When Life Hands You Lemons


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Scene Title When Life Hands You Lemons
Synopsis …you make lemonade. You also hash out your difficulties, recruit someone to leadership, and bitch about your biological clocks and romantic hurdles.
Date June 21, 2009

Village Renaissance Building - Rooftop

So much of what Elisabeth has been doing in the past few days is basically using her police position to do Phoenix intel gathering that she almost doesn't even feel guilty anymore. But there are things right now that she's sitting on… a lot of them…. and one of them is sitting really poorly. Cat is convinced that it's time to read Helena in on all the information Elisabeth possesses, and though Elisabeth won't break faith with Richard Cardinal — heh, and isn't Helena gonna have a field day with Liz's choices in men if she sorts that one out! — she does have information to pass along anyway. And maybe it's time to start feeling out the leader of Phoenix on some other things too.

Need to see you, preferably alone. Crisis of faith looming, and I have info for you. —Liz

The text Liz receives in response is a request for her to meet Helena on the roof of the Village Renaissance. Being outdoors is a frequent need of the young blonde's, to be under the sky that she's capable of bending to her will. Summer's in swing, and Helena is sitting on one of a pair of lawnchairs, a pitcher of lemonade and two glasses waiting. She's already sipping hers.

When she arrives, Liz is wearing clothes for the outdoors — a loose, lightweight khak-colored peasant skirt with a dark purple tanktop and a pair of brown leather sandals. So not a cop look. Her blonde hair is caught back in an alligator clip. She pads toward Helena and the lawn chair waiting for her, lowering herself into the unoccupied one with a sigh. "It's beautiful up here," she comments quietly. 70 degrees, sunny, light breeze… doesn't matter if it's natural or Helena-made.

It might be comfortably cool, sitting at that table, even if the actual temperature is a little higher. Either way, both women are comfortable. She starts to pour a second lemonade. "So what's going on, Liz?" Helena asks by way of greeting. "I'd ask if everything was okay, but…" she doesn't finish, and grins instead.

The blonde looks … tired. Strained, a little. But she smiles at Helena. "Cat's been really good at keeping quiet. And like you… I've got some secrets and some things that even if I wanted to pass them on, I've given my word I won't." She looks at the head of Phoenix. "I'm sitting on a lot of bits and pieces, and I'm reasonably sure I don't have a clue where most of them fit in all this. So…. to start with here… do you know what I've been working on lately?"

"I think the smart thing to do in this case is assume that I don't." Helena says promptly, and sips her leomonade. "Begin at the beginning, and when you come to the end, stop."

Elisabeth pffts and leans her head back. "I don't even know where the hell to start," she admits. "Minea trusted her superior, and because she trusted him, I was willing to as well. We've been doing a bit of sharing information — though not much," she says quietly. "And for the second time in the past several months, I'm learning to possibly EVERYONE's detriment that my judgment in people is absolute shit. First Alec manages to get the complete drop on me for weeks and now Len Denton, who admittedly also fooled the hell out of Minea, turns out to be ….. hell, I don't even know WHO he works for, frankly." She glances at Helena. "Though they've shown no interest in me personally, Helena, I'm concerned that I'm highly compromised."

Helena blinks. "You're the one who gave me the information to meet up with and vet Alec." she says, "But are you telling me you've been feeding intel to the Company?" Oh yeah, Helena is suffice to say, not happy.

The cool blue of Elisabeth's gaze doesn't waver. "I've been feeding COMPANY information to the Company, yes. Along with some Pinehearst information. I've worked with Minea since the Narrows; I knew she was DHS, but given how much of what's come down has landed on my plate in a cop capacity, I've had to be pretty careful about what information I can use on the job. For example…." She trails off and says quietly, "The Feds have Teo's name and he's a wanted cop-killer at this point. I can't tell anyone that I know who he is, and I'm steering well clear of the case. And I can't tell anyone that I know who Edward Ray is, also a cop-killer. The cops have his first name but not his last." She sighs heavily. "I passed some information on the time travelers to Minea because the fact of the matter was, Robin Hood took over the body of a former student of mine and I wanted her back. It required a little quid pro quo."

