White Lies For White Knights


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Scene Title White Lies For White Knights
Synopsis Well… maybe they're not all white lies.
Date April 16, 2010

Petrelli Manor

Waiting. Sitting. Fidgeting.

Those three words could easily describe Kaylee for the past few days as she wits impatiently for the physician to stop by and finally give her that clean bill of health that will allow her to go out into the world.

Not that Peter hadn't been wonderful company, but the telepath hadn't heard much from her friends and she was feeling… 'Out of the loop,' So she's waited. She's sat around reading, enjoying Peter and Molly's company and watching TV. Now, she's fidgeting, as she stands by her bed in the room she's been using for well over a month, packing things into the duffel bags that constitute everything she owns for the moment, the rest of it squirreled away down in the depths of Grand Central.

Leaning over to tuck another item, the long blonde hair, wound into a loose braid slides over her shoulder. Her clothing is warm, a dark blue turtle neck, though she's got the sleeves pushed up to about mid arm, and a pair of black jeans. She hums softly to herself probably something played during a moment together.

It's obvious that Kaylee is expecting to be let go today, it has been torture that waiting. As nice as his mom's been it's been a risk for her to spend all her time there, or at least a risk to her future with the Ferrymen.

So eight feet of snow or not, Kaylee is making a break as soon as the doctor says all clear and find out how much the world has moved on without her in it.

"Knock, knock," comes the verbal accompaniment to an actual rapping on Kaylee's bedroom door. The crooked and teasingly smug smile of the paramedic standing in her door way is a welcome sight. Peter's been gone for two days — presumably because of work — and his return to the house doesn't look like it's afforded him any additional free time, still in his navy blue jacket, shiny shield badge on his chest and cheeks still red from the cold. "I thought I'd stop by on break, give me a minute to get away from that psychopathic vegan partner Abby stuck me with." There's a roll of Peter's eyes as he steps into the bedroom, still smiling even as he looks down to Kaylee's duffel bag.

"C'mere," Peter notes, tugging off one of his gloves, brows lifted and that smile still looking remarkably teasing.

Glancing up, Kaylee tries not to look guilty at what she's doing. Giving the clothing a final push, she straightens, fingers tucking some of the stray hairs behind her ear. She gives him a once over, a small smile on her lips. "Hey there, handsome. Have I ever told you that uniform completely suits you?" She does sound happy to see him and it doesn't take much prompting for telepath to move closer, arms automatically sliding around him, ignoring how cold he is, as she presses her cheek against the shoulder of his jacket as she hugs him.

"Glad you stopped by." Kaylee adds softly, head lifting so that she can press a kiss against a red cold cheek. "Is Abby okay?"

"She's…" Peter has to lie as he puts his arms around Kaylee's waist, squeezes her gently and rests his nose against her temple, "got some personal stuff going on, taken some time off from work." There's a press of lips beneath where his nose brushes, and Peter leans back, lifting that ungloved hand to Kaylee's forehead. "You're running a fever," Peter admits with a crooked smile, lying much more openly there, "I think…" one of his feet moves back, heel pressing against the door to swing it shut, "doctors orders say you should probably get rid of a few layers to ah…" Peter's smile grows a touch, "cool off?"

Reaching his hands around Kaylee's waist, Peter's fingers curl in the lower hem of her sweater, gently pulling it up to bare the thinner shirt she wears beneath at her stomach while he leans in and steals a kiss from the blonde, dark eyes halfway shut. Unfortunately, both of them know he doesn't have time for this in the middle of the day.

There is a soft chuckle, the young woman smiling brightly as her arm wind around his neck, though it's cut off by that stolen kiss, which ends up with a little more heat in it then she planned, her breath catching for a moment, before she pulls away from it, with an embarrassed look. "Nice try, mister" She chides, though her cheeks are flushed pink, a hand slides around to poke a finger against his chest. "I checked it this morning. No fever."

