When You Know You Did Teh Stupid


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Scene Title When You Know You Did Teh_Stupid
Synopsis Confessions of a self-admitted nitwit — Magnes confesses to stalking Eileen and getting stabbed.
Date February 7, 2012

Magnes, Elaine, Isabelle's Apartment

Elisabeth was invited over roughly two weeks after Magnes got stabbed. He's been trying to figure out how exactly to explain this, but, well, it took some time to really figure out if there would be some sort of horrific consequences he had to take into account.

Once Elisabeth and Isabelle are sitting down, minus Elaine because, well, she doesn't need to know he's this stupid yet (or deal with the stress yet, in his mind), he clears his throat. "So, here's the thing… two weeks ago I got stabbed. I told you I wasn't going to therapy, now I am, but this was before. I was dealing with Eileen's death by following Eileen, it was stupid, because she caught me. I didn't know what to say, so I said some stupid things and then I ended up stabbed."

He holds up a hand before they can say anything. "You're probably wondering why I'm sitting here, unstabbed. Well… when I wake up, Abby was healing me. She doesn't know what's going on, and I made her promise not to tell, well, me, about what happened, but she doesn't know any details or have any idea the context of anything."

"I should have been going to therapy before, I realize that now. I wasn't thinking straight… but I guess we have to figure out how to proceed with Eileen and Gabriel so that she doesn't think that the aviators guy is sending shapeshifters after her." There's a pause, and he adds, "That's why she stabbed me, by the way. I don't think she believes the parallel universe story."

Elisabeth's mouth immediately popped open but she bites back whatever she was going to say. Her blue eyes get wider and wider as he keeps talking. And to give credit where it's due, she lets him get all the way to the end of his confession before she explodes off the couch and starts pacing. "Jesus FUCKING Christ, Magnes." There are a great many more swear words that run through her head. Creative silent cursing. He might have learned by now that when she's mad enough that she can't yell at him, it's BAD. And worse…. She's hormonal. So the rumble of really pissed-off audiokinetic is a Real Thing. As she walks back and forth in huge strides, clenching her jaw to keep literally from screaming, Elisabeth is counting under her breath. "45, 46, 47, 48…"

Yeah. It's not working.

Sucking in a huge lungful of air, Liz shoves both hands through her short hair and holds her temples with her palms as she lets it out very slowly. When she does, she drops her arms and then looks at him. "I want to demand why you do this. I really want to slap the fuck out of you. And I'm about this close," she shows him her fingers that have NO SPACE between them, "to losing my shit, Magnes. And I'm not going to do any of those things right now. Because if I do, I do not guarantee your physical safety from me." She mean-mugs him something FIERCE. The scowl is quite ferocious.

"I need to talk to Gabriel at some point anyway. So… I guess it will be sooner rather than later, thanks to you stalking his lady." She scowls at Magnes once more. "I need you to focus very intently on what you're supposed to be doing. Drop everything but the science you need to be doing to try to figure out the getting us home thing." She points a finger at Magnes. "And do not make any attempt to find Hiro Nakamura. Do you understand me? It will draw attention where I do. not. want. it. I have already been approached by the people we need, and I need you to trust me to handle it my way for now. I didn't say anything… and I should know better with you." She looks like her brain is working a million miles an hour.

To her credit and on the subject of losing her temper Isa doesn't have much of that.. the brunette doesn't actually. She just sighs, rolls her eyes and takes a swig out of her flask and hangs her arm over the back of the couch she's sitting on. Abby? “Mags..” he just lost Eileen in their world, he's doing exactly what she planned to do with Brenda. But maybe running into Brenda.. wasn't such a great idea now. Taking another deep swig of that flask and wiping her mouth with the back of her hand, “I’d be lying if I said I didn't understand. You've gotta be careful of.. look I’m not the one to tell people to get a grip on their impulses but try not to get stabbed.”

“I believe nobody’s safety would be intact Liz.” A reminder of who the audiokinetic is sitting in a room with. Though her approach is just as harsh as Izzy’s could be sometimes. “We’re all a happy interdimensional family now right?” If there was any malice in the previous statement that's not noted in the way she grins at both her friends in front of her. This is a brighter world.. blah blah blah. She can sell that pitch for a few minutes no problem.