Helena considers that, and then nods, relaxing. "That's fair. If Phoenix specifics aren't compromised, and you're giving them ammo to help in their little war with Pinehearst, all to the better." Then, "Teo needs to be left to his own devices. I'm in limited contact with him, but I haven't had a chance to find out what the deal is with those cops. I'm sure he has a reason, but I don't know what the reason is, yet. I'll try to find out. I don't want anyone knowig that I'm maintaining contact, Liz. After what he did to Sal - which I don't approve of, naturally - it would just confuse people and it would require answering questions I'm not prepared to address yet. I wouldn't have been able to move resources before the air strike if Teo hadn't warned me, though."

Elisabeth looks away from Helena and says softly, "You don't know what he's doing out there. Frankly, I think he's been completely compromised somehow and possessed or something, Helena. You might think he's go reasons for killing a bunch of cops - so far, I'm not entirely sure that's wrong…. but I'm almost a hundred percent sure he's got no reason to hurt our allies." She looks back at the leader of the group. "I don't know what he did to Sal… but I will tell you this much. Sal's not the only ally in trouble. Teo's also damn near killed Richard Cardinal recently, too. Turned him over to Logan on Staten Island, the same sonuvabitch who hurt Abby? Remember him? Cardinal was damn near killed too."

Helena's eyes narrow, but not at Elisabeth. "It doesn't make sense." she murmurs. "I do know something isn't right, but I also know that more than the obvious is going on. Let me see if I can get a handle on it for now, Liz. There's too much inconsistancy about it for me to make the jump toward going after him, and even if we did…our Teo may still be inside there somewhere." She leaves it at that, too complicated to explain. "I've been meaning to ask you something, just haven't had a chance to get ahold of you."

"There's a lot that's not right, Helena," Elisabeth says quietly. And maybe the younger woman is getting a clue about why she said she was having a crisis of faith here. "Ask," she says as she looks out over the cityscape before them. She seems to be debating what more to say right now, and biding her time at the moment.

"Until I can figure out why Teo or whoever it is still feeding me intel that has so far proven accurate an helpful, but is doing all those things? I'm not going to try and interfere with him directly, and I don't want anyone else to." Helena says firmly. Then, "Cat's role in our group has become something a bit less like what was originally concieved and bit more like my right arm. We've already discussed Teo, and Brian is focused on the Lighthouse. I'd like you to move into one of their roles, serve as a lieutenant. I know the position's authority isn't clear, but you already do a lot of the advisory stuff, you have initiative to tackle problems, and you have tactical know-how."

The elder blonde is silent for a long time. So long that the thought perhaps crosses that she didn't even hear the question. Finally, however, Elisabeth speaks and her words are something of a non sequitor. "Conrad's been on my mind a lot lately," she says softly. "He once said to me that he thought you were a damn good kid with a lot of potential. And I find myself hoping that he's right…. and not being sure what to do." She never looks toward Helena as she talks. "He didn't believe in the terrorist bullshit, and I find myself right now at a crossroads…. taking down Arthur Petrelli is my bottom line. And I wonder what he would have done… how he would have responded to what's happened and what we know." Elisabeth smiles faintly. "He told me months ago the same thing Richard said to me this week…. that I need to decide which side of what line to stand on, because I'm playing too many sides here; cop, Phoenix, Company, his."

Now she finally looks at the other woman. "If I take this position, you and I need to really have a talk. Because while I believe in what you want to do and I've been behind most of it…. I'm hitting my line in the sand here. And I'm going to advocate and push for some types of information sharing that you're going to balk at. I have lines that I won't cross, not for any reason. And if Phoenix as a group crosses them, I'm gone."

"I think regardless of whether you took the position you'd want to have that talk. Which is fair, because there are things you may seem to think are the least of our worries that I'm going to ask you to make changes regarding if you do this. But your concerns seem bigger, if not more clear. For example, I don't know if you see Arthur Petrelli as the bottom line in terms of us needing to take him down, or not doing so." Helena leans back, enjoys the cool air surrounding them in the summer heat, and says, "So tell me what your intentions are, and we can decide if we're still on the same track with things."

