Where Is Helena Dean?


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Scene Title Where Is Helena Dean?
Synopsis Questions which have no immediate answers are asked.
Date October 12, 2009

St. Joseph's Church

There is nothing entirely spectacular for Saint Joseph's. Its old Architecture somehow managed to withstand the bomb and other damage that has been done over the years. The front entrance is sadly blocked due to fallen debris, as well as other things done since The Bomb happened, as such everyone known to enter through the red doors in the back. Despite Damage to the front, it still manages to look like a quaint little stone church in the middle of broken homes and overgrown wild life. A last marker for those entering the Rookery. A Samaritan station for those within.

The inside holds a warm feeling, cracked window panes add to the chill one might feel here, but there are several rows of pews, with the Altar raised up in the center along the great back wall of the sanctuary, with the raised pulpit off to the side and flanked by the baptismal font on the other. Old iconography still hangs here and there, as a chipped statue of Christ looks on from the western wall.

What was once the fellowship hall, as small as it was, has been turned into a small area filled with cots, so people can sleep, and east here if they want some food from the tiny kitchen. The church offices have been turned into a make shift nurses station, seeing to only minor injuries, where as the head Pastor's office remains just that, and a little more. Yes, this is where the current pastor also lives.

All in all it is a lot contained in a small space-but it stands here for its mission. To help and affect the lives of those still on Staten Island.

The bullet having been removed, Helena - or at least, the body that is carrying a carbon copy of who Helena is, is resting in the rectory that serves as Scotch's home. She's resting on his bed, her eyes closed, her shoulder bandage clotted with blood, but it's been since staunched. This body is nothing like the petite young woman with the too-wide eyes; this is a long, lean woman a few years older, an athlete.

It's taken some time since the call came to get here. Cat's not one to venture across the water by boat in her lawyer and seminar-giver clothing. She'd gone to a safe place after leaving the meeting she was in to don jeans and other appropriate attire, and drawn weapons which are concealed both on her person and in the guitar case she's carrying. All she knows is that something happened with Helena which isn't good.

Needing details, and warring with the sunken spirits she feels from that meeting, Cat arrives in this church and seeks out Helena. Concern is on her features, markedly so, and she seems in darker spirits than she can likely ever be remembered.

In the room with this person, she asks in a not very patient tone "Where is Helena Dean?"

Marina's flutter. "Did I fall asleep?" she murmurs absently, and then struggles to sit up. "Cat…oh my god," she lets out a little hiss as she leans wrong on her shoulder and leans back. "I'm Helena Dean." she says. "But I saw, I saw my body - I saw me…"

The woman she sees, who isn't Helena by any means, is studied at length in silence after she makes that claim. Cat is skeptical, and perhaps a touch angry, but there's traces of a deep disquiet also showing to her features. "You're here, Miss," she eventually replies, "so it seems you're trusted to some degree because you're not tied up or chained down. I've seen Helena take on different faces before, it's true. But…" Her features show a bit more emotion, the touch of remembering the fallen as she continues. "The man who provided them isn't around anymore." She doesn't say why this is so, maybe it's a test. Does she know the answer?

"This isn't a good day to play games or otherwise fuck with me, Miss," the brunette adds with an edge of fury in her voice, "because today I learned someone very close to me is entirely incapable of learning anything ever and was asked to do something unconscionable."

Right. The woman's lips press together tightly in an expression of annoyance that is admittedly, very Helena-ish, albeit somehow wrong on this woman's set of features. "You don't let Kinson sleep in your bed because of Dani. I was one of the people who came to get you after Arthur stole your ability. I've been trying to drag you screaming and kicking into the twenty-first century for the past year with regard to music, and your nickname for me is Stormy. I drink Red Stripe, my alias is Evelyn Wozniak, Evelyn for my mom, Wozniak for Conrad, I make killer lemon bars using my mom's secret recipie - are we there yet?" she asks wearily.

The words are listened to quietly. Her features remain impassive. People can be studied, information learned. The data might have been gotten by telepathy or some other means. Not likely, but possible. The unknown woman's face is watched through the entire litany, however, and watched intently. At its end Cat shifts in her demeanor. "Data can be learned," she opines somberly, "faces copied. But the evidence says you're Helena Dean. If you aren't, you deserve the Oscar for being able to match her facial expressions and mannerisms exactly enough to sway my judgment."

"But," Cat adds after a bit more contemplation, "the real Helena would be happy to be disbelieved right now, to be not so easily accepted in a foreign body she didn't tell me about in advance."

"How did you come to be like this?" she finally asks, as a weariness seems to settle in.

