When You Need A Piano


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Scene Title When You Need A Piano
Synopsis …. you have to find it anyplace you can.
Date Apr 28, 2011

Village Renaissance Building

Elisabeth is the first to admit that Cat is occasionally very paranoid, but she's been proven right that the VRB is being watched. So for the blonde to come here, it's…. important. Stupid. But important enough to her to let Jaiden know that she was departing after curfew to make her way to the building. It requires using the tunnels, which he knows she hates. And once they make it safely to Greenwich Village, it's merely a matter of getting to the building. Elisabeth still has keycard access to the entire place, including both the studio and the penthouse. Unless, of course, Cat changed the master code.

Which, apparently, it turns out she did not. Back doors are nice. Elisabeth slips through with Jaiden, closing the door carefully behind them, and leads him right to the elevator that will take them where she wants to go. Her keycard grants access to that as well. And it's down to the lower levels of the building and directly to the studio doors that she leads him. Now that they're down here, she seems less…. concerned. But it isn't until they enter the studio proper itself, where Elisabeth knows that Cat keeps some instruments, that the blonde seems to finally relax. "I suppose, I could have just gone up to the penthouse," she admits in a murmur to Jaiden. "But honestly, I figure they're far less likely to be watching this than possibly have bugged her place in case she comes back, you know?"

It took a little convincing to get Jaiden to come from the relative safety of their safehouse, but Elisabeth's insistence (and the promise of maybe stopping for ice cream on the way back) got him to reluctantly agree after a few moments. A ride on the subway, a few backtracking rounds around a block before they enter a building that's a bit higher rent than Jaiden is used to. "It's a pretty place." Jaiden admits, looking around as they make their way somewhere. "I hope whoever lives here doesn't mind you just letting us in to….what is it we're doing now?"

The studio looks different, and it brings Elisabeth up short. More instruments. She glances around worriedly. Cat hasn't been here. "Me too," she says softly. She hesitates, as if she's going to leave. But the desire that drove her here in the first place is strong enough to make her chance this. She walks through the studio on soft feet, making her way directly to the piano. It's not the same one that Cat had before. It's a beautiful piece of equipment. And she slips onto the bench with a sigh that almost sounds like relief. Her fingers touch the keys reverently. "You didn't have to come," she tells him absently, her attention fully shifted to the instrument under her fingers. She doesn't wait for an answer, simply beginning to play. It's as if she's tuned Jaiden out entirely, trusting him to have her back. To let her have these moments where she can sink into the one place that she truly hides.

Jaiden has dealt with people who need things to lose themselves into - Remi first of all comes to mind, with the way that she loses herself in the dance. He walks forward and leans against the piano, facing the door, listening to the woman play. He doesn't say a word, just letting her play. Yes, he didn't have to come, but the fact that he'll be worrying about her if she doesn't get home in time…well, best for him to be there.

The studio being used in the dead of night isn't something terribly uncommon these days. Not since Robyn Quinn moved in, at least. Night owl that she often is, many nights are speant doing any number of activities within the sound proofed walls of The Village Reniassance Building Studio, andthing from recording, to song writing, to just jamming with any number of "guest" musicians.

Tonight, though… that's not entirely the case. Quinn was still up, much later than she should be on a work night (maybe. Quinn may be making other plans, she hasn't decided yet). Even Elaine had already been to bed by now. So, when she had received an alert that the studio had been accessed, and it wasn't her, well… that's certainly something that catches her attention. A few possibilities run through her mind - maybe she left teh elevator keypad open, maybe it's a mistake, whatever. But she still feels compelled to investigate.

It's probably lucky that Quinn has only just recently purchesed a handgun - for targt shooting according to her permit, honest! - because it means it's not something she readily thinks to carry with her when investigating something like this. Which isn't to say she's unarmed in any means, and the moment she steps out the elevator and into the studio, light is flooding from her lef thand both to help her see better, and to draw the attention of any unsavoury folks who may be about directly to that blinding light. "Hello? Who's here?" Okay, so, let's hope that Liz and Jaiden ahve no intention of robbing Quinn, as she is being far too nice for potential burglers.