Elisabeth blows out a breath and considers. "Taking down both the Company and Pinehearst is definitely a priority for all of us - those of us Phoenix and those of us who are not that I've been working with. That fiasco out on Staten this weekend? I've been told that it was an authorized strike, and though the news may say otherwise, I'm willing to believe my source because they never scrambled the jets off the Air Force base in New Jersey to attempt to track them. They never scrambled anyone to attempt to help over there. Staten really has become a No Man's Land in the worst possible sense, and I'm reasonably sure that my source is also right in that they're going to use it to get FRONTLINE up and running and on the ground out there." She nibbles her lip. "I think Arthur Petrelli has literally gone around the bend … and I know that Cardinal has in his possession some bit of information that is crucial to Petrelli. Because Arthur Petrelli has been personally chasing him down, cut off his hand in the confrontation before Richard could escape." There's a pang there, but it's buried - Abby will be able to help soon. "Whatever it is he's got, he's using it to put his OWN gambit in play out there, and I think….. Helena, he's asked me to hold Phoenix back on making a move on the Fort Lee facility, and I think we should listen to the man. Whatever he's been doing out there, he's given me good intel all along."

Helena seems to think there's more, so for the moment she just nods, indicating that Elisabeth should continue.

Crossing her legs and waggling her free foot now, Elisabeth considers. "There are a bunch of things I don't know, but there are some that I've been sitting on. Like… for example, a lot of what I've been doing hte past month is tracking down young Niles Wight and young Robin Hood in an attempt to subvert their intended futures. I've been tracking down Founders and verifying some intel Cat has in her possession. And I've been chasing down scientists who worked on the formula — and he's now missing." She considers. "I still have no idea where the other half of the formula is, nor who the human catalyst is." She's trying to lay it out for Helena.

Finally, Elisabeth says quietly, "Helena…. I'm not one to countenance terrorist actions. When I first came on board, some of what got talked about sounded far more like PARIAH actions than what you said you wanted for Phoenix. But…. Phoenix is moving in the vigilante direction. And frankly? I'm not even sure I can see the line in the sand anymore. My loyalties and my trust are in people, not in this organization. You want my help running it, then…. you and I and Cat do need to… be as on the same page as possible. And while I know that's going to sometimes mean keeping secrets from one another, it's also going to mean …. trusting each other to move or NOT move just because one party asks for it." She's not sure that makes sense, and she looks at the younger woman. "I've given my word not to tell certain pieces of information to you because the person who told them to me pretty much expects that if you know them, you'll fuck up and move on them before it's time. And I don't know what to do with that, because I trust the source as much as I trust you and Cat."

Helena blinks a good bit at that, her expression becoming wry. But she doesn't automatically jump to her own defense, and instead says, "Let's go over everything you laid down bit by bit. Is that okay with you?"

Elisabeth nods easily to Helena. "Sure." She grins a bit. "At this point, I figure might as well lay it all on the table here. You'll have to take me as you get me, so you might as well know what you're getting."

Helena nods. "Okay. Taking down the Company and Pinehearst. I'm down with this. The problem is knowing who the lesser evil is, and how far we support one over the other to achieve our goals, while understanding that both are out to get us. I'm certainly willing to withhold from any kind of assault on Pinehearst, and currently on the agenda is attempting to do some discreet intelligence gathering. Alec is actually in charge of organizing that, and I'll be asking Lucrezia if she's willing to assist that with her little creepy crawlies."

Arthur absolutely is around the bend, and what's worse, he's gotten Gabriel Grey's full array of powers, and somewhere along the line he's taken Peter with him. He still thinks - or as of the last time I talked to her, we still think he thinks - that Gillian is his agent. It seems Peter and Gabriel went to him to try and fix their power swap situation and he wound up attacking them both. Peter's alive but badly hurt - crippled, and seemingly buying his dad's party line. Gabriel escaped after a prisoner in Pinehearst, a woman named Delphine, managed to give him his ability back. She's presently being shuffled from safehouse to safehouse by her own request to keep moving, and she's fixing the folks who've come to her so far. We're doing our part by protecting her and keeping her in adequate parts Vicodin and booze at her own request. There's a line of folks who still need to see her. The first person she fixed was Cat, after Arthur had pretended to be Cat's dad and stealing her ability and tossing her out a window in the home she grew up in over in Hartford before setting it on fire. Are we good so far?"

