When The Boss Is Away


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Scene Title When The Boss Is Away
Synopsis Danika gets a free drink Faith dances on the bar and meets Felix who discusses name origins with her and Danko? Well. Danko's doing some recon. And everything on tap was half off for ladies night.
Date July 24, 2009

Old Lucy's

When the boss is away then the mice will play. It's ladies night and what does that mean? Means if you don't have the man bits, your drinks are half off. Oh yes it's ladies night, and the mood is right. That's not to say that there aren't guys there, heck there's three of them at the bar and red headed Brenda is right there serving them all the alcohol that their wallets can bear. Jolene is in the middle shakign her hips back and forth to some rolling stones tune that pours from out of the sound system, and Destiny is at the far end of the bar near the exit sign, letting some woman take body shots off her. Live music is not till much later tonight.

Faith enters Old Lucy's — it's crowded, as it usual is on such nights. She makes her way up to the bar and slides in to the left of the row of the three men. Her blond head nods in time to the music as she waits for the bartender to take notice of her, some cash and her ID card cupped in her hand; she always gets carded, so she's prepared. She slips onto the bar stool and glances at the tap to see her options.

Danika walks in and immediately wrinkles her nose. There is a glance to each side of the room as she starts towards the men. Her eyes sparkle with mischief as she tries to take in everything going on around her. Slowly, her smirk is given away to a smile; no less cruel though.
'What can I getcha sugah" It's not the southern tones of the new owner, but red headed Brenda has one hand on the bar and the other on her hip, a wink offered up. "Everything on the tap is half off tonight, we're calling it the 'while the boss is away" special" One of the guys, now neglected by Brenda, looks over at Danika as the psychologist makes her entrance and offers her a smile.

"Whatever cider's on tap would be great," Faith says with a toothy smile to Brenda, before glancing toward Danika as the woman nears the bar. "New owner? Is that a good thing or a bad thing, in the eyes of the workers?" Faith adds with another grin. "I wish someone would replace my boss." The blonde pulls one foot under her on the barstool so she sits a bit higher and leans on the counter.

Danika lifts her hand to brush back her red-gold curls. Danika takes the moment to lean in towards the guy and set her hand upon his hand. "It seems like forever since we met. Don't you remember? It's Julia, from the party?" The man will oddly get a vision of a party which he met her and promised her a drink or three on his tab.

"Isabelle died. Washed up on Coney Island. Hope they catch the rat bastard who did it" Cider it is though, and Brenda leans back to grab at a rope hanging from a bell and ringing it. "God Rest Isabelle's soul, may the firey bitch find peace!" Spoken in a kindly fashion and there's whoops from around the bar and lifting up of glasses before everything goes back to as it was. The cider on tap is tapped and a glass filled. "Abigail seems to be the boss now"

Well not all things go back to normal, not for Jacob, nope. 'Heeeey Julia!" Implanted memory taking hold. 'Sugar! It's been too long" Jolene finally gets to that section. "What can I get you! Welcome to Lucy's"

"Whatever Julia wants, I promised her a few " Jacob says.

Faith makes a face, mouth grimacing as eyebrows rise in surprise. "Shit, I'm sorry, I was only kidding around. I wouldn't have asked, just figured it was one of those new management kinda things, nothing like… murder. God. Sorry." Faith takes the cider and raises it along with the others who toast to Isabelle, then takes a long hard swallow to help quench her embarrassment at her faux pas.

"Why thank you…" Danika starts as her mind quickly searches his for his name, "Jacob, right? That is so sweet of you." She turns her smile on Jolene. "I'll take whatever is the most expensive on the menu." She keeps her hand upon Jacob's for now as she she glances around at the others. Her eyes fall to Faith with a smile upon her lips.

There's a tap to the mirror that lines the back of the bar. "This isn't a restaurant lady. That's the scotch" Which she pulls down from behind her, holding it up as if waiting for approval. Jacob just nods and grins, two fingers held up.

