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Scene Title Whipped
Synopsis Magnes is. Shard isn't. There's an aftermath for the rally gone wrong for a small group who flew away.
Date August 27, 2009

Anarchy Customs: Garage

This three story building is constructed from old, cracked concrete and cinder blocks, the naturally gray hue is long since caked with the common signs of neglect and vagrancy, filth and graffiti, common on the island. The graffiti here, however, seems notably fresh.

The entrances to the buildings are too wide, large bay garage doors. The words 'Anarchy Customs' are painted in chaotic letters on each. Just inside a large garage is home to various motorcycles and parts in different states of dismantling, repair, reconstruction, or destruction. The walls are cluttered with various tools, mobbed further with stolen street signs and more untamable, fresh graffiti. The smell of oil clings to the air as eagerly as the grease stains spattered on the concrete floor.

Across from the large, bay garage doors, a single black-iron, spiraling staircase is set beside the opposite wall, corking up to the floor overhead.

Sneakers touch the ground first, nestling themselves into the dirt. His knees bend slightly as he goes to set down the two shorter statured women. Claire on his left, Stef on his right. Setting them down gently, Vincent straightens his back, casting his eyes up into the darkness. "I didn't want it to come to gunshots." He seems honestly troubled about this. Reaching up, his hoodie is replaced over his head.

"I should go back, make sure no one's hurt. If there's someone I can help…" The implication is made. Shard takes a step back, looking like he's about to take off once again. "Stef, sweetheart would you mind taking…" What is this girl's name. "Sorry baby, I forgot your name." The fatherly rapper turns his gaze to Claire. "I'm Vincent, by the way. You can call me Shard if you really want." He gives a shrug. "Anyway, Stef, could you make our friend at home?"

"Well, Helena showing up and making herself known kinda added to the tension even more, but who the fuck knows who brought guns," Stef says feet settled back on the ground and looking over at the girl to the left of Shard. "You really think going back there is a good idea? Those fuckfaces are riled up, and really afraid. I'd probably help you out better back with them than here. Damn, if you wanted to help out there we should have fucking stayed." The frown distorts her face, showing dimples on her cheeks just as readily as a smile would. It's just a different kind of look.

"You're the boss, though. You want to go back and get shot at and earn your street cred again, go for it." She looks back at Claire, perhaps also waiting for a name. "I'll get her settled. There's even a fresh box of Cheez-Its."

"The whole gunshots stuff bothers me," Claire murmurs once her feet are on the ground again. "You hear what they were shouting? They were claiming we were there to assassinate that one guy. That it was a raid?" As she steps back, she glances at both of them. "I agree, if you wanted to help could of stayed."

As he seems to forgotten her name Claire gives a small smile. "I'm Claire. Claire Bennet." she offers up. "And if you're go back, you might as well take me." Her brows lift a bit, "I 'm not easy to kill. And with your ability…." she trails off giving him a meaningful look, then continues, "It would be useful to you as well."

There are no footsteps on the ground, and the flying doesn't really make much of a sound at lower speeds. His arms are folded, and he's floating upside down in front of them, still masked and speaking in a distorted voice. "Claire, Gillian, what are you doing out here?"

"Nice to meet you, Claire. Thank you for offering your help tonight." His deep voice soothes before he flashes his attention back to Stef. He squints slightly at the street cred-comment. "Man I have little women tougher than me." He groans, his feet starting to float off the ground. But that's when Magnes comes floating down, upside down.

Dropping back to the ground instantly, Shard steps forward quickly, placing himself in front of the women and Magnes. "You shouldn't sneak up on people like that. Especially after the scare we had tonight." He glances over each shoulder. "Ladies, you know this guy? If not, you don't have to answer him. I can handle this."

Right up until their snuck up on, Stef is mostly looking at Claire, studying her a few times, but not saying anything else for a while. At least they're both in agreement. Shard would be better off with the both of them, than trying to go back on his own. The little women are tougher than him. But then she jerks her head to the side at the voice, and the floaty guy. In mask and distorted voice. But the tone had seemed so familiar. And the ability. "Fuck— Yeah, I— I think I know him. Might be easier without the mask and the Spiderman act, though."

Claire rolls her eyes as the big man steps in front of her as Magnes floats down. She steps around Shard and stop in front of him and rests her hands on her hips and gives him a look, brows lifted. "This is my boyfriend." She states flatly, her attention still on Magnes. She sighs and crosses her arms, as she doesn't exactly ask…"Don't you cross your arms at me. Take the mask off and tell me why you are out here first." Her chin lifts a bit as if daring him not to do as she asks.

