Who's Mr. Hand Grenade Kitty?


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Scene Title Who's Mr. Hand Grenade Kitty?
Synopsis Minea comes back to get Felix squared away, driven home and inundate him with questions while he's too foggy to remember her asking them.
Date August 20, 2009

St. Luke's Hospital

St. Luke's Hospital is known for its high-quality care and its contributions to medical research. Its staff place an emphasis on compassion for and sensitivity to the needs of their patients and the communities they serve. In addition to nearby Columbia University, the hospital collaborates with several community groups, churches, and programs at local high schools. The associated Roosevelt Hospital offers a special wing of rooms and suites with more amenities than the standard hospital environment; they wouldn't seem out of place in a top-rated hotel. That said, a hospital is a hospital — every corridor and room still smells faintly of antiseptic.

His face is all taped to hell and back. Not a fatal injury, far from it, but painful and debilitating. Fel's just endlessly sick of being here, the jokes from the doctors and nurses about his nine lives notwithstanding. He's sitting up, trying to figure out if putting on his clothes is going to be too much of a trial."

Minea had had to poof for a bit, something about being called into work to account for her actions that night, but by the time he's trying to figure out how to put his clothes on, Minea's driven back from Fort Hero and coming around the corner of the hospital hallways and into Felix's room after a warning knock. "Nurses said you were up. I got a latte and I got a drip coffee for you, figured, what you don't take, I will take." Minea takes a moment to pause at the door, cock an eyebrow. "Smooth Kitty. You look like you could be in Mardi Gras you got so much purple"

"I….don't even remember them hitting me. I just remember questions," Fel is extremely subdued, even for him. Painkillers, pain, and the residual sedative. "Thank you," he says, taking one and sipping from it, gingerly.

"Shot you with something. Might be a dart, likely so. I just saw you drop and then Mr. Hand Grenade started dragging you into the alley. I listened as I was climbing down the fire escape." The other coffee becomes hers and the lid pried off to dose it up with some cream. "Shot him in the arm. Didn't go for the head, I thought I might need him alive. But the female, Ruskin. THe hell did she want with you kitty that it was 'ferryman' business hmmm?"

Felix peers at her, narrowly. "I don't know. Ruskin is ex-Vanguard, and they were asking me about a man who claims to be a DIA agent tasked with hunting down the remainder of the Vanguard. I mean literally hunting down, not even bringing in for trial. She was bullshitting you."

"She's Vanguard" Minea licks her lips, shaking her head. "Her buddy. Whats his name, do you know?"

Felix shakes his head. "I hadn't seen him before. Not even on the wanted lists."

So he was a new player. "I got a good look at his face, I sketched it, and i'll be seeing what it will garner the intelligence circles. Who knows, might get something" But, this opened a can of worms. "Why were they pressing you for information about a DIA agent? You know him?"

"Ruskin'd told me about him before - she figured that the rivalry between the FBI and the CIA, which is what she thought he was, would have me step up to deal with him. I went up the chain, everyone denies he exists….and he came, himself, personally, to my office to warn me off. Apparently he's operating at a clearance level way, way above my pay grade. I've talked to the SAC, I can go all the way to the Director in DC. But if this is authorized at those levels, all I'm doing is causing trouble for the Bureau and getting shit on myself. Daiyu apparently has a license to play cowboy in New York, when it comes to the Vanguard. We've got security footage of him in a firefight in the subway with an ex-Vanguard named Ethan Holden."

"Ex-Vanguard. Ivanov, there's no Ex anything when it comes to terrorists. Don't go thinking that. As it stands, my boss wants me to keep an eye on you and if you even sniff and snort in our direction in any funny way, he wants to know. Since it's come to his attention you participated in the you know what in January. They already dislike that I participated. Convenient interpretation of directives" But, there's a defense intelligence operative in the city. "So there's another spook running about. Dealing with Vanguard" There's a snort. "Glad to see my information and Christians didn't go to shit when all was said and done" There's an inhale, then exhale and a shrug of shoulders. "Want me to sniff? See what I can get with my bloodhound nose for trouble for you?" Might be something the Company might be interested in keeping tabs on.