The pyrokinetic’s hazel eyes flash at the dropping of names and being told of being approached by people. There’s another swig of her flask, she doesn't let the Magnes of this world know she hasn't fully stopped drinking yet and her left hand ignites in flames, Magnes has seen this. She's often practicing, though she said no fire in the main part of the house. They didn't wanna.. well she didn't always follow the rules. “Hiro.. that's the sword guy.” She says that flatly cuz really a sword? Turning her gaze to stare in Liz’s direction. “What people and what way.” That was not it seems, a question.

"Well, my plan was to not get Hiro involved at all if we could help it, but I trust that you know what you're doing. And… I understand why you're mad, I did get stabbed in the chest and left to die. But it made me realize that I needed to finally start my therapy, because stalking Eileen probably wasn't the best coping strategy." Magnes sighs, and stands, heading into the kitchen.

They might notice that the smell of something baking was strong in the air. So he comes back after a few minutes with a plate full of white chocolate chip cookies. "They're hot, be careful."

Isabelle and Elisabeth were never two people who were on the other end of Magnes' excessive cooking, but that will definitely change.

"I'm focused now, though, I get it. I'm sorry. You can hit me if it makes you feel any better." he says to Elisabeth, raising his chin. "But just do me a favor, both of you. I don't want Elaine to know about this, not yet. She's been through a lot and I'd rather wait until things are more stable before she knows she's having a baby with a guy who, well, does things that I do sometimes."

While Magnes acknowledges that it wasn't the best strategy and heads into the kitchen, Elisabeth looks at Isabelle. "Magnes and I knew when we came here that certain people might be able to help us, if we could locate them. Hiro was one we talked about." She pauses and glances toward the kitchen, making sure Magnes can hear her. "He came by to see me and brought someone else. HOWEVER, Arthur Petrelli wants Hiro and several other people who could be threats to his empire dead. So I don't want to draw any attention to us or to the idea that we were looking for people like Hiro. It's not safe."

She moves to sit back down on the sofa, the spike of blood pressure that came with the instant anger at Magnes now making her feel lightheaded and vaguely nauseous as it lessens. Clenching her hands in her lap for a minute while the feeling passes, Liz breathes slowly. Then she looks up at Magnes. "I will keep this one thing from Elaine. This is your 'I Was a Stupid Idiot' free pass, though." Shaking her head, she reaches out to take a cookie to nibble on a little.

"The possibility exists that Pinehearst is working on the Mallett Device, and if that's the case, it's possible it's our only way home. But I would prefer to take another route. We got here without the Mallett Device, and I do not want to turn loose Arthur Petrelli on our home world… killing him the first time was hard enough," she says grimly. And she slants a glance at Izzy. "And yes, we killed Arthur there.. He gave us no choice. But no, poor Shaw didn't really need to hear about it." Cuz he freaks out.

“I hate to insist on names but, who came with Hiro?” The hand that's engulfed in flames goes to scratch the back of her head and it's a strange sight, no part of her goes ablaze but a small piece of the couch starts to smoke. Eyes widening, aids quickly snuffs the flames on her hand off and the small section of the couch, a tiny bit of smoke wafts up. Stretching wide Izzy drapes over the tiny burn spot with a look towards Liz, You Saw Nothing.

“Feel free to allow me to cash in your next pass if you ever need to use it. For the baby of course! Mama can't be going around slapping people all willy nilly.”

Well, then Isa is scratching the back of her head again. “You don't say.. well thank you for sparing bae’s heart. Truly.” She means that because he does, freak out. And often if translations are missed. “And while I am not proceeding on this journey to your home,” or so she thinks yet again. “I don't believe a woman who is pregnant with one of my best friend’s child should be running around all the time. I'm going to insist you sit your pregnant ass Down.. often.” There's a hard look from the woman, “I don't need you stressing yourself into a miscarriage,” tough subject but something that needs to be said.

“And in that effort, while keeping secrets is a sure way that nobody you guys don't want to will find out your plans.. you should still clue us in on all.. the things so we know what's up. If not Mags because of his.. attachments to people. Then at least me?” She shrugs. “What do you think Mags are you wanting to be in the dark?” She defers to him on this.

