Where's April?


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Scene Title Where's April?
Synopsis If she were wearing a red and white striped shirt, it would be easier to spot her. Silver decides to not put all his eggs in one basket and calls on help from Elisabeth.
Date August 23, 2010

Redbird Offices

When he called, Elisabeth told him to go ahead and meet her at Redbird in the late afternoon. She couldn't really get there before midafternoon with the hangover she's sporting. When Silver arrives, the front door of the security company is open and Elisabeth is sitting in the seating area of reception just waiting for him. She looks up as he comes in and smiles a little. "Silver," she greets mildly. "How're you?"

Silver doesn't.. look well. Not at all. Whether it's the lack of sleep, the lack of food or just the lack of any sort of sanity at this point, the lawyer is struggling right now. He feels like a walking emo machine, but most wouldn't blame him. Unfortunately, there are very few he'd even trust the fact that April is here, but now he has to reach outside of his comfort zone. He knows Elisabeth, having read her file, but not to the level he knows and trusts Cat. But, he can't just sit around any longer, so he called out to her.

When he arrives, he looks the foyer over and offers a half hearted smile towards the former cop and shakes his head, "Not well, I'm afraid. Not well at all. Is there.. somewhere we can talk in private?" As a lawyer, confidentiality is part of the job, which is not so with other jobs. He only hopes she can keep what he's about to tell her to herself as much as possible.

"Certainly," Elisabeth says as she stands up. She gestures him down the hall and locks the front door behind him, heading down to an office and waiting for him to go in and get comfortable — or as comfortable as he'll get — as she closes that door too. "There's no one else in the building right now, but just in case." She props a hip on the desk, her sunglasses shoved on her head, and looks at him. She's not looking too fabulous either. The remains of a major hangover are still lingering. "Tell me what I can do for you. You look like hell," she says bluntly.

He starts at the beginning, the death of April, the mourning period and when he finally gets back on his feet, she comes to him again. Not the same April, but one from the future. He stammers when he says it thinking she'd find him foolish, but he doesn't see that expression on her face. So he continues about how they've reconnected, 'trying' they call it and now.. now she's gone again. He's lost her for the second time. "I've someone looking for her, but I don't don't want to place all my hopes in one person. I need more. I need to find her. Can you help?" The pleading in Silver's eyes say it all. He's becoming more desperate as the days go on.

He doesn't see anything but sympathy in Elisabeth's expression. And perhaps … knowledge. At least some of what he's saying to her, she's already aware of. "Actually, I can." She sighs heavily. "I think I may know what caused her to run," she admits. "A friend of mine was hoping to talk to her and an acquaintance of the two of them who happens to be someone April probably used to work with sort of….. has no tact whatsoever." She shakes her head on a heavy sigh. "And I happen to have a postcog on staff here. So maybe we can trace her steps. I don't know if Becca's ever done anything quite this involved… actually following someone… but it can't hurt to try." Liz shoves a hand through her hair. "I'm sorry. I wondered if she had ties to you, and I should have come immediately to just ask. It's an unusual enough combination of names….." She trails off. "Can you give me a couple of days to try to track down information? I don't want to spook her again. The person who wanted to talk to her is no threat to her at all — he just wanted to talk to her."

Looking just a little hopeful as she says she knows what might have happened, Silver perks up just a little. Then you explain and he blinks his eyes, "Wait." Silver knows very little, well nothing, about April's involvement in the Company, so he can't possibly have any idea what would cause her to run like this, so he voices it, "I've no idea why it would make her run, Liz. She could have come to me. I could have helped." He nods his head as you ask for some time to look into it. "Like I said, I have someone else checking it out too, but I just can't let this go on forever. I want her back." He's not sure why she would run if her friend wasn't a threat, but something causes him to trust the Frontline agent.

Liz doesn't want to have to be the one to tell Silver all of April's secrets. But perhaps it's enough that she doesn't even blink at the notion that this is a future version of April who has come back to save things. It actually gives Liz pause to think about something else that she'll need to raise with a shadowmorph soon. Paradox city! She shoves that aside for now, though. "I'll do what I can, I promise," she tells the man quietly.

With a heavy sigh, Silver stands up, looking not quiet as defeated as he had when he walked into the building, but she's still not back, so he still doesn't look well at all. He should take better care of himself, but he has work so he nods his head to her and turns to leave the building. "Just.." he pauses turning back to her and adding, "Let me know if you hear anything at all. No matter how insignificant you think it is. Please." His blue eyes are practically pleading with her about this.

"That I promise you. I won't keep secrets, Silver." Not about this, anyway. Elisabeth offers him a small smile. "I know a lot of people. We'll see if we can spot her."

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