Shit. Elisabeth's hands go still on the piano as soon as she hears the voice in the studio proper. Blue eyes flicker up to Jaiden, and she says ruefully, "Guess I should have chanced the penthouse instead." She turns on the piano bench, letting her long hair keep her face somewhat obscured to the new arrival. "Hello," she calls back. "Just a friend of Catherine's."

Jaiden's hands stay right where they are on top of the piano, glancing to the door as a voice makes it's presence known. "Friend of a friend of Catherine's here. G'day."

The woman's voice, Quinn doesn't immediately palce, having only heard it on TV, really. But the other voice is one that gets the light filtering from Quinn's hand to dim drmatically, enough to allow everyone to see each other's faces clearly, while still allowing her, if she needs to, to blind someone as quickly as she can.

"Jaiden? It's Quinn. Robyn Quinn…" Quinn's head tilts to the side as she steps further into the studio, blinking a bit as she looks around, spotting him first. And then her gaze glides over towards the piano, the sound form which she'd heard briefly when she arrived. And when she sees who's seated there, her posture stiffens and her eyes widen a bit. Oh shit.

Even if she's not director of FRONTLINE anymore, finding Elisabeth Harrison playing piano in a borrowed studio is enough to give her pause.

"I'm sorry," Elisabeth says to the woman warily, taking her cue from Jaiden's body language. "I didn't know anyone had taken over the studio. We'll leave." Regardless of what she needed from this trip, it's not the place or time now, clearly. She moves to stand up.

Another step in renders her able to really recognise Jaiden, and she flashes a smile his way before her attention turns back to Elisabeth, the non-glowing hand rising up in a stop motion. "I, just… um…" She looks between the two, grimacing. "Took over? I just… use it for my music. I'm not used t' findin' people up here, particularly not, um…" Well, people like Liz, though she trails off from saying it, seeming quite nervous. "I mean, if you guys know how t' get up here I'm sure it's fine. "I'm just… surprised t' see you here, Ms. Harrison. Particularly since FRONTLINE's come here looking for people before…"

There's a faint smile. Elisabeth murmurs, "Well, they have no reason to think I'd come here — I haven't been here in months. So… let's hope that doesn't change tonight." She stands in front of the piano without approaching Robyn Quinn. "I'm sorry for startling you."

"It's fine," Quinn remarks quietly, looking over towards Jaiden. She doesn't seem to be making any effort to approach Liz or Jaiden, heer arms instead wrapping around her midsection. "At least you came to the studio. I've sure I would've been thrown in a hole by now if they knew what wqs talked about in here." A bit of a smile is cracked, the musician rolling her shoulders. She eyes the piano for a moment, and then up at Liz. "You play?"

Elisabeth pauses, glancing at Jaiden. He didn't know either until tonight and she looks a little chagrined to realize how very much she still keeps her friends at arm's length. "I play," she admits softly. "Since I was a child. I was a music teacher for a couple of years at Washington Irving High." Before the Vanguard blew the place up around her. "It's…. what I do when I need to think. Or… sometimes to not think." Something she sort of needs right now while she struggles not to grieve — Richard's alive. He's just very far out of reach, and one of the touchstones of her emotional foundation is missing.

Well, there's a bit of common ground Quinn didn't expect to have with the former Director of FRONTLINE. Mostly because common ground there is a bit of an alien idea to her. Her hand finally stops glowing, likely revealing noticably for thef first time that she's not holding any sort of flashlight or anything, at least to Liz. "Really?" she sounds intrigued, stepping into one of the studio rooms - door open so she can still hear why she looks for something. "That's pretty cool." There's still that tentative sound to her voice as she hoists up a small instrument case from a corner of the room. "I guess even FRONTLINE people have to have spare time…"

Elisabeth's eyes haven't left Quinn's face since the woman stepped in. The 'flashlight' will be something she takes more note of only now that it's gone. Blue eyes flicker downward and then back up, but she says nothing about it. With the easing of the situation, Jaiden slips out of the room to make a trip around the floor of the building. Being on the run is a bit of a harrowing situation. Liz watches him go for a moment, but the fact that he seems to trust Quinn at least a little eases her tension some. "It's not as if I was born in FRONTLINE," she observes mildly. "It's not even the job I held the longest."

