Who Am I To Judge?


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Scene Title Who Am I To Judge?
Synopsis Well… Claire and Magnes have a somewhat serious discussion.
Date August 29, 2009

Magnes' Room

After possibly the first and most epic food fight of his life, tear gas in his eyes, and generally being scared to death of getting shot, Magnes has taken multiple long showers, and just lays sprawled in bed. He's just in a pair of baggy blue jeans, no shirt, shoes or socks, his TV having a random Futurama DVD playing. Claire was called over, told about the night before, and that he wasn't hurt, he just wanted her over.

After hearing about what happened, Claire didn't waste any time showing up. She knows he's fairly new to this side of things, she knows how it can be. Of course, the difference being, she doesn't have to be afraid of being shot. She arrives in loose fitting jeans that are hang lower on her hip, her Wonder Woman shirt she had bought when she bought his Batman one. No dark clothing for her today, she wants to dress a bit more herself today. Her hair is even held back by a headband, make up done up as always.

As she opens the door, she knocks softly. "Magnes?" She calls softly as she steps into the room. Spotting him on the bed, she softly shuts the door behind her. "Hey, how are you holding up?" is asked softly as she approaches where he's laying.

"Don't forget to lock it." Magnes says before she comes over, then holds a hand out for her's. "I'm alright, didn't get shot or anything. I think I took a few guys out with bacon wraps and meatballs, didn't have a gun so I just improvised with my ability." He sits up, patting the spot on the bed next to him. "We should talk about a discussion I had with my therapist. It's, uh, really embarassing. I wasn't even gonna bring it up to you, or ever mention it, but she explained that it wouldn't be healthy."

Backing up, Claire locks the door with a smirk, "Sorry," she murmurs finally making her way to the bed. Taking his hand she settles onto the bed, one foot tucked under her. "Well, I'm glad your alright at least," she says truthfully, leaning in to kiss him, though the action is stalled by the mention of a therapist and embarrassing subjects. Her brows drop a bit in a look of confusing. "What's up?" she asks, watching him curiously.

"Well, uh…" Magnes' cheeks are lit up, staring down at the bed. It's hard enough to say this stuff, looking her in the eye while he's doing it is probably not gonna happen… "I was talking to her about our relationship, and, well, I told her that you're the first girl I've ever felt comfortable enough to, uh, go beyond kissing. I was never gonna tell you this, I didn't want you to think I was some jerk trying to get laid. My therapist said I should just tell you that if you ever feel like you wanna, then you shouldn't feel uncomfortable telling me or anything. She said it would be silly not to tell you, since if you ever did want to but didn't know I did, we could both be in a stupid situation where no one wants to say anything about it."

He takes a deep breath, slowly attempting to raise his eye level up to her's. "If you're gonna be mad at anyone, please be mad at her, I just tend to trust her advice. I'm not asking for anything of course, I'm just letting you know that I'm, well, available…"

Oh… Boy. Claires brows lift high on her head as he starts talk about…. that. The tiny terrorist's cheeks flame red and she looks anywhere but him. "I — Uh — Well, I… " She is totally at a loss for words. It's times like this she misses her mom, someone she can turn to for advice. Her bottom lip catches in her teeth, when she looks at Magnes. "I — haven't thought that far," she admits her cheeks still very red. "I've —" Claire trails off so that she can clear her thoughts. "I've never been that far."

"I know, it's alright, I haven't either! It's just, she said I should get it out there and just let you know. I'm not in a rush or anything, I'm just saying that I know for sure I'm ready." Magnes' heart is practically slamming against his chest, cheeks likely as red as her's as his eyes start to wander around the room. "We can change the subject if you want, I didn't think to ask about what I'm supposed to do after dropping a bombshell."

"Well… I do appreciate the honesty." Claire offers at least, her head kind of all over the place on the subject. She can't say she hasn't thought about it, she's human after all. "I — am not sure I'm ready yet." She glances at him, her expression apologetic, since she figures it's not something he was expecting to hear."Which is totally, not because of you. I just…. It's a big step." A really big step.

"Well, we've barely known each other a month, I'm not expecting leaps. It probably would be good to give it a little time, y'know, to make sure I don't just really like making out. I think a part of me dies every time you have to go home." Magnes laughs, trying to show that it's really not a big deal as he moves a hand to her cheek. "Try not to worry about it, alright? Like I said, I was just telling you I'm available. I wouldn't even be saying this if my therapist didn't say it was a good idea. I could date you forever just doing what we're doing now."

She glances at him, her cheeks still slightly flush. Then she looks down as if considering something, before she shifts her position so that she's sitting on both knees. "Time I think is the right choice, Magnes," she slowly leans towards him, so that she can kiss him, a hand resting on his leg to steady her. When she pulls away again, her eyes opening slowly, "Thank you for understanding and not pushing."

Magnes leans in when she pulls away, placing another gentle kiss on her lips, then leans back and smiles, looking into her eyes. "If I pushed, you wouldn't be happy; then what would be the point?" he adds, going in for another kiss, then eyes the time on the cable box out of the corner of his eye. "Hey, are you really gonna dye your hair again? I think you could show that blondes are tough and smart… And why don't we go to the movies?"