Felix blinks at her, bemusedly. "What? What do you mean, your boss wants you to keep an eye on me. I mean, I won't sneer at any help that's offered, not these days, honest."

'Just that you're names popped up a few times on homeland radar. Don't worry. It's nothing much. They just wanted to know why I was hauling your ass in to 911. I pointed out my pretty nails and that I totally deserved a manicure after dealing with Columbia. If I'm going to die of cancer twenty years from now, I'll do it with well cared for cuticles" But he wouldn't be adverse to some help. "Hey. You get around, if I show you a picture, think you can tell me if you've seen him or whether the FBI are sinking their claws into him?" She's got a name, she's got a picture and the word Military. How the fuck Len thinks she can pull a miracle out of her ass with this one. Who knows. Laudani's on her list of people to hit. He obviously isn't upset with her.

"Picture of whom? Daiyu? I've met him. I know what he looks like. If you've got another suspect, sure. I can put him into the database, do what searches I can," Fel says, quietly.

"If you got a picture of Daiyu, all the better. I can flash it around, see if anyone's seen him. But no. I have one Emile Danko. A lovely man. Odds of you seeing him" Minea shrugs. "But, my boss expects a miracle, or some kind of rabbit pulled outta my ass. Seems I have a knack you know, for finding shit." Minea leans over, grabbing her purse and pulling the file she was handed earlier from it. "Gotta show it to a few others, I got some calls to make but I wanted to see whether you were being discharged and if you wanted a ride home" The small picture is plucked from it's paper clip holder and offered over to Felix.

"I would," Fel says, gratefully. "It would be a huge help. Save me cab fare, and keep me from having to negotiate the subway."

The picture is slipped onto the side of the bed, Danko in his glory while Minea nods. "We'll get you home" The company agent murmurs. "Familiar?"

Felix peers at it, and pales. "Yes. Who is this guy? I've seen him more than once. Just….around, you know?"

That.. was unexpected. And yet.. not. Felix was a public evolved figure. "Can you remember where you've seen him Felix?" He has her full attention, forefinger tapping the file in her hand. the THIN file.

"The bar….there's this bar I go to. Old Lucy's. And…I saw him once after that. He came up to talk to me, just at random, when I was up at WAshington Square Park. I had a little blackout not long after, which I thought was due to a head injury I sustained." Another one? Another one.

Old Lucy's. Washington Park. "He's a member, suspected, of a terrorist group. Ivanov, if you see him, walk away. Walk away and call me. Don't try to arrest him hmm?"

Felix looks aghast. "He…..crap. Which one?" Fel's knuckles are white, and he's leaned forward a little on the hospital bed, fingers laced in the starchy bedclothes.

"Humanis First. Which explains why you've seen him Ivanov. And now you know why I saw walk the fuck away if you know whats good for you"

It's muffled, cottony, considering the bandaging on his nose….but still very much laughter. "Caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. All those anti-Evolved terrorist groups hate me. Can I….will it fuck up your ops, if I put the word out on this guy via the FBI and the NYPD?"

"Yes. Yes it will Ivanov, cause I'm doing this discreetly. That's my instructions unless I'm told otherwise. I'm gonna see about our Mutual friends and what they have since they seem to have their finger on the pulse of the not so legit world. Besides, Humanis first is everywhere, god knows where you might find a fucking mole. Last I need is this fucker up and running"

Felix just shakes his head. "I know. God only knows where we've got 'em. We have to plug the leaks, and I feel like a goddamn little dutch boy. And it's not even the fun kind of dyke I have my fingers in."

Minea's not immune to a little titter at the wording. "I'm gonna step out. Need me to call you a nurse to help you dress? Since I assume you won't want my help in changing" The picture taken back and secured, file tucked back into her purse.

"No help, but yes, thank you for the privacy," Fel says, gently.

"Anytime Kitty. You know that" And with that, she's picking up her coffee and heading out the door, letting it close behind her with a whisper so he can get ready.

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