Who Pee'd In Your Cheerio's?


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Scene Title Who Pee'd In Your Cheerio's?
Synopsis Huruma drags Abby out from the depths of Bannerman to get a five cent session with Liza since it worked so good for her. It may or may not have worked for Abigail but Liza's not worried and Huruma's got a sore foot. Everyone has chocolate.
Date January 5, 2010

Pollepel Island - Dining Hall

It is a strange afternoon when there is a Huruma in a good mood is trolling around Bannerman; sure, she hasn't hit any high notes when it comes to actually doing anything, but coming to terms is a feat in itself. Most people just don't ask when they see her slink past humming along to something in her head. It wasn't really noticeable until lately. Huruma in a good mood can be good or bad for anyone, especially when nobody knows the reason. Could just be one of those weeks.

Huruma has somehow managed to convince Abby that her good mood had something to do with talking at someone. A certain someone named Liza, adopted over from the Company diaspora. Young enough to be optimistic, and wise enough to be able to actually listen to people that want to talk to her. The dining hall has a few other people in it when Huruma strings the southern girl along, though they seem to either be eating a late meal or just wanting to be in an open space to read. Huruma knows Liza is in here only because she made sure of it, however. No use bringing someone to talk if she weren't.

Claude the real invisible man once likened Abby to a puppy on a leash behind whomever would tug her along. If he were here, he would probably laughing and telling Abigail that he told her so with the way that the short shorn brunette slinks slightly behind Huruma. Cranky the firebug isn't so cranky, but the good moods are far behind and no where near close. A bag of chocolate bars is set down on one of the tables, a clear indication that they're for whomever wants to have a bite. Plain old hershey, but then at this point, any chocolate is a luxury.

It's unclear though, if Abigail really wants to talk, but being around others instead of holing up in the kitchen, chopping wood, working in the infirmary or hanging out around a baby might be more beneficial. So she's obeying, jeans, layers of shirts and sweaters, boots and prepared to chat.
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Liza's bored. The island, unfortunately, is starting to make her stir crazy. Really, it's been a while since she felt like she could do something. Still, she manages, thanks to a few books that she'd snatched from whomever wasn't reading them. Bookwormishness will always be in her nature. However, when she sees Huruma, she brightens up, sitting up straight and closing the book she's currently reading at her table. "Hi!"

"Jambo, Liza-" Huruma's greeting is far more personable than it was last time, of course, and she offers a gesture to Abby nearby to have a seat at the table, just before she sits down herself. "I am sure you'ave met Abigail at one point or another? I hope you don'mind that I told her how much you helped me out, by listening. I told her nobody has t'talk if they don'want to, but I also thought getting her out of th'kitchen would help, regardless." A short mouthful, but at least there's a point, and there's a purpose for Huruma's well-mannered day so far.

"This is Liza, Abigail." If she hadn't picked up, but Abby is plenty lucid for that. "She is your age, too." Sometimes Huruma even forgets that Abby is as young as she is. Probably not alone either.

roll of the eyes, mental roll of the eyes as well. "There's a bunch of us here the same age" There's no outstretching of Abigails hand to Liza, but then it's been a rare occasion in which Abby will do that with random strangers. "Good day. Huruma I think is trying to get me in a better mood so that when we go hunting again she's not parked beside a dark cloud and distracting her" Abigail reaches over for one of the bars that was plopped down, sliding it across to the former company agent. "Fresh from the mainland. better get em while they're hot"

"Wow. And I thought you were a tough nut to crack," Liza points out to Huruma, though there's a tiny smile in that. Her gaze shifts to Abby, taking a bar. "Oh, gosh! Sorry, I just get excited for mainland stuff these days. Kinda don't know when I'll manage to go back there." Well, she doesn't wanna think about the answer to that. She peers across at Abby. "Well, we don't have to talk. I'm good company, though, I think. And after a while, just working on things for the castle gets tedious and it's healthy to take a break. Getting a little of your bitterness out, though, helps wonders."

