When Both Are Happy For A Change


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Scene Title When Both Are Happy For A Change
Synopsis Kat drops in on Veronica to tell her about her new career choice.
Date June 13, 2010

Veronica Sawyer's Residence

While it's rare she's alone in the apartment with a boyfriend able to replicate himself, all versions of Brian are out looking for signs of Gillian, since Veronica assured him she's fine, despite the recent accident that left her unconscious for a few hours. She's curled up on the couch on this Sunday — the temperature back to normal, it's a cloudy and drizzly day, so chilly enough for her to curl up under a blanket without needing to turn on the air conditioning to do so — something she has been known to do and often teased by Brian for.

The first season DVD of Glee is currently in the DVD player, and football players are dancing and singing, about to make a touchdown as their opponents stare at them in awe. Something most people wouldn't expect the tough and stoic agent to enjoy.

Katherine doesn't have too many that she would call her friend. The fact of the matter is, most that may have been her friends are gone or she just doesn't recall them very well. Veronica is one of those who she recalls fondly, and who was there for her when she really had no one. She's tried for several days to reach her friend who has been tied up with things, such as her accident. She was close by today and thought she'd stop in and see if everything was alright. It's a long shot, considering what Vee does for a living but Kat is willing to give it a shot.

She walks up to the door and knocks, stepping back and waiting to see if anyone answers. Of course, the sounds of singing can be heard from inside the apartment and it causes Kat to cast a curious glance at the door she just assaulted. She really wants to tell Vee about her new job.

It's not the wrong apartment, though Kat might well assume it — however, if Kat ever looked at Veronica's DVDs when living in the Dorchester Tower apartment, she might remember a few musicals amongst the categorized shelves of DVDs. While Vee is always at work, she has a lot of movies — some still shrink wrapped.

The music stops, as Veronica clicks pause, and moves slowly from the couch. When she opens the door, she looks tired but not too badly off — truth be told, she looked worse the last time Kat saw her. Today, she has a bandage on her forehead and several butterfly bandages on small cuts on her arms, not deep enough to need stitches or sutures. "Kat! Come on in. How are you?" she says warmly, reaching to give the other woman a hug, then stepping aside to let her into the apartment.

The hug is returned warmly by Katherine. It's been quite a while since she had one. She holds the embrace a little longer than she probably should have but eventually she releases Vee and steps back. "God. You look like shit." Not the best greeting ever, but Kat has never been anything but honest. She does smile though and steps into the apartment, letting the door close behind her. "I heard singing and wondered what was going on." She eyes the TV for a moment, then turns back to Vee. "Can we sit for a moment? I have some news." Not, I have some great news. Not I have some bad news. It's just news.

"Do I ever not look like shit?" Veronica tosses back, since that was about the same reaction she got the last time they ran into one another. "It's par for the course, I think — only this time I wasn't even on the course. Just minding my own non-Company business off the clock, if you can believe it. And while I fell asleep at the wheel along with every third motorist in the area, it wasn't even technically my fault."

She leads the two to the couch and picks up the DVD remote to turn the television off — teenage football players mid spin look a little strange in the background. "What's up?" Her brows knit together with worry as she surveys Kat's face.

That must be the day everyone else, including Kat, dozed off and had funky dreams. Despite rumors and news reports of future casting, Kat hasn't yet come to the conclusion that her vision was anything more than your typical dream. She didn't even know the other man in the dream. Whatever.

The worried looks gets a smile from the medic as she shakes her head. "It's nothing serious. I just may not be around as much. I've taken a new job and quitting my job as a paramedic. I wanted you to know, just in case something happened to me." In fact, every piece of paperwork that Kat fills or will fill out will have Veronica's name and number as emergency contact. The closest person she has to family at the moment.

"Oh?" Veronica says, frowning a little. "I thought you liked your job. And you worked so hard in school to get it… are you sure quitting is the right thing to do? I mean, in this economy — if whatever you're doing next doesn't work out, and you had something stable…" Her brows knit as she pulls the blanket back over her bare legs; she's wearing a Berkeley t-shirt and a pair of Brian's basketball shorts. "Does this have something to do with when you said you teamed up with Harrison that one day?"

Again with the smile already. "No. I'll still be a medic, but.." She decides to start from the beginning. "Someone came to my apartment and extended an offer to join Frontline." She recaps her conversation, though doesn't mention Sarisa by name as the person who recruited her, though for no other purpose that it doesn't seem like an important detail.

