Who Is Hiro Nakamura?


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Scene Title Who Is Hiro Nakamura?
Synopsis Cat shows up with the intention of learning about two of Gun Hills newest residents and to get her brain scanned. What she gets instead is a vague explanation of where Kaylee was for a week.
Date August 28, 2010

Gun Hill: Kaylee's Apartment

When Kaylee makes it back from the memorial service that turned into a fight at Staten Island's Boat Graveyard, she finds someone sitting outside the apartment door. Perhaps not an entirely unexpected thing, Cat did ask if Miss Thatcher would be coming here, but also perhaps not so expected that she'd get here first and be waiting.

It's 14:00, the still black-clad panmnesiac has a guitar case and backpack next to her. She's reading, it appears to be a book concerning chemistry. Page after page, she views the printed material and moves on to the next.

The keys are still jingling in her hand as Kaylee Thatcher makes her way up the stairs, having left Tasha in Collette's hands it's left the blonde to her thoughts. Her booted feet clump heavily up those last few stairs. Her head and her face ache something fierce, so she's looking forward to being home.

Spotting the familiar figure at the door, Kaylee gives her a faint smile as she approached. "Cat." The name offered in a form of greeting, while the key is pushed into the lock. The sound of snuffling comes from under the door. "Watch out for Missy. She won't bite, but she'll probably do a lot of growling at first. She like Joseph, cause he feeds her and walks her when I'm not able… but others it's a bit iffy." She warns, before pushing the door open and stepping through.

The golden haired puppy, hops around Kaylee's legs giving a bark that's slowly starting to deepen as the puppy ages. The telepath reached down and picks up the puppy, so Missy can try to tell her how much she missed her person. The blonde keeps the dog to one side, so that she can tilt her head away. "I need to get her a treat or something." That makes the licking stop and folded ear flick forward at the familiar word.

The book is closed, Cat doesn't bother with folding a corner of a page or inserting a bookmark to identify the spot she was at. Such things are entirely unnecessary for her. On getting to her feet the other gear is collected and carried inside the apartment once she crosses the doorway, then closes it behind her. Missy the canine is eyed neutrally for a moment, she not seeming the least bit bothered should the animal growl.

Once her gear is set down somewhere, Cat's hands drop to her sides, made available should the miniature wolf decide to check her out. "You went out of town this week," she observes, "tried to see you days ago."

The statement, has the blonde woman pausing on her way to the kitchen. "I… did." The words are spoken with caution, though Kaylee continues into the kitchen. Missy hearing Cat's voice turns her attention to the woman and the first growl issues forth. Stranger Danger!

"Kind of a last minute trip." Kaylee explains as she deposits the puppy on the ground, so that she can open a cabinet. Missy's growling stops for the moment so that she can watch the telepath intently, front paws going up to rest on the long leg. "Joseph knows all the details. Mentioned talking to the Council about it." The treat is handed over the open jaws, it's snatched and the puppy goes trotting into the bedroom, not wishing to be disturbed.

Moving to the tall fridge, Kaylee opens the top door and reaches inside to extract a pint of Ben and Jerry's Vanilla. "I imagine you were coming by to ask about Diogenes and Joanne?" Eyes flickering upward briefly. The pint is gingerly pressed against the dark red spot on her cheek, grimacing a little at the chill. "Not sure how much I can offer. Dio isn't… exactly a friend friend. In fact, I think he hate that word, but… I've had a lot of dealing with him. Joanne… not sure about her. Seems nice and Dio vouches for her. And… that really means something since he doesn't trust… like… anyone."

A pair of spoons is hunted down and Kaylee heads into the living room again. "Am I right?" Brows lift as she gives the woman a smile.

The canine is eyed as she emits that hostile sound, Cat shows no sign of being bothered by such behavior. "I've a few things to talk about," she answers, "Diogenes and Isis are among them. I'm hoping to meet with the pair soon. Can you tell me their proper names, and which apartment they're in? Any mojo they might have, also. I like to be prepared." She flashes a slight smile before moving on, demonstrating having multiple things on her mind while following the Ice Cream Woman.

"I'm also curious about Susan Ball, and now about your trip. It seems like quite the enjoyable excursion."

