While You Were Out


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Scene Title While You Were Out
Synopsis This bitch by the name of Minea Lancaster called, and wanted me to let you know. Oh yeah, and she invoked the name of my dead husband. HOW THE HELL DID SHE FIND ME!
Date September 13, 2009

In a residence, and a black SUV respectively.

Minea sat in her car, parked on the edge of the ruins. Another day of nothing. Albeit she only had half of the ruins if even that, combed with the telepaths who she was sure, were starting to hate her. A forefinger taps at the steering wheel as she glances over to a folder. Eileen and the midtown man had gotten a copy. The trio of phone numbers are there for her to call. General, Director, random person with a femminine sounding asian name.

Her manicured nails tap out the number for the last person and the blackberry is levered up to her ear as it rings across unseen digital lines.

The ring goes out thrice, mechanical music lilting its steady beats through the distance and into some unseen room. The next moment, there's a click. A handset lifted, a breath of air and stale quiet permeating the other end of the line. A woman's voice speaks, not one that Minea is familiar with. "Wei? Zheishi shei?" Her Mandarin is flawless. The name that Feng had listed her under might make that no surprise.

"I am looking for one… Mu-Qian?" She's not surprised at all by the language that is spoken, and only wishes that she knew it. "My name is Ms Lancaster" Minea glances out her front windshield, switching the blackberry to a hands free before starting up her SUV and pulling out of the abandoned parking lot.

Silence entrenches itself over the line for a protracted moment. Then, "This is she." Mu-Qian's voice carries an accent with it, clenching the syllables, cramping the 'r's and pleating the wrong consonant into her 'l's. There's the click of a door closing, of moving across the floor, but it's still quiet, not a rustle or a wrinkle of conversation interrupting from behind.

"I'm looking for Mr. Daiyu. Could you tell him that Miss Minea Lancaster is looking for him?" Her pinkie finger flicks the left turn signal ten seconds before her hands turn the wheel ad she looks either way. "I bet you miss China Mu-Qian. I would too, if I had to flee my homeland" She's a touch cranky, from not finding Felix and being put on such a dead end detail. But she got him into this situation and by god, she'll keep looking till they find his body.

There's a little click, like a tsk, of tongue on teeth. Admonishment, or a token of unkind humor. Mu-Qian leans her shoulder against a wall that's embroidered in silk, sinks half an inch into it as she studies the rectangled light outside the window. "I do not know who that is," she responds, her voice clinched between the same severe edges of annoyance that have Minea's day in a choke-hold. "I do not know who you are, Mrs. Lancaster. How did you get this number?" Despite the fuzz and distortion of her accent, zis numba', there can be little confusing her irritation.

"No Mu-Qian, I believe you do. Does the name Zhang Wu-Long mean anything either? I'm sure it does. Tell Feng Daiyu that Minea Lancaster is looking for him. To have a little chat." A red light makes the Company agent stop at a four way to wait her turn.

Two seconds. It's a reasonable facsimile of patience.

And then, with a faintly feline chi of air snipped out into the receiver Mu-Qian hangs up, leaving the phone to bleat its off-key apology into Minea's ear. The signal's been lost. It remains to be seen whether or not Feng Daiyu has been found.

There's a smirk on Minea's face as the light turns green and her foot goes down on the gas pedal. "Well Mr. Daiyu. Lets see how long it takes you to find me"

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