"I know there are. But none you seem to …like. I think th'women'ave more use for chocolate, honestly." Huruma asides the second part to nobody in particular, adjusting the tilt of her shoulders and putting her forearms onto the tabletop. She skims a small smile when Liza literally calls her a nut(to crack). The irony isn't totally lost on her, but for now she keeps an eye on the girls. "I can still taste mine." The bitterness, not the chocolate. Or both, perhaps.

"Just because I don't at the moment, run about trading gossip and painting toe nails and laugh, doesn't mean that I don't like them." Abigail points out, settling down on a seat, elbows on the table, grabbing a bar for herself, long enough to peel it open and take a square. "You can probably pop off when I pop off again Liza. There's nothing keeping you here, so long as you keep your head down. Maybe change your hair color" Abigail offers up, going over what the woman said as a sort of double take. "Good company" Heh. Heh.

"It'll always be there, but it doesn't mean you can't taste better things," Liza points out. She's taking it in the way of bitterness, not chocolate, for Huruma. She fiddles with the wrapper while she looks to Abby. "I'm not saying you need gossip and nail polish. You just don't seem to have much hope." She breaks off a piece of her chocolate, then grins at the unintentional pun. So she'll roll with it. "I'd say I'm good Company and good company too." She shrugs. "Maybe it looks like there's nothing keeping me here, but there's a lot. I go back to the mainland… to what? To classes I can't attend and no job and people I cared about being gone. And you know what, that's pretty crappy, pardon my french, but it doesn't mean I have to give up. You sound like you're trying to convince yourself that's what you need to do and not me." She nibbles the chocolate, making tiny mouse-like bites to savor the taste. "Here, though, people need me. They need me more than they do out there. I'm another pair of hands to work hard, and people here don't seem to want to smile. And if I can fix that for a few people, then at least I'm making a difference."

Huruma doesn't need to worry about things like hair color. She can just take it off if she wants. Not everyone can do that though, obviously. Otherwise, she offers nothing verbal in the way of getting between Liza's observations and however Abby might decide to respond. In fact, Huruma seems to disengage herself just a little so that they can at least exchange something, preferring to direct her attention in the general direction of a couple of people near the fireplace, who look to be either sewing or knitting something- maybe repairs of some sort.

"already changed my hair and while the castle is nice, the castle is not for me. I need that job, and the calsses, and my husband. But if I had wanted them bad enough, I wouldn't have decided to take up the offer of becoming a member of the council and would have kept on keeping on as I was" Abigail lets her own square melt against her fingers, preferring to lick it off like a cat licking at cream on a finger.

"But I've made my bed and I must sleep in it. But doesn't rightly mean that I must like sleeping in it. I can watch my husband from afar when it's safe enough but the rest" Abigail shakes her head. "Unless I go and see if I can't find someone who can change faces but even then" Even then it would be awefully suspicious if Caliban took up with some new woman after his wife has disappeared. "Pushing my sleeves up and working hard means that I think less about the turn that my life has taken and think more about helping the others here be at least more comfortable. Content" She points out. Busy hands mean less time to dwell.

"Wow. Who peed in your cheerios?" Liza takes the whole piece of chocolate she was eating and pops it in her mouth, chewing thoughtfully. "I hate that whole.. made your bed and sleep in it phrase, because it implies that there is only one way to do things. And I don't think that's true. Maybe this isn't the place for you, that could be true, but it doesn't mean that you can't do something else. It doesn't mean you can't change your life somehow. If you want something badly enough, then you should strive to get it, not settle for less than what you want. The world doesn't hand you things on a silver platter. It's cruel, you have to fight for it."

Another piece of chocolate is broken off from her bar. "I tried the whole, keeping busy thing for a while. It's easy to be numb and forget hurts when you're too exhausted to think. But even though you're doing things for others, physical things to help, you aren't helping yourself. And that's not healthy. Sure, it sounds good in theory, helping others, but if you ignore yourself that's… it's just sad. And helping others is helpful, but you clearly aren't happy."

"Susan Ball"

Without hesitation.