Magnes, whipped as he is, suddenly floats right side up, that distorted voice stammering. "Y-yes, Claire!" He unstraps the distortion device from around his neck, stuffing it into his pocket, then suddenly pulls his mask off like a good little boyfriend. "I just came because I heard rumors and wanted to see what was going on. I wore a mask because I'm a cop now and I have to take certain precautions. But I have to say, I'm a bit more enlightened about Helena, and you. I may not agree with the killing, but you're a far better person than the Claire I read about." he offers, smiling and holding an arm out for her.

Shard arches a brow as Claire scolds him? His mouth opens as if he might give her a solid talking to, but then the floating boy is whipping himself upright and talking a lot. Giving a slow nod, Vincent steps to the side, raising his hand up to rest gently on Stef's back. "Maybe you were right." He mumbles softly to her, notioning towards the garage. "Let's just head in."

"What, really? I thought you were dating that fucking psycho chick," Stef says looking between Magnes and the girl. Last she knew, he was dating crazy electric chick! And he wasn't done being a cop, but is now. "This one seems a better deal, though, so…" No argument from her on this. "Heading in, the adrenaline's starting to go down anyway. I want a drink." A hand reaches out and smacks Claire on the shoulder, lightly as she makes her way past to head inside. "Got him whipped, though. Good lady."

"I've had a few years to grow up." Claire says with a slight smile. "I'm not the cheerleader anymore," she reminds him, "But I haven't exactly been a saint and probably still am not." She doesn't go to him right away, studying him for a moment, but then she moves to give him a quick hug. "But what those guys were saying, was too frightening." She pulls away and grabs his hand, to pull him along, "I'm glad your okay though, you get shot your down and out. I get shot I just end up spitting out the bullets."

At the smack on her shoulder, Claire's cheeks color a bit as she confesses. "I didn't expect it to work." The blond had totally expected some resistance. She glances at Magnes with a small amused smile and then motions where the others are going. Moves up behind, Shard and Stef, "Think Cardinal will come by here? I have no idea what he was up too, he just told me to find you and help."

"I'm not whipped, but the chance of kisses getting withheld is not a risk I'm willing to take." Magnes jokes, snickering at the situation and rubbing his stomach when she mentions getting shot. He doesn't comment, he knows just how thin a line his life could be on. "Wait a minute, you had super strength, Gillian. Are you, uh, the clone?"

"I have no idea. He comes and goes whenever he wants. Thank you for the support, however. If you want to come inside, you're more than welcome." Probably. Shard glances over at Stef, then he makes his path towards the garage. Going to open the door he steps to the side and holds it open for the woman.

There's a visible frown at Magnes, but Stef follows after Shard, sticking her hands into her torn jacket pockets. "Clone, replicant, whatever. Got zapped on the roof and whatever was connecting me to Gillian broke but I didn't melt." She shrugs her shoulders, as if she doesn't quite understand it and is just telling it like it is. "I took off on my own. I go by Stef now," she adds, glancing back at the boy and his girl. "So far only Card knows about it, but now I guess you do too— suppose Windy spotted me as well. Looks like I should've wore a mask too."

Giving a small sigh at Shard's words, Claire murmurs. "Good point. I'd say I hope he's okay, but somehow I think he's just fine." She looks uncertain at the invitation at first, but then she smiles a bit. "Well, I guess I could stay for a bit see if he shows up." She studies 'Stef' for a moment, I thought you looked familiar… but didn't seem to be the right time to say anything. I saw Gillian at the Lighthouse rebuilding." She smiles a bit, "And don't worry. If you don't want anyone to know, I'll keep my mouth shut."

"Technically I've known you for as many years as Gillian, so, you're as welcome in my place or to call me for help as she is. I read the clone saga, I know how hard it can be. Being a clone doesn't make you less of a person, Ben Riley proves that, or Superboy, though he's technically the genetic child of Superman and Lex Luthor…" Magnes muses as he keeps a firm yet gentle grip on Claire's hand. "You're using my ability." this, addressed to Shard. "And you have no idea how complicated that kind of flight is, so that means you figured out how to use my ability the way I know how to use it in two seconds, and it took me two months to learn to fly. I think I kind of hate you now…" he teases, laughing at that, trying to keep the mood at least a little light after everything that's happened.

Watchig Stef and her explanation for an elongated moment, Shard shoulders his way into the garage motioning for the woman to follow him. He gives a nod to Claire. "Lighthouse." He repeats, recognizing the place. "Good people." He says simply, though Magnes' ranting catches his attention. Shard looks genuinely bewildered before he finally accuses him of power stealing and declares his hatred. A little shrug with a small grin is given. "Sorry 'bout that little brother. Didn't do it on purpose."

"Doesn't really matter one way or another," Stef says, with a grin widing dimples on her cheeks as she walks into the garage after Shard. She'd not been too far behind him, but hung back a bit to converse. "You look familiar to me too," she says, glancing Claire up and down. "You ever happen to be a brunette?" And— wow, geeky boyfriend you got there. Magnes makes her shake her head, until she's fully inside, a little surprised at the jealousy, but also understanding it.