As Quinn walks, The small case is unlatched and flipped open, revealing a white, oddly shapped violin - electric, even a quick look can reveal. "…Sorry," she says softly, looking off to the side. "I'm just…" A hand raises up to her neck, rubbing gently. "I didn't mean t' offend or anything. It's just… I never thought I'd actually meet someone in FRONTLINE. Or used to be. Not unless they were dragging me away, after they showed up at my concert." With a bow in hand, she steps up to the piano, leaning against it.

Shoving her thumbs in her back pockets, Elisabeth rocks a bit on her heels. "You didn't offend. I just… think you're a little obsessed with FRONTLINE. I realize my face has been all over the news, but then again…. so has the fact that I'm supposedly a terrorist. And considering the fact that we have mutual acquaintances, I suppose I didn't expect to be such a fascination," she comments drily.

"Sorry," QUinn aplogises again, still leaning against the piano. "I know. I heard about all of that on the news. It was a surprise, t' say the least. I wasn't tryin' t' be rude, it's just…" A roll of her shoulders. "I guess I have a bit of an issue after they showed up at my concert looking for people." A dismissive wave of her hand. Let's move on. "So, I'm really sorry. Realisin' you're one of us," because yes, she's a terrorist too, "isn't somethin' I've really done yet."

With that, she reaises up the violin, smiling. "So, a former music teacher? I think I like that more than former FRONTLINE person. The toll for usin' the studio without askin' is playing one song with me, if you have the time." Because music is a much better ice breaker for Quinn.

Elisabeth tilts her head, pursing her lips. She's not sure about this woman, and it shows in the way that she studies Quinn. "Took a couple years off the police force to decide if I wanted to register. Vanguard decided it for me. And then I spent two years in Phoenix and with other people making sure they understood my displeasure," she retorts. "I'm a hell of a lot more than a former FRONTLINE person."

Removing her hands from her back pockets, Elisabeth moves to sit on the bench of the piano. "You have a preference?" she asks, her fingers running a scale just to limber back up briefly.

This is all news to Quinn, of coruse, her eyes widening a bit. "Oh," she says sortly, eyes sliding a bit off to the side. "See, I… didn't know that. I'm sorry. I never really started paying attention to this kind of stuff untill the summer. I kinda got…" Another dismissively waved hand. "Sweapt up in things. " She looks a bit sheepish. "Well, I guess that's only fair, really. I mean, I'm more than jjust a musician. In any case… it's nice t' meet you. I'm kinda glad it's under these circumstances than what I'd always figured it might be." That gets a smile, the violin raised to ehr shoulder. "Not really. Play something, I'll find a way t' go along. I've been playing violin and piano since I was a child as well."

Elisabeth considers and starts to play. ((http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9wxrB41PMhw)) "Cristofori's Dream" is a piece intended for exactly the instruments they have on hand. She is silent as she does it, losing herself almost instantly in the music and allowing Jaiden to make sure they're safe.

Quinn falls quiet as well, though really, violin doesn't really lend itself well to talking and playing at the same time. INstead she sways jsut a bit as she plays, eyes closed and occasional deep breathes taken as she works the bow across the strings. While she's not making any exagerated movemetns, she seems more than focused enough to indicate that she's just as lost in the music as her current partner.

She plays well though it has been a while since she touched her piano. Elisabeth's had years, and some things are like riding a bicycle — muscle memory takes over. As the tempo slows once more toward the end of piece, her blue eyes are closed. Her fingers pick out the tune, and she doesn't realize that a tear has slipped from beneath her eyelid until the gentle, tinkling sounds of the last notes fade and she picks her hands up from the keys. She looks away from where Robyn Quinn stands, as if to check the doorway…. but it is so the young woman doesn't see her wipe her cheek.