Elisabeth nods slightly. "I asked Cat to bump Abby to the front of the line if possible on that one," she tells Helena quietly. "Alec is damn good at what he does, but … to be frank, Richard seemed to think that if he goes in there, he'll be dead. It's a good possibility. But that's an aside, so onward from there…. "

"Alec won't be the one going, either way. He's just set to plan the operation for others to go if necessary. And I want to ask Lucrezia if she'll help us first, and if she will, see what information can be gathered from her bugs before-hand." A pause. "You need to talk to Alec, by the way. There's something he wants to tell you that isn't mine to say." She moves onward then. "I'm curious about the air-strike, as I got a recent request from Ibragimov to keep the skies clear recently. He'd approached me about having Phoenix help Chicago Air clean up the island and I told him we weren't a police force - and that it didn't necessarily serve our interests at that point to clean it up. But I also don't necessarily consider finding out the truth on the air strike as our highest priority - at least, not right now. If you think I should add it to the worry-nows, let me know why. But I can at least assure you no aggressive assaults on Pinehearst are being planned at present."

"I know a little something about Niles. I have no problem with what you're doing with him. I don't know much about Robin Hood, but assumed it was Wireless' baliwick to manage. As to the formula…Teo stole the samples. He still has them, he hasn't destroyed or used, to my knowledge, and from what I can see he's keeping them out of Arthur's hands. I don't know who the catalyst is, either, or where the other half of the formula is. I do know the samples we had from the future? They work. I saw it in action."

Elisabeth listens and doesn't seem to disagree with anything in the first part… including the decision on Staten. It's not what Phoenix is up to, though as a cop, she wants to be out there in the worst way. "I don't think it's a worry-now, no," she replies quietly. And Helena's the second person to tell her to talk to Alec. "I'll catch Alec tomorrow or something," she tells the other blonde. But her eyebrows shot to her hairline at the information that Teo has the samples. "What the fuck does TEO, or whoever's possessed him, want with the samples? How do you know they're not already in Arthur's hands??" she demands, sitting upright in the lawn chair, her eyes intent on Helena.

"So far all he's done is hold them." Helena says calmly. "I'm not happy about it, but there is a logic in not keeping them in one place. If they were already in Arthur's hands, Pinehearst would have made a move, and both Delphine and Gillian likely would have known about it. Delphine's been kept prisoner because of that experiment, and he doesn't have her anymore. Everything about it all screams holding pattern, for the present."

There's a slow nod and she mulls that over. "I've been wondering what the hell Richard got his hands on that has Arthur's panties in such a wad," she comments thoughtfully, settling back into the chair and picking up the lemonade for the first time. "He won't tell me, but I suspect he either knows who the human catalyst is… and maybe WHERE they are, or else he's got the other half of the formula." She can't hide the concern for the man's continued safety. "The best thing we can do right now is leave him to handle himself…. but get him healed up." She considers. "You said you've had limited contact with Teo…. what do you think is going on with him?"

Helena shakes her head. "I'm not ready to speculate." she says. "Does Richard know that Deckard has Abby's power right now? He could go to him. I'm assuming Deckard is also the source who doesn't trust me with knowing information and expecting me to be reactionary?" she shrugs. "I know what I want to do, and what we need to be doing. The problem is, there's no one else doing anything about all those other problems."

Elisabeth glances at Helena and says, "Deckard's the only reason Richard is still alive at this point. Healed him up when he got free of Logan. Not sure what precisely happened when Arthur caught up with him, but Richard's laying real low right now. Refusing even safe house offers and everything else. Abby tells me he's somehow been rendered immune from being tracked, though, so …. in terms of growing back limbs, however, I'd feel more comfortable if it were Abby in control of her abilities." She pauses and considers, "In point of fact, I've never spoken to Deckard about you. The trick now, Helena, is to pick which problems are the ones we're going to handle…. and fuck the rest of them."

"That's pretty much exactly what I want to do." Helena admits. "Though I'm curious - I won't press you to tell me what whoever it is doesn't want me to know, but I would like to know who's asking you not to tell me things."

Elisabeth tilts her head, considering. And then says, "Cardinal brought me a case. Wanted me to look someone up. It turned out to be a far bigger deal than we thought, leading us to the entire roster of original founders. And I tapped a few other sources and pulled locations. He asked me to sit on it. He said Adam Monroe would kill me for the knowledge, and so …. to be on the safe side, I did put it where it can be gotten to, but … aside from one visit north over the weekend, I haven't done anything additional to move on it. So here's what I'm thinking - let Monroe take down the Company, and all the rest of us will focus on Pinehearst and taking down Monroe. Since he's the one who tried to launch the virus a couple decades ago anyway, and likely behind Volken's attempt to do so last year, I think he's a pretty big threat."

