When Life Hands You Lemonade


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Scene Title When Life Hands You Lemonade
Synopsis Robin Hood comes bearing gifts, and not necessarily for the poor.
Date June 28, 2009

The Apartment of Tracy Strauss

It's late at night, and Tracy still hasn't gone out to get new glasses. So there's no soda, no water, no booze, she's actually just sitting on her bed. The room is illuminated by the blusish white glow of her computer screen, the tippity tap of keys being typed chattering through the room. She's tired, but she has a lot of work to do. And she's nervous, very much so. Work takes her mind off of fear, so work is what Tracy is at in her nightgown at this very late hour.

'Robin Hood' has been keeping tabs on his potential employer as she's gone about her day, including her stint at the karaoke bar where he piggy backed on their security system to find her having shots with a cowboy. Interacting with the cash register, he knew all he needed to know.

He's spent a great deal of time accumulating pieces on a topic he's found she's been rather interested in and he's hoping this will be his in with the woman. All he needs is an 'in'. Her PDA lights up, vibrates and rings as he sends the message:

Robin Hood: Seems you've had a bit to drink tonight. I hope you're clear headed at the moment.

The PDA is right next to her bed, on the nightstand. She's able to reach it easily enough, pressing a few buttons to see the message sent to her. Oh, lovely. Just what she needed. And yet, perhaps it was just that. Just what she needed. With a natural grace, Tracy sets her computer aside, one the bed, sitting with one leg underneath her as she types out an answer.

Seeing your name on my phone will always be a perfect way to clear my head.

Robin Hood: Flattery, is it now? Well, perhaps your flattery will be well deserved. I have been doing a little research into a favorite topic of yours and I think I might have some information that might be useful for you in the near future.

Robin Hood is well aware of Strauss' interest in Mortimer Jack as he has been keeping a close eye on her. It pays to know your potential allies, or potential enemies. He's hoping she will be one of the former.

Tracy chuckles softly, perhaps there's still a bit of alcohol in her veins from the karaoke stint with Len. She responds quickly enough.

It's been a rough week, Mister Hood. Some good information now would be a pleasant change.

Robin Hood: Not enough space to send to your PDA. Check your secure email and use your personal encryption to decode. Better to be safe than sorry.

When she checks her email, she'll have several large documents. Nearly complete digital files on the family history of Mortimer Jack. Mother. Father. Sister. The information is nearly complete, missing only a few small Top Secret pieces that Hood had decided against trying to retrieve. He'll leave her to guess how he new she was looking into Jack.

And there is Tracy, taking it all in as she clicks through her laptop. She doesnt answer for several minutes as her eyes scan the screen, the light changing every so slightly as she clicks down to keep reading. Finally, after several moments, she picks up the phone and dials in return.

Very useful. Is it a gift or a trade?

It seems Robin Hood is considering that question. He could ask for something in return, but he's not quite ready for it just yet.

Robin Hood: Consider it a token of what I can do for you. Tell me to leave you be and I will. Certainly someone has use for ability.

Finally, Robin Hood might get some answers that he likes to hear.

If you work for me, you work for me exclusively."

Robin Hood: I'll make you a deal. I won't work for you exclusively, but whatever information I do have, I'll give you first rights. If you choose not to take control and use any information I might have for you, I have the right to use it as I see fit.

Tracy considers. She's got a list of allies, and it's running painfully short. Actually as far as useful allies are concerned, she may as well have none.

Then I get to know who you're sharing information with. At the very least I need to be your number-one client.

Hood considers her proposal for a moment. She's probably the closest he can get to true power within the infrustructure. Unless he goes directly to the President, which he could, if he could trust him. But he can't. He's not even certain he can trust Tracy Strauss. The only thing for certain he knows he has on her is 'need'. She needs him.

Robin Hood: Fair enough. As far as the other, I'm not ready to reveal my identity, so in order for this to work, you'll just have to take me as I am. There's no room for negotiation. I think I've proven what I can do for you and knowing who I am isn't going to make that any better of a deal for you. Do we have a deal?

Tracy types her answer rather easily. She doesnt like making deals, particuarly with unknown entities. But whatever he wanted from her he could get from her without ever speaking to her. So she agrees.

We have a deal, and I already have an assignment for you.

Robin Hood: Go ahead. I'm all ears. Binarily speaking, of course.

Tracy types, the light of the blackberry illuminating her features to a much more slender degree.

Get me everything you know on Pinehearst Biotechnicals. Names, dates, projects.

Little does she know..

It seems it's all come around full circle. Having broke into Pinehearst once was dangerous. Nearly cost him his life. This time..

Robin Hood: It'll take me a while, and this time.. it'll cost you.

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