Who Let The Dogs Out?


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Scene Title Who Let The Dogs Out?
Synopsis Dog owners (and friends who get dragged along) gather after a doggy obedience class.
Date March 03, 2011

A Doggy Obedience Gymnasium Of Some Kind

Obedience class. A joy for many, a necessary evil for others. Dogs of all colors, shapes, breeds and sizes abound in the gymnasium where a handful of fifteen people have been putting their canines through the paces. The owners are as diverse as the pets, tall, skinny, fat, short blonde, brunette, ginger.

Their occupations are likely just the same. Jane is there because when you're audrey's friend and someone yells into a phone about something and you'll be late for the obedience class, you get to pick up the pooches and meet her there then get totally suckered in with the promise of wings and beer if you'll walk Felix around the ring and help her out. She's got cooper.

But the class went off with only a few hitches as usual, one new person unable to contain their dog which spent a good quarter of the time snapping at others and then trying to hump a couple others. Much to their embarrassment. But now class is over, coming to a close, doggie treats running out and patience as well for some. It's time to run the gauntlet of getting out, or staying and socializing as some pet owners do.

"Christ, Pak, could you have tugged back on Felix any more. I swear you were trying to cut blood flow off to his head and stroke him out. He doesn't have nine god damned lives like his namesake" It's been a long day and Audrey is hungry, blood sugar low, in dire need of sustenance. undoing her blazer, overheated, there's the flash of holster with handgun up near her armpit and her badge tucked way in. Someone's government if the plain jane suit and severe haircut wasn't a dead give away. The not so sensible heels the one off with the pinch faced woman.

"What? He likes it, kinky bastard," Jane says as she gives the dog's head a little ruffle. "I think he's failing obedience class, though. He wants to be wild, I can tell. Especially since I was the one on the end of his leash." Jane, on the other hand, seems to be in a decent mood and dressed a little more relaxed, she even has jeans on. But she is sitting there with the more straight laced Audrey, so maybe that's a give away in an of itself.

Rugby doesn't exactly need obedience training. Between having a canine telepath for a much-beloved owner and having been well-trained before that, Rugby handled the whole class with the ease of a master. Really, Toby and his pup weren't there for the class (beyond 'brushing up'), but to help the others out, as they do every so often. (Although Rugby was, perhaps, a little … non-plussed at getting humped up and down the ring. Good lord, keep it in your… fur?)

At any rate, after the class is over, Toby is more than happy to mingle, as that's what Tobies do best. He approaches the two women seated together with Felix and Cooper and takes out a couple of dog treats from his own personal supply. "I think Felix and Cooper did a fabulous job today," he chirps cheerfully. "Here you are, yeeessss, what good boys!" Treats are offered and fed to the dogs, followed by a hearty ruffling.

Delilah had a hard time just getting Samson to respect her enough back when she adopted him; he's since become a fantastic listener, but there are still some rocky areas that she has been hoping to flesh out and smooth down for him. Knowing lots of commands is all well and good, but if Dee doesn't know how to use them, he just gets confused as to what he has to do. So, these classes are just as much for Dee as they are for the giant molosser mix. He has quite the trepidations when he has to take in so many dogs in a certain space, though only in the way that someone not used to crowds has.

"I'm still figurin'you out, hm?" Delilah isn't too far away from where people are sitting, preferring for now to crouch in front of the sitting Samson and massage the side of his neck. His tongue is peeking from the front of his mouth, and his expression does not seem too far from wanting her to just scratch him. "Still think your old owner had you as a guard dog. But I can't exactly just tell you to attack people to prove that, can I?"

There have been- ah- incidents- where Samson would enter some sort of war-machine mode, and it always takes Delilah some good time to get him to stop looking like he's gonna rip someone's leg off. If she had a person in a dog attack suit, she could try it! But she knows nobody like that, and classes like this are for normal little dogs, not dogs that in a previous life, were for tearing shit up. Maybe he was even in something shady, she has no idea.

"Kinky bastard?" Audrey looks from Pak to the dog in question, the black and white French bulldog who just stands about Non-plussed, taking it easy. Cooper's more energetic, a change from earlier when he was being ordered around, where he obeyed, but now.. BUT NOW.. there is someone with treats and he's taking them from Toby.


The dog has a one track mind.


Felix sniffs first before taking it, neither dog waiting to be told that they can have it. Someone kneeling near her dogs and not the leader of the obedience class immediately lets Jane off the hook for calling her dog a kinky bastard, and she stares in what some might call abject horror. "Pak… is the gay guy feeding me dogs treats without asking. Please tell me that I am not seeing the gay guy feed god damned treats to my dog without asking" It's not a low voice at all, meant to be heard even as Cooper looses it - overjoyed by the treat, so happy with the treat - that he zips off taking off towards Samson and Delilah with enough force that the leash lurches in janes hand, likely to make her stumble or at least leaaaaaan towards Delilah.

