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Director of White House Communications Announces Registration

Washington, D.C.
October 03,2009

Washington-Director of White House Communications Tracy Strauss has announced her registration as a Tier-II Evolved as per the Linderman Act.

Director Strauss registered this morning. Her registration was facilitated expertly and efficiently by members of the New York Police Department. On-site tests were performed to confirm the presence of the The Suresh Linkage Complex, and were witnessed by officers present.

Director Strauss underwent similar tests when she joined the Petrelli Administration earlier this year, but records and witness statements show that the tests, at the time, did not register the presence of any evolved genomes.

"I hope that my example of a peaceful, open registration will encourage others to do the same," Strauss said.

Director Strauss will continue to serve as President Petrelli's Director of White House Communications for New York.


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