When The Hummingbird Calls


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Scene Title When The Hummingbird Calls
Synopsis Liz calls up Len for an update.
Date September 1, 2009

It's still early Tuesday morning, almost business hours, when Len Denton's phone rings. The number that pops up is Elisabeth Harrison's, and the voice on the other end skips the pleasantries altogether in favor of an abrupt, "I know this isn't technically your job, but please… tell me you've got people on the Ivanov case, Denton."

"Dahl is on it." Len reassures her. For this particular case, there's probably no one better, plus it's her penance for screwing it up in the first place. He doesn't mention that. "I don't have alot of resources to assign to it, unfortunately. But she has a personal interest in this, so I'm letting her run with it."

There's a pause on Elisabeth's end, and although he can't see it her expression is pensive. Minea has a good relationship with Felix and with her. "Has she come up with anything at all useful yet?" Liz finally asks quietly. "Denton… It's been too long already." She sounds worried. Whatever issues she may have with Minea Dahl, they have thus far not come into play whenever the other woman's name comes up.

To say what he has to say next is hard for him, and it should tell Liz how bad this could possibly, if she knows Minea at all. "She hasn't come up with anything yet. Not a damn thing. I'm still looking into that name you gave me and I actually met the man the other day. Unfortunately, it wasn't somewhere secluded where I could take out my frustration on him." Len cracks, though his voice perhaps suggest he wasn't joking.

There's a rustle on the far end. "Cranston…. the friend who had my phone? I passed your message on to him. He's…. " Elisabeth pauses, perhaps searching for words. "If you're serious about this crusade, Denton… he's willing to meet with you." She sounds… worried.

There's a pause. "It's not really a crusade. I'm not fighting for anyone's rights or trying to make change. I'm just looking to take out a midget-sized scumbag." There's a heavy sigh at his end of the phone. "If you vouch that this guy is good for what I need, then set up the meeting. If I can get a few good hands, then we can start planning this out. First thing we have to do is find the bastard and his goons."

There's a smile in her voice as Elisabeth replies mildly, "Oh, I think…. you'll find that certain people I know? Are more than willing to put aside whatever morals they might have had to start with for this one." There's a pause on her end, and Elisabeth asks quietly, "But I want your word on something. And I'm going to take you at your word of honor, Denton, because you strike me as one of the more honorable people I've met. And maybe that right there is a flaw in me…. If you can't give it, or if you won't mean it, I need you to say so now."

"Ask me what you want and I'll tell you whether or not I can give yoiu a straight answer or not. If I can't, I'll tell you so." Len says. At least that much you can depend on.

"I want your word that when that motherfucker is dealt with… you won't turn on the people who might step up." Elisabeth's voice is stern, though there's a waver to it. It's important to her, and she can't hide that.

"If they're straight with me, I'll be straight with them. If they're loyal to me, then I'll be loyal to them." It's really about as straight an answer as you're probably going to get from Len. That being said, it's also as good an answer as you're going to get.

Elisabeth hesitates and says quietly, "Fair enough." Because it really is all you can ask for. "I'll give him your cell number. The two of you can work out a meeting time." She hesitates and finally says, "If you wouldn't mind texting me the number of that shrink you were talking about… I'd be much obliged." Because if he could but see her pressed into a corner of a PD stairwell where she can see and hear anything for several floors, he'd probably be appalled.

He does so. Bella will be happy for another patient. "When you're up for a visit, let me know. I have another proposal for you. But, I'd rather talk to you about it face to face." Len voice does seem to be a bit heavier than it normally is. It is void of that lightness he likes to have. "Tell your friend to call me. I'll look forward to meeting him."

It sounds like he piqued her curiosity. "I'm in the office today… but if you wanted to meet, I could… maybe at the Nite Owl?" It's familiar territory for Elisabeth, and she's finding that she tends to feel safer in places where she knows the 'regulars' — 'safer' of course being somewhat relative all the way around.

He figured he would. "Give me a couple hours notice and text me when you're up for it. Whatever you do, keep your eyes open, Harrison." Len knows she's probably spending a good deal of time already looking over her shoulder. It might help to have someone looking over her shoulder as well.

Liz says, "Up for it?" Elisabeth hehs mildly. "That'll be the 12th of never, the way I'm feeling right now. How's tonight grab you?""

"How about tomorrow night. I've got some stuff going on this evening." Stuff is a very vague word, and open to plenty of potential. Len glances at his PDA calendar. "How about 2100 tomorrow?"

There's a pause and she replies, "I think that's fine. See you then, Denton. And if Minea…" Liz doesn't have to say it. "I'll call if I hear anything too."

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