When Quinn draws across the strings that last time, there's a few moments before she lets the violin drop back ot her side a smile on her face. She doesn't catch Liz turning away, instead her gaze ahead as she keeps her attention on ahead. The silence sits for a good minute or so before she speaks up. "So… you used to come here to play, too?" Which of cuorse means she's a friend of Cat's. "Cat… let me use this place to record my album, before she had to take off. I've just kinda taken over taking care of it until she can come back, I guess. So if you can get here withuot anyone seeing you, you're always welcome." Not taht she needs QUinn's permission.

"Once in a while," Elisabeth replies softly. "Sometimes here, sometimes the penthouse." She shrugs a little and turns to look back toward Quinn. "It was the only place I could think of with a piano. But …. you're right that it's being watched. I don't want to cause it to be raided. So I won't likely come back anytime soon. It was reckless to come tonight." Her tone is low.

"I'm sure it'll be fine. I didn't mean t' make you feel bad, or anythin'," Quinn replies a bit sheepishly, haning her head a bit. "As it is, I can make sure you leave unseen, so lnog as you don't mind bein' sightless for a bit." She smirks, looking back up at the other woman. "If it hasn't been raided yet, despite Catherine, the concernt, an' myself an' Elaine, I doubt that's going t' change now, t' be entirely honest. I would definitely avoid the penthouse, though. THat's probably tapped t' high hell."

The blonde looks back at Robyn and smiles faintly. "It's why I chose here when I needed the escape — I figured the studio was less likely to be bugged." Elisabeth is amused. "Good that you're thinking ahead, though." Her demeanor is still a bit on the cautious side with the other woman, but she's not giving off a vibe of cold — just reserved.

"If the studio was bugged, it'd interfere with some of teh equipment," Quinn remarks, pushing off the piano. "The album was mostly recorded after Catherine left. A lot discussion's happened up here that shouldn't have. I'm worried, but I'm confident in this bein' a safe room, so t' speak." She doesn't seem offput by Liz's demeanor, but she does seem to be keeping some relative distance now that they're not playing. "Can you carry anything back with you?"

"Like?" Elisabeth asks curiously.

"Well…" Quinn starts as she steps out of view and into one of the studio booths. "You said don't really get t' play. An' I know you're not in a position t' come here often, or haul a piano out t' where you are now." There's a bit of clank one, two times out of Liz's view from the piano. "I figure, Ygraine said she knew you, an' she trusted you. You're on the outs with the government, you know Catherine… so if they trust you, I have no reason not to…"

Foot steps resume and Quinn walks out of the studio with a rather nice, streamlined looking keyboard in hand. Not too big, but not really small either. "I don't really think someone should be left without music if it's something they enjoy. And I don't use this one except for practice anymore. I figure if they trust you, I can trust you with a keyboard."

Her curiosity piqued as Robyn talks, Elisabeth gets up to follow her. The woman steps back in with a keyboard and the blonde stops short, startled. "I…." Her jaw clenches, her eyes averting and her expression shifting to a vulnerable, hurting one for just a split second before her poker face is back in position. Her eyes come back to Quinn and she says quietly, "Ygraine …. doesn't like to talk about you right now." There's no censure in the tone — personal problems are just that. "If…. if you're sure, I would… really love that." She smiles just a little. "Being able to soundproof my vicinity still lets me play."

Her smile dims significantly when Elisabeth shares that bit of news - for a great many reasons, a few she wasn't entirely expecting. Her head dips, eyes moving to the ground as she offers out the keyboard towards Liz. "I guess I shouldn't be surprised by that," she says softly, eyes closing for a few moments, sounding a little disappoitnted. "I wasn't going tt' bring that up. I hope she's doing well, though. She is, right?" That time, there's a hopeful sound to her voice, the Irish woman looking back up. "I mean… as well as she can be at the moment, I guess. I'm sorry if any a' that makes you… uncomfortable or anything." But that's more or less the last Quinn is going to say about it.