"Peed in my cheerio's. No Liza, I'm not happy. I was a newlywed, just opened my dessert shop, I was going back to school for to become a paramedic and not just an EMT and then I'm having to run. I'll be happy when I can be with my husband again, and sleep in bed beside him and make him breakfast before he goes off to work. I did make my bed, the lord see's fit that I should do this, as he's see fit to have done other things and…"

She puts down her half melted chunk, grabbing a napkin to wipe her hand. "And throwing myself into work is a lot better than sitting on my cot and staring off into the wall and wishing and praying that the lord will see fit to let me return to my life. Or turning into fire and burning everything down with all my anger at everything" The last spoken while looking at Huruma.

"Susan Ball pissed in a lot of people cheerio's"

There's a slight glance at Huruma, and then Liza looks back to Abby. "You had a life, and it all came crashing down. I know what that's like. I had a life too. I had a family, even if they weren't blood. I had a job, I had classes, and I was happy. I had a place where I belonged." She wets her lips. "I can't say I'm super religious, but my dad took me to church a few times, sunday school, and I learned a few valuable things. One thing is that God's supposed to give you the desires of your heart. If you want something, you can have it. But God doesn't hand you things on a silver platter. If life throws you for a loop you have to roll with it, not just pray and keep working on things that don't matter. I don't think you're one of those people meant for little things. I think you've got a lot more potential than that. If you wanna get back to your life, if you wanna fix things, you have to figure out how to start going in that direction. If you can't directly just go back to your husband… you find a way to do it. You find a way to make a change so that you can be with him. It might not look the same as the life you had before, but you find a way to get that back."

Huruma listens more than she watches right now, only seeming to look fully back when Abby looks at her first. This is the situation she was at least hoping for- that maybe if Abby talks about it more, then perhaps it will become less of an Event. Maybe, maybe not. At the very least, she's talking about it with someone she doesn't know terribly well, which in part is progress. Liza seems to be handling it equally well, and the look that she gives to Huruma is returned with a slight narrowing of her pale eyes, a slight thinning at the corners of her mouth into a content curve. You keep doing that.

Liza should set up a booth in one of the empty rooms. Or in a more reasonable sense, run some sort of therapy group. It really wouldn't be a bad idea, considering.

There's a foot, descending on Huruma's foot and none to gently, for the look she's getting back. "The Lord doesn't hand you your heart desire on a plate, you have to work for it, yes. I"m pretty sure, that I've worked to have gotten to where I was, that I sacrificed enough to where I could have my husband and my work, school. I did the big things already, I saved a world twice over and saved countless people. I'm was pretty sure that entitles me to the rest of my life working hard and being a loving wife, not hiding in a drafty castle, hoping a nightmare doesn't burn the place down and worrying about how he'd faring and when I can come home"

Abigail's roots in her depression are deep, hard to disengage and likely not to be uprooted anytime soon. But at some point, at some time maybe, they will be. "I was ready to be a housewife Liza. I can't be a mother, but I could have been a housewife to a loving husband"

"I don't think God measures things the way we do. I remember, when I was a kid, I wrote down that God should give me a million dollars to prove he existed. A million dollars is nothing to God, but it's a big thing to us. He never gave me that million dollars, but you know, I bet if I really wanted it, I could work hard and get it." The blonde pauses, leaning forward a little.

"I don't think God measures the same, and if God's got a plan like everyone says he does, I think things just keep happening until he's done with it. And maybe he's not done with you. I'm sure you've been through a lot, and I'm sure you'll go through more. And maybe you can't be a mother. But maybe you can. I dunno, there's a lot of kids here that need a mother, and barring that, at least a mother figure. You do what you can until you can get to somewhere that you can get what you want. But you have to hope that you can get there. You have to believe. Isn't that one of the most spiritual things? Believing? You have to believe you can get there. It might be hard and not feel great on the way, but it's a first step."
Huruma makes a sound a little like a cat getting sat on- a hiss, that turns into an angry growl. She juts out her chin and grinds her teeth at Abby, shifting her weight and moving a few inches away from her on the bench. Hey, if that's how she's gonna be treated for being right, maybe she shouldn't be doing any favors! For anyone! The dark woman crosses her arms and looks vaguely disgruntled for the remainder of Abby's response to the other young woman.