"Enjoyable." The word is said as flat as the woman can get it. "It was… something." The telepath turns as drops on the couch when she gets there, feet moving to prop on the coffee table. "Not sure I should take that chance to present it to the Council from the Pastor." Which Kaylee knows the woman is a part of.

Crossing her ankles, Kaylee pulls the ice cream away from her bruised cheek. "Anyhow, I couldn't tell you what their real names are. I don't know. Dio and I go a ways back, to that time when I was working for Adam, but he never told me his name. He's only ever been Diogenes to me.

"But what I do know is what he can do. Joanne is an enigma. His girlfriend or something. I dunno, seem nice, if a bit high strung." She waved that away with a dismissive hand, before using it to pry at the lid on the container. "Anyhow, Diogenes can paralyze people. And you'll be down till he removes whatever he uses to do it. Nasty stuff. Could be useful to Raith and his militia part of the Ferry."

Feet remain on the floor after she sits, legs crossing at the ankles, and faces the blonde. "I see," Cat remarks, "you brought them here and recommended them to us, this says you trust both to have left some things behind. Paralysis would indeed have some value." Features stay fairly neutral as she moves along, turning back to the topic of journeys.

"I'd not steal Joseph's thunder, would let him make the report. But I remain intrigued." A brow lifts, it's a gentle prompting to spill.

"Don't get me wrong. Dio has never worked for Adam, he never liked Adam. But… I trust Diogenes to take this place seriously if he wants the protection." Kaylee points out with a grin. "We… have a sorta respect for each other. We are very aware of what the other can do and know not to screw with each other." There is still a small fondness there, brought on by the year or so she had known the guy.

"Anyhow… They are in the second apartment on the right up in the safe house portion of the place." The spoon points up at the ceiling as indication before she sinks it into the thick ice cream. Missy still hasn't shown up yet, probably deciding not to bother, though the growls can occasionally be heard.

"First… tell me… since you are full of useful information." It's not a jab, just a simple fact. "Who is Hiro Nakamura?" Bros lift with curiosity as she tucks the bite of ice cream into her mouth, letting it melt there. "I mean… My dad mentioned him to me…" Of course, that's an odd phrase, "and not in a good context either. Only reason I figure so is cause he travels through time and my dad seems to have a thing about controlling what happens in the future."

The mention of his name has a quick reaction, both on the woman's face and within her brain. Surfacing mentally is an image of the man as he appeared when Cat last saw him the day after the Pinehearst raid, and that she last saw him then. "He's an ally," she explains, "one I would call friend. He assisted us in taking Moab apart. Where he is now, or when, I don't know. It's been over a year since he last paid me a visit, sadly. I don't know why your father would mention him, or why it would be negative." Silence commences from that point, Cat instead tapping at a temple and making eye contact. What follows is a short course on Hiro Nakamura, called up to be transferred telepathically, with Cat presuming Kaylee takes the invitation.

Hiro Nakamura, age late twenties, moves through space and time at will, can freeze places and people in time and teleport others. Japanese national, connected to the Yamagato Fellowship. Father was Kaito Nakamura, one of the Company's founders. Has adversarial relationship with Adam Monroe, the origin of which is unknown, but appears to have existed before Adam murdered Kaito.

An image of Edward Ray appears, the man looking ten years older than he would be in current time, as Cat shares he came from the future to engineer the fall of Pinehearst and survival of the Company. That this future Edward was in Moab and calculated the timing of their Moab raid to hijack Hiro Nakamura. He then had Tyler Case switch powers between him and an imprisoned Nathan Petrelli. Petrelli then took Hiro, Edward, and their team to this timeframe. Some time later Hiro regained his customary mojo, Nathan reverted to his own, and the future version of Nathan now occupies the Oval Office.

Invitation given, Kaylee leans over and stretching out an arm to touch Cat's temple, ease the strain of what the woman wants to show her. The telepath's brain took a bit of a beating at the memorial. "That's where I remember the name. Adam told me about how Hiro stole his love from him. It was a pretty heart breaking tale, from Adam's end of it… I think it broke him some.

"Either way… I've been gone, because of Hiro. He came here a week ago, said he needed my help." Kaylee gives a bit of a chuckle, eyes however haunted. "He said he'd put me right back, but I think he got his calculations wrong or something. Showed up, Joseph standing right there one the phone… I think calling someone about me being missing." If he hadn't been there, chances are the fact she was gone, would have remained a mystery. "So trust me… it wasn't intentional, that I was gone that long."