"An' if you see her? Tell her that… I'd like t' talk t' her again. I'd ahte t' turn you int' a middlewoman, but I cna't really get int' contact with her easily.

That said, Quinn clears her throat and offers out the keyboard again. "Go for it. She's welcome t' play it too. I don't know if you two see each other often, in the situation you're in, but the more use it sees, the better." A pause. "Soundproo— oh!" Right. She'd heard about what Liz could do on TV or in a paper or something. Maybe. WHo knows. "That's cheatin', you know?" she offers back, with a good natured smirk.

Elisabeth tilts her head. "She's… struggling," she admits, "but she's recovering." There's a faint smile. "We're bunking in a room together, I see her pretty often. I'll let her know," she tells Quinn, reaching to take the keyboard. She's gentle with it, hugging the length of it to her front and crossing her arms over it. "I don't mind letting her know you'd like to talk. If you'll forgive the interference…. for some of us who suffer PTSD, the feeling of security is… important. Hers was rattled. But I think she's…. bouncing back a little." The more personal aspects, she continues to avoid offering a grin at the accusation of cheating. "You think I cheat, huh?" She considers and then starts to chuckle. "Makes me wonder if I muted my son when he was being annoying. I guess I'll have to ask him."

There's a sudden look of 'whoops, didn't really mean to say that aloud.'

"Well, I've always thought it would be cool t' do what you do," Quinn explains with a bit of a laugh. "But bein' a professional musician, it feels like it would be cheatin'. Bein' able t' make everything sound perfect, neverhavin' t' worry about sound voluemes or anythin'. Would be rather nice, though." She shrugs a bit, turning back into the studio room to fetch some other stuff - this time a black case for the keyboard, which she's carrying ut of that room and towards the writing room.

She does top, however, before entering that room and taking a deep breath. "Yeah. I spoke to her out near midtown, after it happened. We both had a dream, an' it was somehtin' we needed t' talk about… anyway. I could tell she was bad off. An' I felt horrible because I know I made it worse. Didn't mean t'. Part of why I want t' talk t' her again. I'm glad she's doin' better though." And as she turns to continue, she stops again, head tilting. "You have a son? Really? You look too young for that." Oops/ Maybe a bit too blunt, but at least it wasn't that she looks too old. The use of past tense, however, is missed.

Elisabeth laughs just a little. "Let's just say…. I live a unique life," she murmurs. And then she pauses, tilting her head. "You probably wouldn't believe me if I told you." She carries the keyboard over to put it in the case that Robyn's pulling out.

"You would be amazed at what I believe in this days," Quinn replies dryly as she carries the case into the writing room, door propped open for Liz to follow. The case is set onchair inside, and QUinn moves to squat a box of CDs, rifiling through it. "I bet I could tell you stories about shit like drama that belongs in Showtime shows and time travel taht belongs in bad sci-fi movies."

"Mmmmm," Elisabeth replies mildly. And then she says baldly, "Then I assume you've had the same dream or a similar dream to the one Ygraine's had about the future — like the ones last fall only further forward." She's watching Quinn closely now. "So you might believe when I tell you that I've met my unborn son… or you might just think I'm a nutcase." She moves to put the keyboard in the case while she listens carefully to the nuances of Quinn's answer.

The clattering of CD against CD stops, Quinn's searching ceasing when she hears that. She doesn't turn back to face Liz, instead looking down at the box of music. "I met my adopted daughter last week," she says softly. "And my band's drumemr turned out to be my fiancee's daughter. So I don't think you're a nutcase." The clattering resumes for a silent moment, before QUinn just picks the whole box over to where Liz is. "Who is he? Your son. If you don't mind me asking, I can understand if that's private. I just…" She wrinkles her nose a bit. "You know, then? About the future they're trying to change? You were in a bunch of the dreams I heard about. One Elaine had, even."

