White Queen's Oracle


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Scene Title White Queen's Oracle
Synopsis An unexpected visitor offers services and a gun hand.
Date Jan 27, 2010

Elisabeth's Apartment, Dorchester Towers

Knock Knock

It's someone at Elizabeth's door and how in the world did Eve find out where Liz lives? Who knows. The seer today is dressed in a pair of black denim jeans and a dark purple top along with a long black sweater jacket. Her hair is pulled back and tied into something like a ponytail.

Grey eyes examine the door in front of her as she cocks her head to the side and waits for the person that lives here to answer. She's come on business, important business.

It takes a long moment for the door to open. Elisabeth is far more cautious of strangers these days. Open it she does, though, dressed in a pair of snug blue jeans and a red top, her blonde hair loose and somewhat ruffled. She looks wary and the door is only opened a crack. "Yes?"

"Hail to the queen." The dark haired woman says as she courtesies and then she's looking back up to Elizabeth. "You were Darius' partner at one point, I'm Eve." In case the blonde woman doesn't remember her. "We've had previous contact, I believe." Eve smiles softly and dips her head.

There's a blink at the greeting. Do what? The Queen? Darius's partner?? Elisabeth blinks, puzzled, as she pulls the door all the way open. "Is Darius all right?" She hasn't heard from her former partner in ages. And then the name clicks. "Wait… Eve. Like… the seer?" She remembers Darius's comment about seeing a girl named Eve who was a precog or something. It doesn't make her look less puzzled. "Hi," she says lamely. "Uhm…. come in." Because talking in the hall = Bad. She gestures the woman in.

"I wouldn't know. He just vanished." Eve says lightly and then she's sweeping her way into the apartment, quickly finding a seat and smiling up at Elizabeth. "Yes, the one and the same. Eve the Seer." She says and wiggles her fingers for dramatic effect before she chuckles and then she's looking over the place before her gaze returns to Liz.

"Cardinal.. he's gone. Which makes you. The Queen of his little group, am I right?" she asks with a tilt of her head. Lizzie should know this! A queen must not show weakness! Luckily, Eve is here to help with that.

"I sort of thought he took off with you when he left," Elisabeth admits, closing the door behind her visitor. And then Cardinal's name comes up and the explanation. "I suppose you could call it that," she replies with a faint twist of her lips in amusement at the thought of being considered the queen of anything much less of Cardinal's chess board. "What's on your mind?" she asks of the seer instead, leaving off any kind of query about how Eve found her — precogs are notorious in their possession of all kinds of strange tidbits.

"Nah, I don't think he was the commitment kind of person." Evie shrugs her shoulders and brushes a strand of hair out of her eyes. The younger woman then looks directly in Liz's eyes. Then she's lacing her fingers together an off smile crosses her lips. "I'm just letting you know, my queen." She pauses, Eve doesn't think she's dropping the nickname. "I was associated with the group before, in intel swapping and if you guys ever needed a good strong gun hand. I'm your woman."

Legs cross and her eyebrows raise slightly. "Just letting you know.. I'm still that woman." She will still help when she can, she means. Of course she's still a woman.

Crossing her arms as she stands there facing Eve, Elisabeth tilts her head and studies the precog. "Didn't realize you were working with Richard's little band of merry women and men." Very light on the men, apparently. Cardinal seems to have a way with the ladies; the irreverent thought brings a wry grin to her lips. "Frankly, I'm always looking for people willing to help out with intel swapping, Eve. So… " She moves to walk over to the breakfast bar, where her cell phone is charging, and brings it back to hand to the other woman. "Put your number in for me? I'll gladly give you mine as well, obviously. Lord knows, I'm hoping not to need another gun hand anytime soon, but much obliged to have it offered."

"Why, my pleasure." She says and then she puts her number in and takes down Liz's before sliding her phone back into her pocket. The woman looks out the window and blinks a few times. "A warning," she starts as she stands and begins to walk to the door. "Though some things are averted.. other things come into play. Everything comes with a price." Repeating the words spoken to her before in her dreams, she offers Liz a soft smile.

There's a soft huff of sound from Elisabeth and her blue eyes meet Eve's with a dark kind of humor as she walks Eve to the door. "I didn't need a precog to tell me that."

Eve looks over her shoulder and winks at Elizabeth as she opens the door and walks into the hallway. "Congratulations on the promotion. Long live the queen." And with that, the strange woman is making her way to the elevators to leave the building.

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