Where's Our Task Force?


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Scene Title Where's Our Task Force?
Synopsis That's the question Nash has on his first day at work when Liz runs down all the cases they're assigned to.
Date October 19, 2009

NYPD Headquarters

He was pointed to the desk he currently sits at by the desk sergeant. Nice leather shoes sit perched atop the desk as he leans back and fills out some paperwork on a clipboard. He's currently wearing a spiffy looking grey suit with a white shirt and navy blue tie with a fancy clip to hold it in place. Of course, this would probably not be all that interesting if this were actually his desk. This desk belongs to Elisabeth Harrison and it looks like Christopher Nash is making himself quite comfortable in her chair.

He reaches for a coffee and takes a healthy swallow before setting it back down and going back to filling out the paperwork that HR gave him and demanded that he fill it out and bring it right back upon completion.

As she walks back into the squad room from a case call, Elisabeth stops in the doorway to study the man sitting at her desk. Then she walks over and sets her coffee cup down on the aforementioned desk and comments neutrally, "If you're going to make yourself at home in my chair, the least you can do is bring the coffee. What is it that I can do for you, Detective….?" She lets it hang, waiting for him to fill in his name. Yeah… the acting captain told her she'd be getting an actual partner — at least until they figure out where to put her as things reorganize with SCOUT's disband — but he didn't mention a name.

The female voice first gets his attention as his eyes take a quick glance up from his paperwork. His eyes move back to the paperwork before he takes his second glance of the woman before him and his feet are immediately removed from her desk as he sits up with a loud 'kathunk' then the clack of his soles hitting the floor.

"Funny. You don't look like a 300 pound, senior citizen." Nash's voice is raised enough that following it, there's a series of snickers that are heard from the others in the area. "Seems I've been pranked." He rises to his feet, setting the clipboard on the desk and offering his hand. "Detective Harrisburg, is it?" More snickering at that. "Nash. Christopher Nash."

Elisabeth's smile is just a hair tight. "Indeed," she replies mildly. "Liz Harrison," she says as she takes his hand. "The guys must like you." She glances over her shoulder and rolls her eyes at their juvenile behavior, then looks back at Nash. "My last partner got told I was a Marine drill sergeant." She seems to consider. "All in all, I prefer that one to the 300-pound comment. Have to admit, not too fond of being described as old and having a fat ass — guess those homemade goodies in the break room won't be reappearing anytime soon, being as I clearly need to lose weight." That'll shut 'em up.

"Man.." can be heard from a distance and the sound of someone slugging another in the arm followed by an 'ow'. Nash moves around the desk and takes the seat on the other side. "Sorry about the desk. They told me is was going to be mine too." How much else can he blame on them now? Hmm. "Nice to meet ya, Harrison. Harrison, right?" He asks again as he gets himself comfortable. "I forgot how much paperwork it takes. Almost done. Care to fill me in on what's been going on around here? Anything in particular that we'll be working on?" It's been 15 minutes and he hasn't made one innuendo. He must be really trying hard to impress.

The blonde smirks faintly, her blue eyes amused as she moves to sit in her chair. "So far as I know, we won't share the desk — but hey, with budget cutbacks? Who knows??" She sips from her coffee cup and then says, "Well, let's see…. I'm assuming you're not coming from anywhere NYPD-related, if you even had to ask that question. I have a handful of cases at the moment, all reported as Evo-related. Six burglaries, two rapes, three stick-ups, a bank job, and two murders. Word just came down to be on the lookout for Vanguard members, and to keep our ears to the ground for scuttlebutt about nuclear devices, since the group apparently is in possession of one. I've also got at least three Humanis First-related cases in my hands. Oh, yeah… and all-out street war just erupted this week between us and the Triad. Don't go into Chinatown for any reason unless you're with a SWAT team. Any news on Refrain, which just became illegal and the Triad is running it, …. hell, I don't even know who to report that to." She looks at him. "Ready to hit the ground running, Nash?" she asks mildly. "Oh, and one other thing. Before it even gets to become a /thing/ — if you're anti-Evo, request reassignment when you file that paperwork. Cuz I'm not fucking around even trying to get along if that's the case."