She talks about discussing it with Elisabeth. "From the first moment it was offered to me, I felt like it was what I was supposed to do. Like it's where I'm supposed to go. I can't explain it other than that. I've joined up with Frontline." She actually seems really happy about this decision.

It's not like she can talk, working for who and what she works for, so any warning that she is working for shady individuals would simply sound hypocritical coming from Veronica's mouth. She nods, slowly, digesting the news. "Well, Harrison's a good person. Stick near her, if you can, and be careful. You can probably do a lot of good working with them, and I know that's the kind of job you want to have. Just be careful, all right? Right now — well, anything that's connected to the government is a little dubious… I'm not a big fan of any governmental organization at the moment, but nothing's black and white," she says as diplomatically as she is able.

Well, Katherine has been on that team as well, though memory is still a little hazy at best. "I know. I'm not going into it blindly, but I think this will be a good change for me. I've sort of been spinning my wheels, and this will give me a better chance to try and challenge my brain a little. It's some sort of intelligence work, though the offer of medical officer was also on the table. I.. just don't think I want to be stuck. I want to be challenged."

The fact that it's mental and challenging brings a smile to Veronica's face — even if she doesn't trust Kershner. "That I can understand," she says lightly. She knows that Kat has come a long, hard way from being dead to losing her memory to getting her personality and intellect back. She isn't going to rain on that parade by a long shot.

"Just be careful. Are you in Harrison's… what do they call them? Squadrons? Platoons? Battalions?" Frontline seems so militaristic to her — very different from what she's used to.

Well, Elisabeth seems to run around at will, doing whatever it is she does. "I'll be working with her, from what I've been told. Apparently word trickled that we worked well together." 'Worked well' is probably overstating that very much. There was a professional respect, but other than that. Clash of morals. Clash of personality. Clash of just about everything else.

"It seems my ability will be put to good use." At least that's what she was told. "I think my personality will enjoy a little bit of structure." She reaches over and takes Vee's hand if she can and gives it a squeeze. "I'll be careful. I promise. And I'll keep in touch. Of course, I should let you know if anything happens to me, they're going to call you." It's mentioned with a smile, a good natured one.

At least this time she has warning — the last time something happened to Kat, Veronica was the one who had to give the okay to pull the plug. Veronica merely smiles, not dwelling on the 'what ifs.' She squeezes the hand with her own. "Okay. Just make sure I know … you know. What it is you'd want," she says quietly. "Not that I plan on having to deal with that, mind you. Because you're going to stay safe, right?" She flashes a grin. Truthfully, the way things are going of late, she's pretty sure she'll outlive Kat.

If Katherine actually remembered that time, she probably would have reconsidered using Veronica in that manner. But honestly, there's really no one she has that she trusts to do it. Except maybe Liz. "When I go out on my first dangerous mission, we'll talk about that and make sure it's clear." She does know the story of when she 'died' and how that fell on Veronica's shoulders, but to her it seems like just that. A story.

"I'm heading out there now to report. I wanted to come by and talk to you about it." She reaches up and touches that gauze bandage on her head. "Do you need me to check this out for you? Anything at all? I am a trained medic now, you know?" She grins at her friend.

The agent laughs and shakes her head. "Nope, it's good. I had doctors and everything look at it, believe it or not," she teases the other. "I was in the hospital all of Thursday and half of Friday, but they cleared me. Just a conked noggin and a bunch of cuts and every freaking muscle in my body feels like I ran a marathon followed by a decathlon followed by a triathlon followed by a game of touch football where I got sacked twenty times, but I'm actually pretty lucky and not going to complain."

She reaches up and catches the hand to squeeze it. "Thanks for coming by and letting me know. I'm really happy you're happy, Kat."

The smile that comes from the medic is genuine. She isn't often touched emotionally, but this would be one of those moments where she is. She returns the handsqueeze and tugs her friend into another hug.

Katherine gives a very soft chuckle. "Seems like I should be the one telling you to take care of yourself then. If you ever need me, you have my number, right?" She pulls back, keeping Vee at just an arms length as she looks her over. "Promise me."

"I promise," Veronica says. The problem is that she's never willing to accept that she needs help — thus never asks for it, even when she should. "And call me if you need me. I'll be there for you, no matter what, all right? And tell Harrison to keep you out of trouble or I'll kick her ass, y'hear? At least until you're all trained and ready to kick your own ass."

She resists the urge for another hug. Katherine grin and nods. "Deal." She steps back and walks towards the door. "I'll let her know. Who knows? Perhaps one day you and I will work together." She grins and opens the door up. "I'll see you around, Vee." With that, she disappears out the door, closing it behind her.

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