Helena takes a long swallow of lemonade, silent for a bit and frowning as she mulls it over. "Would we go so far as to try and touch base with him and let him know that we won't get in his way?" she asks. "In so far as taking down the founters. I think things have kind of gotten so far beyond the founters at this point it isn't even funny. They may have built the zoo, but I don't think they're really the zookeepers anymore."

"That's the problem, as I see it. And before I can give you an answer to that, I have to get Richard to trust me enough to talk to me about what his gambit is out there," Elisabeth sighs. "He's been working with Ibrigamov and that group from the start. He was in Japan with them, he's the one who stole the half of the formula that we assume they've already got their hands on…. Cat tells me we're thinking Adam's working for Arthur, but…. I get the impression that maybe that's not entirely the case? I just don't know, Helena. There are too many bits and pieces that Richard won't tell me about." She grimaces. "And since I'm sitting here pretty much betraying his confidence as it is, I'm not entirely sure I blame the man for clamming up," she sighs.
"I think that might be one of the things that at the moment, we'd best not touch." Helena says. "Adam Monroe's too much of a wildcard for us to try to steer in any direction. Anything I can do to help make things better with Richard?"

Elisabeth offers Helena a grin. "Eh… it'll work itself out; I think he's got tons of pieces of information and doesn't quite know what to do with 'em either. So…. assuming when I next run across him I can convince him that Phoenix can be a help and not a pain in his ass or get him killed…." She shrugs. "We'll see what he's got on his plate. Mostly…. it just leaves us sort of in a holding pattern ourselves. And while I'm seriously chomping on the bit to actively do something against these bastards, if there's already a workable plan in play, I'd rather play support roles to that than step in any cow patties, if you know what I mean."

Helena grins a little bit. "So going through all that, are you for the most part if not happy, at least satisfied you're up to date?"

There's a snort. "I'm reasonably okay on the up to date part," Liz acknowledges. "Mind if I ask you something? And …. " She pauses. "Shit, Helena, if my future self told you not to tell me, that's fine I guess. But …. Norton said something that just weirds me the hell out, and I don't really know what to do with it." She looks at the younger woman. "Did I really have a kid with him?"

"I forget if I actually met him." Helena admits, "But you told me about him, yeah - I saw a picture. He was cute." Talking about people's future-children for some reason brings a dark look to Helena's eyes. "You realize though, that future's not going to happen?"

"Yeah, see…. that's the thing that's got me weirded out," Elisabeth admits quietly. "Never thought much about having kids, and then I tripped over that information. And now …. well, it's not so much that I expect that future, but knowing that it happened somewhere has me thinking now about what I want for my future. It's not… really something that I think about much. I'm not the marrying sort," she admits with a grin. "I think if Con were still around, I might could maybe see a long-term non-marriage," she says with a shrug.

"I don't know that you necessarily got married." Helena says. "And to be honest, some of Norton's choices of late seem very shallow end of the gene pool to me." She winces, and then shrugs. "Look…I believe that people being together can't stop happening because we're in the middle of what is more or less a war. But kids…and a secure future? It's far away enough that it's not something I think about."

Elisabeth laughs. "Well, you've got almost a decade before YOUR biological clock slaps you in the face," she tells the blonde weatherwitch. "Mine just reared up and decked me!" She shrugs easily. "Norton's choices are…. his choices. I'm starting to realize that at rock bottom, he's a protector. He always has been; it's what drew the two of us together after the Bomb. And I'm not sure he'll adjust to not needing to be that for me. Guess we'll see," she offers mildly. Looking out at the sky, she goes quiet a long moment. "So…. you really want me to help run this ragtag group of crazy people?"

Helena nods. "I do, but I'd also ask that before you launch into Chicken Little Mode, you stop and take a breath. It is not game over, game over man, and I think we've managed to pull stuff off enough times for you to have a little faith." She grins faintly. "Babies, me? I barely have time to practice making 'em."

"You should definitely make the time to practice that part," Elisabeth nods sagely and then grins wickedly at Helena. "I got a little black book you can borrow, if you wanna…. though I doubt my men'll be to your taste," she teases. And then she shrugs slightly. "I shall do my level best to not imitate Chicken Little anymore," she laughs.