He meets her eyes as she looks at him and asks if he's ready. "I'm always ready. You can be sure of that. Just introduce me to our Task Force and we'll start bringing in the bad guys!" The mention of her evolved ability gives him just a moment's pause. "I'm not necessarily anti-evolved. I'm just anti boring evolved. Of course, I'm anti boring anything, but I figure if you get to be evolved, you should at least do something cool." he grins as he finishes jotting on the paperwork and sets the clipboard down.

"I have no idea what the hell that even means," Elisabeth retorts. "So long as you aren't going to give me any shit whatsoever about my ability and you're not going to fucking shoot me in the back, you'll be fine." Her blue eyes on the man are perhaps more watchful than really should be the case, but then again — given the sentiment in this town, who could blame her for being wary.

"Hey look. There's obviously some excess baggage here that you're dealing with, I get it." Nash holds up his hand as he moves some of things from her desk to the one next to it, since it seems to be empty. Not his fault, her's doesn't look like anyone actually uses it. He leans against that desk and watches her. Of course, then he raises his eyes to meet her eyes. Ahem.

"I just got here. So whatever preconceived notions you might have about partners or whatnot, I think you need to push them aside and at least give me a chance, otherwise I may as well ask for a change right off the bat. You want me to watch your back," no innuendo intented, "then you got it. But don't make me carry around the baggage of those who came before me. I don't have time for that shit, if we're going to get anything done around here."

Elisabeth grins faintly, the smile not reaching her eyes. "My baggage hasn't been with my partners, thank God. But I figure with the climate lately — I might as well offer you the opportunity to get your views on the table so you couldn't say 'hey, how come they stuck me with an Evo?'" She shrugs slightly. "We've had one of our own taken by Humanis First recently, so… yeah… little uptight." She shrugs. "Sorry… I can be a cranky bitch." She slants a look toward the squad room and sticks her tongue out at one of the men sitting a couple desks away as he snickers. "And not just at that time of the month, thanks, Grady."

There's a joyness to Nash's eyes that hasn't quite been quenched by the rigors of law enforcement, or at least by New York City law enforcement. He holds up his hand towards her, "And before you ask me to, I don't sleep with my partners." Then he adds almost as quickly. "Unless you have a very cool power that would benefit such an experience." He grins, then squints his eyes towards her. "You don't, do you?" It's going to be a bummer if she's got some crazy kinky ability and he can't take advantage of it.

Elisabeth snickers with laughter. "Guess you'll never know what my power could do for you in a bed, Nash," she retorts good-naturedly as she works on the ubiquitous paperwork. "So tell me what your specialty is, Nash? Homicide, Robbery, Vice? And where you come from. And your mother's maiden name," she adds with a smirk.

Nash turns his inquisitive eyes on her. He'll have to ask around. Surely, someone'll give him the down-lo on this chick. He reaches up to adjust his tie and considers her question. "Mostly Chicago homocide, though I helped crack a serial killer case a couple of years back. I did a couple years of vice. But I'll do whatever needs to be done to get the job done. And with the workload you rattled off, it looks like I'm going to need to. So, my question to you, partner, is.." he stands up straight, pushing himself off the desk, then turns to reach for his clipboard, ".. where do we start?"

Elisabeth mms and says, "Today, we start with you filling out all the paperwork, dealing with the HR bullshit, and finishing up interviews on a stick-up. Owner reported two kids held him immobile while they robbed his register." She eyes him and grins faintly. "Personally, I think he was just scared spitless, but hey… every report has to be followed up on. Not as glamorous as a serial killer case, but…. I think I've had enough of those lately. Just handled one down in your neck of the woods, actually. The Azrael case. He … took my last partners out of commission."

"I heard about that case. Looks like we just missed each other than. I was on my way out and getting ready to move when I read about that going down." He picks up his clipboard, "Well, let's go do some questioning, but first, let me drop this bull shit off at HR so I can officially try and be an intimidating asshole." Nash grins to her as he follows her out.

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