Where'd You Get This


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Scene Title Where'd You Get This
Synopsis Abigail calls over Cardinal to inquire about the odds of him knowing someone who might know how to fix a certain kind of watch.
Date July 31, 2010

Le Rivage - Abby's apartment

"-ould just go to sleep, just like that. Close your eyes and go back to sleep with your fullll belly. Dreams are muuuuch better than staying up and watching old movies with me. Well, no. That's fun too, maybe we'll do that hmmm? I bet Grace Kelly and Fred Astaire make you sleepy" Abby's up, wee hours of the morning, waken up for a feeding, Kasha starting to make it through the night with a solid six or so hours. Except tonight and some asshole with his motorbike blatting out and waking up the chubby baby who's grown in size.

Back and forth across the floor, wood creaking as she goes, a growing dog sprawled on his back and paws akimbo as he sleeps. The rest of the residents, if there's anymore, asleep too. Of which don't include Peter or Caliban. "You're gonna have a new home soon, and lots of people to loove you, yes. To the Light house where Juniper will make you smell good and Haley, Haley will make the puppies lick your face and make you giggle and the Brians will rock you in their arms. And when Gillian comes back she will tickle your tummy and make you giggle too"

A soft chuckle stirs in response to her cooings, where Richard Cardinal's leaning against a shadowed section of wall - he wasn't there the last time she paced back across that particular stretch of the apartment, but he is this time. "Glad that you're just borrowing the baby, Abigail?" Quiet, his voice, a wry smile crooking up at the corner of his lips, brows raising a bit, "You'll be able to sleep well soon."

Abigail's lips pressed to the forehead of the drowsing infant, she slants a glance over before straightening. "Maybe. I'll miss her, but I'll take comfort and I'm sure Huruma will, that she'll be at the Light House and not in a home where she might not be so loved. Who knows, maybe someone will come to the lighthouse and adopt her?" Children do get adopted from Orphanages. "Besides, she could do much worse than myself and Huruma for temporary parents"

One arm loosens enough to point to a fire proof safe tossed into a corner of the dining area, the numbers rattled off. "There's something in there you might look at, and tell me if you know anyone who is trusthworthy and might know how to piece it together, or at least know what it was?" Which is a watch, in a faraday bag borrowed from Peter's little stash.

"Nobody ever came for me." It's said as dark humor, but there's a hint of bitterness there as Cardinal pushes off from the wall and steps along over towards the safe; dropping himself down to a crouch, he unlocks the safe using the numbers, reaching in to pull out the bag. Rattle rattle. It's unzipped, and he reaches inside, pulling out a handful of parts carefully, turning each over in turn… and pausing as he finds the face of the broken 'watch' within.

He looks it over for a moment, then slants a look back to Abby, "Where'd you get this?"

"I'm sure my momma'd have come for you if you'd been down south and she'd known, they always wanted another. And Mrs. Hadley took you in." Still swaying side to side, eyelids of the baby drooping, nearly twice her size when she first came to Huruma and Abby, she's looking over at the watch. "Maybe you'll tell me what you think it is first?" Quietly inquired about.

"Mrs. Hadley, god rest her soul, couldn't deal with me…" Still, the mention seems to sooth that bitterness a bit - or maybe it's just that Cardinal is more interested in what he's looking at. The rest of the watch is carefully put back in the bag, and he seals it, asking, "You got this off someone from the Institute, didn't you?"

"Can you fix it? or do you know someone who can fix it?" Towards Cardinal and the bag her footsteps carry her, baby girl in arms watching while sucking away on a soother, a few drops of drool heading for Abigail's bare shoulder. cotton shorts, tank top, the black strap that can be seen disappearing down below the neckline. "I'm hoping it can be fixed, because if so, then maybe it can be used. Goes to figure, that wherever the institute is… there would be a mass of evolveds… yes?"

"You already know what it is, then." The bag's set back in the safe, and Cardinal looks over with a frown, "I can't fix it. It doesn't even look like all the parts are there. Combined with some… intel I've gathered a mechanical intuitive might be able to repair it. I might be able to dig someone up."

"I do. I was diverted onto a run into a ferry commune across the border that was hit. Two agents showed up while we were poking around, they started making noises about ID's and the like and things got nasty" It's easy enough to see that Abby doesn't like the result of things getting nasty.

"of course, that I'm telling you this, goes to no one please Richard. Institute raided, there was a negation canister left at the scene, probably an accident and they came to collect that. Some important people were there that got taken, the operator survived and hid, came back with us to New York. I had to burn my fake ID, since I used it up there to rent a car and it may or may not have gotten traced. Need to get a new one"

"Shit." Cardinal's eyes close, and he admits quietly, "I know — I heard that they hit the safehouse in Canada, of course, it was all over the news. They took Tyler and his sister."

"How did you know about them" There's surprise registered on her face. "Cat?"

"Jesus Christ, Abby," Cardinal pushes himself up to his feet, taking the Lord's name in vain, looking over with a frown, "I fucking— I gave them a send off. Met them at sea on the Ferry boat taking them there. Wished them the best— he's my friend. I owed him safety and quiet, at least, after all the shit he went through. And after John…" Guilt, there, as he looks away and back down to the safe, saying quietly, "He deserved a happy ending."

"After the things he did Richard…" If there had been no Tyler Case, things would be different for the blonde. Who knows what might have happened. He's not high on her list of likes, but even she wouldn't wish the institute on her disliked people.

Okay, Maybe Logan.

"Do you think you might know someone who can fix that, make it do what it's supposed to do? It's mostly gutted. I can bring it with me to wherever and let them look. You know I won't sell em out to whomever and if you just… happen to make a second one, from this one… who am I to quibble…."

