ah mean it will help ya, in the long run. Ah met a fellah what met a fellah what makes Registration cards. IDs that pass inspection, the whole thing. He's got 'em. But they're costly. But if ya help me make a good first sale, then he'll be a business associate a mine so long as he don' get kilt an Ah don' piss 'im off. But ta start this grand ol process, Ah need a big order. So, 24,000 dollars should solidify me in his black little heart as a trusted and happy customer."

The shift from incredulity to calculation is pretty damn fast. "Really." It's not a question. More a musing statement. Elisabeth is thoughtful and quiet for a time, coughing occasionally as she considers. "So… why'm I footing the bill for your new ID?" she asks mildly.

Lola looks up, very matter of factly. "Oh, cause if ya do that, then Ah'll be yer sweet little go-between every time ya need somethin' along them illegal lines from now on." She says this as though she were explaining the birds and the bees, the facts of life, a simple fucking statement. "And somethin' tells me that's a real sweet little arrangement fer you as well, darlin'. Ya know, seein' as Registration card IDs is somethin' ol Dicky couldn' even manage ta find."

"True," Elisabeth admits mildly. "Although…" She tilts her head, studying Lola thoughtfully. "All right, Lola. I'll bite. I don't kid myself that you give a rat's ass what Cardinal and I are up to or that either of us really has your loyalty. That said, however, we've always dealt square. So…. I'll foot the new ID. In return, I want you to take it and run it through all the paces, make sure it actually does as advertised. And if it does, I'll give you the name and social to use for a second purchase." Her blue eyes are shuttered. "And if anyone ever approaches you about that second ID, I'll want to know about it. Deal?"

"That hurts, sugar," Lola point out, taking another hit from her cigarette. "Ah ever been anythin' but loyal ta you an yer Missus?" Cardinal's the missus now. "Past when Ah shoulda been, even? Naw darlin, Ah may not really follow what ya'll are doin, but ya'll done took care a me an Ah aim' to return the favor in kind." She waves a hand, nodding. "Sure, sure. For 24 grand, Ah'll do exactly as ya want. Run mine through the ringer. If it works, we'll get ya the one you need." For another 24,000 of course. But that part goes unsaid. "Ya know Ah ain' gonna screw ya over, sugar." Not…exactly.

Elisabeth smiles faintly. "Oh, you won't go out of your way to screw me," the blonde agrees on a chuckle. "You've got your own brand of loyalty. And you want certain people out of the way as much as we do, so we're a means to an end for you. It's a mutually beneficial arrangement. What I want out of the arrangement after all this is fair warning if you're ever approached to or tempted to jump ship, Lola. You give me and the missus the opportunity to … give you a better deal."

"You know Ah will, sugar," Lola promises. "Power a the free market. Sides, ain' like there's competin' sides fer what ya'll do right now. Ain' like Ah'mma run ta Mistah Daniel an tell him all bout yer plans. And it ain' like the Institute…well Ah dunno, but Ah got mah own problems with them as well. What's left, Messiah? Ah mean, do ya'll even care much bout what they do anymore? Ah dunno," she shrugs a little. "Ah get Ah'm just a pawn, sugar, Ah'm just tryin' ta take pride in mah work." She smiles, now, a smile that is both mischevious and excited. "So ye'll give a girl a litlte change ta get a job done?"

For a long moment, Elisabeth watches Lola and she grins. "Don't know that I'd classify you as a pawn — more as an asset, my dear. Yeah, I'll see what I can do about the money situation. Maybe by tomorrow."

"Well so long as Ah'm an asset what's gettin' paid - which, by the way, Ah weren' gettin' when Ah first started. Ya know, there's a point for loyalty there, Ah feel." She nods once, knowingly. "Alright. Well Ah'm meetin' him on Friday, so that'd be the best time ta have it by. Ah'd love ta just drop it on his desk an say fuck you, gimme what Ah want. Ya know, professional business-like." The cajun girl smirks, happy that she's getting what she wants, or at least what she needs.

Elisabeth nods. "I'll do my best." She coughs once more and then grins. "Now I'm going back inside. I don't know how you're not freezing to death out here." She pivots on a heel and heads back toward Red Hook. "I'll meet you in Red Hook with it as soon as I can."

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