Elisabeth's chin comes up and she looks toward the far wall. "It's private," she says quietly. "For now. But yes, I know what they're trying to change." She looks back at Robyn. "The same thing some of us have been trying to change for two years." She shrugs a little, weary. "A bunch of the dreams? I've only heard about a couple," she admits.

"A bunch, A couple." A dismissive handwave. "I heard something about one or two form Ygraine. I think one from Kaylee. An' the one ELaine had. Come t' think of it… I think you were in one of mine," which had never actually occured to Quinn before this moment. Huh. "An' that's fine. I won't pry. I'm tryin'… not t' pry too much int' this whole thing. Let them… do what they're doing, unless they ask for help. Not really talk about it too much with other people. SInce you're already in the know, though…"

Zipping up the case for the keyboard, Elisabeth purses her lips. "I'd … be interested in hearing about them," she admits, "but I have a feeling I need to let my son tell me what he needs to tell me. Best I can gather, the dreams are intended to give us warning of what they lived. But they're not set in stone. And I have a feeling we each have our parts to play." She pauses. Then smiles faintly. "Ever feel like you're living in a Chinese curse? Interesting times and all that?"

"Ever day of the last feckin' year," Quinn replies quickly, laughing loudly as she does so. "I told Jolene to go find Ygraine. If you're bunking with her… you've probably already met her." A bit of a shrug. She doesn't elaborate on Adel, out of respect for Liz wanting her son to tell her stuff. "The dreams are… varied. Elaine… she had the one with you, and then… everything else was happy things. Her wedding t' another woman. Her daughter's first birthday. Mine have been… more routinely saddening. Or frightening." She smiles a bit, pulling two CDs out of the box. "Give this to Ygraine, please? It's my new single. I don't guess you guys have a way t' play it, but I think she'll like it anyway." In fact, she's flipping it open and writing a little message. "One for you too, if you want it."

Elisabeth reaches out and takes the CD — both of them — with a smile of thanks. "I'll be sure she gets it," she says on a chuckle. "And yes… I know Jolene reasonably well. She was working with Richard at Redbird before it got blown to hell."
"Richard? Cardinal?" There's fairly noticable bit of surprise in Quinn's voice, only able to draw that conclussion form the mention of Redbird, and the news reports she'd heard when it, as Liz said, had gone up. The surprise is probably because her past encounters with the man left her with a less than positive impresison of him, but for the moment that stays to herself. "I never really asked her about what she's been doing here. Well, besides when she told me she was looking for a job the other day. I've been trying not t 'pry too much." She rolls her shoulders a bit. "Well, that's good to know that you know her. Guess that means she got out there fine." She takes a deep breath, and sighs. "Phew. Interesting times, indeed," she reiterates with a bit of a laugh. "I guess if you guys are all together, that means you're doing… decent, for the moment?"It may seem odd, teh sudden shw of concern, but with the growing amount of common ground,Quinn feels she should ask/

Elisabeth tilts her head and says drily, "Well, I have to admit… I find the fact that I covered my own tracks well enough that at least half of the friends of friends out there still don't know that I've been involved in this side of things for years." She shakes her head. "I went back on the police force about 2 and a half years ago, Robyn, in part as a funnel of information to Phoenix and the Ferry. And I've been heading up the group Jaiden works with since its inception — the replacement to Phoenix, I guess you might call it." Her blue eyes are on Quinn, her tone not in any way bragging. She's merely stating facts. The reasons that Cat and Ygraine trust her. The reason she has the keycard access to levels on this buiding that most people can't reach. "And yes… Richard Cardinal." Her son's father. "We're doing as well as can be expected at the moment. We have a safehouse set up and we'll be squatting there for a while. If you need anything, let Lene know — she knows where we are."

