Where's Our President?

WASHINGTON — The chaos surrounding the political conflagration of the century continues to get more and more intense. As of today, it has been declared official that the sudden downturn of Vice President-Elect Richard Sadler-Matthews will undoubtedly make it impossible for him to carry out the duties of his appointed position as President of the United States of America in light of the shocking decision made by the President-Elect recently.

Many are still reeling from the sudden decision of President-Elect Allen Rickham to abdicate his position as the next President of the United States. The House of Cards that is our country's usual peaceful transition of power hads come tumbling down after this monumental decision. Former President-Elect Rickham has been secluded from both the public and the media since his decision, and with Saddler-Matthews confined to a hospital, many are wondering if the 91-year old Democratic Senator Robert Byrd, the current President pro tempore will rise to the occasion.

If current rumors flying through Washington are correct, his decision will likely be "No." With Speaker of the House Miranda Groves a naturalized citizen and ineligible for the position of President, where does that leave us as a country? The answer we have been hearing rumored around the Capital might shock some of you.

The Supreme Court is currently considering all possible avenues for the transition. It is expected for the Supreme Court to determine within days whether Incumbant Secretary of State Incumbent Secretary of State Paul DeSantos or Allen Rickham's pick for Secretary of State Senator Nathan Petrelli is the proper choice for succession, and an inauguration may occur as early as next Monday.

This is both a shocking and an historic time to be a citizen of the United States, and the eyes of the world have one again turned towards us to see how we will recover from this democratic meltdown. We will continue to cover this monumental event as it unfolds.

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