"Nah, Isbaelle'd just laugh. Now we got the Nun owning this place! But nothing much has changed"

The young blonde woman laughs a little at the bartender's response to "Julia," and reaches to grab a handful of peanuts from the bowl on the counter. "The Nun?" Faith asks and gives a little shake of her head. "Weird bar. Not that it's not a nice one, mind you." Always polite, Faith Kelly. She gives a little nod to "Julia," and watches the bartender pour the Scotch.

Danika gives a sweet smile that never actually hits her eyes and removes her hand from Jacob's. Her aquamarine eyes move across the waitstaff and then the bar itself. "How long has this place been open?" Her voice altering to a sultry come hither soprano.

'Eh, give it two minutes. It's about to be that time" Brenda offers up a really wicked smile as she gets one last drink served up to someone, her red ponytail flipping to one side as she looks over to the others. "wanna join us girly?" The offer to Faith.

"Going on ten months now? Didn't fare too bad with the curfew, still don't" Whiskey poured for the both of them as Jacob pays for the drinks. "Pretty popular. And you're about to see why" And with that, and the nod to Brenda, the music kicks up about three times what it was, people squealing and the guys all grinning throughout the bar. Jacobs let his attention drift away from Danika and up to Jolene as all the bartenders grab bottles of hard alcohol and get up on the bar starting to dance along to the music in none too tame ways. Brenda offers a hand to Faith.

Those constantly-surprised looking eyebrows shoot up at the first invitation — she doesn't know what Brenda means, but when the music blasts and the bartenders climb up on the bar, Faith laughs. She keeps one hand on her drink and takes Brenda's hand in the other and manages to climb up on the bar with just a minor slosh of the drink (something her less-graceful twin Hope would envy). She may not know what she's doing, but she manages to dance along with the others, laughing merrily all the while. The fact she's wearing a short denim skirt and a low-cut tank top earns some praise from the men in the bar.

Danika takes the whiskey into her hand and pulls it closer as the women hop up on the bar. The proverbial light bulb lights up above her head as she looks around the bar and then back to the women dancing. She takes a pull of the alcohol, but for now she just watches.

Man, the cat's away, the mice all act like rats. Not that Abby's much of a cat. Not that Fel's yet aware that Abby's out of town for a while - the Fed comes wandering in, wearing dark jeans, a white t-shirt, and no glasses, for once. The show is a distraction, whether impromptu or not, and he's nearly run down by a patron coming in behind him.

Jacobs forgotten Danika and her whiskey, more entertained and cheering on in his seat as others crowd the bar, pressing in behind Danika and around her. "Line em up! Drink em down! make a lot of sound!" Yells Jolene as she waves the vodka bottle. "Five bucks a shot!" Where's the glasses? Nowhere. By the looks of everyone who's lined up with mouths open and faces tilted up. Five spots are waved in the air and she leans over, upending the bottle and splashing a good moutful into everyones mouth, plucking money as she walks along. Sure, they get about 2 dollars worth, but it's all in the fun and games.

Brenda's up on the bar, rubbing hips and bumping them with Faith, holding the tequila in her hand like a microphone and singing along to the loud rock song playing. When Felix wanders in, she points to him - he is a regular - and crooks a finger, beckoning him over before motioning for Faith to open her mouth. Free booze!

The tallish photographer leans her head back, her blond hair trailing down her back as she makes like a baby bird with her mouth open for the mouthful of tequila that Brenda intends to pour. She's not sure what she expected from the joint, but hey, it will at least make for a good story. She'll have to bring Hope back next Ladies' Night.

Danika scrunches up her nose as the people press against her. She murmurs something in the way of good-byes to Jacob and ducks beneath the people trying to get to the bar. Her whiskey left upon the bar, but out of the way of the dancing. There is a shake of her curls as she moves from the first set of people. Long fingers take the time to press down her clothing and smooth them down. At the same moment, she looks to determine the exit.

Oh, Lee will just -love- it if he comes home reeking of tequila and womens' perfume. But sense has never stopped Felix before and it surely doesn't now. He obligingly sidles towards the bar, but he does not assume the baby bird position. He can slop liquor all overhimself, thank you.