"Look at him! You can just tell." Jane looks up, too, when the stranger comes over with treats. "Hanson, you say that like you'd be any better if it were a straight guy. Hi," she says, shifting her attention from Audrey to Toby, to whom she holds out a hand for a shake, "Don't mind her, she's just a looking for a reason to use the cuffs. Whoa!" And that is for the sudden jerk from the leash before it goes snaking out of her hands and she does stumble toward Delilah before she rights her footing and starts after the dog more purposefully. "Hey! Get your doggy butt back here!" And she does give Delilah a wave that's sort of apologetic look. She doesn't have dogs of her own and it shows in her haphazard attempts to catch the leash again.

Toby seems ultimately pleased that the dogs are so delighted at their treats. Really, it rubs off on him, a little bit, with all that emotional feedback pinging around in his mind. Of course, then Audrey is calling him out, and he straightens, casting a cheerful smile her way as Rugby sits at her feet and looks up at her with big Corgi doe eyes. Hi! Pet me! Please! You look friendly! My ears need scratching! I haven't smelled you before!

"Well hello to you too," Toby says cheerfully, with no trace of the way a normal New Yorker would say such a phrase. "Don't mind me, I just had a little left over in my stash of doggy treats, and I don't want to get Rugby too fat. My name's Toby. Yours?" As whether or not the ebullient man is gay, well, that's left open to interpretation. And what an interpretation it is.

Rather than getting worried about the little Frenchie now shambling on over, Delilah stifles a laugh as he zips away from the hand holding his leash, only to run over, give Samson a cursory sniff(Samson is suddenly looking over his shoulder, disturbed) before proceeding to mount his flank as he sits there. The big dog groans loudly, breath huffing, and he stands himself up as Dee does. Standing up puts him effectively and much too far out of reach to be assaulted.

Cooper comes to about the middle of his legs, with lots of clearance under his belly. Not that he's gonna be ignored- Samson is trying to turn around to sniff at the little bulldog. Whhhhaaat. Delilah has since stood up with him, stooping over to pick up Cooper's leash and tug him gently back from his target. "I don't think he swings that way, little guy. He's a ladies dog." Poor Cooper, right?

"Hanson. Special Agent Audrey Hanson" She doesn't often throw the agent addendum to her name around. She looks down to the corgi, thin lips pressing even thinner. "Please refrain from giving them treats without asking me in the future. I don't know what world you came from, but touching another's dog is perfectly fine, but what if he's allergic to your treats?" He's not, but she's trying to get her a-type personality point across.

But there goes Cooper and…dear god, he's going for the leg. Not Delilah's, he's gone for samson. She thrusts Felix's leash to Toby, expecting him to take it so much so that she does quite literally let it go, rushing over with a clip clop of high heels and a sharp "Cooper! Stop! Heel!" Though Cooper doesn't want to stop and heel and whatever is going through his head, only Toby knows as he enjoys himself - despite samson. "Jane! Pick him up! Oh god damnit Cooper, can't you keep it in your… fur"

"Your dogs are repressed, Hanson," Jane accuses, and while she leaves off the much like their owner, Audrey, at least, can tell it's hanging in the air. But look, someone in this crazy group was paying attention during obedience class. "Pick him up, are you nuts?" She straightens, putting her hands on her hips. "When he's in this mood? I like my arms unmolested."

There's a little glance toward Toby, though, left with Felix as he is, and she winks his way as she adds, "Just the arms, though," in her cheekiest voice. But her attention swings back over to Delilah, "I'm sorry about this. Little guy got himself all worked up. It was all that doggy ass in the class, wasn't it, Coop? Like a starving man in front of a buffet."

"Ooooooo, special agent!" Toby repeats, impressed, and fascinated. "Pleasure to meet you, Special Agent Audrey Hanson. What—oop!" The man snags the leash and blinks, before he grins towards Jane. He leans down, lending an impression that he's a friendly sort towards Felix, and picks the dog up. "I might be able to help — I have a way with dogs. Cooper! Come here!" Come here! Rugby, though, stays right where he is, far behind the others. He's not going near that dog, are you crazy??

Samson might be rolling his eyes if he knew he could- it is that kind of expression that grows in his eyes, awkwardly frustrated. He steps over the smaller dog in order to try and hide his legs behind Delilah, peeking around her over side to look around at the new people coming for his assailant. Her skirt is a bit lengthy, but not nearly enough to hide him. She is laughing, holding out the end of the bulldog's leash for at least one of them to take.

"It's okay. Really. No harm done." Not that Cooper really could hurt Samson, but the gesture is there. Dogs are dogs. "Samson's just a babe, he brings all the pups to the yard. Or something."
Adurey takes the leash, a little flustered that her dog is doing this, scooping the leash up from Delilah and then her dog when Jane won't throw herself on that grenade. Thanks friend! See if she'll let you win the next round at court. She misses the dog though, Cooper scuttling through her legs and bounding for Toby, thereby forcing audrey's hand to yank between her legs and force the blonde to teeter like she's about to topple if she doesn't lift a leg - pun intended - and right herself proper. Samson is safe!