"That wasn't him, Abigail," points out Cardinal, a brow crooking over in her direction, "That was John… his future self, remember? And I think he more than paid for what he did. Tyler didn't do anything to you, and you can't blame him for the sins of a man he'll never be. You can barely blame John, either, he wasn't the one pulling the strings… all either of them ever wanted was their lives back." The words quiet, but defensive - almost protective of the man.

He glances back to the safe, "I might. I'll see who I can dig up."

"I can't remember something I didn't know Richard up until two weeks ago" She snaps back, perhaps a bit harsher than she meant to and the wriggle of the baby in her arms, is a clue that she did. Shoulders turn inwards, cheek dropped to rest on the top of the infants head. "I'm sorry richard. I didn't mean to snap." The man still had a choice, is really what Abigail wants to say, but then, one could say, that she too had a choice on a day long ago on a bridge that's now destroyed.

"If it gets working, what will you do with it? What would you want to do with it?"

There's no repentence from Cardinal at her harsh response, though there is a hint of surprise. "Nobody ever told you? Yeah… Tyler never did anything to you, Abigail. He was in Company custody the entire time before I sprang him, and after that, he was with me. The other Tyler…" A grimace as he looks back away, "He's dead. So. Let God judge him for that."

A grunt, then, "It could lead us to the Institute. My main concern'd be figuring out a way to block it."

"You should have whomever you find, hit up Hana, Wireless, and she can help. It's digital. She may be able to help figure out things and figure out a device that might help block whatever or however the watch works, as opposed to the compass that Cat has. This looks like it doens't have an arrow or the light, light it might have been a digital compass"

"Cat has one?" A look over, Cardinal's brow furrowing in surprise, "I knew she had the film with the theory about it, but she actually laid her hands on one of the compasses?"

"Uhh, no. No, she made one but it's not working" There's a gesture to the tactical watch. "She's interested in that one though. I told her I was going to see if it was, what we thought it was first, and then see about getting it repaired" There we go, eye's close and Kasha is out. Not quite so out that she can be put down.

"Oh." Cardinal shakes his head slightly, "She's not a hypercognitive or an intuitive, it'd take her as long as anyone else - it took them decades to perfect these things, I think they produced the final product in Antarctica, my sources said."

"Anything they didn't do in Antarctica?" Is murmured. 'Regardless" a soft sigh as she starts heading for her bedroom to presumably put the sleeping baby down in her crib. "It'll be passed over to the Ferry, once I figure out who it should go to. Be it the special activities division or intelligence. I can't keep it, there might be a GPS on it or something, they did know where to find it"

"Just be careful," Cardinal says with a look over, brows raising, "If there is a leak in the Ferry… they aren't going to want you to have a compass to study, even a broken one."

"Only person who knows about the compass is the operator from up north, and Cat. If they knew we'd been up there Richard, they'd have come for me by now. I flamed up, one of the agents tossed me into a piano and I hadn't brought my drugs with me or my monitor" Baby down, she's walking back out, lifting up the side of her shirt so he can see the mottled bruising heavy along her side, some of it starting to turn the yellow and green.

"Ouch." Cardinal's brow furrows a bit as he sees the bruising, his head shaking a little, "Anyway, even if there is a leak they might not know everything that goes on. Just be careful with it."

"I'm keeping quiet about it. If it can be fixed, then I'll give it to them fixed, if it can't, then i'll pass it over to them and it can't. But at least, we'll have tried yes?" There's a glance to the safe door, then a glance to the clock. "Thank the lord we're just on call tomorrow and don't actually have to go in" murmured by the blonde, a hand to her forehead and sighing. "Hey, you know of any cops in the NYPD who might be… sympathetic to people who are evolved and occasionally willing to mark down "blue" instead of "red"?"

"Sorry." Cardinal's hands spread a bit, "All of my police contacts either retired or turned FRONTLINE, unfortunately."

'Figures" Abigail scoffs gently, reaching over to punch Cardinal's shoulder. "Hows Nick?" You know, the guy that you brought over here and went crazy over the cinnamon buns. "He get his ID fine and the like? He finding his sister and his dah yet?"

"Nick's doing alright," Cardinal says, shaking his head slightly, "Hopefully we can locate his father pretty soon, though… in the meantime, he makes some great scones."
"He owes me." Scones that is. "I'm going to go to bed, if you want to stick around, that's fine, I'm going to fall asleep on the couch" Which means she's going to watch a movie, maybe the black and whites she told Kasha about. "Maybe Peter will get in before the crack of dawn for once"

"I should take off," admits Cardinal, stepping away from the wall, "Tell Peter I need to talk to him about some business, alright?"

"I'll let him know. Anything else? Messages for the Ferry or anyone else that you can think of that I might know?" There's a pause, a glance to the safe as if debating whether to give it to Richard or not. "Listen, you have the code, I won't change it. When you need it, come and get it. make sure to take the bag with you that it's in okay?"

"'Course," Cardinal steps over, leaning in to brush a kiss to her brow, "And no… no other messages. Take care, Abby, alright?"

"I will Richard, no getting kidnapped, I promise. Besides, I have GPS on me all the time" A finger slide beneath the black soft elastic, snapping it against her shoulder. "Keeps record of my temperature and GPS. The latter, was really just a bonus" Another punch to the shoulder and she's retreating away from the shadow. 'Get on with you"

"Alright, alright…" Cardinal turns to head for the door, chuckling, "…just watch yourself. Goodnight."

And then he's shadows, and gone.

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