The chant is across the bar, and felix knows well that this happens every hour on the hour. Brenda wet her hand, pours a little salt, let faith lick, mouthful of tequila and then a lemon wedge offered up to bite on. All within the face of Felix who gets a bit of Brenda's calves.

Danika doesn't get off that easy as Jacob peels away from the bar, his hand coming down on her arm. "Julia, what's up? Why you taking off, I promised you some drinks!" He doesn't sound happy that she's taking off. "Gonna go meet another guy?"

Faith is in some ways still rather innocent, and she blushes as she licks Brenda's hand, swallows the tequila and bites into the lemon wedge, wrinkling her nose, shaking her head and stomping her feet at the riot of flavors and sensations that come from that almighty trinity of the tequila shot ritual. She chases with a long drink from her hard cider, which earns a few cheers from onlookers.

Danika stops as she feels a hand on her arm and there is a cleansing breath that leaves her lips. Although, her eyes spark with twin blue flames of annoyance. She then turns those eyes to look at the offending party. Then she blinks. "OH! Um.. Jacob. I just.. you know, I'm such an innocent woman. It was just so much to handle. You go back and enjoy yourself. I have.. another man? No, of course not."

Tequila and lime is better than vodka and pickles. Yet another reason he's glad he's immigrated. Also the relative lack of corruption, permafrost, and endemic fatalism. Fel doesn't angle himself into the line of those eager for a mouthful of Cuervo. Not yet.

"Nuh uh Julia, Don't play coy with me. I bought you a drink and you barely touched it. Your gonna stay. Or we can go out through the back" they're close enough to be overheard by the bar and those at it, despite the music. The hand on Danika's arm tightens painfully. Jacobs not letting go and insistent, tugging Danika back to the bar.

"ooooohhhh weeeeee! You go Chica!" And the music is dying down, the song short, sweet and down right fun. Jolene hops down and grins to Felix. "One Gimlet, coming up!" They know his likes. Oh yes indeed. The blonde flounces about preparing the drink for the fed.

The bar is hopping, ladies night, everything on tap is half off. Scrawled across the mirrored bar back is the words "when the boss is away" in lipstick.

Old Lucy's a happening place. Emile Danko is not a happening person. He's opted for black leather despite the relatively balmy breeze outdoors, coat cut close against the barest shape of something holstered beneath his left shoulder. It's probably not a banana. Bald, short, old and entirely uninterested in the swing and beat of music and bodies all around, how he manages to make it in from the door to the bar without occurring interference or any second looks along the way is a mystery. …Or not, given that he looks like the sort to wear a badge on his belt and a fair fraction of the clientele probably made their way in with fake IDs. In any case, one second the bar is occupied by the usual sort of crowd and Felix, the next it is occupied by the usual crowd, Felix, and Danko.

Faith grins and hops off the bar, done with her moment in the limelight. It's a little less graceful getting down, since she has to crouch, make it into a sitting position, and hop to get both feet on the floor before claiming her barstool once more. In the process, she notices Danko — he definitely doesn't look the sort to be here. She raises a brow and turns back to the front of the bar. "Good times, thanks," she says to Brenda, lifting her cider in a little toast.

Danika will not mind wipe him. She will not watch him twitch on the floor. There is a calming breath as she offers softly. "Really, Jake, I'd be happy to finish my drink, if you would be happy to let go of my arm." Her lips curving into an openly cruel smile. "It would be bad if something happened to you for hurting me." There is a pause as her eyes fall towards Danko and the fact that he almost screams cop. Her lips press together just a bit as she waits.

Ironically enough, the actual cop looks like a grad student, at the moment. He's packing heat, himself - the t-shirt he's wearing prints the Walther's outline occasionally, back of the hip, though it's not too obvious. He note Danko and immediately loses the sort of cheerfully dim expression of a man quite happy to drink and let others carouse around him. He's holding the gimlet as if he'd forgotten it, eyeing Danko askance.

Maybe it's the impression Danko gives off, maybe it's the gun that's so close to him, but Jacob backs off, a sneer on his face. "Nah, not worth it. You'd be a cold fish anyways. I can't remember if you put out" Jacob shrugs his shoulders, letting go and turning back to the bar.