She's silent, at least until Liz finishes talkking. Until then, she respectful - and her facial expressions show ehr surprise at the blonde woman's list of involvement."I've only met RIchard a few times. I think, all through Magnes Varlane." Maybe that's why she was left with a sour impression. Magnes isn't always teh easiest person to work with. "I'll be sure to let her know." A pause, and her eyes close for a moment. "I'm sorr yif I've been rude. I just get wary sometimes. You make more than a good case for trustin' you, though, even if I didn't know Catherine an' Ygraine did." She flashes a wide smile for a moment, crossing her arms. "I wasn't aware Jaiden worked with anyone besides the Ferry, though. That was how I met him, at least. Three of us went to see about admitting him." She shrugs, though. "As long as people are doing good work though - good, not Messiah work - they have my support."

There's a smirk at that. "If you met Richard with Magnes, I guarantee he was in a mood." Elisabeth rolls her eyes. "Magnes seems to have that effect on a number of us." She grins a little. "You haven't been rude. It's…. difficult to trust people right now," Liz admits. "My friend is … hurting. Over what happened between the two of you, and the way I feel right now it's… somewhat hard not to take sides though I am working on it. I've got my own issues at the moment." Like the fact that her son tried to kill her lover. But we all have our problems. "Endgame is not Messiah," she assures. "They're not Phoenix either. And although I keep my distance from the Ferry for reasons of my own — I fear being the cause of more trouble to them — you don't need to worry about the idea that I will betray them." She moves to heft the case. "Thank you. I'll return the keyboard to you in good condition unless it's out of my ability to do it." She offers a small smile. "It's been nice to meet you, Robyn."

There's a quip ready, one jokingly at Magnes' expense - it's no secret Quinn's had her own issues in the past. BUt when Ygraine comes up again, it's dashed form Quinn's mind, the musician looking off to the side as her hands slip back into her pockets. "Just know that I never meant t' hurt her. No one did. I know it may not sound like that, but…" A hand is waved. "Sorry. I'm not… going to bog you down in all of that. I don't really blame you. She's your friend. I jsut hope you… don't hold too much against me, is all?" Having to say that leaves her stomach in a bit of a knot - she should have to, but some things go that way.

Anyway… "Endgame?" A name that's new to her. "I don't think I would be worried abotu you betraying the Ferry, with the company you keep. Just… keep on keepin' on. We're all doin' out own things, right? An' don't worry about the keyboard. You guys hold on to that as long as you want."

For a long moment, Elisabeth struggles to decide what to say here. "Every relationship has at least three sides… sometimes more, depending on how many parties are involved," she finally comments softly. "I'm in no position to judge anyone, Robyn. What happened between you and Ygraine…" She shrugs. "It was as personal as it gets, but that's between the two of you. I don't know you, but … from what she's always said of you and what I've observed tonight, I do believe that you didn't mean to hurt her." She smiles slightly. "Love is complicated, and it sucks greatly sometimes. It seems to me you're doing all you can to mend fences as well as they can be. So…." She shrugs. "It's not my place to take sides. I'm glad that you're trying. I think she would really benefit from finding at least some middle ground with you, considering the future that we've seen. But that's between the two of you. Just know if you need anything, you're welcome to get in touch with me."

All Quinn offers in return, at least on that matter, is a weak, but appreciaive, smile and a nod. "I'll keep that in mind, Elisabeth. Thank you." Her hands fold in front of her, taking a step closer to the door. "It was a pleasure t' meet you, too. I wish it could've been under better circumstances, but when life gives you leons, is the wayin', right?" She shrigs a bit, before picking up a CD. "Now…" she holds it up, in plain view for Liz to see - and then the disc wavers and vanishes from sight. "Do you need any help getting out?"

With a chuckle, Elisabeth says, "Sure. I'll round up Jaiden and you can escort us a little way til we can hit the tunnels?" she asks, gracefully accepting the help.

"I can't go too far," Quinn replies matter of factly. "I can't- turn myself. I can't see light, like the other person like me I know. But I'll get you at least a bit aways from the building. You'll just have t' trust me." Since, oc rouse, they'll be blind the entire time.

"But I think that sounds like a plan."

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