"When I still had Peter's power I couldn't fly using Mags'. I did float a few times, and jump high, but no flying— I got flying from this chick hanging out in a tree in the park. I think Shard picks them up a little better than Peter did, though— but if I'm right— can you only do one at a time? You told us both not to touch your skin when we flew— No more sparky now?" She said she'd keep asking about his ability. And he just left big openings.

Elbowing Magnes as he rants, Claire hisses, "Be nice." Her attention turns to the clone and she nods, "Yeah, I was brunette for years. Right around the time I moved to New York and joined PARIAH." She explains a bit sheepishly, tugging on a bit of her blond hair. "This is my natural color… it's a long story on how I got it back." Glancing at the lock she frowns a bit, "I keep meaning to color it back, but I keep getting distracted."

Talk about Peter pulls her attention and her brows lift. "You had his ability?" Boy, she sure was locked away in Pinehearst for too long.

"Hey, I love your blonde hair!" Magnes protests, moving a hand up to rustle it. "Gillian had Peter's ability, I could have sworn I knew what it did, but I think I forgot…" At the mention of forgot, he suddenly adds, "Oh, right."

Shard's only answer to Stef's question is a small smirk. As usual he is full of useful answers for her. Always ready to fill in the gap should she lack in understanding! Or maybe not. "I'm goin' up. Gonna get some rest. Got a bunch of stuff to do before Saturday." He starts for the stairs before pausing. Looking back to Magnes and Claire. "If you two are interested, big shipment of donations is comin' in Saturday. I need to make sure Norman doesn't come in and ruin it. So if you want to help out. Feel free to show up." With that, Shard moves up.

"Oh you pansy. I'll just keep figuring it out as I go and take your smirk for 'yeah, babe, you're totally right!'" Stef yells after him as he walks up, even flashing him the finger. It's a term of endearment, but she gets sick of being given the run around at times like this. When she glances back at Claire and Mags, she nods, "I had Peter's power— big switcharoo fuckup that left me with his… But what the fuck do you mean you don't remember? The first time we met in person I told you what I did, absorbed people's abilities lalala. That's what Peter's power was. That's how I fucking exist. Replication power and boom, here I am?"

"Yeah Un…. Peter, could kind of.. learn other peoples abilities. It's probably in your comics." Calire gives him a small smile, before turning to lift her hand in farewell. "Sure Vincent. I'll be there." She glances at Stef and Magnes, "I can't imagine having another one of me out there, with almost the same memories." She admits.

"Right, right, he could learn. I think they tried to make me forget something, then it screwed with some memories related to it that they didn't erase." Magnes holds his head, not because he's in any pain, just general worry. "You still have my number and stuff, Stef? I could use yours, like I said, you're still my friend, and being a clone doesn't change that. And good night, dude!"

"Well, that fucking sucks," Stef says, looking over Magnes with an down and up motion of her head, as if expecting pieces of him to be missing. "I was used to the idea of having more than one me around— it was helpful in situations, allowed me to get more done, all that stuff," she explains quietly. "But the idea of being totally seperate with no way of getting back together? Yeah, that part blows. It's why I ended up taking on a different name. My name when I was born was supposed to be Stephanie anyway, so… Stef it is," she explains, shrugging. "It's nice to offically meet you, Claire."

With a sympathetic look, Claire reaches up to rest a hand against Magnes' hand as he holds his head. The touch is brief before for her turns a smile to the other woman, "Nice to meet you too, Stef. Especially if you a friend of Magnes." She sighs softly and glances at Magnes, "I think I'll have to find Richard later." She gives him a soft smile. "Why don't we leave these folks to relax after that fiasco? Rather then playing 20 questions and such."

"Sure, I should probably have a talk with you about my therapist who I'm not sure I told you about." Magnes starts to head for the exit again, though stops and looks back at Stef with a smile. "You know how to contact me, so, don't forget, alright? Nothing's changed, except your name."

"Actually I'm not sure how to contact you," Stef admits, realizing she never answered that question. "I didn't take my cellphone into Pinehearst, or my personal contact numbers, and I never went back to the Village afterwards. I don't even have a cellphone right now. I've been staying here for a while, though. Guess if you write down your number again, I could try to call you from a payphone or something."

Magnes stops, then starts walking back to Stef as he pulls out a piece of paper, then starts writing. He adds his number and email, and even his IM names and an address, offering it up. "Stop by my place, I'll set you up with everything you need."

"I'll stop by if I need it. I'm hanging out with Shard, mostly. Probably will be til the fucker answers my damn questions with more than a smirk and his nice looking butt walking out the door," Stef says, folding up the paper and slipping it into a pocket on the inside of her jacket. "Stay safe and take care of that girlfriend of yours. Or you take care of him. Whichever needs to happen first," she says to them both, before following after them enough to close up the garage.

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