Helena turns faintly pink. "I'm taken." she says, her smile vaguely fading. "I think."

Elisabeth reaches out and squeezes Helena's arm gently. "Yeah…. been there too," the elder blonde says mildly. "You ever need an ear, feel free." Then she chuckles softly. "If Wozniak could see us now, he'd ….. let's see…. crow over the fact that I'm sucker enough to take this job, first off. And then chuckle over the fact that you and I are sitting here like this." She turns her head to look at Helena. "You're gonna do him proud, kid. I promise."
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"Oh god, Liz - it's complicated. Stuff I saw in the future, it - " she shakes her head. "I've been keeping it to myself." She lets herself grin again. "If I live long enough to spawn, at least one of them will be named Conrad, I think."

Elisabeth laughs softly at the last, and there's sympathy in her eyes. "I can't imagine what you saw in the future, Helena. But if you need to talk about it, you can talk to me. It'll stay between us." No matter how hard that is on Liz herself. "Everyone needs someone to talk to."

Helena runs a hand through her and makes a puttery sound with her lips, looking away. "I've been trying to keep this a secret. I haven't told Cat because I don't want her to dwell on a future that won't happen, because she remembers everything and she could just get…caught up in it, you know?"

"Me too." Helena says. "In this future, in 2011, the man I'm presently in love with proposes to me. I accept, and eight days later while I'm giving a lecture at Columbia University, fourteen people are killed in a suicide bombing by a member of Humanis First. I'm one of them." Before Elisabeth can express her shock, Helena continues, "Some months later, he marries someone else. Not just someone…Gillian. Gillian Childs, you know her. And what's more…they have a kid."

There's an immediate flinch, and Elisabeth's expression is entirely sympathetic without pity. "Shit, Helena…. I'm damn sorry to hear that," she says quietly. "But you said yourself…. the future isn't set. That future isn't happening. Just knowledge of it changes things."

"Oh, wait." says Helena, in a tone that she's not sure whether to rage or laugh or just throw her hands up in the air. "This timeline's Gillian? Has decided she's fallen in love with him. This timeline's version of Peter. Only right now he's so messed up by his father he probably thinks the sun sets in the east if Daddy said so. But she's an ally, technically a member of Phoenix…and in my less generous moments, I just want to stick her feet in cement and shove her into the Atlantic. Does that make me a bad person?"

Elisabeth literally facepalms. "Oh Christ….." She starts to laugh. "No, Helena…. it makes you just like every other woman out there." She looks at the younger woman and just shakes her head. "And I thought I had it bad, falling for criminals constantly," she teases gently.

Helena makes a little 'ta-da!' flourish with her hands and bows her head. "Anyway. It's so soap opera that I try not to think about it too much. I mean…I don't want to read into things and I certainly don't want to tell Peter about the future…I don't think it would go over well. So I try not to think about it or like I said, read into the possibility of something between them."

Elisabeth just shakes her head. "Damn…. You need a stiff drink, sitting on that for all this time," Liz says. "Let's throw some vodka in that lemonade."

Helena is, as Conrad often called her, a little lush. "You got any? Oh! You want to see something?"

Elisabeth smirks. "No, but I know where Cat keeps it," she says. "Sure, show."

Helena digs into her pocket, produces an ID. She holds it out to Liz. It's an excellent fake, and it lists Hel's name as Evelyn Wozniak. Liz will get the last name of course, and explains further, "Evelyn was my mom."

Elisabeth studies the ID and smiles, her expression affectionate. "He'd be flattered," she says. And then she snickers. "Nah… he wouldn't. He'd laugh his ass off," she then says as she looks at Helena with a grin. "But I think he'd be flattered too."

Helena tucks it back away. "I miss him." she says. "I wish he were here to tell me what to do. Cameron, too."

There's a bit of a nod. "Yeah…. I miss him too," Elisabeth says quietly. "He was a complete pain in the ass, pissed me off more often than not just to see me get riled." She smiles faintly. "But I think I might have loved the asshole," she admits with a grin. "Stupid as that sounds." She shrugs a bit. "He was a good man when you got past the rough edges." She nudges Helena and gets up to go fetch the vodka for that lemonade. "We'll work it out, girl. We'll work it out. C'mon. Let's go have that drink."

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