Actually, she stays like that during what Liza says too. Hey! Huruma was trying to help. Her smugness comes more naturally that way.

"Sometimes Liza, you just want to see your eyes, or your nose or chin, in someone elses face and know that that, was made by you" She's exerting pressure, pushing away from the table in her chair so that she can stand. She's getting a touch warm, the air around her such too. "Faith is spiritual, of which I have plenty. Believing is something you do in other people, whether they let you down or not. I have faith, but I don't rightly know if I believe that I'll be beside my husband anytime soon unless it's sitting at the right hand of the lord when my time and his has come"

She might just step on Huruma's foot again for that continued look but even Abigail knows better and knows that she only has so much leeway with the exotic woman. "I need to see to the infirmary. One of the kid fell down and hurt his arm" Kids are always falling down around here but it's an excuse more than anything.

Liza's eyes flicker to Huruma again. Sometimes, you just can't charge those five cents when you don't feel you've done good. The blonde heaves a sigh, leaning against the table a little. "Alright, fine. Just don't go blaming your problems on something else. You have the opportunity to change things and if you let that go, it's because you're letting it go. I'm sure your husband misses you too and he's probably doing everything he can to find some way to see you again safely." She pokes at her chocolate bar before wrapping the other portion of it up. She'll have to save it for later, she's not feeling like so much chocolate anymore.

"Augh-" Huruma chokes on that one, almost, looking like she wants to smack Abby, but of course she knows better. It'll pass. "I'll see you later, we still'ave t'treat some of those rabbits." She breathes out through her nose, shoulders straightening. Not getting the best of her, Abigail. "An'tell those children t'stop running. Maybe they will learn when one of them breaks an arm…" Not that she would want that to happen. No, no. Ahem.

"I don't rightly blame anyone else but me Liza, for the way my life is going." The making her own bed, sleeping in it deal. "I'll deal with the kids, and the rabbits" Hands slide into the back pockets of her jeans and out the door Abigail goes, disappearing from sight, off to cool down, cool off, find something to do so she can focus. Think about what Liza said.

"I feel bad for her." Liza murmurs, watching Abby head out. "I wish I could help more, but… I think she needs to find her way on her own. Maybe she just hasn't hit that point when you can't hurt anymore than you possibly do now… and that's when most people change, I think. At least in my experience. I just feel bad that anyone has to hurt the way she does." She glances back to Huruma, offering her a smile. "I'm glad you brought her, though. I'm a little worried I pissed her off, but… I think she'll be just fine."

Huruma watches Abby leave, before turning her face back to Liza. "Thank you for listening t'her. I think she needs more people t'talk to, that was only m'main concern. I'm not quite able to… understand where she is coming from." The dark woman inclines her head just a little. "She knows th'difference between genuine wanting to help and preaching." Long fingers knit on the tabletop, folded into a clasp. "Speaking of, I don'recall if I properly thanked you, for- th'other day."

"Don't need to thank me for talking with you." Liza says, smiling a little again. "That's the kind of thing people should be doing for each other. I like being helpful and listening. I think a lot of people here are hurting and they just aren't letting it out. If it helped at all, then I'm glad it did."

"You can say that, but nobody else would have but you." Huruma intones, her eyes narrowing just a little. "I've been in a much better mood. Probably b'cause I'm not in some sort of- strange- denial. Not that I know of. I suppose that does make m'feel better about it. I am glad you did too."

"Sometimes it's easier once you just admit something to yourself." Liza smiles, the remainder of the chocolate bar tucked away with her book for later. "I am very glad that just talking about it brought you into better spirits."

"Better spirits, better results." Even Huruma knows that much. Her mood affects how well she performs, and in this setting it is very important to keep her morale far from dropping. She lifts herself to her feet now, casting a glance at the room and back to Liza. "Though in a non-therapeutic sense, if you'ave any- hm- suggestions for me… feel free." Hopefully a girl as young as Liza, and as privvy, can understand what Huruma just implied. Something something how I mine for fish?

"Have a good afternoon, Liza. I will see you later." Huruma finishes without really waiting for any kind of answer, pivoting and moving to leave the Dining Hall.

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