"No problem Girly. What's your name?" Brenda inquires of Faith, shoving out drink after drink with a great deal of flair. "Never seen you in here before" Up goes a martini shaker, empty, flipping a few times in the air and then hanging there before going back down. Jolene at the end give Brenda a wink when the redhead has a briefly annoyed look on her face. "Jolene!" But back to making the drink she goes.

Jolene jsut grins, sidling up to where Danko rests at the bar. "Hey stranger! Welcome to Old Lucy's. Tap is half off, what can I getcha?"

Brows level and shoulders sloped slack with lazy confidence that vastly outstrips the stature God vested upon him, Danko absorbs the stares he manages to pick up like a piece of matte black paper absorbs light. He's deathly pale for all that he seems otherwise sober, healthy and alert, expression impossible to read until he tilts a sideways look over at the flat front of Felix's t-shirt, lifeless eyes skimming down, down, down to more southerly regions in due time. By the time they lift back to the younger man's face, there's a ghost of a pull at the corner of his mouth. Up. The same direction one of his brows goes a-tilting when he angles his head back at Jolene's greeting. "Whatever's on tap."

"Faith. Faith Kelly," the now-out-of-breath leggy blonde tells Brenda with a grin. She taps her now-empty glass. "Another cider when you have a chance," she says. Like she needs more alcohol." She glances over at Felix and then Danko, sensing the tension. She might not be Evolved, but it's not like their postures don't scream it. "You?" she asks the bartender, grabbing a handful of peanuts and popping them into her mouth.

Fel's answering stare is flat, a hair displeased. Yes, I'm carrying. Yes, you spotted it. There is no swagger in reply - he's not some ganger out looking to prove his machismo in terms of high calibers. He nods absently at Danko. Hey, maybe he's another dick cop, they're a dime a dozen in the big apple. HE props himself up on the bar with an elbow, goes back to nursing his gimlet. Cheap bastard.

"hey Faith! I'm Brenda!" She offers up, introducing the other bartenders. "There's karaoke in the back if your interested" Another cider is poured and slid across to her in exchange for money. "You dance pretty good. Betcha can't get Felix over there to get up on the bar and dance with you"

Jolene see's the looks both are giving each other and raises her brows. "Now now boys, don't make me carry you out that do. Play nice" Even as something yellow with a good head of foam on it is slid across to Danko. "You don't look the type who comes here often" this spoken to Danko. Felix obvious has always been here and someone passing by gives his ass a good grab and squeeze.

Faith's glance is met with one in equal measure, cool and dry as a slab of slate the way it touches on her face. Not impolite, necessarily. Just uncomfortable. Perhaps especially so given that he's already flipping out a crisp five and pulling back from the bar despite having only just ordered, left hand trailed lazily across the polished wood after him. The five dollar bill is flicked to a rest near the untouched beer, and with a mild, "I'm not," he turns to make his way out again, as inexplicable in his exit as he was in his entrance.

Wide green eyes turn to glance from Danko's cool glance to Felix as Brenda nods to him. "I don't take losing bets, sorry… I don't think he knows how," she says in a conspiratorial stage-whisper to Brenda, grinning that toothy grin a bit. She watches Jolene for a moment, the little trick with the martini shaker having caught her eye, but she just grins again at the tough girl act given to the two men locked in mutual dislike. "It's a fun place. My sister would like it," Faith adds to Brenda.

Felix startles as he's groped, looking after the one doing the groping with surprise but no real indignation. He nods idly at Jolene, but he's still obviously distracted by Danko….and not in any pleasant fashion. He watches the bald man leave, eyes narrowed.

Well, Jolene's frowning. What the hell is up with that guy anyways. Cheap bastard too. Then beer is shoved off onto someone who's the lucky recipient of Danko's generosity and the money tossed into the till. "aww Faith, maybe next time. I'll see if you and Patrick can get up on the bar and dance. or maybe your sister hmm?" And look, fresh meat, another guy, someone named Andrew and obviously a regular to beth because she's diverting her attention there, leaning over to give an eyeful and offer up a kiss. Danko isn't stopped.

