When You Need A Helping Hand


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Scene Title When You Need A Helping Hand
Synopsis .. call your local cowboy to rustle up some help.
Date October 21, 2009

Central Park

Armed with a name and number, it doesn't take Candace long to find the person whom Jenn had told her to seek out. A phone call later, and she has a meeting with the man, perhaps helped by Jenn having talked to him, or perhaps not. Her eyes look around the place that she is at, and as before she is careful to keep her eyes away from the person that she is talking to. She doesn't want secrets getting out early, and she wants to talk with Cat and Helena about things before they find out about things. "Hello," she greets.

Len has been sitting for a few minutes at the Park, though mostly because he got there a little early after his verbally combative lunch with Juliet. The secured email he received from Jennifer Chesterfield was odd at best, but he's a good soldier and agreed to meet with Candy Allard. Len picks a rather neutral location to meet and when she arrives, he recognizes her from her brief stint of celebrity-ism a few months back during a protest. He even had sent someone to try and find out some information on her, though she disappeared off the radar after that.

Yet, here she is.

When he hears her voice, he stands to greet her and offers his hand. "Len Denton." Normally he would suffix that with 'Homeland Security', but he got the impression that cover wouldn't be needed with Ms. Allard. "Ms. Allard, or would you prefer to be called Ms. Amagi?" He knows she is aware of her real name, the name of her real parents and some of her background.

"Allard is the name I grew up," Candy answers after a couple of moments thinking. Her eyes still not looking at him, though she catches sight of the hand and reaches out to shake it. "So, I was told that you may be one who can help me with my ability," she starts out while she stands there. "I apologize if I don't look at you, but, I've recently come into contact with a woman who can see through other people's eyes, and, I assume you'd rather not take that chance."

Len smirks and waves it off. "Feel free to look at me. I'm not worried about anyone seeing me. I'm the handsome public face of our organization, so don't you worry none about that. I'm certain whoever may be looking through your eyes would be happy to see my smiling features." He motions towards the bench. "Let's sit and talk. Tell me about your ability. What it is, will give me an idea of what we can do to help."

"Well… I'm a hydrokinetic," Candy says, after a couple of moments of silence and taking a seat on one of the park's benches. "And its pretty much what it sounds like, I manipulate water. Though, it isn't really… something that I can do at huge levels. My power seems to more focus on more finesse. I can make all the water in your blood suddenly burst arteries and other blood vessels in your body."

"Yeah, if we can avoid that, I'd appreciate it. I think the water content of my blood is probably running about right on the dot at the moment. Of course, I haven't had any beers today." Len grins as he leans back against the bench. "Okay. We can probably get you set up with someone to help you work with that portion. I'd also like to set up an appointment for you to see one of our counselors. Then, there's the matter of your birth parents. Is that something you want to pursue? I understand they are deceased, but we might be able to dig up some information about them if that's something you may be interested in."

Candy raises an eyebrow while she sits there, "A counselor," she asks, almost in disbelief. "I don't need any body swimming around my head, but me thank you," Candace says, her eyes watching Len. She knows she does need help, but she most certainly isn't about to try and get it from someone she doesn't even know.

"Well, unfortunately, my assistance comes with strings attached. I don't think you understand. I am investigating a murder, a kidnapping and tracking down a couple of terrorist groups. I don't normally have time to do what I'm doing for you. I'm doing it because I was asked to help you out. I'm not trying to be a jerk, but if I'm to put our resources into helping you, I'm going to want some concessions on your part. This is one of those concessions." Len's voice and mood are still chipper, and he's not being gruff about it. Just matter of factly, really. "I have a responsibility to you, and this country to ensure that if we help you gain a handle on your ability that you aren't going to be a danger to others. That is how I sleep at night."

"Isn't that the way it always is," Candace asks, "Nothing comes for free." She shrugs her shoulders lightly and replies, "Perhaps I can go and see this counselor." Her green eyes looking at the man before she says, "Any other concessions that I should know about

Len shakes his head. "Nothing at the moment. We'll do what we can to help. Once you get the help you need, it'll be up to you what you want to do from there." Len stands and turns to face her. "I have your number. Where are you staying?"

"A place that I'm not willing to divulge. Be confidant that I'll meet you if you ask for it, but no, I'm not going to be telling you were I stay at," Candy says with a slim smile.

Nor is he going to bring her to Fort Hero. "I'll have someone call you. If you need anything before then, use that number to reach me." And with a grin, Len dips his head and turns and disappears around the corner.

Candy watches after her him, before a shrug of her shoulders is given as he walks away. It could have definitely gone worse, she supposes, and with that, she turns to leave herself.

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