"I've not heard the story of things between them from Hiro's side," Cat shares, "so I don't know what would and wouldn't be true. I do believe they met centuries ago, though. I've seen a number of images showing Adam in samurai gear. Given his age and time travel on Hiro's part, it makes sense easily." In speaking of this, Cat calls an image up in her mind to share with Kaylee. It's one of the paintings recently recovered in Russia. The one featuring those two in seventeenth century Japanese clothing and engaged in a swordfight. Except this Hiro has glasses, unlike the version Cat's dealt with.

The image gets a soft, "Huh." She leans back against the couch again, taking another spoon of that vanilla goodness. "Kind of a cutie in that painting, glasses can be pretty adorable on a guy. The one that came to me was like a little samurai or something." There is a slow shrug of her shoulders. "Anyhow, that's why I was gone. I found out Joseph covered for me while I was gone, thinking maybe, I'd had an emergency or something."

It's about now that Missy slinks out of the bedroom, belly low to the floor. There is only a side glance to the other woman, before the puppy squeezes herself between the telepath and the couch arm. Head moving to lay on the blondes lap, soulful brown eyes watch her eat the ice cream.

"Now… what's this about Susan?" The name said with a neutral quality, while Kaylee doesn't hate the woman… knowing what she is, makes the telepath nervous.

"He was different before the bomb," Cat shares quietly, "not being able to stop it changed him. Part of the change is the absence of the glasses, the way he looks now. He was a featured character in comics by Isaac Mendez called Ninth Wonders, he and his friend Ando, who died in the blast. I'd like to hear about where you went and what happened there, Kaylee," she requests.

Her hand is held out toward the youthful canine, offered should the beast choose to investigate it, while she covers the matter of Susan Ball. "Abby once started to say Susan had done a lot of things, but cut herself off. I asked her what was up, and she told me to see you before she'd talk about her. So here I am."

The head on Kaylee's lap jerks up when the hand is offered out, the puppy caught off guard, but slowly it inches closer, black nose wiggling back and forth in curiosity. Kaylee looks at Cat with brows lifted a bit, spoon still in her mouth. When the metal utensil is removed, she states. "She wants me to scan you." There is a small sigh. "Come back… like tomorrow?" Brows lift a bit, as if almost begging.

"That funeral was a killer on my head." Nose scrunching up a bit. "It's really hard to be around that many people, especially when they are grieving. Thoughts are loud when people deal with something like that." Kaylee sighs, sticking the spoon in the ice cream and just staring at the handle sticking up.

"You really want to know where he took me?" She glances sideways at Cat, "He took me to 1945 in Germany. He needed me to block the memories of a man there, he witnessed some things he wasn't suppose to. Not sure I should divulge the why, the who, or the what, but it was stuff that could have changed the course of things."

"I'd like to hear anything you're willing to say, or share, about the journey with Hiro," Cat answers. "But that's your call. I'd also like to see him again, it's been too long. 1945 and Germany… might've been something connected to Kazimir Volken. And yes, I figured as much, given what Susan's mojo is. I can come back tomorrow, there's no need to make your head explode." A few beats of silence pass.

"Unless Hiro whisks you away on another trip, that is." Something of a smile is flashed.

"God… I hope not." Kaylee murmurs, shaking her head a bit. "At.. at least not for a little bit." She finally plucks the spoon out of the melting container and sits up to retrieve the lid. "Joseph has the details… and I don't think he could deal with me showing up like I did, again." She swallows back a sudden lump in her throat.

Pushing the lid, Kaylee's brows dip down into a deep furrow as she contemplates what she could tell easily. "Hiro and I were ambushed." There is a pause, her jaw tensing. "It was a woman aided by another time traveler. Never saw the time traveler, but Hiro said he was there." She trails off for a moment… "The… the rest, you can get from Joseph." The words sound strained, so whatever happen, must not have been all that good.

Nodding, the brunette rubs the puppy's fur briefly, then rises to her feet. "Relax, enjoy your ice cream," Cat recommends, "I'll see you tomorrow." With intention of not causing Kaylee to get up, she makes for the door. "And thank you." Whether or not Cat goes to Joseph for more details or takes the subject of Hiro again the next day is yet to be determined.

But for today Miss Ray's wearied brain is shown mercy.

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