"Besides… isn't your vegan partner waiting down in the ambulance?" There is a hint of amusement as Kaylee asks that, arching a brow at him. "Kinda rude to make him wait for a bit of a booty call, isn't it? Not to mention…" She leans in again to brush lips along his jaw as she asks, breath warm against his skin, her tone teasing. "You only have what? Fifteen? Thirty minutes? You promised me a night, Peter Petrelli."

The frustrated noise that erupts at the back of Peter's throat comes with a reluctant smile and a nudge of Kaylee's head to the side with his nose, face buried in her hair at the side of her neck as he breathes in, squeezing her gently againstr him before very slowly letting his arms around her loosen as he leans back, lifting up one hand to thread a lock of hair behind one of her Kaylee's ears. "Then am I going to have to cuff you to the bed to keep you here till I— " Peter hesitates, eyes closing and a sign slides out from his nose.

"No, scratch that… I won't be home until late, likely." There's an unfortunate furrow of Peter's brows as he offers a nervous smile to Kaylee, leaning back and brushing his palm against her cheek. "I've— got a fundraiser to go to tonight, black tie thing." There's a subtle shake of Peter's head, "Given the weather I might be out all night… so…" offering a nervous smile, Peter lowers his hand down onto Kaylee's shoulder. "Where're you going?"

"Oh? Sounds a touch boring." Kaylee says with a wrinkle of her nose, though she's still grinning, "At least it won't be too much longer and I can be bored with you." She offers as a touch of hope for anything he's he's got to endure.

Turning a bit in his arms so that she can glance at the duffel bag on the bed, Kaylee sighs softly and turns back with a small smile. Fingers moves to fidget with his collar, unable to look him in the eye for the moment, "I figured once the doctor gives the a-okay, I'd get out of your mother's hair." Brows furrow a bit but she smirks. "Been kind of odd staying so long, you know… her being your mom and all."

There is a moment of hesitation and she glances up at him, tongue touching her bottom lip, wetting it before, before she admits, "You know and go see what is up with everyone. I think only Pastor Sumter called me back and left a message, Colette a couple of well wishes. So I'm a bit… anxious to find out how everyone is."

Oh, them. "Why don't you take it easy for one more day?" Peter insists with a gently brush of his thumb right below Kaylee's lip, palm having cupped her cheek again. "Stay at my apartment, and now that you're feeling better we can… handle things there for a while." Glancing to the side, it's clear that Peter's anxiety about distance from Kaylee is making him emotionally jump through hoops. "I just— the weather out there's terrible, I'd rather you not be in some creaking old safe house visiting people until— just until it all blows over you know?" Managing something of a smile, Peter leans in and brushes his nose to her forehead, then lets his lips touch her brow.

"I want you to be safe, okay? At least wait until your power's back?" It's a subtle way of fishing to find out if it is back already. "I thought— with everything going on, maybe… now that you're feeling better you might want to move in. You know, to my apartment? We've practically been living together for a while now and I just… I think I'd like that." Moving his hand down to the side of Kaylee's neck, Peter's thumb lightly brushes across her throat, dark eyes looking up and down her before he meets her stare again.

"I think I'd like the idea of waking up to see you every morning…" Teeth toying with his lower lip, Peter leans in and presses his nose to Kaylee's forehead. "Maybe Saturday we could have that day together?"

That Kaylee wasn't expecting, or maybe in a way she was, cause he's right. They've been living with each other a lot in one form or another. How does she feel about it? She doesn't know yet, it is somewhat like her brain shut down for a moment. Fingers curls around the lapel of his jacket, thumbs rub on the rough fabric of it, she focuses on something else. "I… I guess, I can wait a couple more days." The telepath sounds almost resigned, "It's kind of like a radio with a frayed cord, right now. Once in awhile I'll think I heard something, but it's gone when I try to concentrate on it." There is frustration in her tone, but she still manages to smile when she looks at him.

"Can't be that long before it's back right? I just… I need to to see them, Peter. Know they are okay. I don't even know if any of them got sick like I did." Her blue eyes search his darker ones, pleading for understanding that she is worried about her friends and misses them.