What's worse? Jane can't stop a laugh as Cooper pretzels Audrey as he runs around. She really isn't winning the next match. "You know, I thought this class was gonna be boring, too," she says, shaking her head a little.

"Oh—sorry!" Toby can't help but chuckle as Audrey gets stuck in that position, for the moment. "Good boy. Now go on back!" Lick Audrey's face! The man's blue eyes damn near sparkle with amusement. He's having too much fun with this. "I'll say," he comments to Jane with a grin. "I haven't had a class this exciting since college!"

Rugby, meanwhile, utters a little unhappy groan, ears flicking back briefly. There's another dog in Toby's arms. What the hey, man! Not cool.

Samson looks interested in that strange dance that Audrey is doing, peering out from behind Delilah, then sitting down beside her. "Are you okay?" Dee asks this of Audrey, still chuckling and looking a bit like she was ready to catch her. "Did you give that dog cocaine or something?"

Cooper is only more than happy! to comply with Toby's mental issuance and is bounding back on short legs to audrey, leaning up on hind feetto lick at Audrey's face which has the agent wincing, making sure her mouth is closed, scooping her dog back up so she can right herself. "Maybe it was something in the treat that Toby there gave him. So glad that I'm entertaining for you all" Grouchy special agent, once she's upright, settled, she's stalking back over shifting Cooper to one arm who is more than happy to loll his tongue and be carried. Felix is taken next, tucked under another arm and Toby glared at.

"Don't look at me, I haven't touched cocaine since the eighties," Jane says, holding her hands up at that question. But as Audrey stomps her way over to get Felix, Jane comes over to pat her on the back. "Come on, you love your crazy dogs, right? The hazards of being a pet owner!"

Toby relinquishes Felix with a ruffle of his ears and smiles at Audrey. "There you go! No harm no foul. Though, if the treats have any cocaine in them, you'll have to blame Milkbone, not me. While I'm certainly guilty of my own homebrew doggy treat concoctions, I don't tend to make enough to take with me to class." Rugby, now that the threat has passed, toddles up to Toby to sniff his feet briefly and make sure everything's okay. Then he trots towards Samson and Delilah to sniff there and check people out, little stump wagging his whole Corgi butt.

Samson and Rugby may have met before, but only the dogs would recall something like that. Smells and sounds and presence are what they use to remember other animals; regardless, Samson seems pretty receptive to other dogs when they are not trying to mate with him. His head dips far down to sniff at the corgi. "With how Samson wants a milkbone every day when I get home, I would be shocked if there wasn't something addicting in them. I tried one once though, and it wasn't that great." Delilah pauses, pursing her lips. "Not that I eat dog food on a regular basis."

Did the gay guy just cop to putting drugs in his cooking in front of government officals?

Audrey looks to Jane, back to Toby and then to Delilah. Down to the dogs, bewilderment in her face before she shakes her head, putting both dogs down, leashes in one hand so she can pick up her jacket. "I'm off Jane, if you want to join me for the beer and wings, you can follow in your car. Have a nice day" The last to the two others and their respective pooches, hightailing it off herself with the clack of heels as fast as she can to get away.

"Hey, whatever does it for you. Can't be worse than most take out, am I right?" Jane smirks a little, like maybe she's teasing the ginger a little there. But when Audrey starts off, Jane blinks and turns to start after her. "Hey, nice to meet you both! Nice dogs!" And with that, she's off after the other agent.

If by drugs you mean peanut butter, then yes, wholly guilty! Toby just waves. "Pleasure to meet you both, Special Agent Audrey Hanson, and, erm. Jane!" That's what Audrey just calld her, right? With that, he turns to Delilah and leans in to let Samson sniff his hand if he so desires. "You never know! They could make a killing off of a ring like that." But, straightening up, he dips his head. "I've likely gotten into enough trouble for one day… but it was a pleasure to see you again, Delilah. From the old place. I'll see you around?"

There was a bit of remembrance in the back of her head before, but now it all swings back to her. OH. It is him. "Oh- ah- yes." Dee settles on that, for now, giving him a wide grin. "It was good to see you're still up to your old shenanigans." Whatever that means. "I'll be coming to this class for a bit, still getting used to Samson's being smarter than other dogs. I need it more than he does. So maybe I will see you around."

Toby flashes a grin at Delilah and winks. "Oh yes, shenanigans, that's me," he says cheerfully. "I'll drop by the class more often! And, my old number still works if you ever want to contact me. Perhaps I should throw a party soon… Hmm! Well! At any rate, see you around!" He salutes, and then ducks off with Rugby trotting after. What a day.

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