Where Once Was Light


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Scene Title Where Once Was Light
Synopsis Eve and Gillian share a dream of a new terrible future with the leader of Phoenix.
Date June 24, 2009

Deveaux Rooftop

Clouds cover the sun and the roof is shady as the wind blows and pieces of rubble and papers across the roof. Sitting on the ledge of the roof with her eyes closed is Eve, dressed in a long dark blue dress that whips in the wind. Her long hair but not quite as long thanks to a visit to Raquelle blows in the wind.

Eyes are closed and her head is tilted. She hums softly, apparently not afraid of falling off the roof.

The other person on the rooftop looks vaguely like a statue. Mostly because the light casts off dull gray skin. Gillian's hair doesn't shift in the breeze, and there's no motions of breathing. That doesn't mean she's completely still, though, because her head moves every so often, to glance around, to "listen" to the hum. And most statues don't wear clothes— No explaination for her current condition has been forthcoming, other than a shrug.

This is an old and familiar place. Helena answered the summons with trepidation, as neither of the two women present are actually on her list of Best Bud Gal Pals. She stands near the cherubs, eyeing the others present a touch warily, but not entirely hostilely. "So, Eve." Well, it's an improvement. Somewhat.

"The future was fun, I hope?" The answer to Helena's calling of her name. Her eyes still closed but the humming has stopped. Her hands grip the ledge of the roof and she tilts her head up towards the sky.

Fun. There's almost a rumble of a laugh from the young metal woman. Gillian casts silver eyes over at the blonde weather manipulator and keeps them there. "I don't think it was what she would consider fun," she offers, with an rather impassive voice. Without vocal cords it's easy to mask tone. Her voice sounds like she's talking through metal walls, even.

Helena's expression has gone flat with distaste. How is it the dreamspeaker always manages to say exactly the wrong thing. "Oodles." she says, the temperature dropping a degree or two. "What do you want, Eve?"

"Guess you're right. Who wants to know the future anyway, it can fuck your head up?" Eve chuckles softly and smiles. "Did not mean to make light of your journey."

The dreamer chooses then to turn around and face the blonde woman. Her light grey eyes looking at Helena's eyes. "A recent dream of mine.. it involves the Vanguard and /maybe/ its resurrection." It doesn't look like Eve's been sleeping lately. Her eyes are red and her whole face just screams tired.

Vanguard. Gillian's desired grimace or wince gets hidden under the metal form, but she shifts a bit where she stands. Why couldn't they have had this conversation a week ago? "Do you still have the drawing you showed me?" she asks of Eve.

Helena's brows lift. Christ, that's the last thing they need. "What did you see?" she asks bluntly,shoving her hands in her pockets.

A hand is placed on her hip. Eve nods her head at Gillian. "Of course I do." She slips her hand into her boot and holds out a folded piece of paper for Helena to take. "That's just a sketch I did. The actual painting is with me." She explains and tilts her head at the woman.

The drawing is of Ruins of Midtown. The moon is full and high in the sky. A shadow which looks like a wolf can be seen in the background. On a hill stands a dark haired woman facing the wolf with her back towards the moon. Above them all is a rather huge black bird, feathers falling all around it. Where the feathers drop, huge mushroom clouds of explosions can be seen.

"They aren't done with us.. yet." Eve says and lifts her head, it's as if moving is difficult for the woman. "I heard his voice.. Kazimir." She says the name bitterly and rage flashes in her eyes.

"Guessing this didn't happen in the future you went to?" Gillian can't help but ask, the quiet metallic sounding voice with only a small hint of emotion under the surface. It might be curiousity. Hard to tell with the way the patterns are out of sorts. She doesn't glance at the sketch— mostly because she probably couldn't make it out well with her current state.

Helena shakes her head. "No." she admits. "It didn't." She catches the nuance of emotion, and for a moment looks like she's going to challenge Gillian on what she might be trying to suggest in the undercurrent of her tone. "Was there anything else to your dream?" she asks Eve instead.

"He said the Past is the Prologue." Is how Eve concludes and she sits on the ground. Her gaze still on Helena. "He isn't done.. not yet." She says softly, rocking back and forth. "Can you take me home? I need to go and try to sleep,, maybe they won't come tonight." She says up to Gillian. Her eyes widen and she bites her lip. Maybe the dreams won't come.

"You left out that it could just be symbolism," Gillian offers abruptly, even though she moves to walk. "I…" The iron voice breaks a moment. She can't take a deep breath, but she makes a moment as if to steady herself. "I mentioned it to Gabriel. He thought it could be someone else trying to finish Vanguard's work, not necessarily Kazimir. I mean we saw him turn to dust. I was holding Abby's hand when she did it. And his— people were pretty big. Maybe there were some of the ones who believed what he said still around."

"I'm pretty sure a lot of it is symbolism." Helena comments, "But that doesn't mean the message is any less clear. The past is prologue suggests something that was done in the past is the means by which something's been started - which sounds too duh obvious, but the question is what, and how it might bring back the Vanguard, or some other variant of it that still dials Volken's party line."

"Any other surviving members should be talked too." Eve says softly from the ground. "They may know /who/ would be able to carry on the Vanguard vision without Kazimir there to lead them."

"There's a couple living in the Garden right now," Gillian offers, but other than that she moves closer to Eve. "Just have to keep on our toes." That's about as much as needs to be said. "You needed to go home?" She adds to Eve, before moving as if to leave the rooftop—

"I know who the wolf and the raven are." Helena says with a shrug. She steps away from the cherubim, and starts to head for the door. "Thanks for the update, Eve." It's not grudgingly spoken, but her tone is rather flat.

"Thank you for coming Helena. I don't think we're ever destined to see each other under good circumstances." That's Eve's farewell as she gets to her feet and walks away with Gillian. "Where once was light.. now darkness falls.." she sings softly as she walks.

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