A hand moves to her hair, combing through it a bit thoughtfully, "I haven't decided. When it first came back, I was ready too. But now, I don't know. I just don't think people take me seriously when I'm blond." She glances at the time as well. "Not sure I can. I've got somewhere I've got to be in a bit." Her eyes flick back to him and she smiles softly. "Do you plan to that undercover stuff permanently?" The question is out of the blue, but she is curious.

"If Helena can get respected and taken seriously, so can you. Just believe in yourself." Magnes, possibly being the only person on Earth who'd say such a line, simply smiles and leans in to wrap his arms around her and pull her closer. "I'd help, but I think it conflicts with my work schedule, and it's important that I don't screw this job up. And," When she asks the question, he looks into her eyes, searching for her answer. "I guess if I keep doing the undercover stuff or not depends on if you want me to. If it's gonna make you worry then I'll stop, but I've been dressing up in costumes and playing characters for a long time, so I'm no stranger to playing a part. And you should know that being a cop is no less dangerous, maybe more. But I'm leaving it up to you because I know what you had to deal with, you know, with your father, so the second you say stop, I stop."

Wrapping arms around his waist and leaning into him, mindful of the wounds, Claire chuckles.. "Who am I to judge what you do? Of course, I'm going to worry Magnes, but the only way to keep you safe is to lock you in a box or something." She rests her head on his shoulder, and turns thoughtful. "There are things about me you should know. Things I think will come out the more your around my friends and people I know." her head lifts she she can look at him, her expression guarded as she speaks, "I've been a terrorist since I moved to New York. Ever heard of PARIAH? I use to help laying the bombs and stuff. Never if it involved hurting the innocent, but… yeah… I'm far from the supermodel you thought Claire was."

Hand against her cheek, leaning his forehead against her's, Magnes speaks in a rather understanding and sympathetic tone. "Claire, I can never say killing people if ever a good thing, I'm sure you don't either, but this is the kind of world we're living in now. Just like your ability gives you the luxury of not dying, mine gives me many alternatives to killing. I'm not saying I eventually will, but there may come a time when I don't have a choice, when I think I'm doing what's right."

He raises his head, then moves a finger to lift her chin. "Killing is never right, even for the best of intentions, there's never a time when it's right or good, but we're still good people, Helena is a good person, Abby is a good person. I could very realistically kill Gabriel whenever I want right now, but I have my reasons for not doing it. I don't know if it puts blood on my hands if he kills anyone else, but it's something I have to live with, and I have to trust what he told me."

"I just don't want you to have unreal expectations about me." Claire murmurs, her eyes studying him, looking some form of disapproval. "I plan to do what I can to help my friends. I've been doing stuff like this for so long, I forgot what it's like to have a normal life. I had someone ask once what I wanted to do with my life." She slowly shakes her head, "And I didn't have an answer. Ever since I discovered my ability and Sylar came after me….." She trails up a bit as something he said sinks in, a light frown on her face, "Wait… you know Sylar?" Her ton is flat, a testament to just what she thinks of the man.

"My only expectation is that you stay Claire, you just keep being you, don't let this world kill so much of you like Hiro has. He's still, well, Hiro, but you can just tell, so much of him is dead, and he showed me why…" Magnes is quiet as the memories of Ando at Kirby Plaza, and standing outside the diner while Sylar killed Hiro's girlfriend flash through his mind.

"But, yeah, I know Gabriel." He seems to insist on saying Gabriel instead of Sylar. "He knows what I think of what he's done, I've told him, nothing can ever excuse it, there is no real clean slate and barely any forgiveness, but he can still do something. His ability gives him a 'hunger' for people's abilities, especially when they're using them incorrectly, he has a compulsion to know how they work. He said himself he doesn't know where his ability ends and he begins, but we both know he can still do good, he doesn't have to be some sort of monster."

He moves his free hand to Claire's other cheek, wanting her to know just how serious he is. "Gabriel has no idea what my ability is, he might not even know I have one, but I'm sure if he doesn't, he suspects. He said he only kills 'bad' people now, and, I'm not sure what to think about that, but it's a step in some direction. He's lost most of his abilities, Gillian said so and I've known her longer than anyone in the city. I can kill him, if I just touch him, I can kill him… I feel like I'm judging him, like I'm watching to see how he turns out, trying to determine if I should let him live… this feeling makes me disgusted at myself."

Claire's emotions over what he says are a jumble and it shows on her face, as it's framed by his hands. "I can't forgive him what he's done to me and my family, Magnes. Not ever." she hisses out those last words. Then she relaxes a bit leaning into one of his hands just a little,"Never turn your back to him. Never underestimate him." One hand lifts to rest on his chest, the other slips over his shoulder to hook behind his neck. "Just… be careful. With Sylar, with this undercover thing… everything you do." She gives him a grin, tugging at the hand behind his neck gently to pull him closer for another kiss, and says playfully, "Cause I kinda like ya and I'd like to keep you around a while."
Magnes has partially disconnected.

"I won't underestimate him, I just have to make sure I don't show my hand too quickly. I'll be careful, and you be careful too. You heal, but you still hurt, so, just, try…" Magnes' hand goes to her thigh, and he starts to lean her back on the bed, returning her kiss. "With Helena and Cat, I won't be going in blind anymore. And uh, Claire, bite softer, I got hickies last time…"

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