"I think we need to be honest with each other if we're going to get out of here in one piece, but if there's a legitimate life or death reason, like a telepath or something, that we can't share something, then I guess take it case by case." Magnes reaches over to take a cookie himself. "If Pinehearst is building a Mallet Device, that seems like something we should be stopping, because that's a threat to our world. But, that said, it would be nice if there was a way for us to acquire the research, somehow…"

Elisabeth tilts her head and studies Magnes. "No one knows whether they're developing it. That's why I have someone already searching for the research. This is not going to be a fast run, Magnes. We're not getting out of here in two months. We may not get out of here in 12 months. The person who came with Hiro, for now only, is going to stay anonymous." She looks at Isabelle. "The information they offered, however, is information that I trust. And the person also suggested we speak with Gabriel Gray, which Magnes and I were talking about doing anyway." She grimaces. "Assuming I can actually get near the man now that someone he cares about has perceived a threat to her person." She rolls her eyes.

"I know that in a few years, he is someone that the me who lives here would have trusted. So I'm going to trust those instincts." Looking between them, she admits quietly, "Most assuredly we're not going anywhere before the kids are born. It'll take at least that long for Magnes to begin learning the physics. What I'm hoping is that Gabriel Gray will be able to help us figure out how to leave this world the same way we got here — using an ability instead of chancing giving Arthur Petrelli the Mallett Device." She bites her lower lip and admits, "However… I've also already set this world's people on the path to looking into exactly what Arthur is doing. Because it's their job to save their world."

She quirks a brow and asks, "Do you trust me enough to let me hold the information I have in place unless or until it's needed?" It's a serious question, and not just for Magnes. She's come to trust Isabelle. Mostly. Maybe not when it comes to fire, but mostly.

Izzy hates when secrets are kept from her. She also understands that sometimes that's a good thing. But her eyes narrow, she supposes. Why should she care? Magnes. Eyes flicking over in the direction where Magnes went, she climbs up and goes to nab a cookie herself. “Cookies and booze..” she breathes to herself, there's a little buzz. It's early.

“Gabriel might be able to help. Sylar.” Stranger things have happened Isa’s heard. Shrugging her shoulders, “If he decides this is a grudge he’ll be holding holler.” Looking down at her hand, the point is clear. Fire.

“I do.” She's learned to trust the woman, Cardinal’s lady. Her friend. It's all melding together. “Don't be nervous to ask me for help either.” Eyes level with the blonde as she munches on the cookie.

"I trust you, and, in this world, I live with Gabriel and Eileen, like, right now. But I don't know how to approach them, I think they're on pretty high alert. I'd rather not have an epic super battle with Gabriel, or get stabbed by Eileen again, so I guess I have to leave this to you for now." He goes silent for a moment. "Don't get stabbed."

"If we do this with an ability, we still need a way to know for sure that we aren't just opening up a portal back to the Virus world. At the very least, I have to use science to figure out a way to know where we're going, even if where we're going may or may not be home. We need a course… we can't just mindlessly leap from world to world without knowing anything or being on a particular path." he explains, very sternly, crossing his arms.

"I know that it seems stubborn, but I'm not opening a portal without knowing where it's going. It's too dangerous, there's too much risk involved. We had no choice last time, now we do. We have to get smart about dimensional travel." He looks to Isabelle, then back to Elisabeth. "If you meet them, I think you need to have your initial conversation somewhere in public, as bad as that sounds. They're clearly terrified of the aviators guy, and who knows what they might do because of that."

"I don't think you're being stubborn about that," Elisabeth replies quietly. "I think you're absolutely right. We need to get smarter, and we need to get as smart as possible before we try again." She shakes her head and sighs. "I know who the Aviators Guy is too… and they're right to be pretty worried about him. He was an associate of my old boss, and someone Cardinal knew. He's always kinda floating in the gray area, no pun intended, so we'll be cautious about him. "I'll figure out a way to meet up with Gabriel in person in public." She sighs and then nods. "All right… well, what's done is done, and Isabelle's right. I don't need blood pressure spikes like that." She smiles a little at the pyro, acknowledging her worry.

"I was definitely advised that we need to be patient and move very slowly. So… let's do that, huh? Get the schooling you need, Magnes. I'll work on the things I need to do too. And then we'll seriously start work."

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