"Patrick? He doesn't look like a Patrick. Maybe a … Henry," Faith says. Perhaps the one full glass of cider plus the shot in the mouth of tequila has started to hit the system. She sips from her cider and smiles at Felix. "No offense, of course. Patrick's a nice name. So's Henry. There are kings named Henry," she adds, helpfully.

Fel's jerked out of his little reverie, and peers over at Faith. "What, what? Me? My name is Felix," he says, blinking at her, and then at Brenda. And then he peers down at the gimlet, as if it might've been drugged.

'Faith meet Felix, Felix, meet Faith" Brenda breaks enough from her schmoozing of the other male clientele.

"Huh. Not Patrick or Henry but Felix. I don't know if there's any kings named Felix," Faith says, but lifts her glass in a little toast. "There is, however, a cat." She smiles as if she's clever. Yep, the alcohol's in the blood. Doesn't take much with her slim build. She takes another drink of the cider.

Felix fishes in his pocket, produces a keychain. On it is a charm in the shape of the cartoon feline in question. "Indeed," he agrees, amiably. "It means 'Lucky' and no, I don't know of any rulers with that name. It doesn't often show up in history."
ORDER: Abby has skipped their turn.

Faith tilts her head. "A saint and an artist and some musicians come to mind, but no kings," she says with a smile. "Nice keychain. Do you have the cool cat clock that moves its eyes and swishes its tail to the second?" There's a sparkle in her eye as she asks the question, enough to suggest she has enough brain cells functioning to know she's being silly.

And for some reason, that question delights him. "Of course," he says, amused. "I had friends in high school and college who couldn't resist giving me crap with that cat on it. It's currently boxed, though. Nowhere to put it were I live now. Really? The only Felix I can think of was Dzerzhinsky, and he was a right bastard, but he -is- my namesake, if you go back down the line."

Faith laughs aloud. "That's great. My name's Faith so yeah, relatives tend to send tchochke crap with the word on it that they find… you know, bells or necklaces or something. Usually religious stuff I don't like. My sister's name is Hope, so we get matching sets, you know? It'd be much cooler if my name was Minnie or Daisy or Betty and then I could have cartoon character stuff — at least when I was a kid, that would have been better. Maybe not so much now." She shakes her head at the other. "I donno who that is. Dzerzhinsky? What did he do?"

"Don't tell me you have a third sister named Charity?" wonders Fel, with the preparatory wince of a man bracing for the impact of a terrible pun. "He founded what became the KGB," he explains, before taking a hearty mouthful of his drink.

Faith winces as well. "No, just parents who thought it was cute to name us matchy names. Hope's my twin… and you know, they did the whole infertility treatment and such, so… you know." She waves a hand to fill in the rest of the obvious story with a vague gesture. "You were named after him? Were you related to him?" she asks curiously, brows raising. "You might consider telling people you're named after the saint."

"Distantly, yes. I'm named after my grandfather, who was KGB, and he was named after Dzhezhinsky," Fel says, managing not to stumble over the name. "And perhaps I will. What's the saint known for? I've never heard of him, but I didn't pay all that much attention, even with seven years in parochial school."

Faith says, "I think there was more than one, actually, but I don't know either. I mean, we were raised Catholic, but it's not like we memorize them all. I just remember kids using the name for confirmation and there was a St. Felix church near where I grew up," Faith admits. "You might expect more from someone named Faith, but… I'm a disappointment in a lot of ways." She grins as she says the last. "Anyway… my drink's empty and I think I need to find a taxi." She glances up at Brenda. "Thanks for the dance, Brenda!" she tells the bartender as she pays her tab off and includes a healthy tip that covers the free tequila shot and then some."

Felix lifts his glass to her in a farewell salute. "Take care," he says, simply. "Good to meet you, Faith."

"You too. Goodnight, Felix the Cat," Faith says with a grin as she slides off the barstool to exit the bar.

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