When Is Enough Enough?


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Scene Title When Is Enough Enough?
Synopsis On an early Sunday morning, Niki asks Abby an age old question.
Date June 21, 2009

Apartment of Abigail Beauchamp

It's Sunday, which means Abby's getting ready for church. The apartment, though spacious for the cost and location, got a little more crowded the last few days. Not that there's not enough room for everyone. Niki got moved to Abby's room and given the bed - Cause she works and therefore needs good sleep - , Claire got given the Airbed and Abby took the couch. Reasoning that with her night terrors and Leonards, that it made more sense so they didn't wake people up.

But it's Sunday and Abigail's packing up the usual baked goods for after service this morning. Banana loafs carefully wrapped and tucked into tupper containers, followed by blueberry muffins. Shortbread cookies shaped like a vague church outline - for the kids - in their own container. She's got an hour or so before she has to be out the door. Blue hair is still blue. She doesn't know whether it can dyed or not. Still in pyjama's, bit an apron on, Abigail's squaring all that away before getting breakfast started. Having people in the place has had a cathartic effect on her. Instead of being by herself and her mind running to the multiple reasons as to why she's giftless, both divine and scientific, she's focused on taking care of the others. Swamp sludge in abundance for folks, there's fresh bread and she seems to be making french toast this morning.

Only a few hours of sleep, has Niki gotten when she's suddenly awake. It's like she hears her name, but she's not quite sure where it's coming from. A quick peek at the cell phone shows no messages. There have been none since her first visit with Abby. It still seems to function, though she hasn't dropped a dime on in it prepaid fees. She stands up and moves out to use the bathroom, when she sees Abby, and her blindingly blue hair, up and awake this early in the morning.

Dressed in only an oversized shirt that covers her from peeping toms, she is already assaulted by the smells of freshly baked goods. "God, Abby. How early do you get up on Sunday mornings?" Niki herself only came in from Lucy's about 11:00pm, helped Abby out for a few hours before she finally went to bed. She's no where near ready for getting up and if nature wasn't calling, she'd be still tucked in.

"Usually.. Five?" She looks over her shoulder, those tattoo's so visible and poking above the back of her tank top. "Things taste better when baked the day of" She's usually up around 5 or 6 anyways. She is a morning person, and she has to ride across the city anyways to get to school. "Want me to make you some tea or coffee? I was about to make French toast for everyone. Leave it in the oven on low to stay warm" One could imagine that she's very much like her mother.

Minus the tattoo's and hair. "Sorry if I woke you up, I was trying to be quiet"

Waving off the offer for tea and coffee, Niki holds up her hand and then moves into the bathroom with a yawn and closes the door behind her. She comes out moments later and moves over to sit on the couch and tucks her legs underneath her. "I'm not staying up long, I'm afraid. I didn't sleep well and want to try and get a couple more hours in before I head off to Lucy's. Unless you need help with something?" Carrying baked goods, she's willing to do.

"Thanks for staying up last night with me. I'm sorry you heard that. Don't think i'll need help. Besides, I don't' think I've ever seen you step foot in a church" Eggs are cracked one after another into a bowl with one hand. "pass the cinnamon?" She offers up a smile. "Besides work, what's your plan for the day?"

Niki gets up off the couch and moves into the kitchen and finds the cinnamon for Abby, setting it beside her. She leans up against the counter and is about to shrug off the question, when she suddenly recalls. "Oh! I forgot to tell you. I am moving into the apartment next door. I talked to the landlord and it just opened up, and I was able to get an advance on my check. So, you can have your bed back." she smiles as if she's given Abby the greatest news. One normally likes to sleep in thier own bed.

"Oh" One less person. "Uhh.. that's good?" Of course it's good. Abigail realizes just how off that might have come across as. "Food'll be tight for you i'm sure. You're welcome to come on over still and eat. Just cause you'll be on the other side of me, doens't mean that you get to be a stranger Niki. You or.. Jessica" She's a little frowny at it, she somewhat liked having Niki with her. But at least Deckard might be more inclined to show up with less people in the place. He needs the care more than Niki or even Claire do.

There's a warm smile from Niki as she nods. "Of course. It'll be tight, but better than being out there with no place at all. Been there before, Abby. I'll be fine. Of course, if you 'accidently' make too much in your meal and need help finishing it up, please bring it by."

She turns away for a moment, looking out into the other room. "Let me ask you something. Should there ever come a point where you say that you've given enough? Enough for a cause or a cure or for someone else?" After she asks, she cants her head towards her blue haired friend, waiting for an answer.

Abigail picks up a whisk, setting about to fusing all the eggs whites and yolks together, slender brows furrowing. "There is. When you cannot give more of yourself anymore. When the lord says that you've done enough" Like he so recently did to her. "WHy do you ask Niki?" She can split her attention between the eggs and the other woman.

"I've had some friends ask for my help with some of this.." she pauses, as she really doesn't know too much about what all is going down, and that is mostly on purpose. ".. stuff that's going on." Niki drops her gaze down to the pattern in the linoleum on the floor. "I just feel like I've given everything. Everything I had is gone now. I just wondered when it would ever be enough."

"It's enough when you say it's enough Niki. What does Jessica say? SUrely she has an opinon, and since it's the two of you…" She's not counting Gina. She's never met Gina yet though she knows of her.
Niki smirks. "Well, of course Jessica's all for going where the action is. You have met her. Gina's all about having fun. I just want to live my own life again without the worries of 'saving the world' or whatever shit reason they come up with. Maybe it /is/ important, but it's not like they can't do it without me, you know?"

"What do you want to do Niki? I mean, you just done got out of Moab and then were tossed into the future, and now you're back here… listen" The eggs are scrambled enough and she looks at the other woman square on. "You do, what you want to do Niki. You don't owe anyone anything. Not them for getting you back, not them for getting you out of Moab. Not me for your hair and a place to stay"

The look is returned, though Niki chews on her lip for a moment. She can't tell whether Abby is being serious or trying to prove a point. Either way, she knows she's going to continue to be asked to do things, to help with this and that. All she can really do is take them on one at a time. Her bottom lip is released. "You're probably right." She pushes herself off the counter. "Thanks, Abby. for letting me stay. For getting Raquelle. For feeding me. For everything. If you ever need me for something.. something for you.. then you come ask me. Promise?"

"Jessica saved my life Niki. Without her, I'd be a dead frozen Popsicle in January in Brooklyn. She took the steering wheel and kept me alive. You don't owe me, I'm just doing the same with you, that you'd done for me. I'm doing the Christian thing and i'm doing the very thing that a friend would do for her friends. So no thanks Niki. Just get your arse over here for breakfast and for dinner and i'll feed you till you can reciprocate"

Niki starts to walk off, she turns around walking backwards and holding out her hands. "Alright. Alright. But, someday you'll need me, and I expect you to ask." With that, she turns and slips back into the other room, into the bed — probably for the last time in a while. At least until she can afford to buy one.

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