Leaning into him, her forehead against his nose, Kaylee's eyes shut for a moment. But then she takes a breath and lets it out slowly. "You sure you want me living with you?" She asks softly, "We can't shut out everything, it'll keep showing up on our doorstep and ruining everything." No matter what, the thing he wants out of his life most keeps showing up with her around, or that's how it feels to her. Good thing he doesn't have telepathy either.

"You are my only link to a normal life…" Peter whispers as he leans his head in and presses his lips softly to Kaylee's forehead, arms sliding around her waist again and eyes shut. "We'll figure it out, I promise. I just… I know if I let you go from here, the way you are now and the way this city is, I might not ever get to see you again. You'll be swallowed up by some self-engineered crisis the Ferry is having because of the way they do things and…" there's a slowly drawn in breath, a touch of Peter's ungloved hand to her cheek and his lips touch Kaylee's again.

"I love you," Peter whispers against the kiss, eyes shut and thumb brushing ovr Kaylee's cheek gently. "We'll worry about everything when it happens, but I don't… want to risk losing you. I don't even know what'd happen to me if I did… you're the only thing keeping me grounded. The only thing I have that's me."

"Your mine, too." Kaylee whispers softly, arms sliding behind his neck again, fingers of one hand sliding into his hair at the back of his head, before she kisses him. This whole thing is confusing for her, but she does know one thing, and for the first time she whispers it softly as lips part, "I love you, too." Fingers of her other hand brush along his cheek. "I'm… scared and worried about what is going to ruin it, something is always happening. This city is crazy right now and this right here is… this is why I work with them." The Ferrymen.

"Cuase I want this, right here, but without the worry of what crisis is going to strike next that will endanger whatever future I have." Kaylee swallows, her heart has been beating hard in her chest since he said those words to her. "As it stands… I don't know if I'd even risk having kids with the way things are going and I know that's something I want at some point, after working with all those kids." The dangers of being a puppeteers assistant and working with sick kids who need to be comforted.

There is a soft chuckle and Kaylee looks up at him, "I've come a long way since I ran away from Adam… I feel like a completely different person somedays." She has two men in her life to thank for that. The smile on her lips gentles and both hands move to rest on his cheeks. "I don't want to lose this, there are very few things in my life I'm proud of… this is one of them."

"I know the feeling…" Peter murmurs, resting his forehead against Kaylee's gently, "of feeling like a totally different person." There's a hint of something worried there in Peter's tone of voice, and his hand smooths up Kaylee's back gently, nose touching hers. "We can worry about the what-if's all night, for the rest of our lives, forever… but we'll just handle it all as it comes to us. Who knows, maybe— maybe we'll get lucky, and sooner, rather than later, someone'll put the world straight again." There's a snort there, a tired one, and Peter lifts his chin up to press lips to Kaylee's forehead.

"I've gotta go…" Peter whispers against her brow, unwinding his arms from her and stepping back towards the door, but only as far as the coat rack. He takes his dark and heavy winter jacket off from it, adding it on over the layers of his paramedic univorm, along with his brick red scarf, winding that around his neck and tucking it in the front of the coat before zipping it up, and then pulling his glove he'd taken off back on. "You'll be at the apartment when I come home, right?"

Arms wraps around her own waist as Kaylee steps back, looking disappointed, but smiling gently. "Yeah… we'll cross the bridges as we get there." Shuffling back til she sits on the bed, the young woman nods her head slowly, a grin tugging up a corner of her mouth, "Nothing will keep me from being at the apartment, beyond the doctor telling me I'm not ready yet or some disaster I can't prevent. I don't think either of those will happen, so don't worry."

Studying him as he moves to leave, Kaylee is thoughtful. A few months ago, it wasn't Peter she had thought she'd be saying those three little words to. In fact, it was the man, that she had worked so hard to rescue, that she had wanted to be with back then. A small flutter of guilt comes from that thought.

Funny how you think life is going to pull you one way, then it drops the floor out from under you.

Sitting there, Kaylee finds she is still reeling from the fall.

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