Where It Started



Scene Title Where It Started
Synopsis Elaine makes a sudden decision to go back to where it started.
Date Jan 8, 2011

A taxi, NYC


The sound of the cab door shutting was awkward as Elaine clumsily climbed inside, and she was forced to open it and shut it again to make sure it was properly closed. Shifting her coat as she settled in her seat, there was the clunk of the cab driver's door shutting as he settled back into the cab as well.

"ID?" He asked, New York accent thick as he looked expectantly at the redhead.

Fishing in her purse, she found her wallet and tugged it out. The good thing about being officially registered was just that—no problems with her ID, and soon enough the cab was pulling off the curb. Sitting back against the seat, Elaine didn't bother taking off her coat. She patted her purse to make sure she wasn't forgetting something, feeling the empty cell-phone pocket before relaxing.

She'd forgotten that she wasn't bringing it. It was still sitting in the middle of her bed, all freshly made with clean sheets. She did laundry the night before. Her fingers drummed nervously on the side of her purse and she peered down at her watch.


Her eyes flitted towards the window. It was still dark out. The sun wasn't supposed to rise until a little less than two hours. It gave her time. Time to sit in the dark and quiet of the cab as it sped along. She wasn't sure she liked that last part. The quiet was making her uncomfortable. Nervous. She fished in her purse for her iPod and found the earbuds, but they weren't attached.

Frowning, she stared at the purse until she noticed the glow of her iPod. She'd bumped it and it had turned on. She scowled, silently pulling it out in hopes that her battery hadn't drained. She picked up the iPod, the glow lighting up her face as she peered at the text that scrolled across the screen with the name and the artist.

Das Tier In Mir (Wölfen) - E Nomine - Das Beste aus Gottes Beitrag und Teufels Werk

She frowned again. Maybe music wasn't the best idea. Pressing the button on her iPod to turn it off, she plugged the earphones in and methodically wrapped them around the iPod before she returned it to her purse. Zipping it, she let it slide into the seat next to her as she looked out the window again. Thank God. Her destination was in sight. She sat up straight as the cab slowly pulled up to a curb after fighting a few other cabs and cars for a prime location.

She pushed the cab door open, stepping out onto the curb. The door shut much more smoothly this time, and she turned to the cab as the driver pulled her suitcase out of the trunk. Giving a small smile, she slipped the fair plus a tip over to the driver before she pulled up the handle on her suitcases and rolled it through the doors of the JFK airport. A quick pace guided her to the ticket counter as she slid across a printed sheet of paper and her ID and passport.

"Morning… Elaine Darrow. I'm checking in for my flight…"

"Very good Miss Darrow, let me pull up your information here…" The woman behind the counter smiled. "Checking any bags today?"

"No, no, I'm just carrying this one on."

"Just a second and I'll print your boarding pass." The woman smiled as she waited for the machine to print. "Your accent. It's… Scottish?"

Elaine blinked for a moment. Her accent. She forgot, sometimes, that she still used it. And with no one commenting on it on a regular basis, the question had startled her. "Ah, yes. Scottish. Glasgow, specifically. It's a little different sounding depending on what part of Scotland the accent's from."

The woman behind the counter smiled, sliding the ticket across the counter to Elaine. "Going home, then, Miss Darrow?"

Looking down at the ticket, Elaine didn't smile. "Not quite."

International Flight 215 - Economy Class - JFK to GLA - One Way

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