Marina actually gets a little mad at that. "You think this was consensual? Would I be freaking out if it was? Doc did something to me, he…I don't know!" She struggles a little on the bed, agitated. "I was talking to these two girls at the carnival, and then suddenly Humanis First started firing and there was this bulldozer that was running wild and I got grabbed from behind. It was Doc, he reached for one of the girls - only Humanis First killed her. We started struggling, and this woman - she's a speedster," she indicates herself, "Was there, helping Doc too - I think he grabbed her instead and he did some kind of…Freaky Friday swaperoo thing. The world went all funny, and then suddenly I was staring at myself, only I…" she blinks, thoughtful, "I didn't seem freaked out…it was more like I was confused. Expected something to happen, only it didn't, but I freaked out real bad, I was looking at myself, Humanis First was everywhere, it was sort of instinctual override. I ran. But it made my heart pump so fast and it messed me up."

She's listening intently, absorbing it all, and the disquiet behind Cat's eyes grows. The held back fury, chained under the force of will. "I think you'd expect cautiousness at seeing you in a different body, given our mutual experiences with false faces. Now, we need to focus."

"Tell me who Doc is. Have I seen him before? I need to connect a face with that name. I've been called Doc before." By Colette. "Did you see the HF people, are they any we recognize? You got switched into this body, you saw your own looking confused, and you ran away with this one's speed."

"Presumably whoever this woman is occupies your body now. Did you see what happened to her?"

If Cat's on the verge of snapping, probably what's keeping Hel on the bed is the damn gunshot wound. "Doc…he was a prisoner in Moab. Older guy. I was never sure what his power was." She makes a sound of disgust. Now I know. I remember…" she pauses, trying to recollect. "I think I saw Danko. Maybe my Dad. There were shots fired…a lot of it is a blur. I think they were moving in to either execute me or take me." A pause. "Has there been anything on the news about a public execution of Helena Dean?"

Moab. That causes an immediate reaction from Cat. "Lift your chin," she instructs. That will tell her something about the body housing Helena. "Is there any kind of ID on your person?"

"I haven't heard anything on the news," she relates. "I haven't listened. I was meeting with Mother when Delilah called and I came here, but if you were executed I'm certain Hana would have relayed word."

Then she goes silent for a bit to ponder. "If Danko and your father were involved, they may have taken the body to see if they can torture it and learn where we all are. So they can have their ultimate wet dream and string us all up in a row at the same time."

"I have to tell you," she admits with sadness and the rage stoking up a bit more but still held back, "I don't think we can support Mother's campaign."

Marina bites back something, she lifts the hand on her good arm a moment and stares at it. "Why not?" she asks after a moment, letting it drop.

"This woman was at Moab too," Cat begins, then answers the question. "Because she told me today she's gone back to working for the Company," Cat reports bitterly as she begins to size Marilena up for injuries with a mind to treating them, "and asked me to work with her. For them."

"This means by extension the election won't be a fair election. Linderman rigged it in 2006 for Nathan Petrelli, and he'll do it again now."

"We need to find your body," she asserts a few moments later. "Any ideas where to start?"

Marina considers a moment, and then deflates. "I have no idea." she says mournfully. "We need…a tracker. A telepath. Something." Desperate, "Matt Parkman still owes us, maybe he could help. Or maybe some birds saw something, you could talk to Eileen." She looks a touch hopeless, and feels it, too. "Maybe the others will have ideas."

"Birds are possible," Cat agrees. "Time's been lost, though. Eileen needed to be told immediately. We can try Parkman, see if he'll ask Molly. I doubt they're still using whatever place or places they had Mona and the others in. That'd be too easy."

While examining the arm wound, she asks "Is Deckard coming about this, or do you need it sewn up for now? And is there ID on this body?" Her iPhone is then pulled out and a photo taken so she can send it to Wireless and get a name.

"A telepath I can find. But I'm not sure she's reliable at all. Adam's telepath saw the light at least partly and took shelter with the Ferry. Her name is Kaylee."

"Deckard's on his way, and…" she shrugs. "I heard Doc call her Marina." She looks vaguely distracted. "That girl…the one theu called Hunter. She'd been abducted by them before, hadn't she? Along with that famous girl?"

"Wendy Hunter," replies she who remembers perfectly. "Yes, she was. How does she fit into all of this?" Cat looks away from the arm wound and makes eye contact. "So we'll find your body, figure out whether I should take Mother's offer with an eye to infiltrating the Company and working against it, let our technopath friends know the fix is in for the Mayoral election, find those nukes the French guy gave me all that data on before the Vanguard does…" And perhaps a host of other things.

"Because we're the mistresses of tall orders and impossible tasks." Confidence has taken over her voice.

"Find the famous girl." Helena suggests. "Maybe she can tell you something, give you some clue. But god, please go see if Eileen or hell, even Gabriel and his random roulette of powers - can help. Maybe Joseph could try having a vision. I don't know." She leans back against the pillow. "My skin is not my own." she mutters in a small voice. "I think I need to sleep for a bit, Cat. I'm sorry, I…I'm so tired."

"I'm also going to visit the zoo," Cat asserts, as the woman now hosting Helena begins to drift off. She will start making calls and marshalling resources from here. Find Helena, rescue Helena, she's done it before and will do so now. But this time, she knows in a heart which sinks further, she doesn't have months to put it all together.

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